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QUERIES JULY 1998 B MagnerJ@aol.com


The Kentuckian-Citizen, Whelen, Billington family tree: news clippings from the Kentuckian-Citizen, Nov. 1945-Nov. 1946, 19 page manuscript.

MAGNER, Amanda A. 9



MAGNER, Thomas 1842 Sydney, NSW, AUS

Contact: Mena Forbes, 7 Boomerang St, Cessnock, NSW, 2325, AUS

Date: 7/31/98 7:08:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: egarrity@nh.ultranet.com (Liz Garrity)

Does anyone have information about the family of John Magner and Margaret Hanley, married in Ballylanders, Limerick, on 16 Feb 1909?


Date: 7/31/98 6:34:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: CBain39544@aol.com

Got this piece from down under the other day. Will forward her email if she agrees and wants to be on the list. Chris

I have information re Marriane MAGNER, b. c.1854 Cashel, Ireland, m. Melbourne, Australia 1880 to Herbert HORSEY of London. Her father was William MAGNER who died in Denver, Colorado; USA and she had a brother, Thomas also living in Denver. Any connection?

Lyn McLeavy

In snowy Tasmania


Date: 7/31/98 7:35:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: jmccrigh@cvn.net (jmccrigh)

Jim, I am proud to be a part of the Magner Group. I would like to correct my e-mail address that was sent in the list. The "mail" was omitted from my address. It should read...


Again thanks for your help. I am looking forward to corresponding with the group.



Date: 7/31/98 7:47:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: JMagner331@aol.com

Hi Jim,

My group name is listed as "Not available" It should be Jim Magner, Sayreville, NJ (soon to be Lincroft, NJ)

We're moving in two weeks. Can you let the group know, Also, I think the Michael Magner from New Orleans is my uncle. He's my father’s brother.





Posted by Ron Watson RonJaye@intcomm.net on Sat, 06 Jun 1998

I am searching for information on John MAGNER born Nov., 1866 in Peoria Illinois, Peoria County. He was married to Mary Delilah Lint who was born in Macomb, Ill.

Any info on parents or siblings is appreciated.



Ionia County MIGenWeb Project

St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery

Hubbardston, Ionia County, Michigan

This cemetery is located on Borden Road in Hubbardston. It is an active cemetery owned by the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Death records from 1875 to 1 Aug 1915 are in Latin and are available at the church.

Magner, Thomas James 8-16-1934 79 Norwood, Canada



Illinois Ancestor Registry

•Email: lloyd.carson@usa.net •Registered surname(s) CARSON, DOZARD, FULLER, GILPIN, HOFSTETTER, MAGNER, RHEA on Thursday, April 16, 1998




Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States, General Land Office


MAGNER, JOHN 06/01/1845 11183 OH 1740__.094

MAGNER, MARGARET 04/11/18 311910 OH 0550__.431

MAGNER, WILLIAM 12/20/1827 1300 OH 0540__.310

MAGNER, WILLIAM 03/06/1829 1375 OH 0540__.385

MAGNER, WILLIAM 03/06/1829 1376 OH 0540__.386

MAGNER, WILLIAM 01/04/1831 1564 OH 0550__.085  

.MAGNER, SAMUEL 08/10/1837 8629 IN 1760__.314

MAGNER, THOMAS 04/01/1849 26350 IN 3690__.309

MAGNER, WILLIAM 05/01/1848 15181 IN 1890__.282

MAGNER, WILLIAM 08/10/1837 8630 IN 1760__.315

MAGNER, THOMAS 02/20/1889 14519 MI 2220__.048

MAGNER, THOMAS 05/25/1885 14798 MI 2190__.328

MAGNER, THOMAS 05/25/1885 15016 MI 2190__.480

MAGNER, THOMAS 02/11/1890 17061 MI 2250__.234

MAGNER, THOMAS 03/22/1890 17379 MI 2250__.310

MAGNER, EDMUND 10/01/1879 2046 WI 0590__.03

MAGNER, JAMES 04/01/1858 1210 MN 1160__.457

MAGNER, MICHAEL 06/10/1858 1817 MN 1170__.295

MAGNER, MIRANDA J 06/05/1871 115 MN 2220__.10

MAGNER, JAMES 09/01/1859 34416 MO 3990__.213

If you find an interest in these Magner names go to the Web page for additional information.

Send comments and questions about this web site to Lamar Mccown at lmccown@es.blm.gov


Date: 7/5/98 11:10:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: eyes4you@ponyexpress.net (Tim R. Fields)

My great grandfather was Azariah Magner (1822-1907). Azariah may have had as many as 15 children. I have info on many of them. Thanks to a group that I found through the net a year ago I can take our Magner line back to the 1600's.

The early years are pretty hazy. I'd like to get the line back to Ireland, but currently, I'm dead locked. The earliest name known is John Magner. The following individuals are on the list. This is the progression: John Magner > Edward Magner > Edward Magner > William Magner > John Magner > Azariah Magner > William Nelson Magner > James Magner. James (d. 1992) was my father. The geographic areas are: Maryland > Pennsylvania > Ohio > Indiana > Iowa? > Nebraska > Missouri. My father moved to MO in 1945. If any of these names fit in somebody's line, I'd love to hear from them. I'll be glad to send a copy of my printout to anyone interested.

Thanks again, Rev Reva J. Fields


Date: 7/5/98 10:55:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: 70273.1430@compuserve.com (Joe Shea)

All born in the Roman Catholic Parish of Buttevant, Co. Cork of the parents named Thomas and Honor (Hannah/Norry) Barry Magner

Mary Magner, 1831

Anne Magner, 1833

David Magner, 1835

Bridgid Magner, 1837

Johanna Magner, 1841

Honora Magner, 1845

Patt Magner, 1843.

Any connections?


USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: Material may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation.

St. Mary's Cemetery, Town of Ridgeway, Orleans County, New York

Transcribed by Richard and Shirley Nellist.

Contributed by Richard Nellist, Town of Ridgeway Historian,





Date: 7/9/98 6:44:13 PM Eastern Daylight Ti

From: MMAGNER@aol.com

Hey cuz,

As it turns out, through further investigation, Edward Francis Magner and James E. Flynn owned Magner & Flynn's Tavern at 138 Washington St., S. Norwalk between 1909 and 1923, when Edward died. He was a first cousin to John Edward Magner and by great grandfather's brother. I also found out that Augustus "Gus" Magner CO-owned the City Hotel and Saloon at 38-40 South Main St. around the same time. Gus and Ed were brothers.




•MAGNER Thomas 1842 + Sydney, NSW, AUS 12



Date: 7/14/98 8:02:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: bjcollath@bigpond.com.au (Brian & Jennifer Collath)

Tom, Philippa, Tom & Jim,

I have just discovered some further information about John & Catherine MAGNER, my G-G-Ggrandparents.

New South Wales Shipping records show the following:

Ship: Calcutta

Date of Arrival: 16th October, 1838

Name (Hus.): MAGNER or MAGNOW, John

Occ: Boot & Shoemaker

Rel: Romish

Age: 22Y

Native Place: Castlekevin (Castle Kevin) Cork Ireland

Father: MAGNER or MAGNOW, David (Occ. Farmer)

Mother: Mary

Name (Wife): Catherine

Occ: Dressmaker Age 18Y

Native Place: Mallow, Cork Ireland

Father: BROWN, David (Harness maker)

Mother: Ellen

Therefore, they traveled to Australia within 5 months of their marriage in Cork Other Magners arrived on the same ship. Could they be related?


  1. Mary MAGNER (Farm Servant)
  2. Age: 17Y

Native Place: Castle Haven (note: could Castle Kevin & Castle Haven be the same place?)

Father: Thomas MAGNER

Mother: Johanna

Comment: in care of her uncle and aunt, Dennis & Margaret SULLIVAN

Engd: by Mrs Wyatt, Sydney (note: does this mean engaged by?)

2. Michael MAGNER - no details

3. Name (Hus.): MAGNER, Thomas

Occ: Boot & Shoemaker

Rel: Catholic

Age: 25Y last June

Native Place: Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland

Father: Michael MAGNER (Boot & Shoemaker, same place)

Name (Wife): Mary MAGNER

Occ: Shoebinder

Age: 1Y last April

Native Place: Mallow

Mother: Ellen HAYES (Dressmaker, Mallow)

Children: Michael Age: 2Y on 8 Dec 1838

Hannah Age: 15Y last May

Please consider what I have written here as possible leads to further discoveries and possible connections to you or others.

Kind regards,



Date: 7/15/98 2:49:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Mags2120@aol.com

Article in Magner information 13 of 13 transcribed by Richard and Shirley Nellist: Saint Mary's Cemetery, town of Ridgeway, Orleans County, NY

Magner Edward 1879, 2/4/47, born Medina, NY

Magner, William, 52 years, 9/23/27, Medina, NY

Edward is my Grandfather and William must certainly be his brother born July 1874. Edward also had another brother Thomas born May 1883, and a sister Hannah M. Magner born Aug. 1876. Thomas appears to have migrated to Mass?

Their parent’s names are John and Marie both born in Ireland exact location unknown.

John in Dec. 1846, and Marie in May 1847. Marie’s maiden name is unknown to me.

Edward my Grandfather was married to a Howe. I do not know her first name. They had four children, James my father, Thomas, Francis and Anna Mae.

Perhaps this tiny bit of information will allow someone to tie in and lead to further revelations. Thank you,



Date: 7/15/98 3:01:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: jmccrigh@cvn.net (jmccrigh)

I am seeking information on Magner genealogy. The Magners that I have info on are from the Mercer County area of Western Pa. The first two people that I have are Micheal Magner born 1812 and his wife Elizabeth.

This was from a poor copy of the PA. Census. Their children were

Michael, b: 1846

William, b. 1838

Ann, b. 1841

John, b. 1844

Jerome, b 1848

Joseph, b. 1851

Thomas, b. 1854

J. b:1857

Edward, b.1860

Of these I only have info on Michael Michael married Rebecca Craig, I believe they lived in the Fredonia area in Mercer county. Their Children were:

Clara Maria b. 1881

Grant b.?

Mable b: ?

Michael Vincent.

Clara Maria married James Leisly Steuart (Stewart) their children were Glenn Thomas and Paul Michael.

Clara married a Mr. Hodge after James died. There were no children from the second marriage.

I married Paul Micheal's daughter Virginia.

JACK McCright jmccrigh@mail.cvn.net


Date: 7/16/98 10:13:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: mcaldwell@hunton.com (Caldwell, Mary)

We're just starting to research my Magner connections. I do know my great-grandmother was Alice Farrell (birthdate, siblings, etc. unknown), married Edmond Magner (date unknown). My grandfather, James Joseph Magner, was born 1866 in County Tipperary, Lyle Aherlow (siblings unknown) and immigrated to US in 1880, where he met and married Mary Quinn O'Brien (from Michaelstown, Cork, Ireland).

There is "talk" that Grandfather James had a brother (name unknown) who immigrated to Australia about 1880, but we've been unable to trace that connection so far. We will continue the search for our "elusive" Magner family.

Regards, Mary Magner Caldwell


Posted by Ron Watson RonJaye@intcomm.net on Sat, 06 Jun 1998

I am searching for information on John MAGNER born Nov. 1866 in Peoria Illinois, Peoria County. He was married to Mary Delilah Lint who was born in Macomb, Ill.

Any info on parents or siblings is appreciated.


From: kcln@internetMCI.com

Date: 1998/07/13

I am looking for information about JOHN O'CONNELL (born c. 1792; died March 30, 1862; buried at Ovens, COR, IRL). John O'Connell was married August 12, 1820 to CATHERINE MAGNER (born c. 1800; died November 26, 1875 at Carrigrohane, CORK, IRL; also buried at Ovens, CORK, IRL).

John O'Connell and Catherine Magner had 11 children, including TIMOTHY O'CONNELL (born 1833 or 1834 at Ballincollig, CORK, IRL; died December 12, 1912 Palestine, TX, USA).

Timothy O'Connell was married August 24, 1856 in the Parish of Blarney, Diocese of Cloyne, COR, IRL, to ELLEN KELLEHER (born January 1831 COR, IRL; baptized January 9, 1831 Parish of Blarney, COR, IRL; died 1906 TX, USA). Timothy O'Connell and Ellen Kelleher left IRL for the USA c. 1867-1872.



Date: 7/20/98 8:47:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: BethMT2@aol.com

My folks and all three kids were born in Pittsburgh, PA. I was born in 1957, my brother 1955 and my sister 1953.

All born at McGee Women’s Hospital. My father is the middle child of 5, born in 1925. Father's name was John his mother's name was Mary (O'Dockerty-maiden)



Date: 7/22/98 10:56:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Reply-to: kcln@internetMCI.com

I don't have any additional information about Catherine Magner (c.1800-1875) about whom I inquired earlier.

Although I have some other Magners from County Cork in my family tree, The only John Magner I have was a Catholic priest who was born in 1852 in Ballincollig, County Cork and died in 1879 in Ahista, County Cork.

For your background information, one of Catherine Magner and John O'Connell's II children, Mary O'Connell, married another Magner, known in my records as Edward Magner Senior. Edward Magner Senior (about 1826-1906) apparently lived (and died) at 36 Great Britain Street (now Great William O'Brien Street) in Cork.

Edward Magner Senior and Mary O'Connell had 9 children: Edward Magner Junior (1851-1928); the above-mentioned John Magner (1852-1879); Catherine Magner (1856-1921); Cornelius Magner (1857-1857); Patrick Magner (1861-1925); Mary Magner (1864-1918); Margaret Magner (1865-1912); and William Magner (1866-1866).

Kerry North


Date: 7/23/98 2:40:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: emagner@metz.une.edu.au (Eilis Magner)

Dear Jim

I am in electronic contact with Thomas Magner who says that you might have information etc that would be of interest to me. I am the daughter of Desmond Magner of Ottawa Ontario (1913-1973), and the granddaughter of William Magner of Toronto (d 1951-2)

Would love to hear from you.




Honoree name:

  1. Daniel P. Dorrian of Pasadena, California submitted Eugene Magner for placement on The American Immigrant Wall of Honor.
  2. The Peter Magner Crowley Family was submitted by Peter M. Crowley of East Windsor, New Jersey.
  3. John J. Miller of Massapequa, New York submitted Arthur Magner.
  4. Mary Magner Carroll was submitted by Kathryn and Kevin McAvoy of Rockville Centre, New York


Date: 7/3/98 9:23:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: SalmonPine@aol.com

To: MagnerJ@aol.com

I am searching for a Margaret Mangner or Manger from County Clare. Perhaps the name was originally Magner. She married Henry Blake from County Limerick before 1835, perhaps around 1830. I don't know her date of birth but she had 5 children and died in Ireland in 1848 from typhoid. The children were Mary, George, Patrick, James (1835), and Henry (1839). I know nothing about Mangner or Magners. I know a lot about the Blakes. I am descended from James Blake. Please let me know if there is some connection.

Thanks, Jessie


Date: 7/24/98 8:17:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: bjcollath@bigpond.com.au (Brian & Jennifer Collath)

To: MagnerJ@aol.com

David MAGNER m. Mary ????

Son = John MAGNER (my GGG Grandfather) b. approx. 1818 in Castlekevin (near

Mallow) Co. Cork

Daughter = Margaret MAGNER b. approx. 1803 in Castlekevin (near Mallow) Co.


Son = Thomas MAGNER b.?

Margaret MAGNER m. Dennis SULLIVAN

Margaret MAGNER, John MAGNER & respective families immigrated to Australia in 1838

Regards, Brian


Date: 7/27/98 9:27:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Handbell@wcnet.net (M. Elaine Luman)

To: MagnerJ@aol.com

My ancestors ultimately landed in Labette County, Kansas, via Indiana. When we were in Ireland, I was told that in the south there once was a Castlemagner, but I could find no record of it.

The other part of my family was the Taggarts from Ballymoney near Belfast.

Thanks. Elaine Luman


Date: 7/28/98 2:14:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Reply-to: jmccrigh@mail.cvn.net

To: MAGNERJ@aol.com

It will be weeks before unravel the Magner tree. I am sure that some where I will find the connection of the Mercer County Pa. clan with the rest of the clan. Again many thanks!



Date: 7/29/98 1:06:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Handbell@wcnet.net (M. Elaine Luman)

There are many Magner descendants from my branch of the family in southeast Kansas. My father, brother and 4 sisters lived in Labette County and their parents moved there from Orange County, Indiana. I have relatively little information, but if you'd like to have it, I will forward it. I thank you for the other names and will email them to see if there is any connection with our family.


Date: 7/29/98 1:29:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Clemagner@aol.com

I would love to receive your list of Magner's and share it with them check it for our ancestors. Our descendent came to the USA in the mid. 1800's with 6 brothers and settled in Iowa. One of his brothers went to Australia.

Clem Magner


Date: 8/1/98 11:48:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: mpaubel@hto.net (Martin Patrick Aubel)


Are you related to the Magner's that lived near Mercer Pennsylvania? My father's grandmother was Clara Magner and her father was James Magner. He had brothers d and Jerome I know, they were Irish Catholic and I have been told came from County Cork, there were Hurley's Scurry's and Hogans connected with that family, dad's grandmother was raised on a farm outside of Mercer on what is now called Magner Road.

Martin Aubel


Date: 8/2/98 1:02:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Debnet7@aol.com

Hello Jim

Unfortunately, I have no info on Elizabeth & Courtney Magner. You stated that Elizabeth most likely died in Florida. Thursday, I was at the Vital Statistic's office in Bridgeport and checked the death records-- I know your request to the office came up empty, but I checked anyway.

FYI-Unlike most other Vital Statistic Bureaus throughout the state, Bridgeport is especially restrictive in terms of accessibility to genealogists. The office is only open to genealogical research 2 days a week--Tuesdays 10am- 12noon; 2- 3:30pm and Thursdays 10am -12. Ugh I'm planning to return next Thursday. If you'd like, I could look for info on Courtney Magner......was she married in Bridgeport? Did she die in Bridgeport? You said she "owned a pet store" --perhaps there are land records available at Town Clerk. Do you know the name or street location of the store?

The Bridgeport Public Library, Historical Collections Dept has excellent resources for genealogy Their web site is http://bridgeport.lib.ct.us/bpl

All of my Magner research has been concentrated in Seymour CT. My family history in Bridgeport dates back to 1850's, yet we know of no Magner relations here. However, I have some "miscellaneous" Magner info in my notes: while searching for Seymour, CT Magners in the 1900 US Census schedule, I made note of all 1900 Connecticut Magners (Spelling--"Magner"). The following list is from the 1900 Soundex, Magner code M256: (The address listed is the residence at the time of the census)

1. Hanna, b July 1879 in Ire., age 20, 205 Retreat Ave, Hartford, CT enumerated with William E. Sweeny; Relationship--Hanna is a servant to W. Sweeny

2 James, b Nov 1875 in Ire., age 24, 42 St. John Street, New Haven, CT enumerated with Margaret McCarthy; Relationship--James is a boarder

*Other Magners who are boarders of Margaret McCarthy

Josie, b Dec 1883 in CT, age 17

Mary, b Dec 1883 in CT, age 17

Katherine, b Sept 1878 in CT, age 21

3. James, b Mar 1870 in Ire, age 30, 168 S. Leonard St., Waterbury, CT

Wife: Katherine b Feb 1872 in CT

Son: James R b May 1899 in CT

4. James, b July 1829 in Ire, age 70, 172 S. Leonard St., Waterbury, CT

Dau: Mary, b Nov 1867 in Ire. Age 32

Son: Michael, b Nov 1878 in Ire, Age 24

Boarder: Kate Donovan

5. James H. b Nov 1867 in CT, Age 32, 14 Cross St., Norwalk, CT

Wife: Elizabeth F., b July 1865 in CT, Age 34

****4 children listed

6. John J. b Nov 4, 1874 in CT, Age 25, 186 Atlantic St., Stamford, CT enumerated with Sarah Sayer Relationship: John is a boarder

7. Margaret, b May 1832 in Ire, Age 68, 9 Ridgewood, Waterbury, CT

Living alone

  1. Mary, b Oct 1814 in Ire, Age 85, Tolland Co., Stafford Springs enumerated with John Mahou (spelling?) Relationship:?
  1. Mary W. b:? 1859 in Ire age 40, 715 Main St., Bridgeport, CT enumerated with Thomas DeForest,

Relationship: Mary is a servant to Thomas

10. Michael, b Jan 1860 in Ire, age 40, 139 Wallace St., New Haven, CT

Wife: Nora, b Mar 1864 in CT

3 children listed

11. Patrick, b July 1861 in Ire, age 38, New London Co., Waterford

Wife: Ellen, b Dec 1854 in Ire, Age 45

12. Patrick G., b Mar 1862 in Ire, age 38, 72 Hartford Ave., East Hartford, CT

Wife: Margarite, b Dec 1858 in Ire

5 children listed

13. Thomas, b Dec 1867 in Ire, age 32, 1225 Bank St., Waterbury, CT

Wife: Ellen, b Oct 1873 in CT, Age 26

Son: James S. b Feb 1899 in CT

14. Thomas J., b Mar 1870 in CT, age 30, 4 Hanford Place, Norwalk, CT

Wife: Nellie, b Oct 1874 in NY, Age 25

Son: Edward, b May 1900 in CT, Age ?/12...months

Boarder: Edward B., b Mar 1870 in CT, Age 30

15. William J., b July 1862 in England, age 37, 37 Sherman St., Bridgeport, CT

Wife: Kate E., b Dec 1861 in CT, Age 38

4 children listed

As for my Magners:

My Great-Grandfather James Magner b:1863-67 in Lyre, Aherlaw, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. He immigrated in the 1880's and I believe he was naturalized Oct 23, 1886, Superior Court of New Haven (Still trying to get documentation).

Other facts about James Magner:

1) He married Mary "Minnie" O'Brien of Michelstown, Co Cork in Seymour, CT on May 21, 1896.

2) His parents are James Magner & Mary 'Shelly''/Skielding'

3) He died March 19,1922 in Derby, CT

4) Per his obituary, he left 2 brothers & 1 sister all living in Ireland

I have info on his descendants, but nothing on his siblings or ancestors.

Deb in Bridgeport, CT


Date: 8/2/98 12:48:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: lloyd.carson@usa.net (Lloyd Carson)


The information I have on the Magners goes back to John Wm. Magner born 11/02/1866 in Peoria, Illinois. He died 11/08/1928 in Peoria. He was married to Mary Delilah Lint but I do not have the date or place of marriage. She was born 3/8/1870 in Macomb, Illinois and died 7/16/1929. I do not have the place she died.

I do have some information on their children, but that is not very complete. However, if this helps locate information, their daughter Elizabeth R. Magner was married to my grandfather Robert J. Carson.

Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

Lloyd E. Carson




Dr Robert Magnier, Castletroy



Find and contact Dublin Chamber members Lordan Magnier & Partners Ltd

Kennedy, Michael

Chief Executive     lordan@relay.ie


Dublin 3


Mercer County, Pennsylvania Genealogy - Surnames/Index M-N


(Q149)  4 Jun 1997 - Jan Snodgrass


I am searching for marriage  record of Morton RANK, b. 1 Sep 1875 in Salem, OH, to Bessie Thelma REPLOGLE, b. 5 Apr 1887 in Mahaffey, PA. 

They lived in Greenville, Mercer Co., PA.  First child Lottie Thelma RANK, b: 1908.  Assume they married before her birth. 

They had a home also in Signal Mtn., Hamilton Co., TN.  Bessie Thelma d: 29 Apr 1941.  2nd marriage to Grant MAGNER


Date: 7/26/98 9:36:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: stubblebine@research.att.com (Stuart Stubblebine)


Close but not close enough...my Michael Augustus was born approximately 1890 in County Cork and died approximately in the mid to late 1970's in London. He lived in Wales and possibly Australia during his life.

Although, I sometimes wonder if he had a child later in life named Augustus.

If so, the child would be born after 1926 (when he left his first family)...




Obituary Daily Times V4No219

MAGNER, Virgil Adam; 73; Glidden IA; Des Moines Register; 1998-8-1; gcegeland


Date: 8/2/98 10:12:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: pcmagner@seacoast.com (Pete and Cyndi Magner)

Well here goes! I'm looking for info on Henry Magner of Medford MA. He was my grandfather who I believe grew up in Charleston MA. I've been told he had 8 brothers. (You have to begin somewhere).


Pete Magner


Date: 8/3/98 7:04:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: magner@hotmail.com (John Magner)

I had an occasion to return home to Lynn, Massachusetts recently. I headed straight to the family plot and found some information. I was told that my grandfather, John P. Magner, came from County Cork, Ireland. His father was Thomas Magner, but I haven't confirmed that. My grandfather, John P. Magner, was born in 1889 and died in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1943. No more specific dates are given.

My grandfather had at least one brother, Joseph, and one sister, Molly. Molly was married, I believe to a man named Springer and moved to the Newark, or maybe the Elizabeth, area of New Jersey. I have no further information about the woman, I only saw her once. She looked exactly like her brother, Joe.

My granduncle, Joseph, was born on November 27, 1896, I believe he was born in County Cork, Ireland. He died in Lynn, Massachusetts on February 16, 1991. His wife was named Catherine. They had, I believe, 5 children that lived, Joseph, Edward, Patricia (Wall), Kay (Katherine

?) (Monahan), and Eleanor (Mackin).

I only have information on one of the 5, the son, Joseph, aka MMOM1 Joseph Magner, USN. He was born on May 16, 1920 and he was killed on board the USS Trout while attacking a Japanese convoy near the Philippines on February 29, 1944. The Trout was sunk in the attack taking all hands. I once did a Yahoo search on the web and found the full roster on that crew. I'm sorry, I don't have the URL handy.

My father, John P. Magner, was born in Lynn, Massachusetts on April 20, 1921. He died on December 4, 1968. He married Muriel Emmons of Lynn, Massachusetts and had 5 sons. I, John P. Magner, am the oldest. I currently reside in Northern Virginia.

Next comes my brother, James Michael (Jimmy), then Leo David, then Richard Patrick, then Timothy William. Leo, aka SSG Leo D. Magner, USA, was killed in a night firing accident in 1978. My brother Tim is a police officer in Lynn, Massachusetts along with his wife, Ann. He was featured on the TV shows, 'COPS,' and 'Tales of the Highway Patrol.'

My mother now has 12 grandchildren and a great grand child on the way. With 5 boys, we managed only 3 sons.

For informational purposes, there was an actor in the 1980s named Jack Magner. He starred in, "Firestarter," and "Amityville 2." I don't know what happened to him, but the latest information I have shows he's around someplace. He's no relation, I just thought you'd find that interesting.



Maps of County Cork




Date: 8/4/98 12:26:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Handbell@wcnet.net (M. Elaine Luman)

I appreciate all the information you sent. It arrived today and I "dropped everything" and looked through it. My Magner family doesn't seem to be connected to any of the families you have in your material.

My father was Walter Clarence Magner (1888-1954) born in Galesburg, Neosho County, KS; son of John Edward Magner (1862-1920) and Mary Catherine Miller (1862-1937) of Bedford, Lawrence County, IN married in 1882.

John Edward was the son of Lanville M. Magner (b. 1839 in Orleans, IN) who married Anna Mary Taggart (b. 1838 in Ireland) 22 Dec. 1859. (This marriage record was also in the material you sent.) Lanville was the son of Edward Magner (b. @ 1795 in KY d.14 Sept 1865 in Orange Co. IN) and Mary Jane Brown (b. @1796 in SC d. in Orange Co. 11 May 1877).

Anna Mary Taggart's parents were John (b. Ireland @ 1790 d. 12 Sept. 1856) and Elizabeth Hamilton (b.4 Feb 1797 in Antrim Co. Ireland d. 4 Nov. 1879 Orange Co. IN)

They were married in Ballymoney Parish Presbyterian Church, Fourthtown Antrim, Ireland. 7 Dec. 1816. Her father was Samuel Hamilton. Obviously the Magners arrived in America before the Taggarts, but I cannot determine by what route.

Thanks again for the material. Your expense and the value of your work are inestimable.

Elaine Luman

Date: 8/4/98 12:55:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: jmccrigh@cvn.net (jmccrigh)

Hi Martin ,

Jim Magner forwarded your question about Clara Magner of the Mercer area.

My wife's grandmother was Clara Magner from Fredonia in Mercer County. Do you have more information? Dates your father, etc.

Some of the Magners are buried in All Saints cemetery in the Mercer area. All Saints was a Roman Catholic Church that has been torn down and only some of the cemetery remains. I am sure we are talking about the branch of the Magner clan.

JACK McCRIGHT jmccrigh@mail.cvn.net



Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 13:46:06

From: Dale Magner bnirvana@mail.execpc.com

Hi Jim,

I have been receiving many of your emails and have enjoyed reading them, so far no connections.

So, just to let you & fellow Magner genealogists that there many Magners in southern Wisconsin, from my records, it looks like most are from County Cork, Ireland. Most of my records were found in the county of Waukesha, Wis. & Washington County, WI.

My husband’s ancestor from County Cork is Jeremiah Magner; I have two dates of birth 1829 and 1833. He married a Catherine Hayes she was born 1833.

They had four children. David, born in Milwaukee Co. Aug 10, 1858. Annie,1887. Thomas in 1862 in Milw. Co. Wis. and then Ellen in 1864.

I haven't been unable to locate the town or parish in County Cork. But, on Jeramiah's tombstone, there was a (possible crossroads in Country Cork) Tarola, Shamora, Country Cork, Ireland. It was very difficult to read the stone, so spelling is a big problem. Does anyone have a clue? I had done most of my research before my children were born, so I haven't done much in the last 18 years. I would appreciate any help, thanks,

Sherry Magner

Again, I enjoy reading about all of the Magners


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Date: 8/9/98 10:08:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Romea1@worldnet.att.net (Romea Greaux)

Thanks for answering. The only thing we know for sure is that his father was a musician in New York. Any of your 42 contacts is from Boston? It was never known what ethnic origin his father was. However, his mother is Puerto Rican and French? Any info you can enlighten us with would greatly be appreciated James has lived most of his 44 years on the island of St. Thomas, being raised as a child by his maternal Grandparents. Thanks again.



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