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Subj:    Ellen Magner and kin

Date:            04/03/2000 8:05:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            Pddpatty



On 29 April 1998 I sent you an email that is still on the Clan Magner message board.  Here is a quick review of the '98 email and then I will add the new info I have.

Old info:

1-  William Magner; born; Ireland, died in Ireland c1855/57.  gg-gf

2-  Catherine Walsh Magner; born Ireland, died in Ireland c1855/57. gg-gm

3-  Daniel Magner; born c1834 in Ireland, died in 1914 in Burlingame, CA.  g-uncle

4-  Ellen Magner; born 15 Aug 1845 in County Cork, Ireland, died in 1926 in San Francisco, CA.  g-gm

Daniel and Ellen were supposed to have four other brothers.

New info:

A will was found in the old house of Ellen Magner's daughter in San Francisco last year.  Here are the new Magner names from the will.

5-  Catherine F. Magner; born 11 April 1850 in Boston.  Died 26 October 1937 in Boston.  She never married. 

6-  Catherine Magner Broghan, a cousin.  I know nothing else about her.


From Catherine F's death certificate I learned that she was buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Roslindale, MA.  There were three other Magner's in the plot with Catherine F. Magner

7-  Ellen M. Magner her sister was born in c1838 in Worcester, MA.  She never married.  She died 12 March 1909 in Boston, MA.

8-  Julia Murphy Magner her mother was born c1810 in Ireland.  She died 16 July 1890 in Danvers, MA.  Her usual residence was 227 Congress Avenue, Chelsea, MA. 

9-  Margaret Magner was born c1830 in Ireland.  She never married.  She died 13 April 1907 in Lynn, MA while residing at 62 Bassett Street.

This led to:

10- Jeremiah Murphy father of Julia Murphy Magner.  Born Ireland

11- Catherine (Unk) mother of Julia Murphy Magner.  Born Ireland

12- Daniel Magner husband of Julia Murphy Magner and father of Ellen M. & Catherine F.  Born Ireland.

13- John Magner father of Margaret Magner.  Born Ireland.

14- Margaret Desmond mother of Margaret Magner.  Born Ireland

                Note 1- I have not been able to establish what type of relationship, if any, that exists between Margaret Magner, her parents John and Margaret Desmond Magner, and the three people she is buried with Julia Magner, Ellen M. Magner, and Catherine F.Magner


Random info that I ran across.  When I got the 1855 Massachusetts State census for the 10th Ward, Boston, I was trying to narrow down the time period when Daniel Magner, husband of Julia, died.  He was in the 1850 Federal and not in the 1860 Federal.  He was not in the 1855 Massachusetts so for now I would say that he died between 1850-55.  Four buildings away from the Julia Magner family in the tenements on South Street was the family of:

15- William                 Magner                age 22                Born Ireland    Painter

16- Joanna                Magner                age 21                Born Ireland

17-Mary "                Magner                age 10                Born Ireland

                Note 2- I either copied the age of Mary Magner down wrong in my notebook or she is a niece of William and Joanna.  There could be a relationship but for now it is just raw info to keep.


The last name that is just raw info is that of:

18- Bridget Magner.  She was listed as a 'widow' living at an address on South Street in Boston that the 'widow' Julia Magner later listed as her residence.  Again just raw info. My uncle told me that there was a Magner 'cousin' in San Francisco.

19- Catherine Magner Walsh.  From her 1868 death certificate she was born in Ireland and was 43 years of age at death (c1825).  She was married to Simon T. Walsh who was born in Boston, MA. Ken Davis, Belmont, CA



Subj:    Re:  N-32 Magner

Date:            04/04/2000 5:21:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


The only info I have at this time is that John Magner and David Magner purchased a cemetery lot together, apparently to bury David's Mother Hanorah Barry Magner in St. Mary's R.C. Cemetery in Boston for sixteen dollars. This got them two graves. A John H. Magner was buried there on 10/01/1879. He may or may not be the same John that purchased the lot. FYI there are 8 people known to be buried there. Only two Magners, Hanorah and John. Two non Magners were removed to Calvary 4/8/1898. FYI that is section 4 Lot 394 Graves 1&2. There is no stone at the sight. At this time I can not help with Johanna Magner . . .  yet



Subj:    Re: N-31, N-32 Magner

Date:            04/04/2000 5:27:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


All the Buttevant info I have came from the Mallow Parish Centre in response to a query I made in 12/96. on the marriage  it appears each name has a different id # each time it appears for the Marriage  the witnesses were John Connor and Mary Gleeson, Priest, C Buckley


Birth of Mary Magner, Sponsors Cors Collins and Mary Connors, Priest C. Buckley

Birth of Anne Magner, Sponsors Ths Hayes and Jane Collins Priest, C Buckly.  Note spelling slip up. Townland  given as B  Gate

Birth of David Magner, Sponsors not recorded. Priest C. McCarthy

Birth of Bridgit Magner. Sponsors, Solomen Mulqueen and Mrs. Hayes. Priest C. Buckly

Birth of Johanna Magner, Sponsors Patt Roche and Jude Magner. Priest C. Buckly

Birth of Honora Magner, Sponsors Patt Roche and Mary Sheedy. No Priest given

Birth of Patt Magner, Sponsors John Roche and Cath Roche. Priest C Buckly.

Patt is a male. The name may have a connection with the Patt Roche that sponsored a sibling. It is obvious that the Roche family was close. All of the above are from the Townland of Buttevant and the Parish of the same name.


Subj:    Re: Magner various

Date:            04/05/2000 1:16:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            Pddpatty



The Catherine Magner that Tom Gangale has is in 'an unrelated line' was born c1839.  The Catherine Magner Walsh in my line was born c1825.  You asked if I had any Magner's with a date and location in Cork.  I have a few dates but I do not have any location(s) in Cork.  My g-grandmother Ellen Magner Harrison and my g-uncle Daniel Magner both had their death certificates filled out by one of Ellen's daughters.   Ellen was listed as being born on 15 August 1845 in Cork, Ireland and Daniel was listed as being born in 1834 in Cork, Ireland.  William Magner and Catherine Walsh both of whom were born in Ireland are listed as the parents.  I tried the Mallow Heritage Center but they came up with nothing in the way of birth registrations.  My problem has always been that I have no specific location for were this particular Magner family came from.  A county-size location is just to big.  I also still have no hard info on who Ellen and Daniel's other four brothers are.  Ken Davis, Belmont, CA



Subj:    Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:            04/12/2000 3:40:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (RMK Research)

>Subject:         Mary Magner

Your Name:        Beryl

Surname:        Skiljan


> Comments:  I am trying to ascertain if my great grandmother Mary Magner (who married in Western Australia February 10 1868) daughter of James Magner a farmer, came to Western Australia on the "The Bride Ships".  She came to Australia on the "Robert Morrison".  She was illiterate and signed her marriage certificate with an X.  I was always led to believe she was Irish but have no way of proving this.


Subj:    Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:            04/18/2000 6:53:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (RMK Research)

> YourName:        Thomas F Magner

> E-mail: 

> Area Searching: Cornwall. United Kingdom.

> I would be interested to know if you have any information on my grandfather's ancestors. He was Dr. Thomas Magner of Rathkeal co Limerick. My grandmother was Claire Curtin of Newcastlewest. Father Daniel Stanley Magner was born in Rathkeal on 8th March 1900.



Subj:    another Magner connection?

Date:            04/21/2000 7:44:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Howie Magner)

Dear Jim,

My name is Howard (Howie) Magner and I'm a sportswriter living in Norman, Okla. My family and a significant enough portion of Magners are living in the Detroit area. Just wondering if there's any connection. Cheers, Howie Magner


Subj:            Naturalizations

Date:            04/22/2000 3:22:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            Debnet7


My Great Grandfather was James Magner from Lyre, Aherlow Tipperary.  Was naturalized at Superior Court of New Haven County (Derby) on October 23, 1896. I suspect he had brothers named John & Daniel, but I have no record.  So I'm very curious about your last three entries.  How did you compile your information?

James settled in Seymour CT.  He married Mary 'Minnie' O’Brien, daughter of James and Ann Callahan.  James & Mary had a son named John who died in infancy--he was a twin. If you can provide any additional information, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks, Deb in Bridgeport, CT



Subj:    Magner

Date:            04/25/2000 4:39:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Jan Fortado)

Hi, Jim! (We have changed our ISP).  I am still chasing my Carroll’s and Gallagher’s, probably both from the parish of Kildorrery.  I sent for several new records to Mallow and found a William Gallagher-Mary Magnier/Magner marriage in Kildorrery on February 1, 1894 with marriage witnesses John Foley and Mary Fouhy. I was wondering if there is a Magner list. I can't possibly join another list, especially just to check this one marriage. I thought if you belonged to a list, you might be kind enough to ask if any Magners had found a Gallagher in their family. Feel free to use the information.  Jan



Subj:    Henry Magner

Date:            04/26/2000 10:55:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (carole mclaughlin)


Jim, Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I am a Magner also, My father is John L. Magner, his father was Hugh A. Magner, his father was Henry. Henry was married to Sarah C. (?) Shafer  (Spelling?)  "Henry was the son of Azariah and Susanna (Baker) Magner." and  Azariah was the son of John Magner and Nancy Wood. Henry moved to Tama, Iowa at sometime from Ohio. (they were married in  Ohio) Can't find any information on Sarah cause I don' know when or where she was born.  I thought if I could find info. on my great-grandmother Sarah maybe I  could find more information on Henry.   Thanks again!



Subj:    Joseph A. Magner Family

Date:            04/28/2000 11:32:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            SKCM23

I am trying to find information about Joseph A. Magner.  He was born about 1895 and died in 1945.  He was born in Fairfax, VA.  I don't know anything else about him.  I was told the family lived on a farm somewhere near Ft. Belvior, VA.  If you could advise me how to research him and his family, I would be grateful.  I also think he is buried in a churchyard in Burke, VA, possibly a Methodist church.  I know this isn't much to go on and I wish I had more information.  I scanned the Magner web page but it wasn't much help.  I have no clue how to begin a search.  Thank you for any help you can give me.                                                                                                    A. Magner



Date:            04/28/2000 1:26:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (terri)

Hi Jim,

My name is Terri Carney Reisert.  I was thrilled to come across your site today.  My gg grandmother was Bridget Magner who married Patrick Carney on 1/12/1865 in Salem, MA.  According to her marriage record, she was born about 1842 and her parents were David Magner and Mary Donnegan.  According to her death certificate (8/18/1923, Peabody, MA), her father was Patrick Magner and she was born about 1852.  Although I have been all around Boston and all the way to Ireland (Buttevant, Ballynaraha, Castletownroche) searching, I have found no more info on her.  I have found quite a bit of info on other Magners from MA that appears to be somehow related though.  If you're interested, I'll send you that information.  I have wills, a photo and an obituary.  In turn, I was hoping that you could send me the naturalization info on N-34, N-12, N-16 AND N-55.  If I am lucky, one of them might fit into my family tree. Please feel free to contact me, post my query and share my info with anyone who might want it.  Thank you very much.  I will send my info shortly via fax or email. Terri Carney Reisert



Date:            04/28/2000 2:01:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (terri)

Patrick Magner was born about 1823 in Ireland (I think Ballinaraha) to David Magner and Bridget Frazer (Razor?).  He married Margaret Hannon (born in Glanworth, Ire, died Salem, Ma 1871) in Salem, Ma on 10/25/1857.  He was a blacksmith.  He was killed by a train on 7/19/1883 (I have the obit, will and pictures of the headstone).  I also have a photo of Patrick.  Patrick had a brother John who spent some time in Cattaraugus County, NY. Patrick and Margaret had a daughter Margaret (I have her will) who was born around 1862.  She died on 7/13/1898 in Beverly, MA.  They apparently also had a daughter Bridget.  I hope this helps somebody.  Thank you. Terri Carney Reisert



Subj:    More Calvary

Date:            04/29/2000 2:28:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


I found these additional graves at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Boston, Ma. This list IS NOT complete but it should help a bit

Section 4 on Consecration Ave at the intersection of Forest Ave.

8-10 feet high in granite.

1855        James J. Magner      1887

1892        Frances Magner 1894

1876        Ellen C. Magner 1915


1850        Michael F. Magner 1918

1882        William F. Magner 1921


1854        Ellen Magner 1932

Mary A. Magner 1937



Section 4, Range 120, Grave 11

Whiteish Sandstone about 6 feet high topped by a Celtic cross


1804        Thomas Magner            1889

                    His wife

1821        Johanna Magner            1891  (could be 1871)


                John and Cornelius Magner


1851        Catherine Magner 1873

1855        Margaret Magner 1879

1849        Ellen Magner 1879

1861        Edward Magner 1883


I have no info on the children John & Cornelius, I did find that Edward was 22 Ellen was 28 and that Ellen was listed as a Magna. Burial dates listed as Johanna 11/3/1891; Thomas, 4/23/1889; Edward 12/12/1883;

Ellen 2/27/1889 and Margaret J. 4/21/1879.

Another Johanna Magner is buried in a Scannell plot in Section 3, Range 27, Grave 19. I could not find the stone but the office gave me that Johanna was buried 1/25/1888 at the age of 80 and with a child, James buried 5/8/1886. It is not clear why but the staff felt the child’s name was also Magner. More later!



Subj:    Re: [Cork-L] Connell

Date:            04/30/2000 1:39:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Jan Fortado)


Jim, I just found another Magner on records I obtained from the Mallow Heritage Center. In 1849 Thomas Magner was a Baptismal sponsor for Thomas Roche, who was born to Garrett Roche and Johanna Bermingham in the parish of Glanworth. Also I have been researching my Carroll’s and Gallagher in the townland of Boleynanoultagh/Ballynoultagh in the parish of Kildorrery, Cork. In 1831 in that townland Johanna Gallagher was born to Patrick Gallagher and Ellen Connell; sponsors were Patrick Bermingham and Elizabeth Clahane. It is quite possible that this Ellen Connell is Ellen Carroll, or there could have been a Gallagher/Carroll marriage as well as a Gallagher/Connell marriage. Jan



Subj:    Cemeteries

Date:            05/01/2000 9:06:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


This may help sort things out for some searchers. The Boston Catholic Cemetery Association, 366 Cummins Highway, Roslindale, MA. (617) 325-6830 manages the four Catholic cemeteries for Boston. Over 336,000 people have been buried in the four locations.

The oldest is St. Mary’s in Dorchester. It was started in 1851 and holds 40,000. There is very little activity there now and it is in an area that is not the most secured in the city. A fire in 1877/78 lost the burial records from 1851 to 1877. I do not know if the loss was total but it was major. Many stones are down due to age and some vandalism. Sandstone was used for some and it just melts in the rains. Some of the marble stones are not faring well. Slate was also used and seems to be surviving. Granite, when used has held up well.

Mt. Calvary, referred to by locals as Old Mt. Calvary, is in Roslindale. It was developed in 1865 and holds 100,000. This is co located with the office of the Association.

Mt. Benedict is in West Roxbury and was developed in 1877, still very active. The newest is New Calvary in Mattapan. It was developed in 1904. It is close to Mt Calvary. The office staff has been wonderful in their willingness to help. It is a joy to find such help.

The location names given are all within the city limits of Boston. This list is ONLY of the four cemeteries often felt to be the best place to bury a Catholic. The other cemeteries in Boston were eventually accepting

of Catholic burials but not until the mid 1900s. The last 3 listed are quite safe for anyone who needs to wander the turf. I found the maintenance staff at Calvary willing to go over to St. Mary’s, open the gate and help you locate the specific site. I offer this to help a seeker better target a location for a search. Good Luck



Subj:    Re: Magner

Date:            05/02/2000 8:49:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (terri)


Sounds like my family!  Can you put me in touch with that researcher?


----- Original Message -----

To: <>

Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 5:05 PM

Subject: Re: Magner

> Terri,

> I received this from another searcher this could very well be your family, let me know

> Jim Magner

> Date:         Sat, 17 Feb 1996 11:42:17 -0600

Searching for information regarding the Magner family who came from Ireland (possibly Ballinaragha, Co. Cork) and settled in Massachusetts. Bridget Magner was born around 1850 in Ireland and married Patrick Carney in Salem in 1865.  She died in Peabody in 1923.  The records are confused and we are not certain of her parents names (possibly either Patrick or David Magner)



Subj:    Sorry

Date:            04/29/2000 9:33:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)

I just sent you a message about a cemetery check I did for Ken Davis in CA. I failed to include for you that it was the Calvary Cemetery in Boston. I have much more I will be sharing with you as time permits but I can tell you that there is a guess that there are between 50 –100 Magners buried there. I am unable to get a full printout of any names due to confidentiality issues but they will answer specific inquiries. More later.

 I also extracted the deaths (Magner) in Boston for 20 years prior to 1900. I will be sending that info to you as soon as I can get the stuff together.



Subj:    Re: Naturalizations

Date:            05/03/2000 10:55:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


Number 29 seems to be mine. I am working on another but have little to go on yet. John Magner is still elusive.



Subj:    Re: Cemetery

Date:            05/03/2000 10:52:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


Merrimac, Ma is due north of Boston on the banks of the Merrimac river almost in New Hampshire. There has to be many cemeteries between Boston and Merrimac. My David Magner was born in Buttevant, Cork on 7/21/1835 of Thomas Magner and Hannah Barry. No witness names were recorded but the Priest was C. McCarthy. He arrived in Boston around 1841 and was naturalized 28 November 1870 at the Circuit Court in Boston. Witnesses were John Davis and Michael J. Powell. Thanks for all you have sent. I have some more arrival info, will send soon.



Subj:    Re: Cemetery

Date:            05/04/2000 9:22:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


In all this excitement I failed to send my own Magner Line info, probably because it is not new to me. Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Section 12, Lot 8A, Conservation Path, holds a very tall marble statue of a classical women leaning on an anchor, atop a round base that states DAVID MAGNER. There are 8 grave slots. It was apparently purchased by Ellen Magner on May 5 1905. I believe that Ellen is the wife of David and is the Eleanor mentioned below.

David Magner; 10/22/1904, aged 68

Annie G. Magner; 4/28/1929, aged 55

Robert E. Magner; 7/7/1933, aged 64

Madeline Magner; 3/10/1949, aged 71

Mary Catherine (Magner) Davis, 6/19/1919, aged 52

Eleanor Magner, 11/04/1912, aged 70


David was My gg-gf, and Eleanor my gg-gm. Mary Clare (Catherine) Magner was my g-mother. She was moved to a Davis burial plot. Davis was her married name. Incidentally Hanora Barry Magner died on January 19, 1864. This is the Hanora buried at St. Mary’s



Subj:    Re: Cemetery

Date:            05/05/2000 1:06:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


He is the N-31 on your spreadsheet. He stated he arrived in 1841 as" a minor under the age of eighteen years". With a dob of 1835 he would have been 6 years of age. He could not have arrived with his Mother as she was still producing kids in Buttevant as late as 1845. Perhaps he arrived with the John Magner he was so close to? I want to find his arrival as it might reveal some relationship I am unaware of.  Hanora Barry Magner did come and was buried in St. Mary’s. You have that info. I do not yet have her arrival in Boston figured out yet.



Subj:    Daniel Magner/Naturalization

Date:            05/05/2000 2:15:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            Pddpatty

To:  , JimMagner



I had received a lead from a website that had indexed the 68,000+ 'Foreign-Born Voters of California in 1872 that listed a Daniel Magner and whose parameters fit my great uncle.  He incidentally was the only Daniel Magner in the Index I was searching.  I went to the main California in Sacramento where they have a microfilm collection of all the old county Great Registers. Daniel Magner was listed in San Jaoquin County as having registered in the County in 1871 at the age of 34.  It also stated that he was "naturalized in Nov. 1863; Boston, Mass.; County Court'.



Subj:    Daniel Magner & Ellen Magner

Date:            05/05/2000 2:16:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            Pddpatty

Per your 3 May email, here is a quick sketch dealing with Daniel Magner (g-uncle) and Ellen Magner (g-gm). Daniel Magner was born c1834 in Ireland according to his death certificate.  He died on 16 September 1914 in Burlingame, CA and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA.  In the 1872 Great Register of California for San Jaoquin County he is listed as having registered in California in 1871 at 34 years of age.  That would put his birth year as c1837.  I believe his death certificate to be more accurate as it was filled out by family members and his sister Ellen was still alive. The 1872 Great Register goes on to state he was "naturalized in Nov. 1863; Boston, Mass.; County Court". Ellen Magner was born 15 August 1845 in County Cork, Ireland according to her death certificate.  She died on 17 April 1926 in San Francisco, CA and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA with her brother Daniel and other family members.  Her death certificate also states that she was in the United States for 69 years (c1857) and in California for 58 years (c1868).  Daniel and Ellen came to California together according to my Uncle Leo Ryan who remembered talking to his grandmother. Their parents were William Magner (born Ireland) and Catherine Walsh (born Ireland) on both death certificates. Ken Davis



Subj:            Magner in Australia

Date:            05/07/2000 9:45:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            CBain39544


Check out the site below and search around for MAGNER It adds a new dimension to this little club of ours. Chris Bain



Subj:    Re: Magner

Date:            05/09/2000 2:18:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Jim - I currently live in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire which is about 70 miles north of London.  I was born in London and that is where my family have lived for the last two generations.  As you probably know Magner is not the most common of surnames and when I got on-line last year it was nice to discover that so much information is available on our surname. Best wishes Dave Magner



Subj:    Deaths

Date:            05/13/2000 8:26:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


I recorded these deaths at the State Archives in Boston. I limited the list to only Boston death’s as that was where I was searching. They are indexed in books that span 5 years each. I lost the 1880-1886 sheet. The information is only Magner I am listing only the name, year of death, the volume and page of the record.


Catherine Magner           1876        v285        p263

                          1879          312         204

                          1879          312         211

Cecelia Magner 1876         285          26

Ellen Magner 1879        312          50

Hannah Magner 1878        303        13

Honora (Magner) Crowley) 1876        285        189

John H. Magner 1879        312        215

Joseph Magner 1876        285        247

Mary A. (Magner) Lamb 1876        unsure

Nicholas Magner 1878        303        145

John A. Magner 1880        321        6

Matilda Magner 1880        321        27



Subj:    Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:            05/15/2000 2:20:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (RMK Research)

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Jeff Magner

> Email: 

> Surname:         Jeff Lee Magner

> Area Searching:   Cerro Guerrdo County In Mason City, Iowa

> Hi, My name is Jeff Magner. I live in Mason City, Iowa.  I'm only 14 years old.  I think it is awesome that you have a site about the Magner name.  I just have one question.  Do you think you could either have a census like deal in the state of Iowa?  I hope so because there is a lot of Magners in Iowa. Thanks!



Subj:    More Magner

Date:            05/15/2000 8:43:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Joe Shea)


I was at NARA today and stumbled across two new naturalizations:

Dennis Magner, Certificate # 1189 in Vol 1885-1896 1st Ser. In the Police Court Haverhill, MA. dob: 11/15/1866 in IRE, naturalized 10/17/1896.


Dennis B. Magnar of West Roxbury, MA. dob: July 14 1800 in IRE. Cert # 56-162, U.S. District Court, Boston.

That was indeed Magnar. I was using the soundex system.



Subj:    Re: Magner Family tree

Date:            05/16/2000 9:07:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            Jshawmich


File:  John_H_Magner_Sr.rtf (80886 bytes)

DL Time (28800 bps): < 1 minute



Attached is a file you are welcome to post on the Magner Clan Page. There is some data included that I recently added from Mrs. Barbara Goodbar's information. There are a few differences between my information and hers, but the overlapping information is mostly the same.  Jim Shaw Stone Mountain, GA

Jim’s tree is posted at the Magner Trees page section at



Subj:    Re: Lookup request Magner

Date:            05/17/2000 8:39:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Hi Jim,

I spent the best part of the day at the library today looking up and copying obits and directories etc. I found numerous Magners in the June 1876 Waterbury Census. I found and copied 3 pages of Magners, one in particular that is very interesting but unfortunately none with a Lewis or George. The one is P 71 John, 51 or 57, Ellen 53, Patrick 23, Kate 20, Nellie 18 , William 12. Are they the ones? Marg

Home Page Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness Volunteer;



Subj:    magner

Date:            05/19/2000 12:42:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Magner)

Jim. Can u tell me what is the source of the word "Magner", and what it's means? I need to make a paper about my last name. Thank u. Dani Magner from Israel.



Subj:    Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:            05/20/2000 4:07:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (RMK Research) Post:            Yes

> Email: 

> Surname:         Robert John Magner

> Area Searching: Mason City, Iowa 50401

 Are there any famous Magner’s out there? Like in the sports world?



Subj:    Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

To: <>

Post:            Yes

Your Name:        Katherine Ann Magner


Area Searching:   California, US

Date:            21 May 2000


 My name is Katherine Ann Magner and I have research Castle Magner for years. I was wondering if I or any part of my family was related to yours? I would be honored if you emailed me back about this. sincerely yours, Katherine Ann Magner



Subj:    Re: David Magner, b. abt. 1800 County Cork

Date:            05/22/2000 9:14:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Norman & Delores)


Jim, Thanks for the information on these Magners.  Also were there any more siblings of William listed in these records?

At 07:18 AM 5/21/00 -0400, you wrote:


Contact   Norman & Delores (Magner) they have a webpage at

They are a connected family to your research

><<We know that three of them came to Iowa sometime after settling near Waukon, Iowa.>>

><<They were William, Dennis and John.  Dennis later left for Nebraska and was never heard until last week when we were contacted by a Magner in Missouri.>>

<Her is a husband of a descendant of Dennis Magner.  My wife Delores is a descendant of William Magner wife Mary Drew. We think The brothers parents were David Magner and Margaret Landers. We should have this verified in a week or so with copies of their death certificate records. We also believe one brother Went to Australia. If any of this fits let us know.>>


A marriage January 11, 1819

David Magner to Margaret Landen/Landers (spelling not good on record difficult to read)

Witness 1: William O'Landen

Witness 2: Michael Cahallan

County: Cork

KiIldorrery          (not listed as Killderry)



Date    Sep 08, 1826

Birth   Magner  William

Father  Magner  David

Mother  Landen  Mary

Witness 1   Keeffe  Joseph

Witness 2   McCarthy    Elizabeth

County  Cork

Locations   Kildorrery  Oldcastletown

Good luck, Jim Magner


Subj:    Australia Letter

Date:            04/28/2000 4:29:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            JimMagner

To:   (Magner Damian)


File:  Letterbega.rtf (5589 bytes)

DL Time (48000 bps): < 1 minute



I have definitely confirmed that the James M. Magner, Bega, NSW letter attached was sent to Jim Magner's family.  He (Jim Magner) says in a letter to Thomas Magner back in the 70s


 "I am also sending you a letter (copy) that was sent to a great aunt of mine (she always seemed more like my grandmother because she practically raised my father from infancy). The letter was sent from Australia in 1906 by a James Magner, a blacksmith whose father was also a blacksmith and who emmigrated there from Ireland.  We have always assumed that the father was the brother of my great grandfather Jim but at this time I have no way of being sure." Possibly this could also be of interest to you.

I have addition information on that family tree if it applies to your family. Good luck, Jim Magner

Note if any researcher are interested in a copy of this letter write to



Subj:    Joseph Aloyisus Magner Family

Date:            05/07/2000 9:13:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            JimMagner

To:            SKCM23


Contact Mary Magner Caldwell it appears you have a common connection   or for Magners in Burke, VA.

Jim Magner    


Subj:    David Magner, b. abt. 1800 County Cork

Date:            05/21/2000 6:43:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            JimMagner



David,, The best I could finds is: A marriage January 11, 1819

David Magner to Margaret Landen/Landers (spelling not good on record difficult to read)

Witness 1: William O'Landen

Witness 2: Michael Cahallan

County: Cork

KiIldorrery          (not listed as Kilderry)



Date        Sep 08, 1826       

Birth       Magner                William

Father     Magner                David

Mother   Landen                Mary

Witness 1                Keeffe                Joseph

Witness 2                McCarthy              Elizabeth

County   Cork       

Locations                Kildorrery                Oldcastletown



Date        Mar 23, 1820       

Birth       Magner                John

Father     Magner                Daniel

Mother   Keefe                Honora

Witness 1              -               -

Witness 2              -               -

County   Cork       

Locations                Rathcormic          -

Source    Mallow Centre   


Date        Apr 13, 1819       

Birth       Magner                John

Father     Magner                David

Mother   Razar                Mary

Witness 1              -               -

Witness 2              -               -

County   Cork        -

Locations                Castletownroche -

Source    Mallow Centre    -



Subj:            Magner

Date:            05/23/2000 1:48:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            JimMagner

To:            RCHDDH


You might want to view the Magner Clan Page at http:/

<<Frederick W. Moody b.29 Aug 1859 and Susannah Magner b. 16 Jun 1861 are my great grandparents.>>



Subj:    [Fwd: ]

Date:            05/26/2000 9:48:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:   (Thomas J. Magner)



Hello.  My name is Mary Wignall and I live in Glnelg, South Australia. My great grandmother was Bridget Magnier and she came to South Australia from Fermoy or near there in the mid 1850's.   She married Thomas Brennan from Kilkenny and had 11 children - 3 boys and 8 girls.   Her sister went to US at the same time and I believe she also married a man called Brennan.   There are about 150 of her descendents in South Australia but we know of no other Magnier’s living here.   Can you give me any more information about the family history please?  I am sorry that I have a small bit of information to help but would be very grateful for anything you can tell me.  .   Bye for now. Mary Wignall.



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