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Subj:       Magner--- Of course

Date:       02/04/2001 5:51:11 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Clint Magner)




Thanks for the prompt answer. I haven't found the birth or marriage records for Benjamin Still searching. Have located his year and place of death but haven't seen his death certificate yet, that's next. I do know that from all the family I have talked to that he appears to have always used Benjamin, Ben, Benjamin James or BJ, all of his life. I can find no occasion of his use of James or any diminutive version thereof.

   The first occasion of the use of Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota as his place of birth was posted on the World Tree of by two different people. I have E-mailed both and asked for Their source information, but have as yet gotten no answer.

 The date of birth was from his death notice and cemetery records. Two other items have come to light. He at one time was employed as or at the Suttlers store for the Lac du flambeau Indian Reservation at Minaqua, Wisconsin. I am in the process of verifying this now. He also in later years in the early to mid 30's, Head millwright for the Hamilton lumber co. Stanwood , Washington. This has been verified.

 Thanks again for your help. I will keep you advised on anything else that I find.



Subj:      Re: Surname:         PENMAN, BUTLER

Date:      02/07/2001 1:32:56 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Richard Malloch)




The connection is a son of Richard Penman and Mary Butler (Andrew Penman) married Mary Ann Wagner 1891 in Australia. (Details from your site). Their descendants include the Brian Collarth mentioned on the site. Regards, Richard.


Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 8:12 AM


> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Carol Turner

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magner; Smith

> Area Searching:   Victoria, Australia and Western Australia

> Date:            07 Feb 2001

> Comments:

> Jane Amelia Magner, born Janet Amelia Magner 1870, Lodden, Victoria, Australia, married Frederick John Smith. Jane was the daughter of William Magner and Frances Smith. William died in 1873, parents unknown, and Frances remarried to Thomas Lindsay in 1876. Jane's death certificate incorrectly lists her parents as Frances Lindsay Smith and Thomas Magner.

> Jane's siblings included:

> Catherine, b. 1863

> Eliz Ann, b. 1873

> Elizabeth, b. 1871

> Frederick, b. 1967

> Mary Ann, b. 1865

> Jane Amelia Magner and Frederick John Smith moved from Victoria to Western Australia. They had children in both states. Frederick's death certificate records the following children and their ages in 1919:

> Frederick 28

> Arthur 27

> George 25

> Henry 22

> Geoffrey (who pre-deceased his father)

> Cecil 15

> Edna 7

       Jane Amelia Magner Smith did not remarry, and died in Victoria in 1944.



Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Sent: Sunday, February 11, 2001 12:15 PM

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Jan Kenney Fortado

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magner, Gallagher, Carroll

> Area Searching: County Cork, Ireland

> Date:            11 Feb 2001

> Comments:

> Jim, I still haven't found anyone looking for the same Magner/Carroll marriage. Now I am looking for someone who traces back to Denis Magnor/Magner and Ellen Gallagher who were married in the parish of

Glanworth, Cork, on Feb. 10,1839. Witnesses were John and Daniel Gallagher. On March 4, 1848 an Ellen Gallagher married a Denis Magnor in Glanworth. Witnesses were John Gallaher and Daniel Gallaher.




Subj:      magner/potierLONDONc1790

Date:      02/15/2001 12:35:17 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (margie feltham)



I have my ggg-grandmother Eulalie Potier born 29 April 1793 London Surrey England, parents: James Eleanor Natoli Potier and Elizabeth Melanie Magner. I would love to know more! Please reply if you can help. Regards margie



Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:      02/17/2001 4:53:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

Subject: Data posted to form 1 of

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:         JAMES R.MAGNER

> Email: 

> Surname:         MAGNER

> Date:            16 Feb 2001




Subj:      Robert G. Magner, Hampton, Georgia

Date:      02/24/2001 4:41:38 PM Eastern Standard Time


To:          JimMagner


Hi Jim!

I know you and my dad corresponded a lot in the last couple of years in regards to Magner genealogy.

I wanted you to know that he died on August 12, 2000, of pancreatic cancer. He was very fond of you, and was excited about the genealogy research and the information you helped to give him.  Thank you for making his last couple of years enjoyable.

Debbie Magner Markesino


Subj:      Buckley/Magner Connection

Date:      03/02/2001 10:28:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Don and Pat Allan)




Acknowledging receipt of the copy of the 1906 letter written by James M. Magner, in NSW, Australia.  What a great insight into the lives of early immigrants in a foreign country that letter provided.  As you commented, no Buckleys were mentioned, but nonetheless I was very pleased to have the opportunity of reading it.  In the third paragraph where "Mother's address" is given, may I suggest that the address should read "10 Thomas Street, Redfern" rather than Redfeen.  Redfern is right next to Surry Hills where my Buckley family was living for a while.  Regrettably Thomas Street is not shown on the small portion of the street map that I have in my possession.


In the interim, I have been able to locate the birth of my Cornelius Buckley on the IGI. Sounds like it is the same person as you mentioned born Sep 8, 1866, at Rahan, son of William Buckley and Johanna Magner.


I had never heard of Rahan before tapping into that web site.  I am now hoping to obtain a photocopy of the said birth certificate. The Catholic parish of Killavullen no doubt covered a number of Townlands.   Do you know anything about Rahan?  Is it a townland?   I am anxious to narrow it down as far as possible. 


Best wishes. Pat Allan


Subj:      Re: Denis Magnor/Magner and Ellen Gallagher

Date:      03/10/2001 11:03:56 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Jan Fortado)



Jim, I have learned the names of Denis Magner and Ellen Gallagher's children:


Catherine Magner b. Glanworth in 1849

Mary Magner b. Glanworth 1851

Ellen Magner b. Glanworth 1852

Agner Magner b. Glanworth 1854

Magaret Magner b. Glanworth 1856

Thomas Magner b. Fermoy 1862

Johanna Magner b. Fermoy 1859


No Magners served as baptismal sponsors





Subj:      Magner

Date:      03/12/2001 7:48:23 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Jan Fortado)

To: (Jim Magner)


Jim, you have probably seen this from Missing Friends, but just in case you hadn't...


19 November 1853

Of John Magner, parish Castletownroche; when last heard from was in Cattaraugus County, N. Y. Information will be thankfully received by his brother, Patk. Magner, care of Thomas Dodd, Salem, Ms.


Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 10:12:34 -0500 From: "Charles Sharp" <> Subject: John Magner, about 1820 Researching lineage of John Magner, born, probably around 1820.John married a Nancy Wood. John & Nancy had at least one child, Catherine Jane Magner. b June 14, 1842 & d. 1916. Catherine married George Washington Cline/Kline November 12,1857 in Van Wert, Ohio. George Washington Cline/Kline was born about 1832.Unknown death. Catherine is buried in Monroeville, Indiana, as is George. (Different cemeteries). George Washington Cline/Kline served in Civil War in Co C, 2nd Indiana Cavalry. George & Catherine had at least two children, Nellie Cline & Ida Lucritice Cline. Ida married Hillery Hoover. We have a lot of their Hoover line on down. Missing Magner information, other than above Missing Cline information, other than above. Any help adding ANYTHING to either line appreciated. Would like to hear from anyone connecting to this John Magner or any of the others named above. Charles A. Sharp Janet E. Sharp Great Great grand daughter of Ida Cline.



Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 20:13:53 +1000 From: grimm family <> To: Message-ID: <> Subject: Edward MAGNER Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Hi, Does anyone have any information on Edward MAGNER born 1827 in Bath, Somerset, England. His father was John Magner and his mother was Harriet. I got this information from the IGI. Wendy Grimm Australia



Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 17:05:46 -0800

From:  "mequinn" <>


I am looking for the Magner families of South Dakota and Minnesota.  Their names were James, John, and Michael.  One of them had a son named Sylvester who married a Bridget Healy or (Haley). They had 2 boys Michael and Edward and my mother Mary (Marie) Magner.  Marie was born in Wakonda S.D. Jan.20, 1896 they went to Minnesota and Bridget died around Shakopee Minn.  around 1901.  Other family names are Ryan, Slattery, and Mulvehill. There also were 2 Magners who homesteaded in Blaine County Montana and 2 Magners John, and Jim who are reported to be buried in Rawlins Wyoming. Does anyone have any information on these people?  Thank you. My name is Charles V. Quinn and my email address is   




Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 23:16:54 EST From: <> To:  Howdy, Could someone please do an obit/death notice look-up for Catherine F. Magner who died on 27 October 1937 in Boston, MA. She is listed as being 87 years of age at death. Calvary Cemetery is listed as the place of interment; could someone look up the address of the cemetery and send it to me. Thank you for your time. Ken Davis Belmont, CA


Internment Located same plot

Ellen Magner 1912, New York County

Teresa McGuire, 1919 New York County

Josephine Magner 1951 New York County

Catherine Magner 1953 New York County


Nellie Magner, 1925 New York County


Same Plot, New York County

Kate Magner 1879

David Magner 1886

Daniel Magee, 1904

Edward Wagner, 1904,

Nora Sprague, 1925

Hannah Magner, 1919


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