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START 9/13/98

Date: 9/22/98 2:45:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time: From:


If you can post this message I would appreciate it. It seems I have hit the "Brick Wall" they talk about in genealogy research. I will try to check New Jersey marriage records for my Great Grandfather Thomas Magner. I am trying to find his mother's maiden name, which was possibly Mirkla (first name Bridget). His death certificate is hard to read. The maiden name is handwritten, and hard to read. I know my Great Great Grandfather's name was Edward, as stated on his death certificate. If any of the Magner clan can provide information I would greatly appreciate. In the mean time I will write the New Jersey Archives for a marriage certificate. Thank you! Richard M. Magner

Date: 9/15/98 3:45:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time: From:


It as been a while since you and I 'spoke', I was on trips to Ireland and California looking for ancestors. I'm happy to say the trips were successful.

In our last message exchange you asked for some information regarding my tie to the Magners. I am happy to send you my families tree, but, at this time, I only have two Magnors and dating from the 17th Century. I learned the given name of the father is Robert and his daughter is Elinor. You were correct in suggesting that he originated at Castle Magnor rather than being a castle manager. Whoever transcribed the source document made the mistake and it was perpetuated. I now have a copy of the original, with names and dates but, alas, not for the Magnors.

However, Elinor married Edward Warner, b. March 4, 1614, Balsham, Cambridgeshire, England. Edward was a Major in the Army, married Elinor in Ireland and settled on one of his estates at Woodsville, County Cork. Edward's father, Thomas, was Rector of Balsham, Cambridgeshire, England, in 1611.

My lineage continues in the Warner family until Margaret (b: abt 1755) married Michael BUSTEED, an apothecary in Cork, in 1774. On my trip, I met a Busteed with over 400 BUSTEED names, including Michael, but he couldn't establish a relationship between Michael and the other 399+. A daughter of the Busteed/Warner union, Margaret Busteed, married my g-grandfather, Edward MOERAN, also of Cork. From then on I are tracking Moerans.

My family files are available to be copied, so if you are interested, I will send you the family tree, but it won't be much assistance to Magner searchers. My source document is a report, apparently completed by a genealogist back in 1925. There are no sources for the tree, which extends back to 1500. However, it begins with an Edward Warner married to Elizabeth, Dau of Thomas Cobham, and I found that union in a computer database.

By the way, I just bought a new tool that really has helped me locate some previously obscure data. The name is Web Compass by Quarterdeck. It really searches other, including foreign, search engines.

Anyway that is what I have and I am willing to share.

Brian Borneman


Hi Jim, It really is a small world!

Jackie is a descendent of Mary Magner, my g grandmother who came to the U.S. from Ireland around 1849. Mary Magner's brothers were James and Mathew Magner, the brothers who fought on opposite sides of the civil war as described in the article "The Blue and the Gray" on the Magner web site. Briefly, the lineage from Mary Magner to Jackie is as follows:

Mary Magner was born in Glendonahoe, Co. Cork, Ireland on 24 March 1825. Her parents were Laurence Magner and Mary Farrell.

She married John Magner Lambert in Brooklyn New York in 1853. Their son John married Jenny Kayser in St. Peter, MN in 1900.

Their son John was my father. Their daughter Mary Grace married Frederick Louis Schaefer in 1938.

Their daughter Marigrace Giffin married Jack Wallace. (I don't know the date).

Jackie is one of three children from that marriage. Marigrace's second and present husband is Michael Giffen. So Jackie is the gg granddaughter of Mary Magner.

Regarding the Magner web site: it really looks and is terrific, and can only get better. The response from around the world as measured by the number of hits is amazing, e.g., the recent email from Australia to add all the Magner vital statistics data to our site. I plan to add the Laurence Magner genealogy (his descendants) to our site when I get a chance. I still need to make some additions to my genealogy database

(I'm using Reunion 5). Regards, Dave Lambert

Date: 9/18/98 10:08:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time, (Joseph Magner)


My name is Josep Lee Magner - my father was Bert Alfred Magner – his Father was Bert Magner also and his father was John Magner, with bothers of Jim and? - I have some early picture/postcards and some other stuff - did some organization awhile back but put it away - now I’m real busy at work. I’m 52; my dad must be 76? - I was born in Peoria ill, my dad was born close by and so was his dad - think Farmington, ill – glad you sent me this web site - your efforts are appreciated and hope to contribute soon - need to get a scanner and see what I can do with the picts. Later

Yours happily - JLM

Btw - I live in South Carolina now and am an electronics engineer – my brother lives in Portland, Oregon and is a civil engineer with the USCORP of engineers.

Date: 9/19/98 5:55:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, From:, (Fredrick Magner)

Hi, This is an interesting family.

I am Fredrick Michael Magner, born May 13, 1957, Lansing MI, to my parents John Edward Magner: born Sept 14, 1927, St John, MI and Norma Jean (Wichtoski) Magner born June 28, 1933, died 1991, Eaton Rapids, MI.

This is a new endeavor for me the dates of births and places are to be filled in as I find them

Edward John Magner, my grandfather, died in 1956, was born in the 1880's in Ontario Canada. Mary (Manning) Magner and Ed raised six children in the St John, Owaso MI. area of Michigan. My grandmother Mary had a house for years in Morrice, Michigan. She died in 1968.

Ed and Mary had an interesting story during WW1 the immigration laws required registration. Ed's Mother returned to her family in Ontario to give birth to my grandfather. My grandmother, Mary, had never left the

United States, had to go though naturalization to reclaim her US citizenship for being married to Edward John, who really was born in Ontario, Canada.

It was said that Grandpa Ed was the son of a Magner with several brothers in the Ontario Canada area. And that many worked for the Grand Trunk Railroad, which covers much of the area in which Magners call home, New York, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio Indiana, as well as Illinois.

My two oldest aunts and one uncle are from my grandfather’s first wife. Bibby was her madden name.

Lorretta Magner, born April 14, 1915, living, in Three Rivers MI, unmarried was a schoolteacher there for years; She graduated Normal Teaching College, (now Eastern Michigan University), Ypslanti, MI

Velma Magner Jarrad was born in Lansing MI retired nurse Michigan State University, East Lansing MI. Velma and my Uncle Dale had four children

Patricia, Peter, Jackie, twin, and Judy twin

William Magner born ... died 1965.

Pat, Jim and my dad Jack are Ed's child by his second wife, my grandmother Mary.

Patricia Magner Bottecelli born... died 1998, in Fenton; MI. Pat and my Uncle Paul had four daughters

Jo Maria, Mary Kay, Paula and Tracy

James Magner was born about 5 year before my dad. Living in Manson, Washington after retiring from Boeing in Seattle. Jim and my aunt Noma had two sons

Richard Magner born 1955, may be in Denver CO

Gar Magner born 1958, living in Bellingham Washington

John Edward Magner born Sept 14, 1927 and Jean married Aug 28 1955. Had three children living, two died at birth in the early 1960’s My parents have a farm in Eaton Rapids, Michigan

Jack is very active in St' Peter's RC church in Eaton Rapids. He has remarried since the death of my mother. Jack married Joyce Dutrieux in 1994.

Edward John Magner, born May 28, 1956, in Lansing, MI. living in Grand Blanc, Michigan, auto emissions engineer at GM

Fredrick Michael Magner, born May 13, 1957, in Lansing, MI. Myself I move to Winston-Salem, NC to follow my career in the airline industry.

Nancy Jo Magner Frye, born June 23, 1959, in Lansing MI. My sister married Michael Gerard Frye

They have two children. Nancy is an engineer a Ford.

Sarah Frye, born March 3 1985 and Michael Frye, born June 24, 1989

The Magner Genealogy is new for me to study and trace. I am unfamiliar with the genealogical notations of 1 2 3 generation, but it is fun and I am learning. I hope this rough description of my Magner family tree maybe of use. Please feel free to give suggestion or to ask questions.

Sincerely, Fred Magner


Date: 9/20/98 6:31:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time, From: (JOHN P. MAGNER)


Hi Tom. I greatly appreciate your including me on your recent "Magner" e-mail transmission. I will respond more fully when time allows although

I do not believe I shall be of much help in your research. I do believe my father’s people came from a village called Tivoli in the Cork vicinity. I met a priest from the area who was familiar with the name and who came himself from Tivoli. He mentioned that he believed the district was absorbed in the expansion of Cork City some time ago. My father John Patrick Magner Sr. had a horse, which he named Tivoli as

Well I would very much like to trace the family and the name back as best I can. My father would have been born in the Hartford Conn. Area about 1890+. He passed away in 1938 in New York City N.Y. He had married my mother a Marguerite Reynard around 1920+ 0r -. More later but for now

Thank you again for establishing contact. I will follow any instructions you might care to give to help along the project. Incidentally, what about buying back the Castlemagner property and doing some sort of restoration? Would this be feasible? As you can undoubtedly tell I am one of the "Dreamer" Magners. Regards John.


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