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Subj: Prudence Magner

Date: 10/18/98 10:27:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Donald Burley)


Prudence Magner was my gggggrandmother by her marriage to James McMillin. She was born in 1757 and died April 18, 1834 in Beaver Co, PA. She is buried in New Salem Church Cemetery at Midland, PA (Beaver Co.)

They were the parents of six children.

Prudence's father was Edward Magner (1730-1798). Her mother was Emma/Emmy who died in 1792. They had four sons: John, Henry, Edward, and William ---and seven daughters including Prudence. Their home was in Peters Township, Washington Co. PA (near Pittsburgh).

GENITOR John LEAHY 1790 1873 born in County Cork Ireland


Ellen MAGNOR-born 1820 was 21 years younger than her husband, died Dec 24,1891 at the home of her Dennis, Lanark, WISCONSIN.

John and Ellen Leahy came to America,


Subj: Magner Ancestry

Date: 10/21/98 11:29:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Steve Burns)


I have been researching my family tree, although I do not know exactly how to go about it. So far I have compiled all the information I have from what was left of my great aunts personal belongs (pictures, postcards, etc) when she passed on some time ago. Through my research, I found allot of information, in fact my great-grandmother was Alvina (Magner) Burns. She married Michael J. Burns in Chicago, and moved to Rossville around 1900, he was a railroad telegraph operator.

They had (2) children (my grandfather) Thomas J. Burns and (my great aunt) Margaret.

Alvina Magner Burns I believe was born around Chicago, she had at least (4) sisters Bobbie and Annie and probably (2) brothers

One of the brother’s names was John Magner; he died shoveling snow one winter. The other brother or maybe son was Thomas Magner, he was a post office worker, until his retirement. He owned property around Chicago, as a matter of fact, either he sold it, or his estate did, cause the land ended up as a golf course.

These gentleman's father was in the Ice Business (delivered block ice with horse drawn carts) and either him or his brother owned a tavern. I have a lot of pictures and was able to place faces and names together by the backs of some very old post cards.

The parents of the above named individuals were either Thomas or John and my greatgreatgrandmother's maiden name was Josephine (Wolf) Magner.

Alvina had more sisters, she had a sister named Josephine, and she married Charlie Kelly. (The Kelly's were policeman).

I do know that allot of My great-grandmothers family (were in the police force or fire department) in and around the Chicago Area.

All of my relatives on the Burns side started with John Burns, Born 1810, Tipperary Ireland, (County Kerry)

He married (somewhere north - ended up in Freeport IL. where my great grandfather Michael was born) Mary Delaney,

She was born in 1830, in Toronto Canada, They had 7 or 8 children (2) boys Michael and John, and (5) girls.

Michael, my great-grandfather, was born in Freeport Illinois in 1865, in 1888 he married Nellie Fitzgerald, they had (2) daughters, Nellie and Vera, Nellie Fitz- died in 1892 (2 or 3) days after the death of their first son. Mike remarried Alvina (Magner) Burns in 1998. They had (2) children, my grandfather and great aunt Margaret.

If any of this information helps you in your search for building this tree, maybe I can fill in some blanks about the above branch. If you have any information on the above branch, then please let me know. I have allot of the birth dates, dates of death, who they married, etc.



Subj: (no subject)

Date: 10/23/98 10:33:34 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Kerri)

My name is Anne Tousignant. My maiden name is Anne Margaret Magner. I am Jenni's aunt. I was born in 1953 in Bayonne NJ. My father's name was Myron Magner he was also born December 29,1928 in Bayonne NJ. He died in 1975

I know very little about the Magner side of the family. His parents were Pearl Weiss and Edward James Magner. I know he had a sister whose name was Margaret. I don't know her married name but I do know she lived in Staten Island and had a daughter named Natalie.

I believe Edward was born in Bayonne I don't even know his date of birth I know he died when I was either a new born or about 1 so that would be 1953-54. If you could help me to learn more about him I would appreciate the help. Thanks Anne


Subj: Magner Genealogy

Date: 10/23/98 9:46:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Barbara Goodbar)


To: MagnerJ@AOL.Com

Hi Jim, I received your letter today. I will be glad to participate in the Magner quest.

My Magner family is a Colonial family. Many of the sons of Edward Magner were Pennsylvania Rangers. A group of us are trying to connect to the Maryland Magners, 1705-1800's.

I am related to Reva Fields.

Azariah Magner was an older brother to my great great grandfather David Magner. David was killed in the Civil war at Missionary Ridge. David had 8 brothers and sisters:

Azariah Magner, b: 1822

William Magner, b: ca 1824 PA

Thomas Magner b: ca 1828 PA

Henry Magner b: ca 1830

Elizabeth Magner Bushong, b: July 27, 1831

David Magner, B: 1834

Rebecca Magner Hunsicker, b: 1838

John B. Magner B: 1840


Jane Magner Cline, b: 1842

The parents of the above children were John Magner and Nancy Wood Magner. They are buried in Sugar Ridge cemetery near Monroe, IN

John is the son of William Magner he was born in Washington County PA. William was the son of Edward Magner of Washington County, PA.

My great grandfather was John Calvin Magner, b: Nov 22, 1857. He had only one son Horace Elmer Magner who was my grandfather. Horace's daughter Frances Eleanor Magner Moore was my mother. I will send you what information I have gathered and it might help other researchers. Let’s all get connected. Barbara



Date: 10/24/98 10:36:13 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Kerri)


Hello my name is Kerri Tousignant and my Mother's maiden name is Anne [Magner] Tousignant. She was born in Bayonne NJ in 1953. Her father's name was Myron Magner who was also born in Bayonne. My mother's grandfather was Edward James Magner and we know that his Wife was Pearl Weiss. We also know that Edward had a sister Margaret. This is all that I know. If you can help us trace our Genealogy. Thank you

Kerri Tousignant

Subj: Magners

Date: 10/25/98 5:45:49 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (DMulqueen)


My name is Billy Mulqueen

My mother’s family the Magners came from Thomastown in Co, Tipperary with some connections to Bansha, in Co Tipperary, Ireland.

Subj: Magners in Ireland

Date: 10/25/98 8:14:06 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Mark Magner)


Hello Jim,

My name is Mark Magner. I have the vast experience of about 6 hours in attempting to trace my family tree using the Internet. Almost everywhere I look, I end up bumping into the James Magner that emigrated from Cork to New Jersey in the early 1800's, and who you apparently posted to the Roots Surname List.

I'm so far unable to connect this James to my own family, which also originates in Cork. My great-grandfather was Dr. Edward Magner, of 9 South Mall in Cork and with a country estate "Lakelands". He died in approximately 1920. His wife was Mary Sullivan, who died in 1937. They had a total of seven children, one of whom was my grandfather, Dr. William Owen Magner, born in 1886, who emigrated to Toronto, Canada in May of 1921, and died here in 1952.

In your research, have you bumped into these people? Any information, or suggestions about how to find Edward's ancestors, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

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