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MAGNER 52 edited buy

Subj: Richard Magner circa 1847

Date: 5/9/99 9:31:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time



I just stumbled on this web site this evening and am thrilled. I am seeking information on the Magner branch that came to the US from Ireland. Richard A. Magner born 7-29-1847 in Rhode Island, Died: 10-18-1942? (His mother Bridget Gaffney)

Married Ellen Agnes Rafferty born: 11-13-1853 in Connecticut

Son Richard Ambrose Magner born: 10-5-1890, died: 6-19-65

Son Richard Andrew Magner born: 6-20-29 Keene, NH died 3-6-73

Son Blake A Magner

Any information on this line of the Magner family would be most heart warmly welcomed. Please contact me directly if possible.

Blake A. Magner

Subj: Magner

Date: 5/9/99


Hi Blake,

Glad you found the Magner Page we have been looking for your family. Take another look at the John Magner O’Neill Tree on the Magner home page, this very much appears to be a match.

Let me know and I will forward my source to you


Jim Magner

Subj: John Magner

Date: 5/10/99 10:10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time


My friend, and perhaps relative, you have made my year. Yes, the information you sent me concerning John Magner/Mary Family Tree is my line. The last entry you have is my father. You got me back one, perhaps two generations, I have yet to sort out the paperwork. I can't express my gratitude as I have been looking for this information for eons. Once I get this in a usable form I will send you the information so that you may be able to continue this line.

I do the American Civil War for a living. Would you be interested in getting some more information on Civil War Magners? I have some pretty good stuff.

Again, thank you,

Best regards, Blake A. Magner


Subj: The Magners

Date: 5/5/99 9:49:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Thomas Fox)


Dear Mr. Magner:

Do you have any family trees for the Magner family, either back in Ireland, or in the United States (New York, circa 1900)? My maternal relatives are Magners, and I don't know that anyone still alive has much information. If I find anything, however, I will send it to you.


Thomas Fox

Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 5/10/99 12:44:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Thomas Fox)



You indeed would be correct. All I found out this weekend was that my great grandfather, James Jerome Magner, was married to Clara Hammond, and that they died around 1977 and 1966, respectively. Apparently, however, you are ahead of me. I know my grandfather, James William Magner, had been into genealogy--had you been in contact with him? Tom


Subj: History of Magners of Castlemagner 1185 - 1657

Date: 5/10/99 11:33:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Ed O'Donoghue)


A booklet detailing the history of the Magners in Castlemagner is available at:

Phillips Book Shop, Main Street, Mallow, Co Cork, Ireland

Regards Geoffrey O'Donoghue Geoff's Bar Castlemagner

Note: I have sent to Phillips Book Store for ordering information which I will post when it is received. Jim

Tombstone found in New Calvary Cemetery, New York




Died October 12, 1914

Native of Churchtown, County Cork, Ireland


Died December 22, 1916

John SHEEHAN beloved husband of Nora Sheehan nee MAGNER

Died February 14, 1926

Native of Newtown, Shandrum, County Cork, Ireland

Mary Magner

Died February 5, 1928


Died July 24, 1932


Died: August --, 1936

Erected by his sisters Margaret, Mary Nora and Katie

Rest in Peace

For further information and a picture that may be available of the Tombstone contact (Jim Garrity)


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Magner family stuff

Date: 5/11/99 2:52:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Randy Andrus)


I was just reading the Magner Queries and came across your info. My GGG-grandfather is named Zelek H. Magner. He is married to a Margaret McCorkle. So naturally seeing those names in your letter interested me.

It's so wonderful to have info. at our fingertips like this.

The Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Transcription Project Index

Surname Given

































Subj: Re: Mallow Field Club outings, summer 1999.

Date: 5/15/99 7:36:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Dennis Ahern)

To: (John Caplice)

On Sat, 15 May 1999, John Caplice wrote:

Wednesday, April 28th, 1999.

Glenanore & Ballygrellahan.

With Mi. Magner.

Leaving the courthouse at 7 pm.


Subj: Magner's Connecticut family census.

Date: 5/22/99 4:55:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: MagnerJ

Dear Mr. Magner,

Through perusing your web site of Magner's, I am fairly certain that the names below are my grandmother (Katherine), whose name lives on through my own daughter, Kate, and her sister's Mag (Margaret), Josephine (Jo), and Mary (Molly). All of these names and dates match. The James Magner, listed at the same address, may be a brother, but he wasn't born in Ireland. Family history has it that my great-grandfather came from Limerick, but that is all I know right now.

The address, 42nd Street, in New Haven, doesn't seem familiar. I still live in New Haven, but it could have disappeared by now. What I am interested in finding out about is my great-grandfather Magner. When I can give a more fleshed out version of this branch of this Magner family tree, I will send it to you.

42nd Street New Haven, CT 1900

Magner James age 24, Nov 1875 Ireland, Boarder

McCarthy Margaret

Magner Josie Dec 1883 CT, 17, Boarder

Magner Mary Jan 1883, CT, 17, Boarder

Magner Katherine age 21, Sept 1878, CT,

Thank you for your time, Bonnie Healy Aniballi

Subj: Re: Magner page

Date: 5/22/99 5:40:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: MagnerJ

Dear Jim,

My grandmother married Denis Ganley in 1900 and then had 10 children before 1920. As far as I know, she stayed in New Haven.

My great-grandfather, whose name I am not sure of but will find out, came from Stafford Springs, CT, which is on the CT./ Mass. border after his wife died. I have always heard that this side of the family was from Limerick. My dad's family, the Healy's are from Clare. I always say my family comes from the west of Ireland.

Family history has it he came to New Haven to be a baker at a local bakery. There is a family bible floating around which I have to locate. There is only one remaining family member who may have some information, an uncle. I do remember there being relatives in Bridgeport, on the Magner side. I will try and see what I can find out. This is very interesting. This was the last name that I plugged online to see if there was a family history, and it has the most information. I am excited. Sincerely, Bonnie

Subj: Re: Magner page

Date: 5/22/99 6:09:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: MagnerJ

Hi again,

What i do know is that the oldest, Margaret whose 1st marriage name was McCarthy, then Gibbons, was born 10/12/72. She was the eldest.

The James Magner listed was born in 1874. It could be a mistake on the census. Or someone I never heard of.

Bonnie Healy Aniballi

Subj: Magner Family

Date: 5/23/99 1:37:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Barbara Goodbar)


Jim I had lots of help compiling this genealogy, several have submitted information to the web site. Ellen Tartara, Riva Fields, Russ Davis have all sent me information plus many others who have corresponded with me since 1989.

I have met many nice Magner people over the years. I don't know about your Magner family but mine was wonderful and always full of fun. At all occasions we had a housefull of relatives. Hope this information will help some other researchers. Barbara

Subj: Re: Calgary -Reply

Date: 5/21/99


<< I've noticed that the old NY census records tend to exclude Queens County. Am I missing something? >>


It is interesting that there are listing in Queens county for 1890 but not for 1920, I will check my notes.

<< In addition, this 1880 info may lead me to the right census info for the non-indexed years, since my Magner's stayed in that LIC area well into the 1980s. >>

Mike, If you are sure they stayed in that area for the missing years I have a suggestion.

Reference the last address that you have for 1880 and find the Enumeration District. They did not change that much for the following years and from that district you should be able to pull only that film to find them

Next best bet is to find the film for the City Directory for the years you are searching. Next locate the nearest Catholic Church to that area and find the films again for them years.

Good luck, Jim

Subj: I'm a Magner, too

Date: 5/22/99 5:57:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time


To: MagnerJ

I just saw your webpage. It was fantastic! My dad, Robert Gene Magner, told me about it and I couldn't wait to have a look. I'm going to England this fall to visit my mom's relatives for a wedding, and would love to take a side trip to see the family estate <smile>. I am so grateful someone is doing this; I can't wait to show my kids, who are pretty scattered globally these days...If my dad hasn't already given you the names of my kids, etc., let me know and I'll be happy to provide them to you.

Subj: Search for Magner

Date: 5/25/99 7:18:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Congrats on your most impressive website. My husband (William Magner) and I too are looking into our Magner roots.

My husband's mother was Mary Magner, born on 1 July 1919 in Boston, MA. She died on 11 Aug 1982 in San Antonio, TX.

She had a brother named John Magner, who was born on 30 June 1918, also in Boston. We don't know anything about him; when and where he died etc.

Their father was John J. Magner, born 1874 or 1876 (conflicting information) in Mallow, Cork County, Ireland. He arrived in Boston in 1890.

His father was John Magner. He was baptized on January 1846 in Dromtardiff, Cork, Ireland.

His father was Jhn (John?) Magner from Cork, Ireland, and that's all we know about him.

Much to our excitement, we were able to find a John J. Magner on one of your passenger lists, who we believe, is Mary Magner's father. Other than that no positive matches with anything on your web page. If you have any information that might help us, we would appreciate it greatly.

Bill and Marianne Magner, Key West, FL

From the July 2, 1897 Whitby Chronicle:

This Week in Brooklyn History

Mr Obed Magner, from Michigan, is here on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Magner. Mrs. Magner, now in her 82nd year, is in very poor health, and her recovery is not looked for.

View From the Bridge

Very Rev. John Canary, Rector

Their pictures hang in the corridor of the Sacred Orders Building at Mundelein Seminary. They are members of the first Ordination class of 1927. Their class picture is the first of seventy five class pictures that now cover the walls of all of the first floor corridors in the "Deacon Building" and the Faculty Building at the seminary.

And how did James Magner get to the seminary in 1921? His parents were both Catholic, but James attended a public grammar school and a public high school. He went to Campion College and graduated in 1921. His journey to the priesthood was an unusual one for the time. He came straight from College into the Major seminary. He would do very well at Mundelein. He had a good mind which caught the attention of Cardinal Mundelein. Eventually Fr. Magner would go on to become the Procurator at Catholic University of America. How did he get to Mundelein Seminary in 1921?

Blackburn Genealogical Database

Father: David Allen Magner

Mother: Linda Kay Dunn, Living Individual, details withheld

Father: Leland Magner

Mother: Hilda Elizabeth Kersey

1.Aaron David Magner

Father: Russell Milton Magner

Mother: Zula Ruth ---

Family 1: Hilda Elizabeth Kersey

1.David Allen Magner

Russell Milton Magner

Family 1: Zula Ruth ---

Leland Magner

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Records, 1873-1996

Magner, Eugene [O] -- 212.10

Magner, Lois N., 1943- (Purdue University) -- 784.8

Ohio River Valley Families Genealogical Database

Margaret MAGNER •Sex: F

Family 1: Archibald NEILL, b. 1757 •Married: 17 Nov 1795 in KY

Kuhn Genealogical Database

? Magner

•Sex: M Family 1: ? Magner

Rosanna Gaster

Westchester County Index to Declarations of Intention, 1808-1927

MAGNER EDWARD J. A-0008 (11)

MAGNER THOMAS C. A-0008 (15)













Subj: My Family Genealogy

Date: 5/28/99 3:08:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Kevin Magner)


I'm trying to find my roots back to Ireland. My grandfather was Frank (Francis) Magner of New Jersey. I know that he resided in Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City. He was married to Mary, but I don't know her maiden name.

I believe that he was related to the O'Briens. My father was John Francis Magner. He enlisted in the Marine Corp during W.W.II and was present at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He toured around the Pacific with the Dick Jergens band entertaining troops under the stage name of Gabby Magner. He had a sister, Jeannette, who later married and became an Engemann or Ingemann. My mother is Velma Magner, however she is of Swiss/Italian descent. That's as much as I know except that I know my grandfather played banjo, promoted fights, and worked as a plumber.

--Kevin Lee Magner, Language Artist, Grade 8, Sequim Middle School

Subj: Magner Clan Page

Date: 5/28/99 4:31:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: (Kevin Magner)

Kevin, Hi and welcome to the Magner Clan Page This information is from the New Jersey 1920 census found on the Magner Clan Pages

Living at: 176 Parker Newark, NJ

Frank Magner Head of household Age 33 Born NY

Mary Magner Wife 28 Born NJ

John J O'Brien 33 Brother Age 23 Born NY

Patrick O'Brien Brother Age 21 Born NY

Thomas F. O'Brien Brother Age 19 Born NY

Joseph O'Brien Brother Age 11 Born NY

It would appear that this might be your family, If you than look at the 1900 census for New York you will find a rather large family that had a son John Magner Born in NY age 13 in 1880. That is a good bet to be the John Magner listed above (age matches) and the one you are looking for and also it gives you his Parents along with his siblings. I see no Jeanette listed but it appears from the ages that all children may not have been born yet.

Magnor Frank Son Feb 1888 Age 13 Born NY Living at 7th. Ave. Brooklyn, Kings County, NY

Don't pay too much attention to the spelling of Magnor, I have found the Magner, Magnier, Magnor used quite often in the Magner Clans. Of course do not take what I tell you as absolute, it is up to you to follow up on this information and confirm it is the family you are searching. Hopefully it is and it will give you a good jump-start. Jim Magner


Subj: Re: Magner Clan Page

Date: 5/28/99 5:33:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Kevin Magner)


It was great to get such a quick response! Sequim is in Washington State.

My dad, John Francis Magner, moved our family here in 1968 from Sacramento, California. He stayed in California after he got out of the Marines after W.W.II. He died in 1989 at the age of 69. The age looks about right for Frank Magner. I know my dad's mother, Mary, died during childbirth when he was only about eight years old. I need to talk with my mother and see what she can remember about my dad's family in New Jersey and I'll get back to you soon. Thanks, Kevin Lee Magner, Language Artist: Grade: Sequim Middle School



From your reply it appears that Jeannette, may be well be included in that family also. Looking back at 1880 NY census I see William Magner that appears to be the father of John from 1900

To date I have gathered information on at least six and perhaps seven Magner /Magnier/ Magnor families that located in Jersey City pre 1900s. I will be looking forward to you Mother's information on Jersey City.

Best, Jim Magner

Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 5/29/99 3:21:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Hi Jim, Thank you for your response, there could be some exciting links there. This is all the info we have:

The earliest Magner we have so far is Jhn (John?) Magner from Cork, Ireland, married to Ellen Danaghy, also from Cork, Ireland. We don't know anything about them except that they had a son, named John Magner and a daughter, Mary Magner, who was baptized on 7 March 1834 in Boherbue, Cork, Ireland.

They may have had more children, but we don't know. Scratch that, I just found him on your births page, and if we can go by that, John may have had also a brother named Barth (Baptized April 1841, Dromtardiff), and a sister Ellen (Baptized 15 May 1836, Boherbue) and a sister Joanna (Baptized 1 Jan 1839, Dromtardiff).

The son, John Magner was baptised on January 1846 in Dromtardiff, Cork, Ireland. He married Mary Barrett. We know of three children: John J. Magner, Mary and Hanorah Magner. The LDS shows John born in Cuttevant, Cork on 11 Oct 1865, and Hanorah born in Rahan, Cork on 4 Mar 1865 with the same parents. The birthdates/years must of course be incorrect. (BTW, just found John and Hanorah Magner on your births pages too. Another hit!)

Another confusing piece of information: The 1900 Boston census shows John Magner living with the Callahan family on 91 Baxter Street, and lists John Magner as the brother in law, born in 1874. Mary Callahan must then be his sister. The 1900 census lists her as born in Feb 1864 in Ireland, and immigrated in 1882. A mother in law also lives in the household, by the name of Mary Magner, who was born in June 1824, who, if this info is correct, must have been 50 years old when she delivered John? I'm going to have to assume, for the time being that at least the relationships are correct and that this is Mary Barrett, listed above.

John J. Magner, born 1874 or 1876 (conflicting information) in Mallow, Cork County, Ireland, arrived in Boston in 1890 (all this comes from census info and immigration paperwork). This is the guy we found on the passenger list on your website. A John Magner, age 14, arrived on the SS Cephelonia in Boston on 28 April 1890 together with a Mary Magner (50 yrs old) and a Mary or Margt Magner (18 yrs old). Bill's dad found this information also, and we have a copy of the actual list of passengers. Whether this is in fact the correct John Magner, I don't know for sure.

He married Sarah Davis, from Belmont, Massachusetts, in Boston on 28 June 1916. According to the 1920 census they lived on Mt Vernon Street. Both are in South Boston. Two children that we know of: Mary and John.

Mary Calista Magner, born on 1 July 1918 in Boston, MA. She married Rudolph Flores, of San Antonio, TX. She died on 11 Aug 1982 in San Antonio, TX.

They had 6 children: Lance, John, Don, Lisa, Debbie and William. Bill (William), my husband changed his last name to Magner after his mother died.

Mary's brother John Magner was born on 30 June 1919, also in Boston. We have his certificate of baptism, but nothing further.

This sums up all the info I have. I hope this is helpful to you. All of this has been gathered by Bill's dad. We are now hoping to expand on the knowledge he has found. I'd be very curious as to this info links into your family.

Take care,

Bill and Marianne Magner

Key West, FL


Subj: Magner Clan

Date: 5/27/99 12:08:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Kelly Magner)

To: MagnerJ@AOL.COM

Hi I found your Magner web site. It is really fun. We were looking for the Magner Crest. Is there one? If so could you tell me where I could get one? Many thanks, Kelly Magner


Subj: Magner

Date: 5/27/99 8:05:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: MagnerJ

To: (Kelly Magner)

Hi Kelly, Glad you found the Magner page. I have a Magner crest, have seen another and heard of a third one. It is hard to tell if any of the three are the actual Crest or Coat of Arms that the family held. All three are completely different. I don't know for sure if any Magner's actually had a Coat of Arms.

The one I have I purchased at an Irish Festival many years back. It has a Catapult in front of a castle wall. It was supposedly from Ireland but it took about 3 months and was postmarked in the states. The other that I saw had a Deer or (Roe) standing behind a tree that was purchased in Ireland by a friend, The third I never saw a picture of. Today there are many companies that sell them and more often than not if they don't have one on their list (of thousands) for a name they mysteriously find one when you want to buy one, so I tend to think they just make them up for the sale.

This page will give you some information on the Crests.

Can you tell me anything about your Magner Ancestors? Where did they originally settle when they arrived in America? Or do you know the names of your older Ancestors?

Best wishes and keep in touch. Jim Magner


Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 5/27/99 9:07:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Kelly Magner)

To: MagnerJ@AOL.COM

Thank you for the crest information. My father-in-law did a report on his family's genealogy. I don't have a copy but am expecting to get one in the mail from my brother-in-law soon. I'm trying to research it further. I'm a Cahill, just a Magner by marriage. But I'm trying to find out about the Magner heritage for my children. My parents are in Ireland now (visiting Cahill relatives). I asked the to look for a Magner Crest or coat of arms. I'll let you know if they find anything. ~Kelly C. Magner


Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 5/27/99 9:51:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: MagnerJ


Kelly, Thanks for the quick reply. If your folks happen to me in Cork near Mallow they may want to stop by the Magner Castle. It is in ruins but is much like the picture on the page. If you would like a good copy of the Castle I could upload you one. They print out pretty good, let me know.

If you do receive a copy of the genealogy report I would appreciate if you could pass me a copy, perhaps I can help in your search for ancestors. The Magner's that arrived prior to 1900s are the ones I am especially searching.

I have pictures in JPEG Format of two of the crests, I will send you them as an attachment within the next few days. (Have to dig out the disk). Best wishes, Jim Magner


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