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Subj: Magner surname

Date: 4/3/99 6:09:12 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (sharon crull)



I have some information that someone is probably looking for. It seems that my Great-grandfather Thomas Scannell married a Bridget Magner in the 1800's

She died in 1879 and is buried in Mt. Calvary cemetery (Boston) there is also a Johanna Magner that died in 1888, which I believe, is Bridget’s Mother as she was 80 at the time of death.

Also a James Magner buried in this grave that died in 1887. I hope this will help some one in their quest for relatives.

Thanks Sharon Crull

Date: 4/4/99 10:57:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (sharon crull)


Jim, The cemetery is Mt. Calvary in Roxbury Massachusetts and the Boston Catholic Cemetery Association can probably give your more info. The Lot # is GR 18-19 Rg 27 Sec 3 under the name of Thomas Scannell It looks like the funeral homes they used are "Sullvans" & "Lane" I don't know if either of these places are still in business but maybe. There is an archive of old deaths in Mass. I think the Library can help you find it. If you happen to come across and McHugh's or Devines or Scannell's in your searches we would really appreciate it as we have a few relatives that are AWOL and would like to find them. Thanks Sharon

Subj: Surname Magner

Date: 4/9/99 9:22:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time



I am enjoying the website tremendously. My husband's maternal grandfather was Dennis Magner from East Greenwich, RI, so I have been reading with great interest.

We are just starting to search the Magner line and have a long, long way to go.

At the moment I only know the names of my husbands grandfather and one brother and his sister. But I will check my family Tree Maker program and get some dates to go with the names...I know that they were all Irish and more than proud of it...obsessively proud...laugh...

So hang on a couple of days and I will find the info and thanks a bunch it sounds as if there might be a match, because this particular generation was born and raised in East Greenwich RI, I think, but they have connections in Massachusetts...

I believe that there are Thomas’s and I know that my husband's great uncle was John Magner.

This is what I have so far: Starting with my husband's grandfather

Dennis Patrick Magner b. May 6, 1894 d June 1965

John Magner b. January 19, 1891, d March 1977

Eugene Magner b. February 28, 1932, d July 1965

Agnes Magner Roche, b.? d.?

I realize that this is not much to go on, but I will have to try to get more information.

Looking forward to what you find.

Judith Bennett Kernan



If anyone can contact Peter and Cindy Magner in Massachusetts please pass on their new E-mail address

Date: 4/18/99 7:40:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time


The Michael Magner listed in the 1920 NJ census (living at 183 Fulton Ave.) was the husband of my grand Aunt Mary (Mamie) Kerber. I visited with this family when I was quite young when my Dad & Mom played cards with Uncle Mike & Aunt Mamie.

I do know that Michael, Mary & son Lester are buried in Holy Name Cemetery, sec. H 40 graves 11 &12. Lester died Aug. 24, 1938.

I expect to be gathering more information, If you know of anyone interested in this info, please pass my address on to them. Tnx, Ken Widmaier Sarasota, FL

Date: 4/20/99 9:36:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Ken Widmaier)


I put all of my Magner family (Fulton Ave.) on a web page

I incorporated the info from your Descendants page. You will notice some date discrepancies but I am confident in my versions. Looking forward to your mail.


Date: 4/8/99 2:28:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time


The Massachusetts archives list a THOMAS Magner of Salem as a Trader. Naturalized 8 APR 1853 He was born in Kilworth, County Cork, Ireland in 1818 and arrived in Boston on 15 Aug 1842. That's the only info I have on Thomas who MIGHT have been the brother of John in Hingham but no one is really sure.

Good luck with your work... CPS

Date: 4/21/99 7:23:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time


I was very impressed that Francis Magner was on of the first planters arriving in the Jamestown Colony during the years 1606 - 1609 under charter to the British Monarchy. I told you originally that I had been told very early in my life by my father that our family traced back to Jamestown. He never had any proof of that, but said that he had been told by his family that it was true. I am trying to prove or disprove that now, but I am only satisfied with my findings back to my GG Grandfather who was born in Bourbon County Kentucky in 1805. I do have information about a Zilick Magner, born in Augusta County Virginia in 1801 which might be a branch of my family and establish the connection to Jamestown. Time will only tell.

I think that the info I uncovered about Francis Magner is interesting because of the fact that he was one of the original planters in Virginia and because I have information concerning his wife, Margaret (Peggy) McCorkle's relatives dating back to 1694 in Augusta County, VA dating back to 1694. I believe that this is a branch of my family and probably many others within the Magner Home Page due to their early settlement in this country. Bob


Date: 4/22/99 1:54:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Lorraine Byrne)


I was reading the Magner message board and came upon your query.

So many of the names and the locations match that I'm sure your Rhode Island Magners are related to my Jersey City Magners. If I can remember correctly, John Magner had children named Jack, Francis and I think, Mary.

I believe the Rhode Island John Magner worked for the New England Telephone Company. He was my grandfather's nephew. I'm really reaching back now but I do remember the Dennis and Gene Magner also.

They may have been brothers to John Magner. Also, somehow Warwick, RI rings a bell. I kind of remember going to visit when I was a kid.

If any of what I remember sounds familiar, I have a cousin who kept in much closer touch with the Rhode Island Magners and perhaps I could put you in touch with her. I would be interested in hearing back from you if this is a connection. Lorraine Byrne

Subj: Jersey City Magner Branch -Reply

Date: 4/22/99 2:25:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Lorraine Byrne)

I am finding this web site so fascinating.

Although the information Ken Widmaier has is for the most part correct and it definitely is my family. All of the people he named are deceased the last being my mother, Mary P. Magner born in 1912 and passed away 6 years ago this coming June. The person he has listed as #2 and #3 I believe is the one person. My Uncle Edward J. Magner was about two years older than my mother was born in Jersey City and lived in Whiting, NJ at the time of his death in 1986.

Thanks for passing the information on. Lorraine

Date: 4/22/99 8:54:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Dennis P. Magner, East Greenwich, RI married Nora Ryan from Bristol, RI children all living: Mary, Norma, Claire, Dennis, and Patrica

John Magner of East Greenwich, married Mildred Duffey from West Warwick. Children living: John (Jack), Frances, Catherine and a daughter, Maureen died in her twenties.

Does anyone connect to these names?

Judith and Dave Kernan

Date: 4/22/99 9:40:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Well, the Magners that I sent tonight were the ones that Lorraine Bryne wrote to me about. You have Dennis and Nora Magner's information

John and Mildred Magner's information is there too, the children are still living, and I haven't had a chance to call Frances Magner yet. I am hoping to get in touch with him or Jack and then I will have more dates for you. John and Dennis had a sister Agnes Roche who lived in New Jersey some where, her son Peter still lives here in Rhode Island and her daughter Anne is a Mary Knoll Missionary in Hong Kong. So I have to think that the New Jersey Magners and the Rhode Island Magners form part of a Tree.

As soon as I get some more dates, Jim, I will send them to you. Judi K

Date: 4/29/99 2:46:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (ash.mb)

Thank you for getting back to me, I very much appreciate the Magner website. I have always been fascinated about my heritage. My mother's ancestors are also from Ireland she is a Fagan. We know less about her side of the family, this will be a challenge.

I can actually trace my roots back to Michael Magnier (1744-1815), Ballyvisteen, Kildorrery. He is my Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. I would be interested to hear if you are from the same descendants and if I can add my information to a family tree.

I just finished reading and printing the Magner web site. Amazing is all I have to say. You have out done yourself in the amount of information. My father James Magnier will be thrilled to read all the information. I can not believe how many of us are out there. Of course I only know of the small concentration in and around north New Jersey, this is where I am originally from. In fact I did recognize some family members in various sites on the Magner web pages. I do have a lot of information that I can add to your current information. How can I pass this along to you? I am anxious to hear from you to update the New Jersey information. Thank you, Mary Magnier Ashman

Date: 4/29/99 9:57:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (ash.mb)


This is just some of what I have. My brother went to Ireland last year and while he was there he met with some relatives and copied a chart of our lineage starting with Michael from 1700's. I'm curious where you are from.

Michael Magnier (my g-grandfather) came over from Ireland around the 1890's. He was married to Brigit Coleman, they settled in Jersey City, NJ. They had seven children:

Jim, Father Michael (Diocesan of Newark, NJ) he lived his retirement years with his sisters Catherine and Madeline in South Orange, NJ

Edward who married Elizabeth O'Brien (she is listed in your obits) had three children Peter, Maureen and Michael, from Westfield, NJ

Anthony who married Margaret Costello, had six children, Marge, Madeline, Jack, Jim (my father), Anthony and Ann Marie, from South Orange, NJ - Anthony worked as the Treasurer/Secretary to Mr. JC Penny

Margaret Costello had a sister Sr. Margaret Thomasine Costello (1900-1998)

Aunt Ann who was a Dominican sister from St. Joseph Parish, Toms River, NJ maybe your father knew her?

Catherine from South Orange, NJ

Madeline who married Bill Dooley from South Orange, NJ

Josephine, who married Edward Mooney from Orange, NJ, they had two children Dolores and Catherine Ann.

My g-grandfather Michael had eight siblings:

Thomas, Kate, Margaret, Edward, William, Mary, Alexander and Bessie.

Are any of these people your relatives? I have the names of Thomas' children: Michael, James, Katie, Lizzie, Margaret, Mary, Brigid and Leila (not too sure of that spelling, the print is not clear), and the names of Michael's children are Nellie (only surviving relative in old home, Ballyvisteen), Thomas (died in infancy) and Mary.

I hope you can make sense of all that, and I hope we can make a connection. Please forward what you can.

Mary Ashman

The USS Jamestown

Under the command of Captain Robert Bennet Forbes sailed into Cork harbor on the 12 April 1847. She was carrying 800 tons of grain, meal and clothing that had been donated by the Irish Relief Society of Boston to aid Famine victims. One hundred tons was delivered to the Fermoy Poor Law Union. During his stay in Ireland, Captain Forbes collected several documents relating to the Famine among them being a list of those who died in the Kilworth area between January 1 and April 17 1847.

The original is kept among the Bennet Forbes Papers in Boston

Among the names listed for Graig are:

MAGNER, John and 2 children

MAGNER, Frank, wife and 2 children

[CountyCork-L] Re: Deaths in Kilworth 1847 (prendergast)

Finian Rising in Ardagh 1867

The Parish of Ardagh Carrickerry

Just three years after Ardagh had witnessed the funeral of it’s patriot William Smith O Brien the local Fenian Movement attacked the police station in Ardagh. It was March 5th 1867. The attackers gained entry to the ground floor by battering the door with a sledgehammer and cartwheel. The four policemen withdrew upstairs.

Stephen Ambrose from Dunganville with hatchet in hand mounted the stairs but was shot by one of the police. He fell wounded into the kitchen bleeding profusely from an arm wound. After a few minutes the attackers withdrew and eventually disbanded and went into hiding.

Stephen Ambrose’s brother Bob, who took part in the rising, was later ordained priest for the Diocese. He returned to Ardagh as curate in the 1880’s and played an active part in the Plan of Campaign on the side of the Glensharrold tenants. He is also regarded as one of the leading lights in the founding of Ardagh Co-Operative Dairy Society (1891)

With the help of Edward O’Brien (son of William, the Young Ireland Leader) over twenty local Fenians were rounded up and arrested. However after a three month spell in Limerick Gaol the Ardagh boys were released on bail.

They were never subsequently brought to trial. Edward in credited with securing clemency for them.

Local history remembers the following as some of those who took part in the attack on the local barracks in Ardagh in 1867

James Moloney(18) William Dannaher Patrick Ward
Corneilus Cremin James Hennessy George Massey
James Mahony(18) John Conway Pat Murphy
James Moore(18) Joseph Kennedy William Nash(18)
William Duggan Michael Liston John Murray
William Naughton John Magner John O Brien
John Quinn (18) Michael Connell Stephen Ambrose
Daniel Quinlivan Joseph Conners Bob Ambrose
John Reidy James Sheahan(18) Patrick Collins(18)


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