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Subj: Sister Robertine Magner

Date: 3/8/99 11:25:09 PM Eastern Standard Time



Please post the following announcement on your website,

Sister Robertine Magner will turn 100 years old on March 20, 1999. Please send birthday cards to:

Sister Robertine Magner McAuley Manor

400 west Sullivan Road Aurora, IL 60506

She would be tickled to get cards from Magners around the globe! Thanks. -Jim Magner

Michael McCoy, Ireland-CT

Posted by Michael Magner on August 25, 1998 at 21:40:59:

Michael McCoy was born 1833 in Ireland, husband of Ellen Hines. He died 7/29/1900 in Norwalk, CT Their daughter, Mary Ellen McCoy Magner, was my gr-gr-grandmother. She married Edward Francis Magner in London and came to Norwalk, CT. in 1865, along with James S. Magner and Eliza Magner Skidd. There must be others in this line out there. Drop a line if anything looks like a possibility.

Re: Patrick Symms, Murroe, Co Limerick, Ireland

Posted by Judy (Drew) Rahrig on March 31, 1998 at 14:15:44:

In Reply to: Patrick Symms, Murroe, Co Limerick, Ireland posted by Garrett Sims on September 03, 1997 at 19:49:03:


I can't offer any information on the Symms, but the location caught my eye! I am researching the Drew family dating back to 1772 in Murroe Village, Co, Limerick. John Drew married Ann McDerment there and had their children there.

James m: Catherine O'Malley      John m: Julia Sullivan Patrick, m: Margaret Moran

William, m: Honora Purcell         Bridget m: Mr. Luce

Mary m: William Magner

Michael, Daniel and Margaret

William and Honora Drew were my g-grandparents. All of the children moved to the USA except Patrick. Any connections?


Re: James McMillen b.? - d.1815 St. Charles MISSOURI

Posted by Mary Sue McMillin Burley on October 23, 1998 at 13:34:09:

In Reply to: Re: James McMillen b.? - d.1815 St. Charles MISSOURI posted by Michael C. Grumich on October 17, 1998 at 16:56:06:

You say the first James McMillin was killed by Indians. My g-g-g-g-grandfather was James in western part of PA. He married Prudence Magner there in the late 1770's, and their first son, John, was born in 1780 near Pittsburgh. They are all buried in Beaver Co., PA. Could this be the James killed by Indians? Fort Pitt was in operation when he settled in that area, and later Fort McIntosh after Wayne's Treaty Would be interested in learning more about your James.

Isaac McCann 1804/05 Indiana

Posted by Butch Stiver on January 25, 1999 at 22:28:26:

Looking for info on the following:

1 Isaac McCANN b. 5 May 1805 d. 19 Nov 1872 m. 3 Nov 1828, Wayne County, ......IN. (Polly) Mary Ann LONGACRE b. 4 Nov 1814 d. 13 Apr 1847 m. after 1850 ......Susan _____ b. 1826 d. 1895

...2 Sylvia McCANN b. ca 1829-1830 d. ? m. 4 Jan 1853 Jonathan MAGNER b. ? thanks



Posted by MAGNER on May 16, 1998 at 08:03:26:

In Reply to: RESEARCHING MY IRISH ANCESTRAL NAMES posted by Rod Kennedy on March 29, 1998 at 07:59:21:

Help a rural name settled in Dorchester section of Boston


Oswego NY and Dingle -Kerry, Ireland kin

Posted by Shawn Patrick Doyle on February 01, 1999 at 17:37:16:

I am working on families of the Donahue line that left the Dingle Peninsula of County Kerry, Ireland. Most settled Oswego, NY, some in Mass. and VT on the way through, perhaps some kin in Canada. Daniel & Johanna (Hannifan) O'Donoghue of Lisnagree, County Kerry, Ire. lived between c1790 and c1860 and had the following children that came to US: Daniel (1815-1875)m. 1st Johanna Dean, 2nd wid. Hannorah Cahill Magner; Matthew (c1823-1880)m. Margaret Grimes; Hannorah (1824-1892) m. Frank Shea, Michael (1829-1911) m: 1st Mary Broderick, 2nd wid. Mary Fitzgerald Donahue. a son Dermot apparently stayed in Ire. but of HIS CHILDREN

I know of 2 that came to Oswego.


CURLEY, Watson E. of Boston Area

Posted by Matt Hassan on November 30, 1998 at 21:51:48:

I am looking for information about Watson E. CURLEY (1894-1957) who married Jospehine CANTWELL (1896-1964). I think they had nine children: Eleanor FINN, Marie MAGNER, Watson E. CURLEY, Jr., Virginia KETCHUM, Patricia MCKENZIE, Robert CURLEY, James CURLEY, Judith ROSEN, and Donald CURLEY


O'Callaghan/ Shumack/ O'Keeffe etc

Posted by Paul O'Callaghan on June 15, 1998 at 15:52:36:

Descendants of O'Callaghan Jeremiah

D.6.5.5 : Cornelius Gyves, married Shella Magner

He had 2 children :


Subj: Coat of Arms

Date: 3/8/99 11:27:48 PM Eastern Standard Time


I have recently found what purports to be a Magner Coat of Arms. I will try to (Make/Procure) a picture of it and submit it to your website. I am curious if anyone else has seen or knows of a Coat of Arms which is either similar or different from the one I saw. -Jim Magner

Subj: Magner Clan

Date: 3/5/99 11:01:34 PM Eastern Standard Time


To: MagnerJ

Hi James, I saw your name listed in aol profiles and in the Irish Genealogy web page and just wanted to say hello and let you know there are more of the Magner's online and mainly on aol. I live in Atlanta, but have relatives in Texas, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, and Maine.

Bob Magner

Subj: Magner Clan

Date: 3/6/99 7:15:46 PM Eastern Standard Time


To: MagnerJ

Hi James, it was nice to get your quick response. To answer your questions, our family did a genealogy search by mail to about 300 other Magner families who had listed phones about 35 years ago and they had a professional search done about 20 years ago. I have been disappointed with the findings and I have been working on it for about a year now trying to confirm the findings that we have and make the necessary correction. I have been relying solely on what is available on the net and www before I go to the LDS Family History Center.

I have most of the family members in our branch of the family and I have them traced back to the ship "Dilligent" arriving at Jamestown in 1620 with Magner's whose roots were from the counties of Cork and Limerick in Ireland. Their migration through the U.S. led them through Virginia, W. Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, S. Dakota, and California, in that order. They had to leave Indiana because of the Blackhawk (Sauk) Indian War and moved south to Kentucky for a number of years before migrating north and west again.

The family left Missouri to work on the Great Northern railway during its construction and movement to the West Coast. My uncle was still working on the railroad in Malta, Montana when we visited him in 1947. I have an absolute blank period between 1890-1910 when my family lived in Towner, N. Dakota. I know that my father Wallace Bruce Magner, Sr. married my mother Signe Marie Egge (Norwegian) whose family immigrated to this country sometime during 1890 and settled in Towner. I have exhausted every resource that I could find in cyberspace and can get no response from the church in Towner. I might have to go the process of obtaining the family's vital records from the state. Towner is the county seat and does not maintain the records. I've heard that a lot of records might not be available, but someday soon I will eventually find out. If you know of any resources that might cover S. Dakota please let me know.

I'll close for now, I hope that I have answered any questions you have if you want to know more let me know.

Regards, Bob

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Subj:    Re: Magner/Ackerman

Date:    3/11/99 5:23:32 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Diane Ward Sives)



George Edward Ackerman m 25 May 1926 Keansburg, NJ m 21 Oct 1950 Joan Marie Magner, b 10 Aug 1930 Jersey City NJ, bp 24 Aug 1930 Church of the Sacred Heart, Jersey City.  George is the son of Henry Maze Ackerman b 14 Apr 1900 and Margaret Ann McKay b 24 Nov 1901.


Would like parents and dates for Joan Marie Magner and an update on their children. I show

Barbara Ann b 25 May 1952, Middletown NJ

Linda Marie b 7 Apr 1954, Middletown, NJ

Donna Ellen b 20 Aug 1955, Middletown, NJ

George Edward, Jr. b 8 Nov 1957, Middletown, NJ

Michelle Marie b 30 Sep 1959, Middletown, NJ

Tobey Lee b 14 Feb 1963, Shaftsbury, VT


Would like spouses, marriage dates and children for all the Ackermans



Magner / Creeden

From: Bantry

Date: 06 Mar 1999


Looking for information regarding John and Ellen (Keenan or Kiernan) who left Bantry in 1853. They came to Boston and later lived in Danvers, Massachusetts. They had a son John Francis Creeden who was born in Bantry on May 23, 1850 and another son Daniel. John Francis was my great grandfather. He had thirteen surviving children. We lack any information about their life in Ireland. Any help would be appreciated. EMAIL me at Sincerely, Robert A. Creeden


An Irish Patriot: One of the Unsung Heroes


A good friend of mine, Jim Magner, shared the summary below that his late father wrote. The Irish Government requested in 1994 any ex-patriots who had participated in Ireland's struggle for freedom to submit a summary of their efforts for recognition. I had the pleasure of meeting his dad years ago and found him to be a fine gentleman, quiet and unassuming but then most heroes are.

There are many heroes in Irish history, whose names and faces are familiar to us. Their names and feats of courage & bravery are immortalized in song and verse. However there are thousands of "Unsung Heroes", Irish men & woman who put themselves and their families in harm's way in the struggle for Ireland's freedom and who we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude.


Summary of Service

My name is Matthew J. Magner. I was born at 59 Tyrone Street, Belfast Ireland, on April 1st 1905. I currently reside on 1766 Victoria Street, Baldwin, New York 11510.


I joined the Fianna in 1920, and in 1922 I joined the 3rd Northern Division of the IRA and served under company commanders Joseph McKelvey and Michael McNearney. Joseph McKelvey was later executed at Mt. Joy Prison. Michael McNearney was a liaison to Michael Collins and sometimes acted as his double.

My service during this period consisted primarily in defending my neighborhood from numerous attacks by armed mobs. My neighborhood in Belfast was a small Catholic area located near the city center, surrounded by Protestant neighborhoods. The Orange Order Hall was located one block from my home. My home was a frequent target for small arms fire from the Orange Hall, and on one occasion a bucket of live coals was hurled through a second floor window. The McMahon family lived in my district, and were murdered during this period.


In 1922 a grenade I was storing in my parents home at 59 Tyrone Street exploded, destroying the kitchen and blowing a hole in the wall through to a neighbor's home. Although I was working at the time of the explosion, I was arrested by the British for belonging to an illegal organization, and for storing military equipment, arms and explosives. I was held on remand for seven months in Block A3 of the Crumlin Road Jail in Belfast. While I was in jail I met an IRA man named McGuire from Enniskillen. The blame for the explosion was shifted to my younger brother, James, when he fled to Dublin. I was then released for one day, but was informed by friends that I was to be re-arrested the next day, so I also fled to Dublin.

I arrived in Dublin and went to see my brother James who was being sheltered at the home of Lord French by Lord French's sister. I arrived just in time to see my brother who was 15 years old and the others, who were being sheltered, carted off in a truck to Mt. Joy Prison. I then enlisted in the Free State Army on March 8, 1923 and was demobilized at Portabello Barracks on March 12, 1924.


In 1929 I immigrated to the United States. I met Father Patrick Duffy, Chaplain of the 69th Regiment and at his urging I joined the 69th Regiment in New York City and served from 1930 until 1954 when I retired from the regiment as a first lieutenant.


Matthew J. Magner 10 October 1994


  MAGNER, Michael

Drummer, 33rd Regiment (later The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment), British Army (Alias BARRY)


  Campaign Abyssinia

 Age 28 Deed On 13 April 1868 in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), during the assault on Magdala, when the head of the column of attack was checked by the obstacles at the gate, a small stream of officers and men of the 33rd Regiment and an officer of the Royal Engineers broke away from the main approach to Magdala and, reaching the defenses, climbed a cliff, forced their way ever a wall and through a strong and thorny fence, thus turning the defenders of the gateway. The first two men to enter Magdala were Drummer Magner and a private (BERGIN, J.) Remarks Later achieved rank of Corporal.


Date:   3/12/99 5:08:03 PM Eastern Standard Time


To:            MagnerJ


Jim, I've been doing a lot of surfing and I'm getting a lot of hits on "Magner".  What is the earliest date you've received for evidence of a Magner in the U.S.?  I got a hit last night indicating a Magner was recorded in Wilminton, IL 1748.  I haven't found his first name yet but the hit indicated that the branch was still in existence in IL.


Do you have any ship/manifest links for the Virginia Colony showing more than one ship.  I could only find a link showing one ship and I'm sure there must be at least a hundred.

Regards Bob


Subj:    Re: Joan Marie Magner

Date:    3/12/99 2:42:41 PM Eastern Standard Time


To:            MagnerJ


Hi Jim: Thank you for your time and consideration, but those names do not compute.  I am at a standstill in the 1900 NY census G Grandparents John and Marie Magner born in Ireland 1846 and 47. Thank you again.   Don


Subj:    Joan Marie Magner -Reply

Date:    3/15/99 2:33:02 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Lorraine Byrne)



Joan Magner is my first cousin (daughter of James Magner and Marie (Sweeney) Magner).  At the time of her marriage, the family was living in Keansburg, NJ. 


Date:    3/4/99 9:43:49 AM Eastern Standard Time




21.  Edmond Carroll married to Mary Magner in Killavullen 2-19-1813

       Witnesses James Magner and Patrick Roche




At a meeting held 31 March 1799, he and John Magner, Patrick Campbell, Michael Burns, Owen Callahan, John Duggan, and Edmund Connor were named the committee to take charge of the new project. From the congregation they collected $16,000.


Date:    3/13/99 10:30:40 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Thomas J. Magner)

To:   (Jim Magner Margate)


An immigrant Uncle of mine, Daniel O'Donoghue (Donahue) (1815-Dec 1875) was born in Lisnagree, Co. Kerry Ireland on the Dingle Penn., south of Castlegregory.  He died in Oswego, Oswego County New York.   On 25 November 1860 Daniel, a widower with 2 children, married Hannorah Cahill Magner in St. Mary's Church, Oswego, NY.   Nora was the widow of a Magner who I believe died in Oswego, NY; I do not know what his name was!! and am curious.   By Magner, Nora had a son Thomas, and a daughter Kitty Magner, who for years lived and worked in Chicopee, Mass.   I do not have a death date or place for Nora, nor do I have dates for Kitty or Thomas.   I think Thomas died in 1911 I could not get a death certificate for him in Oswego thou. So, we still don't know who the father was.   Thomas has many descendants in the Oswego area, but none seem to know much.   Any clues?

Shawn Doyl


Subj:    Re: Magner

Date:    3/14/99 10:39:54 PM Eastern Standard Time


To:            MagnerJ

 Dear James,

I have been working on various stages of our family tree over a period of three years. Recently I was researching my great grandfather John Francis Creeden born in 1850, and I tracked his naturalization papers in the U.S. he was born in Bantry and came to this country in 1853. We have lost all oral and written history of him and his parents, John and Ellen (Kiernan) Creeden in that time period.  JFC married and had thirteen children that survived in Danvers, Massachusetts. My grandfather James Andrew Creeden was one of the offspring.

 A second cousin Mary Ellen Foster b. June 24, 1940 is married to Robert William Magner b. Nov. 04, 1940. There wedding was June 26, 1965 in Medford, Massachusetts. Maybe that fact linked my query to your web page.


I am still carrying on the family research and I hope to get back to Ireland in the next year to solve some of the mysteries of the family migration. I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.    Sincerely, Bob Creeden


From:  TCove

To:            MagnerJ




We are preparing for a 100th birthday party Sister Robertine Magner.

During some of the family discussions surrounding this event, I was told the Magner family has a web page I looked at it today and find there is a lot of activity about collecting family information. I'm wondering if you are the J Magner on the page.


I have not seen anything yet about the Illinois Magners.  I know I would like to contribute information if it has not been collected yet.


I plan on talking this over at the birthday party, which will also turn out to be a family reunion.  For starters, My last name is Coveny. My paternal grandmother was Mary Agnes Magner, 1874-1974. Her family lived in the Wilmington Illinois area. She had 7 brothers and sisters, so the tree branches rather rapidly.


I live in the suburbs northwest of Chicago. I hope to hear from you. I will also copy some of the names I found at the Magner site. Thank you and Happy St. Patrick’s day!



Subj:     Hi Jim

Date:    3/12/99 5:08:03 PM Eastern Standard Time


To:            MagnerJ

 Jim, I've been doing a lot of surfing and I'm getting a lot of hits on "Magner".  What is the earliest date you've received for evidence of a Magner in the U.S.?  I got a hit last night indicating a Magner was recorded in Wilminton, IL 1748.  I haven't found his first name yet but the hit indicated that the branch was still in existence in IL.

 Do you have any ship/manifest links for the Virginia Colony showing more than one ship.  I could only find a link showing one ship and I'm sure there must be at least a hundred.

Regards Bob



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