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Date: 2/11/99 12:22:47 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Jim Garrity)

More MAGNERS found in NY Death indexes:

1911 Margaret, Magner age 57

1911 William Magner age 60

1913 Louise Magner 53

1913 Margaret Magner 49

1913 Marie B. Magner 29

1913 Thomas Magner 15

1914 John Magner 60

1914 John J. Magner 28

That's all for now, Jim... Jim Garrity

James Magner d. 1887 Minnesota

Posted by Lynne Lair Graham on January 26, 1999 at 20:35:39:

Seeking info on JAMES MAGNER m. Ann JENNER of Cheam Surrey, England. At some point may have gone to Canada then to Minnesota and possibly some family to Wisconsin.

2 known daughters born in Carshalton Eng. Harriett and ELiza, both married PARISH brothers. Any info would be appreciated.


Magner of Cork, Ireland

Posted by Mary Saunders on Thu, 18 Feb 1999, in response to Magner, posted by Jim Magner on Mon, 07 Dec 1998


My g-g-grandmother was Ellen Magner of Cork, Ireland. She married John Lynch. Their daughter, Margaret Lynch, b. March 1839, married my g-grandfather, James Joyce on May 4 1859. They came to American c. 1864-1866 and settled in Galesburg, Illinois. Is this a connection? I have a copy of Margaret Lynch Joyce's obituary

Amelia Magner and Thomas Stewart 1800's

Posted by Heather Ruff on February 13, 1999 at 11:01:33:

Hi I just found out yesterday that Amelia Magner is my ggg grandmother. Looking for any info on the Magner side. Feel free to email me.

Date: 2/16/99 11:24:22 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Heather Ruff)

Hi there,

I don't know very much but this is it: She married Thomas Stewart they had 3 children




They lived at the time of Rova's birth in Dayton, Washington. Thomas Stewart was born in Rockfor, Illinois, and Mabel was born in Missouri so I think maybe Amelia was from Ill or MO doesn’t know for sure. Let me know if this matches anyone’s stuff.

Thanks for your help and time.

Heather Heather's Corner


Date: 2/18/99 9:18:33 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Heather Ruff)

Hello Jim,

I am sorry the only dates that I know of are for Rova she was born in 1886 in Dayton, Washington. Rova's sister Mabel was born in Missouri August 1879. Those are the only dates I have found so far.

Thanks so much, Heather

Date: 2/23/99 6:52:47 PM Eastern Standard Time


I understand you are doing research on the Magner Clans.

I have been casually researching the history of the clan for the last ten years or so... nothing in depth, but I have collected some nuggets.

First, there is a tavern in Castlemagner, Ireland that will sell you a short but informative brochure written by a local historian. It describes the history of the Magners and they’re (our) castle. Unfortunately, there is little remaining of the castle today, and what is left is in use as a pen for cattle. It is currently owned by a man of the Barry clan -- I'm assuming he's a direct descendant of the Barry who granted the land for Castlemagner to a young Norman officer of the name Mangle in the twelfth century.

Second, most of the Magners (there are few branches of the clan) arrived in the US by way of Waterburry, Connecticut.

Third, a few years back, one Dennis Magner won Ireland’s Bachelor of the Year contest.

Fourth, a man by the name of Magner was sought by the police in Philadelphia -- described by the media as a "loner," and "Probably armed, considered very dangerous."

Fifth, Magner Hall, a dormitory at Catholic University in Washington, DC was named in honor of Monsignor Magner -- my own great uncle.

There are five pieces of information. I have a few more as well.

Please respond so that we can share our research.

-Jim Magner


Date: 2/23/99 7:24:33 PM Eastern Standard Time


Hello again.

After e-mailing you, I happened across your web page. Very impressive.

On March 20, 1999, there will be a family reunion of Magners from my arm of the clan in Chicago, Illinois. We will be honoring Sister Robertine Magner's 100th birthday.

Of note, my father's uncle, Tom Magner (Sister Robertine's brother), long since deceased, used to swear up and down that Castlemagner was ours. No one in the family believed there even was a castle until my research discovered one approximately where he said it was.

How would I find out if we are indeed descendants of the great Robert Magner who once rebuked Oliver Cromwell, saying, "It is easy for dogs to walk on the graves of lions?"

-Jim Magner

Burke, Virginia


Subj: [CountyCork-L] Re: Kibehenny Pt 3

Date: 2/25/99 6:26:41 PM Eastern Standard Time


Kilbehenny Gravestone Inscriptions Part 3

MAGNER, Mary nee KEILY died 1781 age 36. Husband James MAGNER died 1799 age

Posted by David H. Perry on September 25, 1998 at 12:58:34:

I have search all over for, in Orange County, where "District of Jeffersonville" would be. An Elias Reed sold land on the 9th day of Nov. 1831 to a William Magner, recorded Feb 3, 1832. Just can not find "Jeffersonville"

Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra

Name DOB Birth Place DOD Death Place Arrived Ship Reference

MAGNER, John 1817 COR, Cork 1891 Glebe NSW  377m. Catherine BROWN

 Daniel O'Connell and the Doneraile Conspiracy

The Doneraile Conspiracy of 1829 had its origins in the Whiteboy movement, a secret oath-bound society, which for about seventy years had plagued the authorities with intractable problems in rural Ireland. John Magner was a percipient.



Date: 21 Feb 1999

Time: 12:54:57

Searching for Cotter's from County Cork - Could have been from Carrigaline. Relatives from Detroit and Connecticut USA. Search name - Ellen Cotter.


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