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 Subj:    Fw: Query Form

Date:    11/8/99 2:30:50 PM Eastern Standard Time

Elizabeth Magner b:1868 d:1915 (Margaret Mayhew-Yahrling)

Area: Philadelphia PA USA

Elizabeth Magner born: 1868 died: 1915 is noted as being my g-grandmother.  She married Davis Fletcher.  Her daughter Elizabeth Veronica Fletcher b: 2/8/1894 - d: 11/14/1966 was my mothers mother.  I would like to know the history of my family roots.  Elizabeth Veronica married Robert Patterson Morris in 1913 in Philadelphia.  Thank you for your help. 

Subj:    Fw: Query Form

Date:            11/19/99 11:36:09 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:   (Michael Bonallie)

How found = Europe

Family details, family tree, (no information available) 

Subj:            Connecticut-James Magner

Date:            11/22/99 8:06:16 PM Eastern Standard Time


To:            JimMagner,

Just a note to let you know I had contacted the Tipperary Heritage Unit in Sept and sent them small fee to do a search for the parents and sibs of my grandfather James Magner.

Anyway I just received a reply and they consider their search successful. Parents names were James and Shelly which I knew. Their children were, Edmond, John, Maurice, James [my grandfather] Mary and Amelia. The search was of the records in the parish of Galbally in Lyre which was where he was born. He was baptized in May of 1863, which matches the dates on his naturalization papers which I have saying he was 23 in 1886. Interesting to me among other things is that my fathers name was Maurice spelled exactly like this, so I guess I think this is a "hit."

Now I need to find out just when he immigrated and from where and if anyone else came.

I am reasonably certain that there is a Waterbury, CT connection just need to find it.

Thought I would just share this and let you determine if this info might be useful to anyone else.

Ship’s records and passenger lists are my next area to target. Wonderful web site! Have a good holiday. Maureen Magner Lewis 

Subj:    Fw: Query Form

Date:            11/26/99 2:09:43 PM Eastern Standard Time (Vincent  McNicholl)

Sligo Ireland, O'Dotherty  Freddie Sligo  WWW1  1914 –18

Freddie lived in Abbey Street Sligo. Can you tell us what happened to him?

(No information available with this request) 

Subj:            Postings

Date:            11/27/99 8:37:22 PM Eastern Standard Time


 Hi Jim, I was looking at your posting of "Illinois Marriages" the other day and found an error for Charles Everett Magner marrying Maggie Magner, 2-14-86.  Actually Maggie should be changed to Martha Caroline.  She was my grandmother and I do have a lot of information on her.

I tried to contact one of our searchers who lives in Limerick by the name of Anne Lyons,, but the letter was undeliverable.  I guess she either changed her service or disconnected.


 Subject: Query Form

Date:    12/1/99 4:15:07 PM Eastern Standard Time (Anthony Magner)

Surname:         Magner

Area Searching: MD, VA, DC

Trying to find more info on my grandfather, Joseph (Alouicious?) Magner. Don't know much about him other than my grandmother once said he was from Burke, VA and lived on a farm adjacent to Fort Belvoir. His birth year, as I've been told, is 1895. Died in about 1944-45 time frame when my father, Richard, was an infant. 

Subject: Query Form

Date:    12/2/99 2:18:55 PM Eastern Standard Time

MessageName:     Henneberry (George R. Zepp)

Surname: Walton

Area Searching: Kinure, Co. Cork

Gooseberryhill in the Barony of Duhallow, Co. Cork, is shown on your site as the residence of a Magner at one time. Information I just received from a correspondent in New Zealand shows in the late 1750s, at the time of his death, it was property of a John Copley. Does anyone know more about that estate, and particularly whether the name Walton is connected with it?


Subject: Query Form

Date:    12/5/99 2:45:46 PM Eastern Standard Time (Fred Price)

Area Searching: United States

Comments: family surname Price (No information available with this request)


Subject: Query Form

From: (Christopher Micheal)

Sun Dec 5 07:48:11 1999,

My father's name is James Joseph Magner born 1946 in Medford, MA.  He married Wendy Leigh Clark and I was born in Stoneham, MA in 1975.  I beleive my grandfather's first name was Herb and I think he was also from MA 

Subj:    Re: Magner

Date:    12/6/99 12:34:04 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Paul Flynn)


Thanks for the E-Mail.  The web sites you sent were very interesting. I don't believe we are related but I have a family history written up by some of the older generation who remember these things.  I will attach the file.  Thank heavens someone wrote these things down or they would be lost forever.  You might look it over and see if you can find any connection.  I don't know if this is the kind of thing that you would post on the Magner web site or not. I would like you to post our Magner information on your web site.  It might turn up a connection that we don't know about.  I think my father, who is 82 and grew up with some Magners, would like to learn about other relatives and where life has taken them.

Unlike Mom's side of the family Dad's side of the family has done a good job of documenting the family tree.  While in Ireland 2 years ago I looked for connections but 3 days, including Saturday and Sunday, is not enough to get a good start.  We spent most of that time in Cork, Blarney and Tipperary looking for the Flynn connection mostly in cemeteries.  Many records end around 1848 when the Potato Famine caused many deaths and unmarked graves.  I also learned that about that time the Catholic Church had parishes send records to a centralized facility to get some organization of records only to have them destroyed by a fire.  They said the only church records that exist before that time were from parishes that did not follow directives from above.  I also learned that Flynn is the 3rd most common name in Ireland with something like 64,000 in Ireland. Anyway, it has been nice communicating with you.  I hope to learn more about our family.


Paul Flynn    (Paul’s information is posted on the Family Tree Page


Subj:    John Dillon MAGNER

Date:            12/16/99 12:53:35 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Magner Damian)

 Hi there

The above emigrated from (possibly Killdorrery Village, Co. Cork) Ireland to Australia in 1854 with his wife Margaret Donovan. 

He was one of a number of sons of John Magner & Helen (Suish?).  The other sons emigrated to Canada at about the same time, John Dillon MAGNER being the only one who emigrated to Australia.

 There was a lady in Canada who was a descendant of one of the brothers who had traced the history.  My brother was in touch with this lady a few years back via the Internet, however they lost touch (& he lost her details) & now he doesn't know how to re-contact her.  She was quite excited to here from my brother at the time, because she knew little of the story of the brother that chose Australia. Can you help me find this lady, or any other info?

Thank you,

Damian Magner Melbourne Australia


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