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Thomas Magner / Mary O’Neal

 Thomas Magner (great‑grandfather of John, James, Ross, Mary, Teresa and Rose Magner) was born near Cahir Ireland about 1787.  His wife, Mary O'Neal Magner, was also born near Cahir, Ireland, and year unknown.  They were the parents of 6 children (4 boys and 2 girls), one of whom was John Magner, Sr. (grandfather of the said John, James, Ross, Mary, Teresa and Rose Magner).

In 1848 great grandfather Thomas Magner and his wife Mary O'Neal Magner, brought their 4 living children (2 boys and 2 girls) to the United States.  The said Thomas Magner died at Portland, Maine on May 24, 1857 at the age of 70 years.  His wife, Mary O'Neal also died at Portland, Maine on August 3, 1881.

 One son of the said Thomas and Mary O'Neal Magner had come to the United States before his parents, arriving in New York on May 1, 1847. This was John Magner, Sr., who was born at Clare, County Tipperary, Ireland on December 26, 1819, and died January 2, 1910 at Jacksonville, Illinois and is buried In Catholic Cemetery in Mt., Sterling, Illinois.

 John Magner Sr.’s wife was Bridget Begley, daughter of Thomas and Mary O'Donnell Begley.  She‑was born near the City of Clare, County of Tipperary, Ireland on January 19, 1826, and died October 4, 1906 at Clayton, Illinois, with burial in Catholic Cemetery in Mt Sterling, Illinois.

 Thomas Begley was born in Tipperary, and died there. His wife, Mary O'Donnell Begley, was also born at Tipperary, but died In Cincinnati on December 19, 1860s, and Is buried in Cincinnati.

John Magner, Sr. and Bridget Begley were married April 20, 1851 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by a Father Purcell.  They lived In Cincinnati until 1857 when they came to Keokuk, Iowa via boat.  Lived there a week and then went by boat to Quincy and down to Camp Points, Illinois where new railroads were being laid.  He worked on the railroad there until 1864 (March) when the family moved to Clayton, Illinois. The home was there, and there Bridget Bagley Magner passed away on October 4, 1906.  Mr. Magner together with his son, James, and daughter, Catherine, moved to Jacksonville on June 1 1907 where Grandpa Magner died on January 2, 1910 in his home at 1218 South Clay Ave. (property owned by the Duffner Family).

 Children of John and Bridget Magner were: Thomas Williams born Jan. 16, 1852; Nancy, born Nov. 24, 1853 and died in infancy on Aug. 13, 1854; Mary Ann, born July 5, 1855; Catherine, born July 28, 1863; James, born August 10, 1857; and Margaret Ann, born Oct. 26, 1865. 

Thomas William Magner (father of John, James, Ross, Mary, Teresa & Rose) was married to Anna Elizabeth Rossiter on January 8, 1878 in the Catholic Church at Carthage Ill.  They had 6 children: John William, born July 4, 1879; James Thomas, born Jan. 25, 1882; Rossiter Francis, born Aug. 3, 1885; Mary Ellen, born Mar. 18, 1888; Teresa, born July 25, 1890; and Rose. Born Feb. 8, 1894. 

Thomas William died at his home, 838 N. Prairie St., Jacksonville, Ill. on Monday, Feb. 1, 1932 at 6:30 P.M., and buried in Calvary Cemetery on Feb. 4, 1932.  Age 80 years and 16 days.

Anna Elizabeth Rossiter, wife of Thomas William Magner, was born In Cincinnati, Ohio on Oct. 16, 1854, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sinnott Rossiter.  She died at her homes 838 N. Prairie St., Jacksonville, Ill. on May 27, 1955, at age of 100 years and 7 months.  Buried in Calvary Cemetery on May 30, 1955. 

John Rossiter and Elizabeth Sinnott Rossiter, his wife, were both born in County Wexford, Ireland; he about 1829, and she about 1817.  They were married in Ireland about 1852 and came to America via sailing vessel on their wedding trip, which they took about three months after their marriage.  They located in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was there that the Magner and Rossiter families became acquainted. 

From Cincinnati the two families came via boat to Keokuk, Iowa in 1857.  They stayed there a very short time and went by boat to Quincy, and down to Camp Point, Illinois where new railroads were being laid.  The two men got work on the railroads. About 1873 the Rossiter moved to Denver, Illinois.  They moved back to Camp point in 1878, and came to Jacksonville, Illinois to live in 1885. 

John and Elizabeth Rossiter were the parents of two children Anna Elizabeth, born in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 16, 1854; and Ellen, born in Illinois in 1857.  The Rossiter's came to Jacksonville, Illinois to live in order to be near their two daughters; Anna, who had married Thomas William Magner in 1878 and had located in the City of Jacksonville, and Ellen, who had come to Jacksonville to work in a hospital.

 John Rossiter died September 19, 1904 in Jacksonville, Illinois and his wife died January 17, 1904 in Jacksonville, Illinois.  Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Jacksonville, Illinois.

 Teresa Louise Magner, fifth child of the said Thomas William and Anna Rossiter Magner, was married on April 22, 1914 to Thomas Joseph Flynn, son of Lawrence Flynn Sr.  The Ceremony was performed by the Reverend Father John W. Crowe, Pastor, in the Church of Our Saviour, Jacksonville, Illinois.

 They were the parents of two children; namely, Anna Catherine, Born September 6, 1915, in the farm home of her parents, northeast of Jacksonville, Illinois and Paul Joseph, born August 26, 1917, in the farm home of his parents, northeast of Jacksonville, Illinois (both births being in Morgan county.)

 Teresa Louise Magner Flynn (Mrs. Thomas Flynn) died in the same country home on October 25, 1918, with flu and pneumonia.  Burial was in Calvary Cemetery, Jacksonville, Illinois.

 Thomas Joseph Flynn (husband of Teresa Louise Magner Flynn) died on August 21, 1939 of tuberculosis.  Burial was in Calvary Cemetery, Jacksonville, Illinois.

Submitted by:  (Paul Flynn)


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