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Welcome to the new Magner's that are from Denmark, We Magners sure have spread further than I had originally thought.

Subj: Fw: Query Form area = europe

> On Wed Sep 1 11:46:20 1999,

> The following information was submitted:

> name = jorgen magner

> surname = magner

> submit_by =

I am searching for relatives in Europe - I live in Denmark, Jorgen Magner


Subj: Fw: Query Form, Area = USA, Ireland

On Tue Aug 31 23:33:29 1999, The following information was submitted:


My name is Finn Magner (born 1942). I have recently come across the web-sites on the Clan Magner. Outside Denmark I know nothing of possible relatives or family-links to my family. A few details:

My father, Erik born 1914, married to Inger, grandfather Svend born 1884, married to Alvilda. All are born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Does anybody recognize any of these names, please, respond to this. With hopeful best wishes, Finn Magner

Subj: Fw: Query Form


Sent: Monday, August 30, 1999 9:11 PM

submitted_by (Joanne Magner Hudson )

Dear Jim,

I just got a new computer and I'm excited to get on line at home. I noticed under the Edward Magner family that my Dad's birthday was missing. He is Lowell Howard Magner b.9 Dec. 1899. He is son of Grant Lanville Magner. Edward Magner married to Jane Brown died in Indiana and he is buried in Indiana. I don't have any new family history. Just thought I'd get back in touch. Thanks, Joanne


Subj: Re. Clan Magner

Date: 8/31/99 2:58:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Finn Magner)

To: JimMagner

Dear Jim

I am approaching you for the first time and am not sure whether or not this is the right way to do it. Anyway, you have to start somewhere. My name is Finn Magner, Copenhagen, Denmark, born May 26 1942. As I mailed To Mr. Thomas F. Magner explaining that I am one out of 7 families in Denmark with the name of Magner, of whom I am currently in contact with two

Not till recently have I been interested in seeking my roots, as I have very little knowledge of this. Thus I will during the time to come be investigating what I can fin out of the family in Denmark. At the same time it was very interesting to find that the Magner-name is so widespread and I will come back to you with more (more specific) requests after more investigating here in Denmark.

My obvious question to you is the following: Is there anywhere in the archives mentioned any relations to Magners in Denmark? If so, could you give me a hint as to contacts to approach in the US or elsewhere for further investigations outside Denmark?

I only know my own family 2 generations back and have no ideas as to when the name Magner first turned up in Denmark.

My father was Erik (born 1914) married to Inger, my grandfather was Svend (born 1886) both born in Denmark probably in the Copenhagen-area.

If you could give me some information I would appreciate this. For now I am happy to know, that I will probably be part of a bigger family, than I thought.

With best wishes, Finn Magner, Soeborg, Denmark

Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 8/29/99 9:46:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Hank

To: JimMagner

Hello Jim,

I just came across the Magner Clan Page a few days ago, so I have only begun to go through the information there. I 'am Henry Joseph Magner III. I am also Joe Magner of Cape Canaveral as I have gone by my name all my life. I am from area south of Boston. Sictuate Ma. But my father's family is mostly from Hingham. I am looking to see how the Magner from the Northeast came to be there, what Generation they came to this the U.S. As far back as I know is my Grandfather Henry Joseph Magner his wife Mary C. Curtain. Their four children where Mary, Henry J. Jr., Anne F. and Edward T.

Any Information would be helpful. Thank you very much for responding. Joe Magner

Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 8/30/99 11:02:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Hank

To: JimMagner

Thanks for our prompt response. As Far back as I know right now is My Grand Father Henry Joseph Magner. I will talk to my Father and my Aunt for more information. Yes I notice that the first names do repeat quite often over the years. I was supprised to see as many Henry as I did. Any way thanks for you help. Joe Magner

Subj: Magner arrival

Date: 9/2/99 12:32:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (robert lee)



According to the information I have, the Magner brothers and wives left Ireland on 17 March 1840. They landed in New York on 1 May 1840.

I'll look around the courthouse in Belmont to see if any more names are available.

My Grandfather has a cousin in Hornell, N.Y. named Eleanor Witter, Her mother is the one who wrote the info I've mailed you, v/r Rob Lee


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