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Date: 6/13/98 10:16:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Norman Schauls)


We are looking for information on Magner brothers that would have arrived in New York on May 1,1849 the three brothers we know about are William, John, and Dennis.

William born 1830 in County Cork Ireland

John Born 1828 in County Cork Ireland

Dennis Born 1833 in County Cork Ireland

These three settled in north east Iowa, near Waukon Iowa on farms in the mid 1800"s We are interested in the where about’s of the other four brothers and their families. We do not know the name of the ship they arrived on.

We believe one of the brothers went to Australia at that same time.

Have a good Day and may God Bless.




Husband: Samuel MAGNER

Birth: 10 Mar 1799

Death: 13 Nov 1846 Kosciusko Co., IN

Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Clay Twp, Kosciu

Father: William MAGNER

Mother: Margaret MEEK

Wife: Catherine WOOD

Birth: 8 Nov 1798

Death: 4 Dec 1869

Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Clay Twp., Kosciu


1 F Mary E. MAGNER

Birth: 30 Apr 1818 Greene County, OH

Spouse: John SNYDER (m 28 Apr 1837)

2 F Nancy MAGNER

Birth: 9 May 1820

Death: 10 Nov 1897

Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Clay Twp, Kosciu

Spouse: Amos MCGINLEY (m 27 May 1841)

3 M William MAGNER

Birth: 4 Sep 1821

Death: 9 Mar 1868 Kosciusko County, IN

Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Clay Twp., Kosciu

Spouse: Rebecca GEISLEY (m 9 Mar 1843)

4 F Margaret MAGNER

Birth: 18 Mar 1826 OH

Death: 4 May 1864 Kosciusko Co., IN

Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Clay Twp., Kosciu

Spouse: William DAVIS (m 7 Sep 1843)

5 M Jonathon E. MAGNER

Birth: 28 Jan 1828 Columbiana Co., OH

Death: 14 Mar 1863 Memphis, TN

Burial: Oswego Cemetery, Plain Twp., Kosciusko C

Spouse: Isabella GARVIN (m 14 Mar 1847)

Spouse: Sylvia MCCANN (m 24 Jan 1853)

6 F Sirena MAGNER

Birth: 12 Oct 1831

Death: 13 Aug 1908 Warsaw, IN

Burial: 14 Aug 1908 Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, IN

Spouse: Thomas THOMAS (m 13 Mar 1872)

Prepared 4 May 1998 by:

Russell D. Davis

4671 Valleywood Court

Holland, Michigan 49423




The American Immigrant Hall of Honor, Ellis Island, NY

"Magner" was found 4 times

Name Origin Panel

Eugene Magner Ireland 268

Peter Magner Crowley Family Ireland 93

Arthur Magner County Cork, Ireland 268

Mary Magner Carroll Femoy, County Cork, Ireland 497




Date: 6/7/98 10:51:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time

peter walsh wrote:

Dear Tom

I have just read your message on the Irish Local Names Index. I have been trying to trace my Magner roots and wonder if you could help.

The furthest I have got is William Magner, a farmer, of Bishopstown, Cork, died 1881. I do not know the name of his wife but one of their sons, Dr Edward Magner (1856-1938), of South Mall, Cork, was my great-grandfather. He was a prominent Cork surgeon and married Mary Sullivan, daughter of the leading politician and journalist T. D. Sullivan. Their daughter Una, also a doctor, was my grandmother (married James Walsh) I do hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you.


Peter Walsh

REPLY ------------------------------------------

Dear Peter,

In "Guy's 1893 Directory for the Province of Munster" I find the following data that I believe applies to you!

Magner, Edward, M.D. 19 South Mall

Magner, John, Bishopstown

Magner, David, 102 Patrick Street

Under Bishopstown [a suburb of Cork City] are the following:

BISHOPSTOWN, via Bandon and Glasheen roads:

Lewis. Mrs. Bishopstown House

Deasy, John, B.L,, M.P., and 5 Belvidere Place, Dublin

Deasy, Mrs,

Horgan, Patrick

Ballinspig [townland listed under Bishopstown]

Buckley, Michael, farmer

Magner, John, farmer

Mahoney, James farmer

Murphy, Eugene farmer

Walsh, Bartholomew farmer

Under "South Mall"[from Parnell Bridge to Grand Parade] the following additional data on Edward Magner:

18 South Mall Royal Exchange Assurance

19 South Mall Magner, Edward, M.D., M CH Q U I, LM, LA [probably degrees and titles]

20 South Mall Vacant

I would suspect that your family may have ties to the Magner/Magnier line from Fermoy


Reply II ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Date: 6/8/98 8:17:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Thomas J. Magner)


Dear Peter,

As my cousin Jim Magner and I were chatting by telephone last evening I came across the following data that I am certain applies to you family.

The data was extracted from an Irish Death Certificate that I had received from the General Records Office [GRO] Dublin. I have a "thermo-fax" copy that GRO made of the actual record.

Note that a William Magner is the informant for what appears to be the certificate for his mother Elizabeth Magner, a widow of Edmund Magner who died 25 May 1864 at Bishopstown at the age of 73 years!

In short, my guess is that Edmund and Elizabeth Magner are the parents of your William Magner!

The Certificate Data is as follows [remember data on the original record is in script and sometimes the old handwriting is very difficult to read]:

Elizabeth Magner

Cork, Barony of Cork, St. Finbars Parish, Bishopstown

District: Cork [No 7] Southwest or Bishopstown

Superintendent Registrar District: Cork

County: Cork

No.: 50

Volume: 10

Page: 98

Date & Place of Death: May 25th 1864, Bishopstown

Sex: F

Condition: Widow

Age Last Birthday: 73 years

Rank, Profession or Occupation: Widow of Edmund Magner

Certified Cause of Death and Duration of Illness: Dropsy, Not Certified

Signature, Qualification & Residence of Informant: William Magner,

Present at Death, Bishopstown

When Registered: June 9th, 1864

Signature of Registrar: [James] P. Golding, [M.D.]

The GRO Index reads as follows for the data we obtained above:

Year: 1864

Months: March to December

Event: Death

Age: 73

Surname: Magner

Given Name: Elizabeth

Registrar District: Cork

PRO Record Volume: 10

PRO Record Page: 98

Sure hope this data helps you expand your Magner line Peter!

All the best to you and keep in touch,

Tom Magner




Date: 6/11/98 4:19:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (peter walsh)


Dear Jim

Many thanks. Tom has also sent me the same information. I am sure it is my family and will endeavor to find out more, though I am going to be abroad for the next few weeks.

Keep in touch




The information sent is from St. Finbars Parish, Cork IR

Also you should contact Tom Gangale in California as well he looks close and also from St. Finbars Parish, AND has a Catherine (Walsh) Magner also.

Tom Gangale

San Rafael, CA 94903

let me know if it works out

Jim Magner



Subject: RE: Some Magner Data


Dear Tom

Many thanks for your messages and apologies for the slowness of my reply (I have rather chaotically been trying to organize travel to the World Cup soccer in France). I feel sure you are right: this looks like another generation of the family. I had been unable to trace back further than William although I haven't spent much time in Ireland trying.

I will be abroad for the next few weeks but will try to find out more when I return, and will let you know of my progress

Thanks once again

Peter Walsh




Date: 6/11/98 12:32:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (John Magner)



I got the package that you sent me on Magners. I went through it fairly thoroughly. I'd like to say that I'm related to some of these folks, but I honestly don't know. You did have a section called "Social Security Master Death File through 1995." Number ---is my father and number ---- is my brother Leo. Morbid, I know, but I found people

I am related to. Thanks for the package. When I get more time, I think I'm going to do some more research on it.

John Magner




Peoria County, IL Query Forum


Posted by Ron Watson <> on Sat, 06 Jun 1998

I am searching for information on John MAGNER born Nov., 1866 in Peoria Illinois, Peoria County. He was married to Mary Delilah Lint who was born in Macomb, Ill.

Any info on parents or siblings is appreciated.


Allamakee County, IA Query Forum


Posted by Norman Schauls <> on Wed, 06 May 1998

My Wife Delores (Magner)and myself, Norman Schauls, are former members of Allamakee county. We have family history records on the Schauls Freilinger, Howes, and Magner families dating back in some cases to the 1700. We are always looking for more. Check our web page and see if we have something that will fit needs.



Date: 4/29/98 2:54:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Pddpatty

To: MagnerJ


Here is what I know about the Magner side of my family. I'll preface this with a little background. The paternal side of my family starting arriving in San Francisco in 1847 and they were all here by the 1860's. Good part: real pioneer family. Bad part: the great majority of the first arrivals and their families stayed in the City. Real bad part: San Francisco is a 49 square mile City and County; and the Great Fire that followed the '06 Earthquake destroyed all the vital records of the County. In addition to that all the early pioneer churches were in the area that burned.

I have gotten most of my info verbally from one of my father's first cousin who is also Magner descended. So here is what I know about the Magner side of my family. My grt-grt grandfather was William Magner from County Cork, Ireland. My grt-grt grandmother was Catherine (Walsh) Magner. The only things I know about them are as follows; they had two children that made it all the way to California. They were Daniel (or Michael) Magner who was born c. 1834 and Ellen (grt-gm) Magner who was born 15 August 1845. I'm sure there were other births between 1834 and 1845 as they were Catholics.

My uncle doesn't know the exact sequence of how things went in Ireland but by the 1850's Daniel Magner was 'in Boston with relatives'. The Famine had overtaken William and Catherine Magner and they were deemed too sick to emigrate. They made arrangements before they died to ship Ellen to her brother in Boston. How accurate all that is I don't know. From this point on I have the death certificates of both Daniel Magner and Ellen (Magner) Harrison.

Daniel Magner died on 16 September 1914 and the certificate states that he had been in California for 45 years-c, 1869. Ellen (Magner) Harrison died on 17, April 1926 and the certificate states that she had been in California for 58 years-c.1868. All things being equal they arrived together. Ellen (Magner) Harrison's certificate also stated that she had been in the USA for 69 years c. 1857. That would mean she lived in Boston for at least 11 years.

My Uncle also told me that there was a cousin in San Francisco. Her name was Catherine (Magner) Walsh but she died just as they arrived. Here is what I know about her from an obit. Catherine Magner Walsh -age 43-Ireland-date of death was 16 December 1868- buried Calvary Cemetery. Historical note here: the son of Simon T. Walsh and Catherine Magner Walsh was James E. Walsh who became the personal secretary to James C. Flood, the Silver King. He obviously became very wealthy.

One last item. When I got the death certificate of Daniel Magner the name I actually asked for was Michael Magner because that is what his interment card at Holy Cross Cemetery had on it. The clerk at the recorder office mistakenly got the wrong Michael Magner and since she had already ran it and embossed she let me have it. It wasn't until my uncle told me that the name he used was Daniel that I actually found the right death certificate.

So since you're collecting Magner's here is the info off the certificate and the obit I looked up: Michael J. Magner-born c:1879-DOD 16 September 1953-carpenter retired-Kildorrery, Co. Cork, Ireland-James Magner was father-Mary O'Donnell was mother The obit states: Michael J. Magner father of William Magner of Palo Alto, George F. Magner of Fairfax, and James T. Magner of San Francisco: brother of William Magner of San Francisco, Mrs. Thomas Creedon and Mrs. Kathleen Spaulding of San Mateo, Mrs. Nellie McNamara and Mrs. Josephine Donworth of Washington D. C., a native of Kildorrery....

Hopes this helps

Ken Davis


Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 4/29/98 6:40:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Split R

To: MagnerJ


I received your package today. Thanks for all the info. Guess it will take forever to go through it and see if I see any connections! I came across an obit for my grandfather's brother, James who died in a drowning accident when he was 17. He was the son of my Elizabeth Donnelly Magner Anyway in attendance at the funeral was a D. R. Magner (possibly of Buffalo, NY) also, Mrs. D. Regon and C. Cadden of Wellsville, NY Mr. and Mrs. J. Shannon of Alfred, NY. Do any of these names ring a bell? If so let me know. Hopefully this is another piece of my puzzle. Thanks, Deborah



Date: 4/29/98 7:11:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Split R

To: MagnerJ

Hi Jim,

Just came across email from a second cousin that I met through the net in Mass. He list the names of Elizabeth Magner Donnelly's (parents John Magner and Bridget Harrington, Cork and Wellsville, NY) siblings as follows: Mary, Josephine, Frances, Katherine, Margaret and David. I would guess that this is the D. Magner mentioned in the obit from my last note. Any bells?





Miss Magner to wed Mr. Jones

Helen Magner of East Providence, RI and Francis Magner of Warwick, RI announce the engagement of their daughter, Deborah F. Magner, to Stanley Jones, the son of Betty and George Jones of LaGrange.

The bride-to-be is a graduate of Toll Gate high School in Warwick, RI and attended the University of Rhode Island in Providence, RI She is employed as a customer service representative with Charter Communications.

The future groom is the grandson of Hazel Taylor of LaGrange. He is a graduate of LaGrange High School and is self-employed.

January 25, 1998, LaGrange Daily News, LaGrange, Ga.


Groundskeeper of the Year

1997 International League

Groundskeeper of the Year

The Ken Magner Bio

Ken Magner joined the Tides in 1972 as part-time groundskeeper working game days only. In 1977, he accepted a full-time position with the Tides before being elevated to Head Groundskeeper in 1978. In 1993, the Tides moved from Metropolitan Memorial Park to Harbor Park in downtown Norfolk. Following the 1993 season, Magner won his first International League (I.L.) Groundskeeper of the Year Award which for a first-year field was quiet an accomplishment. 1997 saw Magner collect his I.L. Groundskeeper of the Year Award.

Magner was born in New Bedford, MA and attended Lake Taylor High School in Norfolk, VA. He married the former Tricia Chambers in 1990 and with her resides in Virginia Beach, VA with their four children: Glenn (17), Meagan (13), Nathan (11) and David (10).



Master Sergeant Robert G. Magner, Jr. serves as the Ultrasound Course Supervisor of the Diagnostic Ultrasound Course, 59th Medical Wing, Lackland AFB, Texas. MSgt Magner was born 24 August 1960 in Caribou, Maine. He graduated from Griffin High School in June 1977. He graduated from the University of South Florida and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography. He also has been awarded 2 Community College of the Air Force degrees, one in Radiography and the other in Instructor of Technology and Military Sciences. He received his occupational teaching certificate in June 1995.

MSgt Magner is married to the former Sue Dwinnells. They have 3 children; Anthony age 14, Julie age 12, and Daniel age 8.

February 12, 1998



Death Notices

We understand the placement of a death notice is one of many details to be handled at a difficult time. As a service to families and to funeral homes, The Detroit Newspaper Agency has a special number to call to place a death notice: (810) 977-7500.

MAGNER, DAVID LEO Beloved husband of Dorothy Dearest father of Michael (Elaine), Mark (Frances) Magner and the late Ellen Konopka. Dearest brother of Zena Gladstone. Beloved grandfather of Howard and Patrick Magner, Kathleen and Megan Moore, Kenneth and Thomas Konopka. Services were held Wednesday at Hebrew Memorial Chapel, (248) 543-1622.


Date: 5/1/98 6:21:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Garnsey Home)

To: (MagnerJ)

Hi Jim

I am researching a James Magner born 1812 at Tooreen, Co Limerick. His Parents were William Magner and Mary Fouly. James arrived in Sydney, Australia in the 1830s, he married and settled in New South Wales.

Sorry I can't be of further help to you but I do know that the surname Magner was a Co Cork surname (that's not much help!).

Philippa Garnsey

Sydney, Australia


The Resolution, 1825

The Resolution carried Irish emigrants to Canada to settle in Peterborough County, Ontario.

This data was taken from a secondary source that combined both ship list and returns information filed by Peter Robinson. It is, therefore, only as accurate as the secondary source. Original documents have not been consulted for this WWW presentation. Transcribed by Katherine Foster.

Total listed here 235 (which includes 2 born on land)

Magner, David 32 Otanabee Twp

Mary, 32

John, 15

Catherine, 11

David, 9

Mary, 4

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SUFFOLK COUNTY, MA 1790 CENSUS - Town of Boston

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Peg Buckman <>


- =======================================================================

- USGENWEB NOTICE: In keeping with our policy of providing free information on the Internet, data may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages CANNOT be reproduced in any format for profit or any other presentation. Permission from the submitter is required before this file an be used in any other format or system.

- =======================================================================

Heads of Families, Massachusetts, SUFFOLK COUNTY 1790

Legend: Columns: 5=All Free White Females

1=Name of Head of Family, 6=All Other Free Persons, 2=First Name, 7=Slaves, 3=Free White Males over 16, 8=City/Town, 4=Free White Males under 16, 9=Page #

- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

- Name of HeFirst Name Free Free Female Others Slave City/Town Page


- Magner John 2 5 Boston Town 194


From: (Stuart Stubblebine)

To: (MagnerJ)


I got it. Thanks a lot! I was hopeful that I'd see my grandfather, Michael Augustus Magner (born approximately 1890 in Ireland and died approximately in the mid to late 1970's in London) No such luck on my first look. (Lots to look at!)



Date: 98-04-11 07:12:00 EDT

From: (Bernard PARANQUE)

To: (MagnerJ)

I have just those names. But you can contact my mother within my genealogical page

Jean MAGNIER, n le 04/05/1899 union le 29/03/1932 Marseille Mazargues avec Myriam ARLES DES ARNAS enfant 1 : Colette MAGNIER, ne le 21/01/1933 Marseille (013)






Gte rural:



Date: 4/25/98 9:50:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Kate Hart)

To: ('')

As the names have not yet been indexed, and I do not know what city you are interested in - does the name Sadie Monahan Magner mean anything to you? Bridgeport, CT originally, died Miami, Florida.


Abby Abel


Date: 4/27/98 10:36:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Maureenpat

To: MagnerJ

Hello, my sister Mary, [] has been communicating with you regarding searches, and forwarded to me your last message. I do have Excel so I can be emailed. I am using the family tree maker program, are you, and did you or is it useful to register out reports through their world family tree program? My grand-father James Magner arrive here in 1880, born in 1866. Who he came with I have not idea but he was only 14, from my knowledge of Irish history in 1879 there was threat of more famines and there was evictions, and between 1879-1882 there were Land Wars so I suspect that is why they left. A passenger list of Irish ships would be great. This is a great project you are working on I to have found many dead ends, I am going to try in the next few months to go to a LDS center and see if they can help. I am leaving on Thursday for a couple of weeks to visit family and an Irish relative from another side of the family. When I get back I will begging again, anything I can do to help you or anyone else please contact me at best of luck to all of us



Date: 5/3/98 4:21:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Mags2120

To: MagnerJ

Hi Jim: No problem, send my response to N.Y. I had some cousins in the Lockport, N.Y. area years ago. I have no idea where they are now.


Date: 5/3/98 9:47:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: MMagnersr

To: MagnerJ

Thanks for the message. I'm from NYC where my dad was a NYC police officer. He was very interested in genealogy and compiled a great deal of information, which I would be happy to share. My Magner forebears came to the NYC area probably around the famine; all of my Magner male ancestors were named James, although my great-great grandfather may have been known as Jim-Tip which we surmised indicated a connection to the Tipperary area, not too far from Cork.

Most of my family remains in the NY area, although I've lived in New Orleans for about 20 years.

Please drop a line when you can and I'll try to send some more details.


Date: 5/3/98 9:51:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: MMagnersr

To: MagnerJ

Look forward to seeing what you have. I'll try to compile my info in a comprehensible way and pass it on. Thanks, Mike Magner


The following surnames: DONAHOE, GAFFNEY, GALLAGHER, MAGNER were posted by H. Andrew BROWN on Friday, February 21, 1997

Email: in the following query:

GAFFNEY. Seek info and contact on GAFFNEY's residing in Providence Co. RI in 1840's including: James GAFFNEY b.c1808 RI m: Bridget?

Timothy GAFFNEY b.c1810 RI m: Ann? 12 JAN 1845

Ann GAFFNEY m Richard MAGNER. 27 NOV 1849

Francis GAFFNEY m Bridget GALLAGHER at Providence. 16 AUG 1846

Michael GAFFNEY m Bridget DONAHOE at Providence

Usgen web Russell D. Davis

Email: Registered surname(s) ARNOLD on Monday, July 28, 1997 Registered surname(s) BEBER, DAVIS, GARVIN, MAGNER, SARBER, SHOEMAKER, SLIFE, SNIKE, WYMER on Tuesday, July 29, 1997 Registered surname(s) RAKER on Tuesday, July 29, 1997


Descendants of William Patterson Generation No. 6




i. RANI7 SECKOLD, b. 6 October 1982, Paddington NSW

ii. CANDICE SECKOLD, b. 18 January 1985.39. JEANETTE ANNE6 MINA (JEAN MARY PATTERSON 5 SECKOLD, LILLIE EDITH LETITIA MARIA 4 PATTERSON, JAMES EDMUND 3, ROBERT 2, WILLIAM 1) was born 10 April 1943 in Lithgow NSW. She married ROBERT GILBERT RIBAUX 19 May 1962 in St Paul's Church of England Lithgow NSW


Date: 5/4/98 9:47:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Russ Davis)

To: (MagnerJ)

I have attached a family group sheet of my Magner's as a text file. I hope you can make it out OK with a minimum of formatting. Samuel, the husband/father of this group is the son of William who is in turn the son of Edward. I have quite a bit on the descendants of Samuel and some data on his Ancestors that I received from quite reliable people but which I have not fully confirmed. Thanks for writing and I hope to discover we are cousins of some sort.



Ancestors of Vincent P V FLANAGAN

i. Francis FLANAGAN, born 19 Apr 1881 in Cornashamogue, Co Leitrim; died 2 May 1918 in France; married Ellie NUGENT.

ii. Patrick FLANAGAN, born 16 Apr 1883 in Cornashamogue, LM; died 12 Jan 1936 in Staten Island, NYC, USA; married Ellen MAGNER.


Holy Cross Cemetery

Brooklyn (Kings County), New York Politicians buried here:

Thomas Francis Magner (1860-1945) Uncle of John Francis Carew, born in New York. Member of New York state legislature; U.S. Representative from New York, 1889-95. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery

Carew, John Francis (1873-1951) Nephew of Thomas Francis Magner Born in Brooklyn, NY April 16, 1873

Member of New York state assembly, 1904; U.S. Representative from New York, 1913-29; state court judge. Interment at Calvary Cemetery, Queens, NY


San Francisco Call Newspaper

Vital Records for the Year 1886

Magner, Mary A. ... died in 1886 ... age 24 ... 1886D-2607

Magner, William ... married in 1886 to Crosby, Margaret ... 1886M-1910



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