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MAGNER INFORMATION, NOVEMBER 2000                       Edited by


Subj:      Searching . . .

Date:                08/31/2000 3:15:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Therese Magner)


Your website is fantastic! What a find - thank you for all your hard work.

I am looking for family history for David Aloysuis Magner from Southgate, CA. He had 5 children 1920's - 30's. His son, my father in law is Robert Thomas Magner living in Long Beach, CA. Any leads would be greatly appreciated so our two boys know their genealogy on the Magner side. I have everything for my side (Tomlinson) back to 1500's. Thank you very much, Therese Magner

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> YourName:        Michael Sheehan

> Email: 

> Surname:         Sheehan

> AreaSearching:   County Cork

> Date:            28 Aug 2000

> Comments:

> I am looking for info with regards to William Sheehan's family. He was the son of Patrick Sheehan and Margaret Wilson of County Cork back in early 1800. I would think William was born in 1801 or 1802.I would like to know if he had any brothers and sisters etc. Thanks


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> YourName:        Therese R.

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magner

> AreaSearching:   California, USA

> Date:            31 Aug 2000

> Time:            12:06:20

> Comments:

> I am looking for family history for David Aloysuis Magner from Southgate, CA. He had 5 children 1920's - 30's. His son, my father in law is Robert Thomas Magner living in Long Beach, CA. Any leads would be greatly appreciated so our two boys know their genealogy on the Magner side. I have everything for my side (Tomlinson) back to 1500's. Thank you very much,

Therese Magner


Subj:      oh that Julia!

Date:                09/18/2000 6:32:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (marie sellers)


Hi Jim,

I made an interesting discovery today.  In the midst of a conversation with a coworker, I realized that I have a Jersey City Magner connection. Maybe I passed some of this info. on to you last year.  If so, I apologize for running this by you again - I was a little distracted being sick and lost track of where I had left off in my research. So... Charles Magner was born 1788 and died 4/16/1852. According to the family bible he is "buried on the Avenue, 5th grave east of smoke bean tree.  2nd east of stake".

As I have mentioned before Julia Magner, his daughter, was born in Philadelphia 7/1/1822, married Edward Murtagh 1/11/1841 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Charles also had a son, James [good name!] Magner. James was born 1819 or 1820 He died 4/8/1872, age 53 year  in Greenville, Hudson County, NJ. I know nothing about him. Now, Julia married Edward Murtagh in Brooklyn 1/11/1841.

They had 4 children Julia, Stillborn, Charles and Edward.

Julia Magner Murtagh died at age 27 and is buried in Calvary in Queens.

Do you recognize this Jim who was probably also born in Philadelphia and ended up in J.C.??



Subj:      Magners

Date:                09/18/2000 10:07:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Nancy Thrift)


Hi Jim,

  My maiden name was Magner, my dad was Harold G. Magner, from Massachusetts, I was born in Cambridge, His father’s name was Joseph Magner, and I was told he came here from Ireland, I never got to meet him. My dad was born in 1914 Just passed away in 1999.  I was trying to find some relatives, or connections.  Don't know if he had any brothers (I mean my grandfather) or sisters.  He married a Catherine Murray also from Ireland, have been told we are from Irish and Scottish decent. Would appreciate any info you could give me I am new to this computer stuff. Thanks Nancy Thrift



Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

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> YourName:        Antony Magnier

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magnier

> AreaSearching:

> Date:            28 Sep 2000

> Time:            08:09:18

       I am currently researching my family name on the Internet and found your site.  My family originates from a place called Ballyvisteen, which is in cork near its border with limerick.  I have wondered before, as many people have asked, if going far back enough whether the name has any French origin especially as there is a history between the French and the Irish.


Subj:      magner stuff

Date:                10/02/2000 3:39:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Candace Magner)

To:      ,


Came across old mail and the site today. Wondered if you wanted some additional info to go under

Under #17/i (Claude Stevenson Magner): of his sons Harold and Walter, my grandfather was Walter Horrie Magner.

Dr. Candace A. Magner

University of New Mexico - Los Alamos   Dept of Fine Arts/Music


Subj:      Mahala ( maiden name Renicker ) Magner

Date:                10/01/2000 10:36:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Nancy)




Would you have any info on her? My cousin and I are trying to find anything we can because we have been told that she may have had info about our Cherokee heritage! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!



Subj:      Magner and LaRue

Date:                10/10/2000 12:37:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Elsimae Morse)



Hi Jim, I wrote to you some time ago re this connection.  Since then I found a cousin, a real genealogist, who has studied the LaRue family for over 30 years, yet was unable to find anything more on the ancestry of the grandfather of Harriet LaRue who married Daniel Magner.  However, she did send data for Harriet.  She and her husband had just one child, Charles; they lived mostly in the Lockport and Buffalo areas.  At least I now have this much.  Also, my cousin found her mother's identity.  We had thought that the surname was Helms.  However, it was Edmunds (Renew Edmunds, father Benoni Edmunds, mother Jemima Horton).  We are always appreciative of the help we receive from you and others like you who are so generous with your time and knowledge.  Thanks,

  CiCi (Robinson) Morse




Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Dan Clark

> Email: 

> Surname:         Dan

> AreaSearching:   Lakeview, MI

> Date:            12 Oct 2000

> Hi

> I have been a follower of Dennis Magner (b.1833) for his 1800s books on horse taming.  I have collected many of them.  Is this the Dennis Magner in your listings?  I really hope so because I would like to know more about this man that I admire greatly Please let me know of any information that you might be aware of. Thanks, Dan Clar



Subj:       Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

> Subject:         Seeking Information

> YourName:        Vicki

> Surname1:        Shane *Sheehan*

> Email: 

> AreaSearching:   Castlemagner, Cork County Ireland

> Date:            21 Oct 2000

> My family is supposedly from Castlemagner.  My great great great great grandfather was Timothy Sheehan, and supposedly lived on a farm next to the parish *church* there.  Our understanding is he also attended school there in the parish.  We had some misinformation initially about the name of the village he was from, I have been researching from my end looking for what I thought was Castlemagner.  I also understand that a cousin still living in the area recently *within the past year or so* sold the old family farm, their names are Tim and Chris Sheehan, I believe.

 If you have any information concerning this I would be most grateful or any suggestions as to whom I might contact for more information.

> Thank you and best wishes,

> Vicki Shane *Sheehan*



Subj:      Magner Information 2000

Date:                10/23/2000 9:42:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time




Reference subject above.

I found a message in the reference file, 'Subject: Re; Scannells from Cork', dated 05/25/2000 PM Eastern Daylight Time, from Letnj.

The message references a  Jeremiah Scannell who had settled in N.Y. City.  Other references pertain to Killavallig, Castlemagner.

My grandfather was born in Scart, Kildorrery, Co. Cork in October 1859.  He emigrated to Brooklyn, New York in about 1886.  He was naturalized 15 October 1890 in Kings County which is Brooklyn.  The witness to the naturalization was Jeremiah Scannell.

My grandfather’s address at this time was 286 Patchen Street, Brooklyn. I have no further information on Scannell but am interested in same. Could you provide this information to 'Letji' and ask that I be contacted?  Thank you.

John P. Myers, Jr.



Subj:      1900 Census - New York

Date:                10/23/2000 11:05:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Rachel Magner)


Dear Mr. Magner,

I very much enjoyed visiting the Magner website for the first time.  Listed in the Census for 1900 - New York was information on my husband's great grandparents, Marcus and Ida Magnar. How do I obtain copies of these census reports?  The Vol. was listed as 129 and the Edition was listed as 173. Can I order copies through your website?


Rachel Magner



Subj:      Fw: Thank you for the reply and your great website

Date:                10/25/2000 3:48:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Rachel Magner)



----- Original Message -----

From: Rachel Magner

To: Jim

Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 9:40 AM

Subject: Thank you for the reply and your great website

Dear Jim,


I tried searching on the internet several years ago and was totally frustrated and gave up the search after about a day or so. None of the websites I visited at this time had any of the names I was looking for.  When I found your website, I got so excited. Not only were my husband's great grandparents listed in your 1900 New York Census, but his grandfather was listed in your NYC 1913, 1914 City Directory. As very little is known about my husband's side of the family, I too was shocked to see the spelling of the name as Magnar. Several years ago I did contact the cemetery where we knew my husband's father was buried and where his grandmother was buried.  I also sent a questionnaire and asked if any other Magners were buried there. They sent a Polaroid picture of his grandmother's and grandfather's tombstone and grave file maintenance reports on all other Magners at the cemetery.


Marcus and Ida were both buried with the last name of Magner. Marcus Magner's date of burial was October 7, 1926 and the age given at burial was 82 with a last known address of 102 Forsyth Street, no City listed, State of New York.  Ida Magner's date of burial was April 19, 1939 and the age given at burial was 80 with a last known address of 118 Hooper Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.    Per my husband's mother, she is fairly certain (but not 100%) that Marcus and Ida's son was Nathan Magner.  As the cemetery did not send a file maintenance report on Nathan, I only have the tombstone photo which shows a date of birth of Feb. 7, 1887 and date of death of March 8, 1951. Nathan's wife was Beatrice Magner.  Beatrice also went by the name of Bessie Magner. I found her date of birth as Jan. 28, 1898.  The tombstone lists Beatrice's date of death as Feb. 23, 1985.


Nathan Magner is listed in your New York 1913 directory as a chiropodist in Manhattan with a middle initial of H.  Nathan is also listed in the 1914 city Directory as a chiropodist in Manhattan and living in Manhattan (same address given on the cemetery's file maintenance report for Marcus Magner).

Nathan and Beatrice had only two children, both sons, Marvin (DOB 5/25/28) and Raymond Magner (DOB 8/16/24).  Both son's died within a few weeks of each other and are also buried at the same cemetery.  Marvin was buried on Oct. 24, 1967 and Raymond was buried on Nov. 14, 1967.  Raymond is my husband's father. One of the comical aspects of this search is that at one of the son's funeral's, some unknown people attended claiming to be relatives they think with the surname possibly of Messenger.  Any clues on how to search for additional marriages for Marcus, Ida or Nathan? As I am a neophyte in the art of genealogical research, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated and most welcomed.

Rachel Magner



Subj:      Search for Family Tree- Magner

Date:                10/27/2000 12:14:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:                GalwayMedicalSD

To:                JimMagner


Dear Jim, I believe John J. Magner may be my great Grandfather that immigrated to the U.S in 1896. His code is N-80. Do you have more information on him?


                                                      Patrick Magner


Subj:      Magner Family

Date:                11/04/2000 6:09:02 PM Eastern Standard Time




You probably already have this information but I'll pass it on anyways.  I came across an entry in some extracts of St. Bartholomew R.C. Church, Kildorrey Parish, Co. Cork reflects that Denis Bowman married Mary Myers on 23 July 1873.  The witnesses were WILLIAM MAGNER and Michael Bowman.

Bowman is a Palatine family

1606MST 4 November 2000.  John Myers



Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Liz Pennisi

> Email: 

> Surname:         Pennisi

> AreaSearching:

> Date:            05 Nov 2000

> Comming to Ireland next weekend- How to I find Castle Magner? Jim Magner, Richmond, Ma  USA





Subj:                Magners

Date:                10/01/2000 10:03:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:                MKM129

To:                IrishGenes1


Do you know any of us Magners in Massachusetts?


Subj:      John Magner married Bridget Mary Barrett

Date:                08/27/2000




I "think" I "might" have some information pertaining to your Magner family from Ireland.

On May 07, 1880 my g-grandfather Thomas Magner age 20 arrived from Ireland to New York City traveling on the SS Greece

 Traveling with Thomas Magner was:

John Magner age 30

David Magner age 21

I have a copy of this John Magner's Naturalization records when he was living at 213 E 25th Street, NY

From there I traced him along with other members of his Magner family and located them in a Family plot at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, NY


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