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District of the City of New York, Port of New York at Bremen and Southampton

December 22, 1888

Jules Magnier 33 m tourist U. St. of A. U. St. of A. Second Cabin


Subj: Magnor

Date: 6/30/99 8:08:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: JimMagner

I am trying to locate some information on my G-G-grandmother Ellen Magnor. She was born 26 June 1811 in the parish of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, where she spent her childhood and girlhood, She married John Leahy there about 1833. A son Dennis was born in 7 Aug 1834. They left about 1836 for Canada, New York, Mass. and finally settling in Wisconsin. I know nothing of her family in Ireland which is the reason for this inquiry.

Helen Stewart


Subject: Lanville Magner

From: noretta caldwell

Sent: Sunday, June 27, 1999 8:25 PM

We are looking for information on Lanville Magner who was born in Ireland, when--we don't know. I am related to Albert Lanville Magner, who's father was Sam Brown Magner. If you have any information that would help us trace our roots, please e-mail me at this site. Thanks for your help.

Karen Bryan


Subject: MAGNIER



Date: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 14:47:05 +0200

My name is Georges MAGNIER, I am French, I was born in the center of France in the department of "LA CREUSE" where my family is living




Date: 7/1/99 12:50:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Magner_Mieczysław>

To: JimMagner@AOL.COM (J Magner)

Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 10:22 PM

LUBON, 17-06-1999 year. Greeting from Poland and town LUBON by city Poznan.

I’m very pleased with Internet let me meet family Magner. Let me introduce myself. I come from Poland .My name Magner first name Mieczyslaw. I was born in Poznan 05-12-1954 My father Zdzislaw, born in Poznan 19-11-1919, died 17-09-1976

My grandfather Jozef Emannuel born in Mittellazisk /Laziska/ Silesia. 16-02 1890

Father grandfather Jozef born: town Nicolai.

Maybe my family were descended from Ireland. To thank you for page to Family Magner.

To give one’s regards to LUBON in POLAND.

Mieczyslaw Magner


Re: Magner

Hi saw your posting on the Magner web site. Made me wonder if we are connected, because I descend from a Sarah (Sally) Magner (d/o) John Magner) from Bourbon County, KY. John is (s/o) Edward Magner. Also, I have the name Zelleck in my family. If you think we are connected please let me know.




Subj: Magner Coat of Arms

Date: 7/4/99 9:43:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Emer Keating)


Hi there,

I'm trying to compile information about the Magners for relatives of mine. I found Tom Magner's Web page very informative. I was wondering if you knew where I could find the Magner Coat of Arms on the Web. Otherwise, could I have a detailed description of the coat of arms? I could then paint it myself. I have a book on Irish family names and their coats of arms but unfortunately the Magner name is not included.

Thanks in advance.

Emer Keating


Editors note: All mail is replied to not all is listed on the information page.

Subject: Query Form

Shirley Anne Legee

How_found = Jim E-Mailed me info on churches

Descent = yes

Jim, The luck of the Irish was with me I found my roots in East Cork, in the parish of Middleton. Your County Cork churches were a great help, now I have a question as to how I go about finding out all about this parish, I hear it has a great Brewery! Sincerely Shirley Anne


Subj: Fw: Query Form 7/16/99 11:42:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Name = Joe Shea

Mailing list = YES

Descent = YES

I am seeking the family of Honor Barry & Thomas Magner, married in Cork in 1831. I have the list of children all seven of them. Hanora and Honor and some of her children came to Boston while the kids were under 18. Son David Magner 1834-1904 married Ellen McDonald in Boston and had six more Magners. One daughter, Mary Clare married Frederick Peter Davis in 1893 in Boston. I am not aware of any of the Magners leaving Boston. I would like to connect the dots with other Magner's with roots in the Boston area.

Joe Shea


Subj: Margaret Magner Ryan 7/16/99 8:47:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (The Nicholes)

My Margaret Magner was born in Oct 1860. Her Father John was born on PA. Her mother Catherine was born in Ireland Margaret married James Ryan when she was very young (1874 -1875) She had 11 children, 6 girls and 5 boys. James and Margaret moved to SD until 1899. She died in Cherokee Iowa on Feb 3, 1940 at the age of 79. I have her obit and have ordered her death certificate. If this is something of interest please let you know. I have a picture of her taken just before her death. I also have pictures of her some of her children.

Sue Nicholes


Subj: Re: Magner 7/19/99 11:01:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time


Hi Jim. My g-grandfather John came to the U.S. in the middle 1800's I think, and settled in western NY, I believe. The first and only record I have seen of him is the 1900 NY census, John and his wife Marie and children in Medina, NY. Thank you for your consideration.

Have you ever heard of a Dennis Magner from the 19th century who was a famous horse trainer and author? He wrote a book entitled, "The Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse". First printing was 1887, I have a reprint, printed 1980. I don't believe I have seen him mentioned on the web page. Jim


Subj: Magner Trace 7/20/99 3:16:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Michael M White)

I have stepped into the genealogy pool and find that the water is very deep!

I come from the line of Magners on my grandmother’s side of the family. I can trace back only to Jeremiah Magner who was born in Ireland in 1809. Is there any way I can obtain a list of all Jeremiah Magner's that were born in Ireland, in 1809? I hope to find out who his father and mother were and then go as far back as I can. The Jeremiah Magner that I am talking about settled in McKinney, Texas (USA) and married Sarah E. Searcy on October 7, 1829.

If you can, direct me to where I might locate this information. I feel confident that if I can make this connection, I will be able to drain some of the water from this pool! Thank you for any assistance you can provide. Sincerely,

Michael Magner White, Dallas, Texas 75287

Subj: Magner Trace: Reply

Date: 7/20/99 6:33:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: JimMagner

To: (Michael M White)


Jumping in the water is only half the fun, Irish genealogy you will find is one of the most interesting and frustrating hobbies you can find.

Tracing records before 1860 in Ireland is difficult at best. Another factor was the reluctance of families to register their children. During that era a fine was imposed if a family failed to register within 30 days of a birth. Due to the population being mainly farmers they did not often make it into the towns to register. When they did find the time and means to get to town they would register and perhaps stretch the dates a bit to avoid problems. This is one of the reasons for the many discrepancies with Irish date records

The years prior to 1864 are difficult to find. Some available sources are the Tithes Applotments and Griffth's Index give or take a few years depending on the townland. Grave-markers available mainly in books, some are on line, Mallow Research Centre may be able to give you a listing for Jeremiah Magner's but only for portions [not all] of Cork. In your case not knowing the county could be an expensive and not too rewarding a task. Church record are sometimes available via snail mail but are often not timely nor responsive.

My records indicate Magners were heavy in County Cork, than Tipperary and Limerick with Claire and Dublin carrying a few. I proberly have the largest collection of Magner data available but I clearly do not have it all so searching for unknown sources can be rewarding.

Ireland had a fire during its war for independence that resulted in many records being burned at the capital building. A loss that hurt everyone. The National Archives in Ireland have some records but accessing is again difficult. Short of a trip across the pond and then only with prior confirmed reservations you must have good information available up front. They do offer a search but I understand that good records are necessary up front and you must obtain a access number or Call Number for the person you are searching.

The MAIN KEY to Irish genealogy is to have a clear and definite understanding of the Townland (Place name) that the person was born. Other than that you will find you really don't know which Magner you are searching.

I have the following:

  1. Jeremiah Magner born 1809 Ireland (No Place-name or county listed)
  2. Jeremiah Magner married Susan E Searcy Clay Missouri, October 7, 1829 [could be him]
  3. Jeremiah Jerry Magner Born August 1873, McKinney, Collin County, Texas [could be a grandson] Died March 1, 1845, McKinney, Collin County, Texas
  4. Parents John Magner and Sara Ann Elizabeth McDuffie
  5. Jeremiah Jerry Magner Married: Mattie Steel, McKinney, Collin County, Texas, December 2, 1914 [could be a great grand son]

Same family???

I assume you have looked at the Magner page for possible sources

keep in touch, Jim Magner

I would also note that Major General Jeremiah Magner was from the Cork City area

PS: I would love to see what information you have available for your Magners prior to the 1900s.


Subj: Re: Magner Trace

Date: 7/20/99 9:18:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Michael M. White)

File: Magner_Family.xls (35328 bytes)

DL Time (52000 bps): < 1 minute


Thank you for the speedy and informative reply. Somehow I knew this was not going to be easy. It looks like your years of research has really paid off... for the rest of us! I appreciate your help.

The Jeremiah Magner you reference IS my great, great grandfather. The other information you cite is also correct. I sure know better than most that going forward is the easy road. Traveling back in time is the tough way to go. I am just getting started but I have attached what I have so far. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, let me know and I will fax or snail mail it to you. Just send that destination info and I will let 'er rip. Until then, "Howdy" from "Big D" in the great (hot) State of Texas. Thanks again for you interest and help.


Subj: Fw: Query Form

Date: 7/25/99 3:02:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time


The following information was submitted by; Nathan Magner

Searching = Germany

Hello my name is Nathan Magner, and I am really suprised to find out that the Magner name is Irish. My grandfather is German, from Shleswig Germany. He was taken prisoner in France during WW2 and brought to the U.S. returned to Germany after the war, then came back to the U.S. in 1949. This side of the family can only be traced back to his great grandparents. Can anyone help with a search in Germany?

Thank You Nathan


Subj: Magner website

Date: 8/1/99 12:30:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: JimMagner

I would like to look at individuals in your database, specifically looking for Harriet LaRue who married Daniel (?) Magner in NY. Harriet is my g grandfather's (Enslee) sister. I would like more info about her and the LaRue family if it were available.

Thanks, CiCi


Subj: Re: Magner website

Date: 8/2/99 12:45:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time


To: JimMagner

Hi Jim, sorry it took awhile for me to get back to you. This is CiCi, I'm Mikki's sister. On your web site I was looking for a family tree - perhaps I'm just not getting it. Although you have a lot of data! , I was thinking I might find my Magner by looking at a list of individuals or a decadency chart. Your response suggests that perhaps you don't have our folks in your database. Hope I'm not making more work for you. We just started collecting info a couple of months ago. Here's what I do know (not all info has been verified):

John LaRue m Mary Stewart, probably around 1814

Son John La Rue b1814, Albany, NY married: unknown Helms circa: 1839

2 children: Enslee Benoni LaRue b:1842, MI probably

Harriet Eliza LaRue b: 1844, MI probably

Enslee married Kate Coon - 1 surviving child Frank H. LaRue

Frank married Elsie May Payne, 1913 - 1 child May

May married James William Robinson 1939 (our parents)

Harriet married Daniel Magner, son of William Magner and Margrett, in Lockport or Lakeport, NY. At least one child: Charles B (?) Magner

Sorry I can't be more specific on the dates. I'm including the URL for our website in case you want to look further. Hope this helps, and hope you run across something that will help us.

Good luck, CiCi


Subj: Magner

Date: 8/2/99 6:36:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: JimMagner



I found what I believe are some of your Magner in Lockport in the 1900 and 1920 NY census, I did not check 1880 yet. I can tell you that there are a Query or two on the information page of living descendants of that Lockport family. You can contact them direct from a link at the Searchers page. I will look better tonight as I am sure of a few searchers that have ancestors that are from that area.

These Census are from the Soundex but additional information is available from the actual Census, you can retrieve that from the E.D. that is furnished. Different ED usually indicate different Family locations but not necessarily different families. I will post your information to the Query page at the next up date and include your e-mail address with the searchers that is a good way to have people also searching to find each other.

If this is not easy to read tell me and I will Format and send as a download for easy reading


Surname Given Date Born Age Born Present Location, Street Vol. ED

Magner Thomas , H, May 1858 42 IR. Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Moran Mary C , D, Feb 1875 25 IR. Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Magner Margaret , D, May 1878 22 IR. Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Magner Thomas J , S, Apr 1880 20 IR. Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Magner Nellie , D, Dec 1883 16 Can. Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Magner Joseph , S, Dec 1887 12 Can. Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Moran Michael , SL, Oct 29 NY Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Moran Edward , GS, Feb 1897 3 NY Niagara Lockport, Grasuenor 187 52

Moran Joseph , GS, Apr 1899 1 NY Niagara Lockpor,t Grasuenor 187 52

Magner William , H, Nov 1859 40 Lockport? NY 187 61

Magner Nellie , A, July 1863 35 Lockport? NY 187 61

Magner Mathew , H, Feb 1864 35 NY Lockport City 18 Chestnut St. 187 60

Magner Rose , W, Oct 1868 31 NY Lockport City 18 Chestnut St. 187 60

Magner Harold A , S, Oct 1890 10 NY Lockport City 18 Chestnut St. 187 60



Surname, Given , C, Age, Born Address City County , Vol., E.D., Sheet, Page

Magner Anna , Sv, 70, NY 166 Pine Lockport Niagara , 321, 81, 7, 8

Libby Stanley D. 166 Pine Lockport Niagara , 321, 81, 7, 8

Magner Charles B , H, 59, NY 17 Maple Lockport Niagara , 321, 81, 8, 87

Magner Ellen , W, 40, NY 18 Maple Lockport Niagara , 321, 81, 8, 87

Franz Elmer , BL, 25, NY 18 Maple Lockport Niagara , 321, 81, 8, 87

Magner William , H, 58, NY 300 South Lockport Niagara , 321, 85, 11, 93

Magner Mary W , W, 48, NY 300 South Lockport Niagara 321, 85, 11, 93

Let me know if it helps, Jim Magner


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