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Subj: Ellen Magner

Date: 1/17/99 2:55:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (pope.moseley)


My great-great grandmother Ellen Magner was born in Ireland. Oral family history tells me she and her husband Andrew Feany were born on the south bank of the Shannon River in Cork County.

Her son Patrick was born on May 10, 1865 in Rochester, Minnesota. He would be my father's grandfather. She is buried in the Feany family cemetery--Calvary cemetery in Waterville Minn. I have a picture of her gravestone. Andrew must have died and she remarried a Louth, because though she chose to be buried in the Feany cemetery, her name is Ellen Magner Feany Louth.

I noticed there is an Ellen Magner listed in the 1860 and 1870 census in Minnesota which I assume to be her. She seems to appear in a lot of censuses in Ireland perhaps even in the Griffith valuation in Ireland. I am curious if she and Andrew married in Ireland and then emigrated or just happened to be from the same area and met on the boat or what. I'm happy to share what I have about Ellen. Can you tell me where her family probably came from in Ireland? I assume the Feanys must have connected with her family there. How close is she in your Magner family tree? Kathy Feany Moseley


Subj: Magner Recent Discoveries

Date: 1/17/99 5:09:06 AM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Brian & Jennifer Collath)


To: (Magner, Thomas)

CC: (Magner, Jim)

On the first day of 1999 I had the pleasure of making contact with Mr. Merrick Sims. After exchanging information with him I am proud to announce that Mr Sims & I are related as 4th & 5th cousins. 4th Cousins through the BROWN's and 5th Cousins through the MAGNER's. Additionally, I have constructed our family tree and this is outlined on the Magner Home Page

I have been in contact with another Magner descendant in the Michael Magner/Margaret Alyward side, a Mrs. Christine Luxford, who I will establish as best I can our connection. Furthermore, I am endeavoring to contact a Mrs. Patricia McLeod who is a descendant of John Magner/Catherine Brown, on my side of the tree, as well. I sincerely hope this information is of interest to you. Regards, Brian.....


Subj: Horace Elliot Magner

Date: 1/20/99 12:59:23 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Barbara Goodbar)



Hi, I am researching my Magner family. It is a Colonial family but I haven't been able to trace my great grandfather's brother Horace Elliot Magner, born 1860, Van Wert County, OH. Horace was the son of David Magner and Louisa Brothers. David was killed in the Civil War at Missionary Ridge 1862 so the family was supported by the Brothers family. They moved to Greenwood County, KS with Louisa's brother Horace Elliot Brothers, and then to Colorado. Horace married Mollie Lovern in Pueblo County, CO 1884. Horace and my grandfather John Calvin were mining engineers at Cripple Creek during the gold rush. John Calvin went to Idaho to find gold and died during a winter storm at Thunder Mountain, Warren, ID, ca 1903. Horace had a ranch in South Park Colorado ca 1912 but now I've lost him. Family legend has that he moved to California. Does any of this information sound familiar to anyone? I would love to place this family and have their story for my family history. Barbara Goodbar.


Subj: W. Magner

Date: 1/21/99 12:14:41 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Richard Demlow)


We are looking for information on W. Magner who copyrighted a velvet painting of an Indian in 1964. The painting is in our possession and we would like more information about the artist.


Subj: Re: Magner history

Date: 1/4/99 5:32:45 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (marie sellers)


Hi Jim,

Thanks for responding so quickly. To answer your questions...

Julia Magner was born in Philadelphia, PA July 1, 1822. She went to NY around 1834. Julia Magner was married to Edward Murtagh Jan. 11, 1841 in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, NY, She died Feb. 5, 1849

She bore 3 children

1. Still-born June, 1843

2. Charles Edward June 19, 1844

3. Edward Joseph Sept. 30, 1846 [my great grandfather]

According to the 1850 census, several adult Magners were living with my great-great grandfather...

1. Charles Magner, age 43, pyrotechnist**

2. Ellen Magner, age 32

3. Mary Magner, age 28

4. James Magner, age 24***

**Charles Magner was born in 1788 and died April 16, 1852 He was "buried on the Avenue; 5th grave east of smoke bean tree, 2nd east of stake".

***Julia's brother, James, died in Greenville, NY [I think that's part of Brooklyn, too] on April 4, 1872 page 53.

Many members of the Murtagh family are buried at Calvary Cemetery in Queens, NY. I suspect there are Magners there, too.

Also...did you happen to see "60 Minutes" last night?

There was a segment on "the Magdalens" - Irish girls who for reasons of sexual impropriety were sent away to special convents throughout Ireland to work in the laundries. The last of 'the laundries' was closed several years ago. Many of the girls just sort of disappeared from their homes, without a word said to anyone about their departure. The decision to send them to 'the laundries' could be made by a parent or the local priest.

Anyway.... one of the women interviewed in the segment had sued the church to, at the very least, place a headstone with the names of the girls who had died while at 'the laundries'. As the camera scrolled down the list of names, one caught my eye. It was LILY MAGNER. I believe the headstone is in Waterford.

You can check out the WWW.CBS.COM sight under '60 Minutes' to get a snippet of the interview.

That's my piece! Marie Sellers


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