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Can anyone connect to these Magner’s Interned at Calgary Cemetery in Woodside, NY?




Date of Burial



Born Year





Churchtown, IR

































Please contact:


Contributed by Peggy Dick

The following list of soldiers enlisted from the Adams County, Indiana area Civil War.

Name and Rank Residence Date of Muster Remarks

Magner, Henry Monroeville Dec. 9, 1863 Mustered out Sept. 19, '65


1910 Plat Map Index - Yankton County SD (A. Smith) . . . . . Published by the Odessa Digital Library - 29 Nov 1997

Magner, Maude A. 93N 55W 5

Magner, Maude A. 94N 55W 32


The Hebe, August 7, 1823

List of emigrant settlers from the South of Ireland embarked onboard the Hebe Transport for passage to Quebec Cove of Cork July 8th 1823

James Magner, Mallow, Cork

Ellen, Wife, Mallow, Cork

Mary Magner, Mallow, Cork

Jude Magner, Mallow, Cork


Subj: Fw: Query Form, 10/26/99 12:58:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Patrick Murphy)

Area = Fermoy and Glanworth, Co. Cork

I am seeking information regarding Patrick Magner (son of Edmond Magner of Fermoy) who married Catherine Kelleher (baptized in Glanworth Co. Cork on Sept 29, 1869, parents Michael Kelleher and Mary Neill).

Patrick and Catherine were married on Feb 20, 1896 in Glanworth. They had at least one child, Honora, baptised on April 4, 1898 in Fermoy, Co. Cork.

They had a second daughter named Mary born sometime in 1900. Patrick was a shoemaker. At the time of the 1901 census they were living in Fermoy. We are interested in any additional information about this family and its descendents. I have additional information regarding Catherine's family.

Subj: Fw: Query Form Tuesday, October 26, 1999 8:02 AM

From: (Pat Tacker)

Area = Ireland/USA

I am looking for information about Bridget Magner Born Feb. 1835 in Ireland. She came to the USA approx. in 1849 at age 14. She married Patrick Redmond about 1862. She resided in the Chicago, IL area till she died in 1902. I am trying to confirm this information which came from census data and obituaries - and cemeteries. Apparently, she had a sister -according to her obit - but no name was available. She is my great grandmother. If there is any connection, please contact me at Thanks and good luck to everyone. This is a great site - thanks for providing it to all of us.

Subj: Missing Link 10/26/99 6:38:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Here is some information I found that confirms John Magner's 1st and his wife Joan Magner. This should fill in some of the blanks. Now all we need is John's ship.Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 5 page 195, the following Will of John Magnor, planter, Kent Co, MD written Oct 11, 1724, probated June 19, 1725

To wife Joan, extx, dwelling plantation during life; at her decease to son Edward and hrs.; residue of estate absolutely, excepting a legacy to son Edward afsd. Testator directs he be buried on dwelling plantation, Test. Maurice Roberts, John Dunford, Hannah Dunford. Liber 18, Folio


Found nothing in the Wills after John's.

Regards to all, Bob

Subj: Re: Magner 10/27/99 8:43:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time


Hi, Thanks for the information. Your site is a great help to everyone and it's an attractive site. I did go thru the queries trying to connect, but my info is so sketchy at this point - it's difficult. This was a branch of my family that was not a part of my life. So, I have been playing detective for years and am piecing it together - but want to get documentation. Can't rely on census and obit info totally, but am using them as a guide. The name Magner was listed in an obit for my great grandmother, but her 1902 death c. didn't have maiden names as a part of the info.

I am from Central IL - lower part - near Effingham. I will keep in touch and I'll pass along any Magner info I find. Bye take care, Pat

Subj: Fw: Query Form 10/27/99 3:30:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Name = Jennifer Word

Recently, my friend and I were talking and we figured out that we are both Magners. We were astonished at what a small world it is. Consequently, we were trying to determine how related we are. The interesting part is that he is from Australia and my Magner roots trace back only to Kansas. Do you have any records of the Magner roots to Kansas?

This is what I know: My Mother's maiden name is Magner. My Grandfather is Irvin Magner who now lives in Chanute, Kansas. My Great-Grandmother Gennie Magner (maiden name Gager) also lived in Chanute when she died earlier this year. There are many cousins as well as aunts and uncles.

Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You, Jennifer T.S. Word

Subject: Query Form On Sun Oct 24 21:52:34 1999, Surname = Magner\O'Brien Mary

Submitted by: (Allison)

I am looking for my grandfather's sister Mary Magner she is all so my mother's god-mother

Magner/ O’Connell

Looking for Magner / O’Connell connections Bridgeport, CT late 1800’s

R. M. S. City of Richmond April 27, 1882

The following arrived at New York from Ireland aboard the R. M. S. City of Richmond

Michael Magner age 20 (My gg-uncle)

Kate Magner age 15

Nora Magner age 20 Spinster

Cornelius Sheehan

S/S England July 16, 1884

The following arrived at New York from Ireland June 16, 1884 traveling with Elizabeth Magner aboard the S/S England

List No. 297= Hanorah Connell, age 16

List No. 298= Tim Connell, age 10

List No. 299= Michael Connell, age 6

List No. 300= Kate Shay, age 18

List No. 301= Margaret Connell, age 14

List No. 302= Bridget Connell, age 7

List No. 303= Catherine Connell, age 4

List No. 304= Betsy Magna widow of John (My gg-grandmother Elizabeth Magner)

List No. 305= Katie Sheehan age 10 (Catherine has been traced to Bridgeport, CT)

Note: all are underage children except Elizabeth

Any information please contact



30 Magners are listed at this site with additional information available


MAGNER INFORMATION 66      Edited by

Magner facts found at Margaret Grogans Web page


  1. Edmond Carroll married to Mary Magner in Killavullen 2-19-1813 witnesses James Magner and Patrick Roche
  2. Anthony Carroll married Mary Sullivan in Glanworth 11-8-1860 witnesses Michael Magner and Mary Dowling

"Jan Kenney Fortado

Kilbehenny Grave Inscriptions, Co. Cork

MAGNER, Mary nee KEILY died 1781 age 36. Husband James MAGNER died 1799 age 62.

  1. 1828 Tithes Applotment for the Parish of Kilworth, Diocese of Cloyne, Co. Cork
    KILLALY: Michael Magner
  2. GLANSESKIN: John Magner

Deaths by starvation in the Kilworth District Jan 1-17 Apr 1847 GRAIG

  1. MAGNER, John and 2 children
    MAGNER, Frank, wife and 2 children

1846 Macroom Co. Cork, Slater's Directory

Magner, Denis (The Square)
Magner, Patrick (The Square)

Passenger List, Ticonderog, Arrived New York 8-4-1851
Magner or Manner Connor, 25, farmer


Ballinora and Ballincollig Parish Co. Cork, Marriage:

Thomas Murphy and Catherine Magner, Oct. 15, 1856

1834 Tithes Applotment for Townland of Graigue , Ballinvoher, Parish of Kilworth, County Cork

Michael Magner


Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1824 – Mallow, Co. Cork
Wheelwrights: Magner, Jeremiah (Balladaheen)


Subject: Query Form, Mon Oct 11 13:42:03 1999,

Joanne Hudson


I am looking for any ancestors of Jeruel Leonard Magner born in Orange Co. IN died in Greensburg, PA.

Subject: Query Form, Oct 7 16:28:54 1999

Brian Donal O'Sullivan Magner


Cork, Ireland, or Toronto, Canada

Grandfather is William Magner, Grandmother is Una O'Sullivan, both born in Ireland Moved to Canada, Toronto area

Subj: Re: Magner Genealogy, 10/17/99 6:11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Marilyn Evans)



When visiting Castlemagner, we did, indeed, stop at the Castle Bar. We had a date to meet with Geoff, but, unfortunately, he was unable to make it. As was the case during our trip, time was a factor. There never was enough of it. We did climb a couple of fences and were able to get some good pictures of the ruins. That was luck, because the next day when we returned, the cows were there.

I have been thinking of sending a query to the Mallow Heritage Centre. Have you ever tried that? It costs $50, but would be worth it if I could obtain the information I'm lacking.

James Magner, born Abt 1810, a native of the Parish of Ballygriffin, County Cork, was advised by his physician to travel, his health being poor. He visited New York City, where he met Mary Sullivan (b.1816), also a native of County Cork. Mary was visiting her brother (don't know his name). The crossing, which took six weeks, was so rough that she had no desire to return to Ireland. She remained with her brother and, subsequently, met James Magner.

James and Mary had attended the same church in Ireland, and possibly were acquainted, but the Magners were an aristocratic family and the Sullivan’s lived on a dairy farm. James and Mary probably were married in New York, and later settled in Waukesha, Wisconsin. James is buried in the Catholic cemetery in Waukesha. The inscription of his tomb reads: James Magner, died Sep. 16, 1855 age 45 yrs, a native of the Parish of Ballygriffin, Cty Cork, Ireland.

James and Mary had five children:

David, born 1846, died in infancy

Maria Elizabeth (my great grandmother), born April 16, 1847 in Waukesha; married Michael Ryan on April 8, 1872; died in Medford, Wis., February 16, 1922

Joseph, died in infancy

Margaret married James A. O'Neil of Chicago on February 12, 1871, died a few months later

Ellenora, married to John Cahill on January 1, 1871; died in 1928

That just about covers what we know about them, but maybe we'll find a connection with someone out there. My Aunt tells me that there was family in Pennsylvania, but couldn't give me any further information. Thanks for spreading the word! Marilyn Evans

Subject: Query Form, On Sun Oct 17 21:52:10 1999,

Neal Devitt

Submit_by =

My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Ryan, was daughter of Mary Elizabeth Magner Ryan, daughter of James Magner born 1810 in Ballygriffin (?giblin) parish. I presume we are distantly related. I'm seeking more information about my ancestors. Thanks, Neal Devitt, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Subj: Researching my Magner family

Date: 10/13/99 2:41:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Anyone connected to the Edward Magner family from Pennsylvania? Circa 1800? I have some data but need more. Marian Buchanan

(Marian could you submit your Screen Address, Thank you)

Subj: Magner, Date: 10/19/99 10:55:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time




Hello Jim,

I was wondering if you have any information on a Jeanie Magner, who gave birth to a boy in 1964 in Illinois? I have a friend is looking for his biological mother. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dawn

Subj: (no subject) Date: 10/20/99 2:52:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time

To: JimMagner

Seeking info on JAMES MAGNER m. Ann JENNER of Cheam Surrey, England. At some point may have gone to Canada then to Minnesota and possibly some family to Wisconsin.

Magner/ O’Connell

I am looking for a connection to William O’Connell married to ________ Magner, Also a James O’Connell and a Lewis Magner. All are listed as living at 36 Pine Bridgeport, CT 1895 & 1896. William O’Connell is listed as a son-in law to Elizabeth (Sweeney) Magner (1839-1896) my gg-grandmother


Connell from Ireland:

The following Connell’s arrived from Ireland to New York June 16, 1884 traveling with Elizabeth Magner (1839-1896) aboard the S/S England

List No. 297= Hanorah Connell, age 16

List No. 298= Tim Connell, age 10

List No. 299= Michael Connell, age 6

List No. 300= Kate Connell, age 18

List No. 301= Margaret Connell, age 14

List No. 302= Bridget Connell, age 7

List No. 303= Catherine Connell, age 4

List No. 304= Betsy Magna widow of John (Elizabeth Magner)

List No. 305= Katie Shehan 10 Catherine Sheehan located to Bridgeport, CT, lived with Elizabeth Magner, married 1st Frank Murphy


The following persons arrived April 27, 1882 aboard the H.M.S. City of Richmond from Ireland to New York

Michael Magner, age 20 laborer (My g-great Uncle)

Nora Magner age 20 spinster

Catherine Magner age 15 child

If you know of any connection please contact


Passenger lists and Naturalizations will be updated

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