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Subj: Fw: Query Form

Date: 9/17/99 2:24:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Name = James Magner


Area: Rochester, MN

Francic James Magner, Hattie Rassmusson

1825 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Clonmeen #2 Diocese of Cloyne, Barony of Duhallow

Subj: Query Form

Date: 9/23/99 2:07:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time Marilyn Evans

Surname: Magner

Area: Parish of Ballygriffin, County Cork

My g-g-grandfather was James Magner, born in Ballygriffin about 1810. He emigrated to the U.S. and married Mary Sullivan, also from Ballygriffin. They settled in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I would like to find out more about their ancestors and possible siblings. I have heard that some family members may have settled in Pennsylvania.


Subj: Magner Genealogy

Date: 9/23/99 1:33:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Marilyn Evans)



My great-great-grandfather was named James Magner. He was born about 1810 in the Parish of Ballygriffin, County Cork. He emigrated to the U.S., Married Mary Sullivan, who came from the same parish, and they settled in Waukesha, Wisconsin. James and Mary had five children. The second, Maria Elizabeth was my great-grandmother. I know very little more about the other siblings. Is it possible that you have sprung from the same roots or were in some way related to James? My sister and I just returned from a trip to Ireland, and one of the highlights was our visit to Castlemagner. I also bought a booklet about the history of the castle. My problem is that there is a gap in the ancestry between the castle and the mid-1800's. I surely would like to fill that gap.

I shall hope to hear from you. Marilyn Evans -


Subject: Query Form

On Sun Oct 3 11:38:50 1999,

Name = Charles V Quinn

Surname = Magner

Submitted by:

Area = South Dakota

I am looking for information on a John and Michael Magner. They had land grants in Clay County S.D. around 1870. One of them had two sons William and Sylvester. William born 1861 and Sylvester was born 1860. William died 1952 and Sylvester died in 1930. Sylvester had 2 boys and 1 girl. Sylvester had 1 girl named Marie Bridget Magner my mother who married Martin Quinn on Apr 19 1920 at Sacred Heart Church in Minneapolis.

My grandfather Sylvester married Bridget Healy I do not know when or where. I appreciate any info on these people. I have some information that Michael and John are buried in the Sacred Heart cemetery in Yankton S.D. I would like to trace them back to Ireland. Thank you.


Looking for Information on Lewis Magner,

Lewis Magner is listed in the 1892 Bridgeport, City Directory as a labor, living at 17-1/2 Howard, Bridgeport, CT


Can anyone connect to these Magner's Interned at Calgary Cemetery in Woodside, NY?

Given Maiden Surname Date of Burial Age Born Born Year

John Magner 15-Oct-14 60 Churchtown, IR 1854

Margaret Magner 26-Dec-16 65 Ireland 1851

John Sheehan 17-Feb-26 60 Ireland 1866

Margaret Magner 8-Feb-28 70 Ireland 1858

Nora (Magner) Sheehan 27-Jul-32 75 Ireland 1857

Catherine Magner 4-Aug-36 73 Ireland 1864

Please contact:


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