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Subj:      Magner & Sheehan Research at NYC Municipal Archives

Date:      06/30/2000 5:05:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Manhattan, to the NYC Municipal Archives

Death Index

1914 Manhattan:

                John J  Magner                     age 28                     Nov 12, 1914 

                **John  Magner                   age 60                     Oct. 12, 1914

The actual death certificate recites that he was married, born in Ireland, living in America for 34 years, and was the son of John Magner and Mary Barrett. His last address was 223 E. 66 (?) St.


1916 Brooklyn  Becky Magner age 67,  Dec.  16, 1916

1916 Manhattan: Margaret Magner  December 26, 1916  age 65 

The actual death certificate recites that she was single, born in Ireland, living in America for 30 years, and was the daughter of John Magner and Mary Barrett. Her last current address was 223 E. 66 St.


1926 Manhattan John   Sheehan age 58           February 17, 1926  John was married to Nora Magner

                **John Sheehan  60 yrs     Feb 14, 1926

The actual death certificate on roll # 1053 for Manhattan Deaths for 1926 (4151 > 6275) recites that  he was a railroad guard,  60, from Ireland,  born in Ireland, living in America for  25 years, and was the son of Patrice Magner and Kate Barry. (editors note* This I believe to be a mistake, Patrice Magner and Kate Barry were most likely the parents of Nora Magner)


Death Index, All Boroughs, Reel # 16, for 1928

1928 Manhattan **Mary Magner     70 yrs     Feb 4, 192

The actual death certificate on roll # 1083 for Manhattan Deaths for 1928 (2102-4175) recites that she was single, 70, born in Ireland, living in America for 40 years, and was the daughter of John Magner and Mary Barrett. Her address was 223 East 66 St.

Manhattan 1932 Nora Sheehan, nee Magner    75          July 27, 1932

Nora Sheehan       3 yrs       Apr. 12, 1932

**Nora M Sheehan             75 yrs     July 24, 1932

The actual death certificate on roll # 1150 for Manhattan Deaths for 1932 (#15451 > 17800) recites that Nora Magner Sheehan was the widow of John Sheehan, 75, born in Ireland, living in America for 45 years, and was the daughter of John Magner and Mary Barrett. Her address was 225 East 75th Street.

1936 Manhattan: Catherine Magner   age  72  August 4, 1936 

1936 Manhattan: Margaret Magner  80 yr  May 1, 1936  # 11004 Manhattan

1936 Brooklyn John A Magner    62   Aug. 24, 1936  # 17710 Kings


Date:      06/17/2000 3:21:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Mary Wignall)

To: (Jim Magner)

Hi Jim, just a quick email.   I think I have just found my great grandmother, Bridget Magner on page 30.189 of the Cork Census, 1851.  Her sister Mary was probably the girl who went to US and married Thomas Brennan (as did my great grandmother in Australia).   Her brothers are David and John, and there is possibly an Edward.  I think it the right family as it is the only one that comes up for Kilworth.  I thought she was born on 22nd June 1834, but this census in 1851 states her age as 14, which makes her birth year 1837.   My date was only family hearsay, anyway.  By the way, did you get my whole email (inc. photo), as it only came through as a couple of lines attached to your reply.   bye   Mary Wignall


Subj:      Boston Magner Deaths

Date:      05/24/2000 9:20:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Joe Shea)

To: (Magner, Jim)

CC: (Davis, Ken)

I am sending an attachment of an excel file. It is my first attempt at sending an attachment or creating an excel spreadsheet. If you get it look it over and let me know if it seems ok. I think there are about 62 entries and it covers the period from 1841-1900 ONLY for Boston. The only Magners to die in MA from 1841 to 1850 seem to have lived in Boston. That does not hold true after 1850.


Subj:      Re: Magner

Date:      07/01/2000 8:33:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time



I don't know anything about the Magner's except they must have been neighbors of my grandparents because there are pictures of them in a photo album I have.  I thought someone in their family would like them and perhaps they have photos of my family.   Ann


Combat Actions in Vietnam. 11 vols. Washington, D.C.: George Washington University, Human Resources Research Office, 1966. Contains interviews with 471 members of 29 rifle companies, arranged by company.


The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume VII

MAGNER, Thomas Francis, representative, was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., March 8, 1860, son of Patrick and Ellen (Barry) Magner, natives of Cork, Ireland, who came to New York in their early youth. He attended the public schools; was graduated from St. Francis Xavier college, New York city, in 1880, and from the law department of Columbia college in 1882. He taught school in Brooklyn, 1880-82; took up the practice of his profession in Brooklyn in 1882; was a member of the New York assembly, 1888; and a Democratic representative from the sixth New York district in the 51st, 52d and 53d congresses, 1889-95.


The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume VII

 Connecticut Servicemen, Spanish American War

Surname Given Name Regiment, Battalion Company Rank Residence Birthplace

Magner John J. 1st Regt E Corporal New Britain Waterbury


U.S. Naval Deaths, World War I

Surname Given Name MI Place of Death, Death Date, Cause of Death, Next of Kin, Relationship, Address Appointed  Rank, Branch

Magner Edmund Francis U .S. S. Salem Sept. 29, 1918 Missing from boat returning with liberty party. Mary E. Magner mother Martins Lane,

Hingham, Mass. Boston, Mass. yeoman, first class. U. S. Naval Reserve Force


Magner James Lawrence Naval hosp., Newport, R.I. April 18, 1918 Cerebrospinal fever Marie Magner sister 226 E. Eighty-sixth st., New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y. hospital apprentice U.S. Navy


Wuerttemberg Emigration Index


Name: Magner, Johannes

Birth Date: 4 Jun 1851

Birth Place: Zepfenhan

District: Rtw.

Application Date: May 1871

Destination: North America




When I lived at Coolanoran, Ardagh in the 1930’s, I had a neighbour who was an historian called Con Magner. His home was our meeting place for "chat-ins" mainly on local history. Our group on these occasions was made up of five people, of which I was the youngest and keenest listener.

One of his tales concerned the "Toll-Stop" at Reen’s Pike. All road users, apart from pedestrians, had to pay. On one of his periodic trips to the local forge with his brother Jack, Con had one of his many brainwaves and decided to make a detour through the fields with his horses. The sixpence thus saved was sufficient to buy two pints and two boxes of matches at the ‘local’, and very tasty pints they were. Those were the good old days.

Another story involved orchard robbing at Boucher’s of Forthenry. On one of their Autumnal trips, they encountered a strange looking woman, complete with spectacles, sitting at a table, reading a book with the aid of a lamp. They hurriedly left in a state of shock and decided to try later when the coast was clear. When they returned several hours later, the same picture met their gaze. Con was not affected by the superstitions of the period and was realist enough to know that no woman sat stationary for several hours. He decided to jump in and surprise the decoy. Con’s story was that she got as fine a beating as ever a woman got. Sacks were then filled and dumped in a neighbour’s haggard. However, when they returned for them most of them were rotten. After that, his advice was "Never steal, there’s no luck in it".

The above-mentioned Bouchers married into the Hayes family, giving rise to the hyphenated Boucher-Hayes. Later the place was sold to Jim Fitten, one of our "school" at Con’s.

Another story was about the travelling people. A young traveller from Rathkeale received a pony and new car as a marriage dowry. After the celebrations he decided to "run-in" the new car and speedy pony on the straight road to Newcastle West. The inevitable contact with a dyke happened outside Con’s house. Con himself was on the spot with his own brand of first aid and resuscitation – hot goat’s milk!! He told the bride and groom how lucky they were to escape as the car was a write-off and the pony was in poor shape. The bride’s father, who happened to arrive on the scene, was not impressed by a son-in-law who squandered his dowry on the first half-day of his married life.

Around late June Con liked the taste of early potatoes. "Jim", said Con on one occasion, "did you try the potatoes yet? Take that gallon", he continued, "and fill it for me". Jim, who concentrated more on the main crop, was not in a position to comply, so he decided to return the gallon. As he was doing so, he passed Con’s own haggard, which was in full bloom. He went in, filled the gallon and presented it to Con. The following night Con commented, "My own are just as good, Jim".

On another occasion, Jim had a visitor, a single sucker Billy goat, the property of a neighbour. The goat spotted Con’s goats and forthwith became a multiple sucker. Con enquired later whether anyone had seen strangers around. "My four goats have been milked" he said, "and I had to call on a neighbour for milk to colour my tea".

A further anecdote concerned the Ordnance Survey men who were known locally as "Sappers". They told him that the top of Rathkeale Church spire was level with the top of Skehanagh Bridge. This bridge is on the Rathkeale to Ardagh Road.

Most of the aforementioned events are now over a hundred years old, but their recital was typical of the keen sense of humour that permeated our small company at all times. In addition, between bouts of heavy history, songs from Jim Fitten provided further light entertainment. Often, if news was scarce, Con would repeat himself until called to order but, to his credit, I never heard him utter a wrong or unkind word about anyone.

 (editors note* This Con Magner is believed to be connected to Anne Lyons at but I have been unable to contact her at her listed e-mail address)


Patrick Fitzgibbons m Mary Magner, Cork

Figured I'd post on the Fitzgibbons page, as there are records that include the "s". Looking for info on a Patrick Fitzgibbon, born about 1830 in either Northern Cork area or southern Limerick area, or maybe even eastern Co. Kerry. Married Mary Magner before 1854 and possibly had children in the Newtown Shandrum area. He died in 1869 in Kilmagoura Townland, Cork, Ireland, and his wife left for Canada with a number of her children in 1874. Children were possibly named Honora, William, John, Johanna, Mary Anne, Margaret, John, Patrick, Julia, Michael. Only Honora, William, Johanna, Mary Anne, Margaret and Michael are believed to have come to Canada and settled in Ridgetown, Howard Township, Ontario. It is possible that Patrick Fitzgibbon's parents were John Fitzgibbon and Honora Egan who had children Patrick and David in the Milford Freemount area of Cork County. If anyone has any information on the Mary Magner/Patrick Fitzgibbon union, or other names listed, it would be greatly appreciated.


MAGNER, Michael

Drummer, 33rd Regiment (later The Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment), British Army
(alias BARRY)








On 13 April 1868 in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia), during the assault on Magdala, when the head of the column of attack was checked by the obstacles at the gate, a small stream of officers and men of the 33rd Regiment and an officer of the Royal Engineers broke away from the main approach to Magdala and, reaching the defences, climbed a cliff, forced their way ever a wall and through a strong and thorny fence, thus turning the defenders of the gateway. The first two men to enter Magdala were Drummer Magner and a private (BERGIN, J.).


Later achieved rank of Corporal.


Irish Winners of the Victoria Cross (Richard Doherty & David Truesdale, 2000) Biography and action account.





Looking for Royalty, Warner, Wood, Nash and Magner families that are associated with Jacob Langley in Bellingham, WA. There are several people from these families buried in family plots in the Bayview cemetery in Bellingham, WA. I am not sure how they are connected, but Jacob Langley had nine daughters so these could be their married names.


Subject: Magner, Sutherland, Beech or Beach, Hall

Date: 06/24/2000 10:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: SKCM23


I am looking for information about the Magner, Sutherland, Beech or Beach and Hall families of Burke, VA.   Peter A Magner was married to Lucy Ann Sutherland  and the other two names are cousins.






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