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 On Wed Jan 26 18:28:23 2000,

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Area Searching: Windsor, Toronto, London - Ontario, Canada

My Grandmother was Dorothea Magner.  All I know is that she had a brother Thomas.  They were probably born on the Toronto Area. Date around 1900.  If anyone has a connection, I'd be grateful. Thank You Carol Dubien

 Subj:     Cincinnati Reds: All Time Roster


 Compilation of a History of Castlemagner and its enviorns. 

This is now uploaded to the internet at There are plenty of images of Castlemagner which I am sure you will enjoy.


Ed O'Donoghue


Subj:      To mailing list

Date:            02/08/2000 5:09:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (mequinn)


 I am looking for the Magner families of South Dakota and Minnesota.  Their names were James, John, and Michael.  One of them had a son named Sylvester who married a Bridget Healy or (Haley). They had 2 boys Michael and Edward and my mother Mary (Marie) Magner.  Marie was born in Wakonda S.D. Jan. 20,1896 they went to Minnesota and Bridget died around Shakopee Minn.  around 1901.  Other family names are Ryan, Slattery, and Mulvehill. There also were 2 Magners who homesteaded in Blaine County Montana and 2 Magners John, and Jim who are reported to be buried in Rawlins Wyoming. Does anyone have any information on these people?  Thank you. My name is Charles V. Quinn and my email address is


On Thu Feb 10 05:35:10 2000,

From:    (Magner)

My name is Dani Magner and I'm from ISRAEL. I thought that we are the only MAGNER in the world. I will be very happy if you will send me email to: bye


All my family was very interested by the information that you sent me. Especially my father, grandfather and I. I am just 12 years old and my English is not very good. We came to Israel from Ukraine in 1990. Our first Magner ancestor that we can remember was from The Ukraine (18th century). In the town where he lived, there was a big Magner family (more than 70 people) Until World War II. During the German occupation most of the Magner family was killed. Some families succeed to escape.

Yours sincerely, Dani Magner.



VOLUME VII, 1907-08, Transcribed from LDS film # 1279254


Monanimy Churchyard [From James Buckley] (type as they appear on the Tombstones)


Memento Mori Here Lies The Body of Elizabeth Higgins Wife to David Magner Who

Depar This Life April the 18th 1797 Aged 42 years He Caused this Stone to Be Erected For Him And Family May She Rest in Peace


Erected by James Magner in memory of his son Edmond who died in 1798 aged 19

yr also his daughter Ellen who died 21 Jan 1803 aged ?? yr May They Rest in Peace Amen


Erected by James Magner of Kilquain in memory of his Uncle Patrick Magner who

departed this life Aug 31 1859 Aged 58 yr and also his Brother Son Denis who Departed Aug 26 1859 aged 23 yr May their Souls rest in Peace Amen.

*This stone is neatly erected but rather frail. It is at present cast down, but very little injured. Hence this record of it.


Submitted by: Anita Sheahan Coraluzzi -


Sent: Friday, February 11, 2000 10:29 AM

Email:  (John Doerrer)

My mother Francis C. Magner's Grandfather was born in Cork (city or co.?) in 1846 came to USA and settled in Trumansberg N.Y.  He was a farmer and a laborer.  He married a Manning and had seven children.

Peter, Margaret, Martha, Maud, Mary, Edward, and Robert. My grandfather was Peter, who moved to Chicago and worked for the Rock Island Railroad.  He married Mary Allen and had eight children. Peter died in Chicago in 1948, as did Mary in 1953. They had six girls and two boys.  The boys were named Daniel and Allen.  Daniel had no children, while Allen had three children, a boy and two girls.  His son Jim lives in California at last knowledge.  This Jim had a son with a descendant with a lady who was reported to be one of the last pureblooded Hawaiians.  His son John is in California as well.


Steamship Effingham

Magner, Michael, M, age 20, Ship's Passenger List

Effingham 22 October 1849, Date it left Cork


Subj:      Louis Fred Magner was born 1886

Date:            02/22/2000 1:04:43 PM Eastern Standard Time

To:            JimMagner


Looking for information on Genevieve Magner (b Dec 19,1915) from Lake Geneva, WI. She 1st married a Schmelzer. Do not have first name, birthday, or marriage date for this union. They had 3 children.

Kerry Schmelzer (b unk ) male,

Judy Schmelzer (b unk),

Susan Schmelzer (b unk),

I need birthdays for these children, (any info)

Her second husband was William Mangler (spelling is correct) Genevieve died in 1997. Family lost touch with her. My Genevieve MAGNER first married a Schmelzer, divorced and then married a William Mangler.  I know, when I first saw the name I thought it was a misspelling also, but it is Mangler. Both Genevieve and her second husband William Mangler are dead, but I need to find her 3 children from her first marriage to Schmelzer.

Genevieve’s father was Louis Magner Jr., who was my grandmother's half-brother. Louis Fred Magner was born 1886. Genevieve was born 1915 died 1997. Her second husband died in 1998.  If I had started this search two years earlier, I could have found them. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Donna Cook


Subj:      Louis MAGNER

Date:            02/25/2000 7:52:57 PM Eastern Standard Time

IGI Record


Birth: Abt. 1842, Germany

Film Number: 1985710

Gender: M Birth: Abt. 1842, Germany


Subj:      John Dillon MAGNER

Date:            12/16/99 12:53:35 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Magner Damian)

To:   ('')


The above emigrated from (possibly Kildorrery Village, Co. Cork) Ireland to Australia in 1854 with his wife Margaret Donovan.


He was one of a number of sons of John Magner & Helen (Suish?).  The other Son’s emigrated to Canada at about the same time, John Dillon MAGNER being the only one who emigrated to Australia.


There was a lady in Canada who was a descendant of one of the brothers who had traced the history.  My brother was in touch with this lady a few years back via the Internet, however they lost touch (& he lost her details) & now he doesn't know how to re-contact her.  She was quite excited to here from my brother at the time, because she knew little of the story of the brother that chose Australia. Can you help me find this lady, or any other info? Thank you

Damian Magner

Melbourne Australia


Marriages Dromtariffe Parish /Barony Duhallow Co of Cork

From:    (Patty Pickett)

Volume 2, OKCM

Microfilm # 0823801 page 102

Marriages Dromtariffe Parish, Barony Duhallow Co. of Cork, from parish registers 1832-1865


1833 John Magner and Ellen Denaghy of Coolclougher


 Subj:    Magners

Date:            02/23/2000 3:45:06 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Norman & Delores)

To:   (

Delores just found a paper with this Magner listed. Thomas Magner born Oct 24, 1862 in Cambridge MA his father is Stephan Magner born in Ireland buried in Dubuque Iowa in 1904. His mother was Hannora Fitzgerald born abt 1833.

The Magner that sent this information passed away several years ago.

            Have a good day and May God Bless!!!                       




Subj:      Magner

Date:            03/02/2000 6:00:42 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Ellen Lee)


Hi Jim,

I understand that you are looking for Magner family members.  My name is Ellen Lee and my paternal grandmother was Ellen Magner, born in Castletownroche, Eire.  She moved to England in the 1920's having married Frank Baker.  She had 3 Children.  Kit, Bob and my dad Francis George (known as Mick).  I live in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, but regularly visit the Magners in Kilfinane Co. Limerick. If you want to know more, please mail. By the way - my husband is Tony, his dad comes from Kilkenny.



Subj. Magner / Ballyvisteen


Area searching: Ballyvisteen, Cork and California

 George Magners family:

         James Magnier was born in Ballyvisteen (near Kildorrery) Cork, Ireland, he married Mary O’Donnell in Ireland.

Children of James and Mary Magnier:

1.       Michael Magnier born: Sept. 16, 1878 near Kildorrery in the parish of Cloyne, died: Sept. 16, 1953 San Mateo, California.  Michael changed his name to Magner when he came to the USA in 1907. Michael Magner married Bridget Mary Dargan and she changed her name to Beatrice Magner after coming to the USA.

2.       William Magnier born: April 28, 1882 County Cork, IR. William died Dec. 22, 1965 in San Francisco, California. William never married.

3.       Teresa Magnier born County Cork, Ireland, died Aug. 11, 1970 San Mateo, California. Teresa married Thomas Creedon and they had three children all since deceased

4.       James Magnier

5.       Kathleen Magner born County cork, IR

6.       Married Joseph Spalding in California

7.       Josephine Magnier born County Cork, IR married Donworth

8.       Nellie Magnier born County Cork, IR married George McNamara


George has sent me a collection of various Magner information he located in California. I will be posting that information to the Magner pages in the next few days. 


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