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Subj:            Edmond Magner married Loretta in NY

Date:            03/13/2000

Edmond Magner married Loretta in NY


Subj:    Re: 1851 Census Records Book Glaneskin, Kilworth

Date:            03/10/2000 2:12:27 PM Eastern Standard Time

Magner, John 59 farmer

Magner, Mary 58 wife

Magner, David 21 son

Magner, John 17 son

Magner, Bridget 14 daughter

Magner, Mary 9 daughter

Condon, William 50 visitor

Condon, Patrick 7 visitor

Hope it helps, Jan


The Peter Robinson Emigrants on Board the ship RESOLUTION - 1825

MAGNER, David Age: 32      Otonabee

 MAGNER, Mary Age: 32

 MAGNER, John Age: 15

 MAGNER, Catherine Age: 11

 MAGNER, David Age: 9

 MAGNER, Mary Age: 4


Subj:    Mary and Hannah Dahill 1880 NY Census

Date:            03/14/2000 9:51:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Diana Dahill James)



...Ireland West Brooklyn Kings Dahill Hannah  (Google) NOW, Any chance you could provide me with the family pedigree that has these two Dahills? Regards, Diana Dahill James

Below is what I copied from your website.      Magner William 34 West 33rd NY NY Brooklyn Kings      Dahill Mary 34 Ireland/ West 33rd NY NY Brooklyn Kings

      Dahill Hannah 34 Ireland/ West 33rd NY NY Brooklyn King

      Magner Thom 57 Ireland/ 449 West 33rd NY NY



Subj: Bright lights helped, but . . .

Barony of Barrymore

Parish of Templeboden

John Meiger, Ballyvodin [?], [Templeboden], Barony Barrymore, Shepherd

Regards, Charles

Subj:     Fw: Magner Family ResearchFrom: P hyllis Louze

To: <>

Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 7:17 PM


I am looking for information on Ezariah/Azariah Magner born 13 April

1822 in Ohio and his wife Susannah Catherine Baker born about 1825 also in Ohio. Do you have anything on their parents in your database?  Thank You, Phyllis


Subj: Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

To: <>

Sent: Monday, March 13, 2000 7:03 PM

Name:Tony Tahiwi Magner


Area Searching: New Zealand


I wish to trace my Magner family ancestry and trust that the wonders of technology and the goodwill of kinship worldwide can provide some assistance.

1. My name Tony Tahiwi Magner born 31 August 1956 New Zealand

2. Father: Bryce Donald Vincent Magner

3. Grandfather: Vincent Anthony Magner

4. Great Grandfather: John Magner

Great Grandmother Bridget Mary Magne(nee Barrett)

Emigrated to New Zealand 1874 on the Zealandia.


Thank you to Jim Magner and all the leprechauns that assist in making the webpage and links happens. The information you provide is invaluable and is the cause of many a sleepless night for many of us as we enthuse over rediscovering our heritage. Looking forward to your reply.


Subj:    Re: Magner Clan

Date:            03/15/2000 4:23:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Tony Magner)


Thank you for your prompt response. I will endeavor to check your information supplied in reference to my search and will provide the details to you. In reply to your queries please find two references from a New Zealand based WebPages that have assisted me in my activities.

One reference is to the passenger list of the Zealandia including John and his wife Bridget Mary Magner who emigrated to New Zealand in 1874. The other reference is a photo of the vessel.

Thanks and best regards.



Subj: Your Name

Date:     03/02/2000 6:00:42 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (Ellen Lee)

Hi Jim,

I understand that you are looking for Magner family members.  My name is Ellen Lee and my paternal grandmother was Ellen Magner, born in Castletownroche, Eire.  She moved to England in the 1920's having married Frank Baker.  She had 3 Children.  Kit, Bob and my dad Francis George(known as Mick).  I live in Swindon, Wiltshire, England, but regularly visit the Magners in Kilfinane Co. Limerick. If you want to know more Please mail. By the way - my husband is Tony, we love Florida and Tony's dad comes from Kilkenny.



 Subj:     Edmond Magnier

Date:      03/14/2000



were will I find my roots



I received your query but the information you furnish is rather slim at best to try and help you find your roots. Is Edwin Magnier your name or the ancestor you are looking for information on?


You say your area is Fermoy, County Cork and that is very encouraging, Magnier has long been used in that area. I have knowledge of and I am in contact with three families that arrived in America with Magnier as their name. Dates even approximate are very important in genealogy, can you furnish and additional names or dates? I will be happy to try to locate for you but you will have to give me something to work with. Keep in touch, Jim Magner


Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 11:44 AM

Subject: Data posted to form 1 of


> Your Name:        edwin magnier

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magnier

> Area Searching:   Fermoy Co. Cork


Peter Robinson's Settlers 1823-1825 by Carol Bennett. On page 106 of this book there is: Patrick Lee, age 40, came on the "Fortitude" [this is the same ship that my ancestors (Doody) came at the same time].

Origin: Convamose (?) Cork.

He had a daughter, Catherine, 14 and a son, John, 13.

Patrick Lee was a widower when he traveled to Canada with his children in 1825.  The children are shown as being different ages, yet family records show that they really were twins, born in 1811.  Furthermore, ship records say that these people came from Co. Cork, yet their tombstone says that they were natives of Co. Waterford.

Two younger children, Bartholomew and Mary came out from Ireland later, ca. 1827. Patrick Lee remarried.  His new bride was Mary Lonergan.  The couple had two more children, James and Michael.

John's first wife was Elizabeth Magher.  She died in the 1840s.  He married Mary Tobin.  Catherine was Mrs. Crowley.  Bartholomew Lee married Ellen Sharkey and Mary was Mrs. Condon.

On page 112 the following are the Meagher families who came in 1823 and 1825.

Meagher/Magher, David      age 32

Ship:                         Resolute, 1825

Origin:                             Kilworth, Cork

Location:                     E Lot 24 Con. 11, Otonabee Twnp.

Family:                             Mary, 32

                                    John , 15

                                    Catherine, 11

                                    David, 9

                                    Mary, 4

1827 Notes: "One man dead".  David died in Otonabee May 31, 1826.


Meagher/Magher,   James

Ship:                   Hebe, 1823

Origin:                       Mallow, Cork

Location:               Lot 28 Con. 11, Huntley Twnp.

Family:                       Ellen (wife)



1826 Report: "Labourer in the USA"



Magaurin, Michael RC.

Ship:       Hebe, 1823

Origin:           Liscarrol, Cork

Location:      E Lot 25, Con. 1, Ramsey Twnp.

Later:            Lot 25 Con. 2 (behind Clayton)


Michael was located in his land Oct. 24, 1823.  He was given one blanket, one axe, a pick-axe and an English axe, a hoe, a wedge and some nails. 

1826 report:       Single; 6 acres cleared.

1837:             Married with four boys.  The family now owned a cow.


Subj:     Re: Magner in Australia

Date:      03/02/2000

In a message dated 03/02/2000 7:13:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,  writes:


I was thinking about starting a page under this heading (Magners in Australia) for info about 'Magners in Victoria'. What do you think?Damian

ReplyI think it is a great idea, that's the reason for the Magner Clan Page. To freely share what information we can find about Magner genealogy in the hope of helping each other. Most people find unrelated people in their research and throw it away, I find value in that information by freely letting others that are searching use it. To date and to my knowledge we have made in excess of 22 Magner family connections from the page. To sum it up Yes we would very much like to receive your information. Jim

Subj: Marriages Dromtariffe Parish /Barony Duhallow Co of Cork

Date:      03/02/2000 11:42:21 AM Eastern Standard Time

Volume 2, OKCM, Microfilm # 0823801 page 102

Marriages Dromtariffe Parish, Barony Duhallow Co. of Cork, from parish registers 1832-1865


3-1-1832 John Sheehan and Joan Hennessy of Ducleagh

_____ John Magner and Ellen Denaghy of Coolclougher

_____ Dan Murphy and Ellen Connor of Drouminagh



Subj:     John Dillon MAGNER

Date:      12/16/99 12:53:35 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (Magner Damian)


 Hi there

The above emigrated from (possibly Killdorrery Village, Co. Cork) Ireland to Australia in 1854 with his wife Margaret Donovan.

 He was one of a number of sons of John Magner & Helen (Suish?).  The other sons immigrated to Canada at about the same time, John Dillon MAGNER being the only one who immigrated to Australia.There was a lady in Canada who was a descendant of one of the brothers who had traced the history.  My brother was in touch with this lady a few years back via the Internet, however they lost touch (& he lost her details) & now he doesn't know how to re-contact her.  She was quite excited to here from my brother at the time, because she knew little of the story of the brother that chose Australia.Can you help me find this lady, or any other info?

Thank you, Damian Magner, Melbourne Australia


Subj:     Re: Magne

Date:      03/28/2000 10:42:32 PM Eastern Standard Time




Jim, My grandfather came from Albi, France to New Orleans around the beginning of the 20th century.  I did not see any info about a Magne' with an accent. I will check again. thanks, julie


Subj:            Andrew J. Magner

Date:            03/14/2000




I would suggest you write to Michigan Vital Records for the death record of Andrew J. Magner. Give an approximate date of death as 1923 +- 5 years and his last know residence. Tell them you are a direct family member and state your relationship to Andrew J. Magner


If they have the death record it will generally give his place of birth and parents names along with an address and cause of death. (Some States will not give cause of death until 90 years have past) His date of birth may also be listed but expect mistakes in that date unless a DIRECT family member was the wittiness at the death The death record will not always list the cemetery but it should list the Funeral Home. From that information call or write the Funeral Home with the exact date of death. They will give you the cemetery location, if anyone else is buried at that plot and the ages at Internment of all persons in that Plot. They also have the person that purchased the plot and the dates of all burials at that plot.

 If you want to than find additional information contact the newspaper that serviced that Town or County and give them the name and date of death. Generally they can furnish a copy of the obituary. The obituary will generally give you any living relatives to the deceased. Last address and married daughters, husband's names, etc. You can expect to get more from the obituary than from the death record. If you hit any dead end let me know we can try a different route.

Luck, and keep in touch, Jim Magner


Boston Catholic Cemetery, Roslindale, MA 02131              

Given      Surname            Age   Date of Internment 

Bridget      Scannell                8/27/1879      nee Magner

Bridget      Scannell    9 days      9/05/1879  

James       Magner      1           5/08/1887  

Catherine      Scannell    20          8/29/1887  

Katie       Scannell      1           12/11/1893 

Mary J.      Scannell    2           01/19/1894 

Margaret      Scannell    9 mos.      May 23, 1906   

Irene M      McHugh                 December 8, 1942 

Margaret      Haynes      72          November 17, 1967 

Francis      Haynes      85          July 31, 1974 

Joanna      Magner      80          01/25/1888 

Jeremiah      Scannell    31          April 24, 1906 

Robert J.      McHugh      40          March 7, 1934

Rita C.      Moles      70                March 16, 1990


Subj:     To mailing list

Date:      02/08/2000 5:09:21 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (mequinn)



I am looking for the Magner families of South Dakota and Minnesota.  Their names were James, John, and Michael.  One of them had a son named Sylvester who married a Bridget Healy or (Haley). They had 2 boys Michael and Edward and my mother Mary (Marie) Magner.  Marie was born in Wakonda S.D. Jan 20,1896 they went to Minnesota and Bridget died around Shakopee Minn. around 1901.  Other family names are Ryan, Slattery, and Mulvehill. There also were 2 Magners who homesteaded in Blaine County Montana and 2 Magners John, and Jim who are reported to be buried in Rawlins Wyoming. Does anyone have any information on these people?  Thank you. My name is Charles V. Quinn and my email address is wrote:

 > Joe,


> This is the information I have available from photo copies of the actual Index. You can obtain a actual copy of the naturalization from the National Archives and Records Administration

> In my experience the actual copy "generally" gives you additional

> information, some times I get it with the Index, in both of these cases only limited information was available from the Index. For sure you will get the witness and usually the date of arrival which is the key to the ship information


>     N-31

> Name:   Magner, David

> Naturalized 28 November, 1870

> Resided Boston, MA

> Court:  Boston U. S. Circuit Court

> Departed:   Ireland

> Born:   1835

> Certificate No. 45-135


>     N-32

> Name:   Magner, John

> Naturalized Sep 5, 1870

> Resided Hingham, MA

> Court:  Boston, U.S. Circuit Court

> Departed:   Ireland

> Born:   Aug 1827

> Certificate No. 43-401

       The "N" Number is mine from my database not the government



Subj: Re: N-31, N-32 Magner

Date:      03/31/2000 8:22:29 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (Joe Shea)



Here is my Irish born Magner info, from the Mallow Parish Centre

Parish: Buttevant, Thomas Magner married Honor Barry Feb 15 1831

All in Buttevant

Mary Magner born 12/26/1831

Anne Magner born 09/25/1833

David Magner born 07/21/1835 - - my g-grandfather

Bridgit Magner born 02/23/1837

Johanna Magner born 01/03/1841

Honora Magner born 03/16/1845

Patt Magner born 03/08/1843


Subj: Thomas  Magner

Date:      03/25/2000 3:47:53 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (kate hearn)


I am looking for a Thomas Magner blacksmith age thirty born Channel Islands. Married Feb 3 1868 Australia to Catherine Mary McNamarra from Bega are you able to help

Thanks, Kate Hearn


Subj:     Re: Fitzgibbon

Date:      03/20/2000 11:21:56 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:  (Blair Barbeau)

 Hi Jim: Thanks for keeping in touch.  I already had all of this information.  I believe those births were from the Civil Records.  I do have some additional from the Church records.

 Baptisms from Shandrum, Cork for Patrick Fitzgibbon and Mary Magner were Honora baptised March 26/1854, John baptised June 27/1858, Johanna baptised Dec 28/1859, Margaret baptised May 18/1862, John baptised Dec 8/1864, Patrick Dec 8/1865, Michael Nov 12/1886.  According to the baptismal records in Shandrum, there is one mention of a Joan Magner as a sponsor to John in 1864.  This could have been a direct relation.

Other children known to be of this family, but not included in any official records from Ireland, include William born June 8, 1855 according to an Ontario census, and Mary Anne born April 8, 1861 also according to census.

The Civil Records indicate that Patrick Fitzgibbon, husband of Mary Magner, died in 1869 in the Townland of Kilmagoura which borders Shandrum to the SW. The record was witnessed by a Mary Fitzgibbon, his wife, and the causes were listed as a "disease of the brain."  He was employed as a laborer.

 Also important information that could be added into your database are

emigration dates for Mary Magner and her children William, Michael, Mary Anne, and Johanna Fitzgibbon.  They came to Canada on the SS Austrian which departed Liverpool and Queenstown on June 20th, 1874 and arrived in Quebec on July 17th.  It is believed that Honora and Margaret also came to Canada at some other time, but it is unknown.  They settled eventually in the Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada area.

 I also have information on a few other Magners from other Church records that I happened to record, but have no positive connection with.  Of note is the mention of a Mary Magner in the church records for Townland Blue Pool in Greenane District: at the birth of Mary Anne Fraser in 1855 to Herbert and Anne Magner, the sponsors were Richard Fenton and Mary Magner.  In the Egmont Row Townland a Mary Ellen was born to John Corbett and Ellen Magner in 1857.

 You've probably heard this a million times, but I would really like to find out more information on Mary Magner, as she is the only Magner name that I have a connection with in my lineage.  I hope that the wonderful Magner website will lead to some answers to my many questions. Yours, Blair Barbeau.

 Subj: Fwd: Magner genealogy

Date:      03/20/2000 8:25:44 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:      JMCaddell

Jim  --  Thanks for the response, that would be great.. 

Following is the extent of the Magner information that I have

Flossie Magner Huntzinger - my wife's paternal grandmother

Flossie's parents were John E. Magner and Susie M. Ross

John was born 11/17/1861 in Adams County Indiana

John died on 11/20/1942

John's parents were Lanville Magner and Anna M. ????

John had six brothers and sisters,

M. Lieliab. 1877

Cora L.   b. 1873

Samuel  b. 1871

Minnie, b. 1868

Alonzo b. ?

William b.?

I hope some of these link into your tree somewhere...  Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Jim Caddell, Kokomo, Indiana


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