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Sacred Heart Cemetery Allegheny, NY


1.       Magner, Bridget R. ---- Mar 12, 1872 Age 21y-7m-22d; Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Magner

2.       Margaret D. ---- Jan 29, 1871 Daughter of David and Bridget Magner

3.       David ---- ---- Bridget ---- March 27, 1888 Age 68 years; Wife of David Magner Elizabeth 1888 1899 J.

4.       Jermone ---- ---- Age 11 days

5.       Mary Dean 1852 1930

6.       John D. 1844 1928 R. E. ---- June 5, 1895 Age 42 years

7.       Gertrude E. 1876 1965

8.       Delia Hogan 1876 1906 "Mother"

9.       David R. 1865 1925 "Father" John ---- ----

10.   Ellen ---- April 14, 1883 Age 68 years, Wife of John Magner

11.   Thomas ---- July 17, 1866 Age 23 years; Son of John and Ellen Magner

12.   John ---- Oct 11, 1866 Age 20 years; Son of John and Ellen Magner Mahoney,

13.   Edward ---- 1941


Re: FISHER Family Bible found wish to return

My great grandfather was Levi Fisher born in IN 1843; married Sarah Jane Magner 3 Mar 1867 in Bedford, Lawrence Co., IN; had served the Union in the Civil War in Co. K., 80th Reg't of the Indiana Volunteers; had 6 children: Fanny, Samuel, Homer, Elizabeth, Roggie (Raggie?) & Olivia. The 3 youngest died in infancy, & Levi died 20 Feb 1880 and is buried in Burn City, Martin Co.(?), IN. I have no idea who his parents were but have thought his father's name might be Samuel since he named his first son Samuel.


Bridget MAGNER arrived from Ireland in 1866 aboard the City of Paris

Born: 1847 Kerry, Ireland

Resided: 182 Park, Hoboken, NJ (also available in Hudson County, NJ City Directory)

Husband: Michael

Sister: Catherine Lyons


FRANCIS MAGNER, 65 WAS RAILROAD ENGINEER 37 YEARS Published on 08/24/81. Article 2 of 70 found.
A funeral Mass will be said tomorrow at 9 a.m. in St. Peter's Church, Plymouth, MA for Francis Magner, a retired railroad engineer. Mr. Magner, who was 65, died of a heart attack yesterday in his home here. Mr. Magner worked for 37 years for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad. He recently had retired due to ill health.
John Magner, born 1796 in Pennsylvania; died 1874. He was the son of 104. William Magner and Margaret Meek. He married 53. Nancy Wood. Nancy Wood, born Abt. 1801 in Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1864.
Children of John Magner and Nancy Wood are:




Ezariah/Azariah Magner, born April 13, 1822 in OH -- Lived in Fort Wayne, IN; died December 17, 1907 in Blue Hill, Webster Co., NE; married Susanna Catherine Baker





Elizabeth Magner, born Abt. 1831 in OH.





David Magner, born Abt. 1834 in OH.





Rebecca Magner, born Abt. 1838 in OH.





John Magner, born Abt. 1840 in OH.





Catherine Magner, born Abt. 1843 in OH.



Subj:    Interesting

Date:   11/6/99 1:09:19 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:   (Magner)


It was very interesting to see your page. In alta vista I decided to type in Magner for the heck of it. I know of no Magners around here so it was nice to find that. I know that we stem for Cork County as well. All of my Magner relatives live in Connecticut, and I live in Massachusetts. Peter Magner     Age: 17



Subj:   Obit Look-up

Date:   11/1/99 11:20:05 PM Eastern Standard Time



Could someone please do an obit/death notice look-up for Catherine F. Magner who died on 27 October 1937 in Boston, MA.  She is listed as being 87 years of age at death.  Calvary Cemetery is listed as the place of interment; could someone look up the address of the cemetery and send it to me.  Thank you for your time. Ken Davis, Belmont, CA



Subj: Fw: Query Form, Elizabeth Magner born: (1868-1915), Philadelphia PA USA

Date:   11/8/99 2:30:50 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:   (Margaret Mayhew-Yahrling)

Elizabeth Magner  (1868-1915) is noted as being my g-grandmother.  She married Davis Fletcher.  Her daughter Elizabeth Veronica Fletcher born 2/8/1894, died 11/14/1966 was my mothers mother.  I would like to know the history of my family roots.  Elizabeth Veronica married Robert Patterson Morris in 1913 in Philadelphia.  Thank you for your help. Margaret Mayhew-Yahrling


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