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 Surname:         Magner

Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 10:56 AM

Subject: Data posted to form 1 of

User Email: (John B. Kaherl)

I descend from John Magner of Monmouth Maine.  A skeletal outline: John Kaherl, Everett Kaherl, Jessie Hammond, Ora Magner, John Magner, James Magner, John Magner.  John was b. about 1739 in Ireland and d. April 7, 1814 in Monmouth?, Maine.  Seeking any information about John's ancestry in Ireland.  Any information at all will be helpful.  I have a genealogy report that is ready to email to someone showing more detail and I would be willing to update anyone who asks in regard to what I have.



Date:            12/22/99 9:17:42 PM Eastern Standard Time



Sean Magner, 26, I was just looking for any information of my late grandfather Matthew Sean Magner who was born and raised in Belfast 1904. There exists a large clan of Magners in NYC that I cannot locate on the web. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you, Sean


Subject:         Magner Family

Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2000 11:34 PM

Surname:        Magner

Email:  (Charles Yeagly)

Area Searching: Monroe, Co. IL, MO, IN

First of all this is a great way of contacting people on the Magner Family Tree. I hope this is the line I am looking for.  This is great. I don’t have much to add but hope I will be able to glean from it.


Zelek H. Magner born ABT 1805 in KY or PA died 1869 married Margaret McCorkle children:

John Magner born 1831

David Newton Magner born 30 Oct 1843 in IN. married Mary A Thorn or Thom,

Joseph Henry Magner

Emily. Magner

I don't know if these are in the right order of birth.  David Newton is my g-grandfather, Mary A Thorn is my g-grandmother. Their children:

Mary b. 1871 [The mother of my dad]

Ruth b. 1878. 

I think Mary was born in MO. and Ruth was born in IL.

 My father was Paul David Magner b. 1899 in Arthor, IL died 1944 in Los Angeles, CA. married 1923 IL to Ruth Elizabeth Reynolds b. 1906 St. Elmo, IL. Would like to know how Zelek Magner connects with the Magners? Thanks so much for this website. It’s great!



Subj:    Magners

Date:            01/03/2000 10:08:56 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Mary Lyons)


 I enclose a sighting of the Magner name. In the Pittsburgh, Pa. 1807 edition of John Brown's Dictionary of the Holy Bible, one of the subscribers was Edward Magner, Washington County, Pa. (In the 18th and 19th Centuries, it was common to collect money in advance for a book and then print the names in the back.)

This website is a great service. Thank you. Paul Collinge


Subj:    Re: Magner genealogy

Date:            01/02/2000 11:40:13 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Carol Dubien)

Thanks Jim

Much appreciated - I always thought my Magner forebearers came from Germany - now I'm baffled.  I will check out the site - thank you for your help, and a Happy Millennium to you and yours. Best Regards, Carol


Subj:      I'm a Magner, too

Date:            01/06/2000 12:54:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Margaret Monroe)



Hello.  My name is Margaret Monroe.  My family is descended, on my mother's side, from Johanna Magner Melling.  Johanna died around 1956 in New York City.  She was born around 1870 in Ballyhooly, County Cork, Ireland.  She left there, from Cove, County Cork, in 1896 for New York, returned to Ireland in 1899, and then went back to New York at the turn of the century.

I am not certain about any other aspects of my family's history except that my great-great-grandfather, Johanna's father, (who was a Magner) was a tax collector for the British army in the 1800's, and as a result our family had an enormous amount of land.  This land was sold in the early 90's. There were many children in the family--I think around 15.  Johanna was the oldest.  I think that the youngest was named Bridget.  I’d love it if you got back to me about other Magner genealogy if we are indeed related.


Margaret Monroe My e-mail is mballygirl@aol  or


Subj:    Magner

Date:    12/9/99 10:17:29 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Caroline Williams)

Good afternoon Jim.

I entered the name Magner on the search. There are 112 Magner in the England Census, 19 of which were born in Ireland. It is sometimes spelled Magnier. Here are the single John Magners in 1881.

FHL Film 1342170    PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4858  Folio 99  Page 33


Thomas Magnier         Head              35             Born Ireland

Ellen Magnier             Wife               23             Born Rhymney Wales

John Magnier              Son                 3              Born Rhymney Wales

Catherine Magnier       Daught             7            Born Middlesborough Yorkshire England

Caroline Williams Eston, York, England


Subj:    Re: Magner

Date:    12/6/99 12:34:04 AM Eastern Standard Time

From:    (Paul Flynn)


Thanks for the e-mail.  The web sites you sent were very interesting. I don't believe we are related but I have a family history written up by some of the older generation who remember these things.  I will attach the file.  Thank heavens someone wrote these things down or they would be lost forever.  You might look it over and see if you can find any connection.  I don't know if this is the kind of thing that you would post on the Magner web site or not.

Regards, Paul Flynn


Subj:            Magner

Date:            01/02/2000





Thanks for your query, it appears I have a family connection for you. I received this query this past May

<<I was just reading the Magner Queries and came across your info. My G-G-G-grandfather is named Zelek H. Magner. He is married to a Margaret McCorkle, so naturally seeing those names in your letter interested me.>>

Please contact Randy direct and he should be a family connection for you (Randy Andrus)>


I will pass you query to a few others that may also be related to your tree and add your information at the next update

Good luck and welcome

Jim Magner



Date:            12/17/99 10:13:11 PM Eastern Standard Time

From:            Cyburbob1@AOL.COM

Hello Jim,

 The legal term HEADRIGHT is used by many sources in Genealogy, but never is the complete definition ever shown.  I have tried for a long time to find a source that I could use to learn this information, but the information is just not available.  I have an access code for the Library System at Michigan State University, but I still couldn't find the information in their Legal archives for British Colonial Law.  In any case, I thought that if anyone ever needed the information that they could get it so here it is. All the best, Bob


The most common method of obtaining land during the 17th and early 18th century was the "HEADRIGHT." The system was designed so as to encourage emigration. Each individual who paid for the transportation costs of an emigrant received 50 acres of land.

For someone to receive a patent through the headright system they would have to petition the county court for a "certificate of importation." The certificates were then recorded in the county court minute books. These certificates establish relationships, approximate arrival time in the Colony and the locality in which the emigrant settled in.

Once the individual had obtained the certificate of importation he took it to the Secretary of the Colony who then issued a "right" of 50 acres per headright. The "right" was then taken to a county surveyor where a plat and map was drawn along with the measurements. Once the survey was completed, the papers were returned to the Secretary of the Colony and a patent was issued.

The issuance of the patent however was conditional.

Condition 1: annual payment to the Crown of 1 shilling for each 50 acres owned

Condition 2: within a three-year period a house to be built and stock to be kept or the cultivation of at least one-acre of land

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