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Subj:      Re: Scannells / Magners from Cork

Date:                05/25/2000 3:02:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time


 Dear Jim, I started browsing some of your homepage, and though I did not see any Scannells yet, I see some of your Magners lived in Jersey City and Hoboken. Bingo! My grandmother lived in East Orange, Jersey City, and I believe Hoboken .Her mother's relatives, the Scannells, some lived in New York City .I definitely think we have a connection here. I also see Castlemagner mentioned. That Scannell family I found is Patrick Scannell and Catherine Healy, children Catherine, born or baptized Aug. 20, 1865 in Killavallig, Castlemagner, William, b. March 31 1867 Killavallig, Castlemagner, Ellen Nov. 7, 1869, Killavallig, Castlemagner, Honora, born May 3, 1869, Killavillig, Julia Sept 6, 1872, Killavillag, Patrick, born March 3, 1874, Hannah, born (?) Feb. 1, 1876, Betteville, Castlemagner, Jeremiah born June 23, 1878, Betteville, (this date is 10 years off according to a direct descendant, he lived in Betteville, Castlemagner, and Denis born Jan. 25, 1882. The lady I correspond with is related to Jeremiah Scannell, who settled in N.Y. City. Does this help? How are you related to the Scannells? Laura


Subj:      Thank you

Date:                07/10/2000 11:04:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To:                JimMagner

Thank you for this resource.  We visited Ireland last week.  While there, with sole credit to this website, we were able to find the castle.  My wife is a descendant of the Magner.  It as exciting for both of us to see the structure and area. We will be using you web page for our follow-up research.  We look forward to watching it develop.  If we can be of help let me know. Timothy & Roni O'Connell


Subj:      Re: (no subject)

Date:                07/09/2000 9:28:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To:                JimMagner

Catherine M Magner

Miss Catherine M. Magner, 86, of Danbury, died at Danbury Hospital Saturday, July 1, 2000.

Born in Danbury May 2, 1914, she was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Magner.  She was a lifetime Danbury resident, a member of St. Peter Parish and a member of the Ladies Guild.

She was a graduate of St. Peter School and Danbury's Teacher's College.  She earned her MA and sixth Year Professional Diploma in Administration from Fairfield University.  She taught in Danbury for 45 years, first at the former Main St. School and then Broadview for 8 of those years. 

Miss Magner brought humor and compassion into her classroom.  Both her students and colleagues knew her as a dedicated educator and fierce advocate who could enliven their day with a laugh or good story.  She always maintained she was glad she had taught when teaching could be fun.

Miss Magner's survivors include her cousins, Leo Delorery, Polly Blum, Nancy Lorne and Grace Kelly.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at St. Peter Church Wednesday morning at 10:30 am. Burial will follow St. Peter Cemetery.  Friends will be received at the Green funeral Home, 57 Main St., Danbury, Wednesday morning from 9 to 10am. 


Subj:      Re: Magner

Date:                07/08/2000 10:38:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Tony Magner)

Reply-to:       (Tony Magner)



Thank you for your e-mail received today. That missing link back into the Magner line of old Ireland still eludes us at this end of the world. The oldest documented history that I have been able to trace is a death

certificate of John Magner who died on 9th August 1900 at Te Kowhai near Ngaruawahia in New Zealand. John's age was recorded as 68 and he was married to Bridget Mary Barrett age 42. They were married in Mallow, County Cork. They emigrated together on the Zealandia in 1874 sailing from London, Gravesend 10th July and arriving in Auckland on 15th October 1874. John's father's name was recorded as Edward but his mother's name was not noted.

Our Bridget Mary died and was buried here in New Zealand in 1923. They had 10 children, one of whom was my grandfather Vincent Anthony Magner. I have most of the descendants of John and Bridget recorded on my genealogy program

Family Tree Maker and would like to provide you our information as soon as we find the missing link. Thank you for your consideration and remembering of my earlier request.



Subj:      Re: Magner Genealogy

Date:                07/08/2000 9:34:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Julie kaboudan)


The first appears to be a 4-month-old baby that died in May 1938, her name was Deanna J. Magner.  She is buried between Elizabeth and Thomas Wood who died within a few years of Deana at ages 81 and 85.

The second is Earl Glen Magner who died 5 Aug 1956.  He is buried in another lot number, next to John Wood.  Incidentally, they had the same mortician.  No age is listed for Earl. Laura Magner of 1444 Iron St. paid for Earl's grave.


Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:                07/03/2000 2:20:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Forward from web site.

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Matthew E. Magner

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magner

       My name is Matthew E. Magner, son of Thomas James Magner who was the son of Edward Magner and Matilda Baird.  I guess I would be 5th generation Magner/Cotter.  I do have a little bit of information on the Edward Magner/Baird line.  I'm at e-mail


Subj:      Fwd: Re: Magnier

Date:                06/30/2000 3:05:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (GEORGE MAGNER)

To:       (JIM MAGNER)


George, thank you. My family also came from Kildorrery. I have been told that all of the Carrolls from Kildorrery were most likely cousins. Mine must have been the poor country cousins. I found a Magner/Magnier family where a Carroll/Magner marriage took place. The woman's name was Winifred Carroll and since one of my aunts had the name Winifred I have wondered if it was a Carroll name. In 1851 Michael Magner married Winifred Carroll; witnesses were William Magner and Michael Carroll. In 1852 Mary a. Joseph Magner was born to Michael and Winifred with William Magner and Catherine Carroll as sponsors. In 1853 Catherine Mary was born with Anthony Carroll and Margaret McSweeny as

Sponsors. In 1855 William Joseph Magner was born with Thomas Carroll and Catherine Carroll as sponsors. In 1857 Michael Joseph was born with Michael Carroll and Ann Cotter as sponsors. The marriage took place in Kildorrery, so Winifred must have been from that parish. The children were born in


P.S. I believe my Gallaghers and Kennys also came from the parish of Kilodorrery, and my Kennedys came from the nearby parish of Farahy.



Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:                06/26/2000 6:13:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (RMK Research)

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Michael Magner

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magner

> Area Searching: Canada

> Date:            24 Jun 2000

> My name is Michael Patrick Magner and I was born in Vancouver, B. C. Canada and I would like to learn more about my family genealogy and history. Please help.


Subj:      Update on the family of Joseph A. Magner

Date:                06/22/2000 10:03:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:                SKCM23

To:                JimMagner

Hi Jim,

       Thought I would update you on my search.  Joseph was born in June, 1894, his parents were Peter A. and Lucy Ann (Sutherland) Magner.  Peter was born Ma, 1869 and Lucy Ann was born August, 1868.  Joseph was the second child born to them.  The first child's name is not known as yet.  Four other children were born after Joseph, Mary A., Benjamin E., Harvey Eugene, and Annie E.   Peter was most likey a farmer.  Other connections are the Sutherland, Beech or Beach (?) and Hall families of Fairfax, VA. or Burke, Va. Richard E. Magner (Skip)


Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:                06/16/2000 2:04:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (RMK Research)

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        Jo Ann Kidwell Dohe

> Email: 

> Surname:         Dohe

> Area Searching:   U.S.A.

> Date:            15 Jun 2000

> I am looking for T. J. Magner born about 1929 and a veteran of the Korean War.


Subj:      Fw: Query Form

Date:                06/16/2000 1:50:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (RMK Research)

> name = Brigitte Mente

> country = Magner

> submit_by =

       comments = I was born at 1952.03.18 in Gstrow/Mecklenburg My father name is Erich Magner an his father name was Caspar Melchior Magner


Subj:      Magner Death

Date:                06/14/2000 12:28:09 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:                RMagner

To:                JimMagner


My name is Richard Magner.  My Dad was Robert Magner, son of Thomas Magner from Hobart Avenue, Bayonne, New Jersey.  I am writing to let you know that my Mother Beatrice Claire Magner passed away on February 17, 2000 at her home in Newark, Delaware.  She was 76 years old.  She was a Bayonne Bonner before marrying my Dad Robert.  She will be sadly missed.  I have not been on the Magner web page for several months.  It has come a long way, and is quite impressive.  Perhaps now I can devote more time to the family search.  Thanks for a wonderful site. Richard M. Magner


Subj:      Re: Magner's

Date:                06/13/2000 5:21:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Richard & Pat Zimmel)


Dear Mr. Magner:

I was glad to hear from you re: Jeremiah Magner.  I am a descendant of Jeremiah and Susan Searcy through John Magner and Sarah McDuffie and their daughter Mary Ellen Magner who married Jesse J. Orenduff, my grandparents. Charlotte Magner, my great aunt, married H. O. White and I am wondering if you are a descendant of theirs.  I have an old photograph (about 1850) done on glass of Sarah Stoker McDuffie, mother of Sarah who married John Magner.

Also I have a tin type of John Magner and another of Sarah McDuffie which was made before leaving for Texas.  My mother has an original letter written by Magner White, who was in San Diego, CA., dated July, 1924 to my grandmother upon the death of her brother, Jerry Magner.  We have researched the McDuffies, Searcys and Endicotts and will be glad to share information. Do you know if someone is writing a book on the Magners?  I would be interested in a copy. Sincerely, Pat Orenduff Zimmel


Subj:      Magner

Date:                06/11/2000 3:14:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Tim R. Fields)


Date:            05/23/2000 1:48:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:            JimMagner

To:            RCHDDH

You might want to view the Magner Clan Page at http:/

<<Frederick W. Moody b.29 Aug 1859 and Susannah Magner b. 16 Jun 1861 are my great grandparents.>>


  Jim - Could you please forward the following message to the person above.

William Nelson Magner, a brother of your Susannah, was my g-grandfather.  Our section on the Magner Clan Page can be viewed in Family trees under Edward.  This shows how we fit into the old colonial family.  There are some errors in Azariah's line which I have not had time to correct, but basically it is ok.  Since I started researching in 1996 we have made contacts with several of Azariah's descendants.   Please contact me - Reva J. Fields - e-mail:


Date:                06/09/2000 8:37:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (margueritesemmelrock semmelrock)

Reply-to:       (margueritesemmelrock semmelrock)



WOW, this is great service!!! Can you tell I get real excited about this :) !!

My grandmother was born August 18, 1896 this info was taken off her social security application dated Sept 16,1948

Father: Fred Milte Fountain

Mother: Minnie Mae Magner

I know she was not an only child she had a sister and could have had more than one. I have not yet researched the census for 1900, cause I don't know where they were living at the time.

I remember my grandmother telling me how she rode across the prairie in a cover wagon being chased by Indians they were on they way to Oklahoma (I think) my grandmother lived to see men land on the moon !  My dad just died and it made me want to go back and research his family. My biggest regret is that I did not do this sooner.

When I did get the social security death index no one could believe that she was born in Cambridge, Kansas cause she never talked about it. Thanks so much.


Date:                06/09/2000 7:45:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (margueritesemmelrock semmelrock)

Reply-to:       (margueritesemmelrock semmelrock)


Hi Jim, I’m very, very new at genealogy and boy is this fun! Looking for my grandmother's family

Minnie Magner married  Fred Fountian and had a daughter Hazel Villers at this time they were living in Cambridge, Kansas there is no record of the birth cause at the time it was not required by law... Any info would greatly be appreciated cause I'm STUCK !  any suggestions? Thanks Peggie Semmelrock:


Subj:      Re: Whelahan, Magner, Murphy

Date:                06/07/2000 3:21:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (ancarlson)



This is part of what I have, this connects MAGNER & WHELLAHAN families


Helen MAGNER b: 23 February 1887; daughter of Thomas [know nothing about him]

 m. Joseph Edward STACY b: Abt. 1888 in Oswego, Oswego, NY; d. 1918

    [2nd m. Loren LeROY b: 22 November 1884; d. 1963]

their daughter: Helen Marie STACY b: 22 February 1914 in Oswego, Oswego, NY

 m. John Edward WHELLAHAN b: 29 July 1912 in Oswego, Oswego, NY

[m: 10 July 1937 in St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Buffalo, Erie, NY]


[John Edward WHELLAHAN, son of Edward WHELLAHAN, grandson of  Michael

WHELLAHAN b. July 1831 in Ireland]

Also: Thomas MAGNER m. Eileen? m: 18 August 1913

Their son: Thomas MAGNER b:? in  Oswego, Oswego, NY m. Mary A. CLOONAN b: in NY - Oswego, Oswego, NY

 Their daughter: Mary 'Shannon' MAGNER b: in Oswego, Oswego, NY m. David Patrick PROUD b: in NY - Oswego, Oswego, NY

[His grandmother, Mary B. SMITH m. Edward Peter PROUD (son of Johanna WHELLAHAN, grandson of  Michael WHELLAHAN b. July 1831 in Ireland) & is Grand-aunt of Mary A. CLOONAN]


Michael WHELLAHAN b. July 1831 in Ireland is also grandfather of Anna Agnes DANAHER who m. Michael Joseph 'King' CULLEN, founder of King Kullen Supermarkets of Long Island

Keep in touch,


Subj:      Magner/Magnier Clan

Date:                06/04/2000 5:07:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Mary Wignall)

To:       (Jim Magner)

HI Jim,

Thank you for your letter. I am pleased and proud to be a member of the Magner/Magnier Clan. My great grandmother, Bridget, was born at Kilworth on 20th June, 1834.  She came to Adelaide, arriving here on 24th June, 1855.   She married Thomas Brennan from Kilkenny and they had 11 children. - Mary who became a Sister of Mercy, John, Michael, Thomas, Margaret who married a man called Connor (the old aunties called them Connors), Eleanor, who was my grandmother, Hanora, Beatrice, Catherine, Alice and Elizabeth none of whom married.  Elizabeth died at the age of 21 but all the others lived until their late seventies or middle eighties. Except Elizabeth, who died TB, they all died from heart attacks.   I don't know if that is significant or not, but it seems as if it is hereditary.    Look Out!!!  Let's hope it comes from the Brennan genes and not the Magnier. The four unmarried great aunts lived near us and I spent most of my childhood staying with them and Alice, who was the family historian, and my grandmother reared me on stories of  The Mother" as they called her.  They never called their parents Mum and Dad but "The Mother" and "The Father" when they spoke of them.

Bridget's name on their wedding certificate was spelt Magner, but the aunties were sure it was really Magnier.   They said she came from a "grand family" but came here because of the famine and it was sad that she had to work as a housemaid.  She married only a couple of years after arriving here - probably didn't like housework!  She had a sister who went to America about the same time and I believe that she also married a Brennan.    I think that others in the family went to America also.

My Auntie Alice used to correspond with a cousin of theirs in America.   I never knew his name (so this information is not of much use to you) but he became a doctor.  Whether he is the son of Bridget's sister who married a Brennan or not I don't know.   I remember seeing a photo of him as a child and he was very handsone. He must have gone to Yale University as he sent her a blue cushion cover with the Yale Coat of Arms on it.

The only name in your letter I connect with our family is Connors.  Margaret Brennan, Bridget's daughter born in 1859 married Thomas Connor in 1913.   Although they were named as Connor, my old aunties always called them Connors, but that may not mean anything.

When Doug (my husband who died 5 years ago) and I were in Ireland in 1986 we went to Kinsale for a few days.   I asked about the Magnier family and the lady I asked said there were none around there now that she knew of, but that they were a "Grand family".    Made me feel good. A few years ago I read a book about horse breeding in Ireland (we had a share in a racehorse at the time).  I read that a man called Magnier bought a horse called Cottage in the 1920's.  This horse proved to be a champion and they called their stud "The Cottage Stud" after him.  We asked when we were in Ireland where it was, but no one knew    Also, a jockey called Magnier came to Adelaide to ride in a steeplechase race.  I haven't really got much information to offer you except these bits and pieces, but certainly hope you can find something more on your database.   It is really lovely to contact someone who may be related.   Although I had a lot of cousins, I was an only child. I made up for that when I was married and we have seven children, and now 25 grandchildren .   Bye for now.    Mary


Subj:      Re: Barry / Magner

Date:                05/28/2000 8:20:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:     E PIGGOTT

To:                JimMagner

Hi Jim

 I have no further info on Bride Magner but I also have Cousin William Magner who lives in Killavullen, County Cork. William's mother was my father sister, my aunt, she married a John Magner. See below for all the info I have at the moment if you are related to these Magners I would be interested in any info you would be willing to part with.

I have also found in my search for Pigott's a Hanora Pigott married to a William Magner on 10/4/1839 their children were Michael, Johanna, Mary, John, Bridget, William and Patrick. I have been trying to connect Hanora to our Pigott family but with no success so far but they could be related to my Magners what do you think?

Descendants of John Magner:

                1                  John Magner  1905 -

..                              +Bridget Mary Josephine Pigott     1906 - 1996

(Editors note* Balance of family not listed due to ages and living persons)


Thanks for sending that info. All the Magners in the tree I sent you all Live in Ireland most in Killavullen, Co Cork one in Dublin and one in Clonakilty, Co Cork.

Does that help you? Eric


Subj:      Re: Magner

Date:                05/28/2000 1:47:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To:                JimMagner


Thank you for contacting me about this. I was hoping it would catch your eye. I'm only 14 so I don't know much about them. I only know back to my grandfather named Jerual Magner who lives in Colorado now. He just recently moved there. He has 2 sons and 3 daughters and all of them have kids. Kevin Magner was the first born of the five the Valorie, Jean, Jack, and Claire. Jerual Magner married a lady named Hazel who is now deceased. My dad, Kevin, has researched Magner Castle before and he didn't know that there were other Magner's because it's such an unusual last name. If you find any of these names on any of the information that you have could you please contact me? Thanks again for getting back to me.



Subj:      Fw: Data posted to form 1 of

Date:                05/27/2000 4:34:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (RMK Research)

To:       (Jim Magner)

> Post:            Yes

> YourName:        William A. Magner

> Email: 

> Surname:         Magner

> Area Searching: Boston Mass. USA

> I am, to the best of my knowledge, the last in my family line. My mother was Mary Callista Magner of Boston Mass. She passed in 1984, and regrettably her family records were lost in transit from Boston to San Antonio Tex. Please notify me if you could provide the missing pieces. There are other members of the Magner family from afar that have helped but our family was nearly wiped out during WWII. Thank You - William Austin Magner


Subj:      Re: State Archives

Date:                05/24/2000 8:44:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Joe Shea)


CC:       (Magner, Jim)


I got there today.  I found only one Daniel Magner in the 1851-55 death files: he is on Roll #11, Vol. 77, Pg. 80. Since he was the only one I decided to pursue it.


Daniel Magner died in Boston on October 31 1853 at the age of 45 years. He is listed as a laborer and he died of pleurisy. No parents were listed but it did state his birthplace was Ireland. It also listed him as a male and single. I do not know if I trust that single comment.


On the same roll I found an Ellen Magner who died June 18 1853 in Chelsea, MA, a widow at the age of 42, born in Ireland, widow of James, died of consumption. The reference for that is Roll#11, Vol 77, pg. 98


I had the bit in my teeth and was determined to find a married Daniel Magner that died back then. I did but he would not have been around to respond to your census. This Daniel Magner died on May 19 1843. It could have been June 19. He was aged 60 a male and he died of debility. No occupation or other information was given. He was on Vol #3, Pg. 104.

All of this covers any Daniel Magner from 1841-1855 in MA. I have developed more Magner info  of a general nature I will send to both as time permits. wrote:

> Joe,

> Are the State Archives indexed for the 1850-1855 time period?  This is the time period in which I believe Daniel Magner (husband of Julia, father of Ellen M. and Catherine F.) died.  He is the head of the family living in the 10th Ward in Boston in the 1850 Federal census.  Julia is the head of the family in the 1855 Massachusetts State census.  If Daniel Magner is on the 1850-1855 death index then I can send to The Boston Archives for his death record.

> Ken Davis

       Belmont, CA


Subj:      Anna Magner

Date:                05/24/2000 6:27:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Mary L Gory)

Reply-to:       (Mary L Gory)


I am trying to find my grandmother's sister in law. Her name was Anna Magner. She was from VA a nurse, should be in her late 60's early 70's. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

   :) Mary~


Subj:      Daniel Magner & Ellen Magner

Date:                05/05/2000 2:16:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:     Pddpatty

To:                JimMagner

To business.  Per your 3 May email, here is a quick sketch dealing with Daniel Magner (g-uncle) and Ellen Magner (g-gm).

Daniel Magner was born c1834 in Ireland according to his death certificate.  He died on 16 September 1914 in Burlingame, CA and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA.  In the 1872 Great Register of California for San Jaoquin County he is listed as having registered in California in 1871 at 34 years of age.  That would put his birth year as c1837.  I believe his death certificate to be more accurate as it was filled out by a family member and his sister Ellen was still alive. The 1872 Great Register goes on to state he was "naturalized in Nov. 1863; Boston, Mass.; County Court".

Ellen Magner was born 15 August 1845 in County Cork, Ireland according to her death certificate.  She died on 17 April 1926 in San Francisco, CA and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, CA with her brother Daniel and other family members.  Her death certificate also states that she was in the United States for 69 years (c1857) and in California for 58 years (c1868).  Daniel and Ellen came to California together according to my Uncle Leo Ryan who remembered talking to his grandmother. Their parents were William Magner (born Ireland) and Catherine Walsh (born Ireland) on both death certificates.

Ken Davis, Belmont, CA


Subj:      Deaths

Date:                05/13/2000 8:26:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:       (Joe Shea)

To:       (Magner, Jim)

CC:       (Davis, Ken)

I recorded these deaths at the State Archives in Boston. I limited the list to only Boston deaths as that was where I was searching. They are indexed in books that span 5 years each. I lost the 1880-1886 sheet. The information is only Magner I am listing only the name, year of death, the volume and page of the record.


Catherine            1876        v285        p263

                          1879          312         204

                          1879          312         211

Cecelia                1876         285          26

Ellen                   1879        312          50

Hannah               1878        303        13

Honora(Crowley) 1876        285        189

John H.               1879        312        215

Joseph                1876        285        247

Mary A. ( Lamb) 1876        unsure

Nicholas              1878        303        145

John A.               1880        321        6

Matilda               1880        321        27

I will be sending more 5 year blocks soon. My hunt and peck typing makes me very slow.




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