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Subj: Magners

Date: 8/11/99 6:34:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time


To: (Frederick Gibson)


I sure am a Magner, My branch arrived in New York City then relocated to New Jersey and settled in. I have come across a few Magners from the Wellsville area and am looking for more. We have a few Irish born siblings missing from our family that are reported to have lived and died in the N/E

I am trying to round up the names, dates and location of all of the Magners that settled or passed through the North/East prior to 1920. I think they hold the key to the Magners around the Country. Additionally I have been trying to find the final resting place of my gg-grandmother Elizabeth Magner in the N/E. I have a web page that lists various Magner information including census and family trees. On it you will find many Wellsville Magners and hopefully you will see your Ancestors listed. I would appreciate any information you can share.

Thank you and please keep in touch, Jim Magner

Margate, Florida

Subj: Magner Same Family?

Date: 8/12/99 8:07:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Stone54380

To: (Frederick Gibson)


An impressive list of Magners thank you. Just this week I received this information and it would appear to be the same family, the dates do not all match but still appears to be the same family group.


Subj: Fw: Query Form

Sent: Monday, August 09, 1999 12:41 PM

From: (rob lee)

Jim, I received your E-mail, thanks. My family of Magners goes back a few generations. My Great Aunt Catherine Moran passed all info on to me a few years ago. She heard her mother and aunts, uncle's etc.

Catherine told me that the old John Sr., originally named John Moore, he changed his name after the run in with the Englishman. We have no idea what happened to him after that. His wife Margaret came to Wellsville and lived next door to John Jr. According to the 1875 census.

Two families (Harrington's and Magner) intermarried in Ireland four times.

3 Harrington women- 3 Magner men

1 Harrington man- 1 Magner lady

John Magner married Nellie Harrington (Ellen)

David Magner married Bridget Harrington

Robert Magner married Bess Harrington (later married a Finton after Robert died.)

John and Ellen were married in the fall of 1839 in the town of Fermoy, Co Cork. Left Ireland on 17 March 1840 and landed in NY the first day of May 1840.

Mary Ann Magner 6th Oct 1840 Little Falls (my gg-grandmother) married Eugene McCarthy May 3, 1862.

Margaret Magner, Born: 25 April 1842 Married Jeremiah McCarthy 1863.

Thomas Magner, Born: 12 August 1843 died in the 1860s

Ellen Magner, Born: 12 Feb. 1845 married James Doyle 1868

John Magner, Born: 20 Aug. 1846 died in the 1860s

Bridget Magner, Born: 9 Dec. 1848

Elizabeth Magner, Born: 11 June 1851. Married J. F. Donnelly 1870

Catherine Magner, Born: 22 Feb. 1854 Married J. F. Murray 1876

Frances Magner, Born: 13 Nov. 1856. Married Jerry Hartigan 1873

Joanna Magner, Born: 7 July 1856 Married James Shannon 1874.

David Magner, Born: 11 Sept 1861 Married Delia Hogan 1896.

James Magner I hope this helps. I could mail more info if you send me your address.

Respectfully, Rob lee



Sacred Heart Cemetery: Allegany County, NY

Magner, Bridget R. ---- Mar 12, 1872 Age 21y-7m-22d; Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Magner Margaret D. ---- Jan 29, 1871 Daughter of David and Bridget Magner

David ---- ----

Bridget ---- March 27, 1888 Age 68 years; Wife of David Magner

Elizabeth 1888 1899

J. Jermone ---- ---- Age 11 days

Mary Dean 1852 1930

John D. 1844 1928

R. E. ---- June 5, 1895 Age 42 years

Gertrude E. 1876 1965

Delia Hogan 1876 1906 "Mother"

David R. 1865 1925 "Father"

John ---- ----

Ellen ---- April 14, 1883 Age 68 years, Wife of John Magner

Thomas ---- July 17, 1866 Age 23 years; Son of John and Ellen Magner

John ---- Oct 11, 1866 Age 20 years; Son of John and Ellen Magner


Subj: Magner families

Date: 8/18/99



Hi Magners,

The other Magners sure would enjoy hearing about your ancestor family the purpose of the Magner Clan page is to help each other search when we can.

I would first suggest you read the Magner information pages, there is a wealth of Magner information to read but you have to take the time to look. Researching Ireland is not quite that easy but I will try to help. Do you have a definite location for your Edmond Magner and do you have any idea about what year he arrived or where?

Next check the other Magners that are also searching in Canada they are listed on the searchers page along with their E-mail address, there are perhaps 5 or 6 that I can think of at the moment

I would suggest you look at, Magner/ Cotter Family Tree from Professor Tom Magner. Tom has family roots from up near Niagara, but there are others also.

Dates and locations are very important to research, the family given names are constantly repeated, can you furnish any dates for your ancestors?

Yes, old cousin Charlie Magner was quite a lad. I have always figured he was either one heck of a Indentured Servant or extremely luck at cards, or he is a different Charlie Magner. Bob Magner in North Carolina has been checking on the where about of Old Charlie, I would suggest you two get together.

If you can furnish some dates I will do whatever I can to help, I will also place your information on the next update and add your name and location to the Searchers page

best wishes and keep in touch, Jim Magner


Subj: Re: Magner families

Date: 8/22/99 2:49:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: JimMagner

Hi! contacted me, so perhaps we can trace Charles somehow. I have looked at some of the Magner information pages, but haven't read them all yet. I know a fair amount about Edmond. He came from Carrigaholt, Co. Clare and arrived in Toronto in 1845. I saw his grave in Thornhill as well as his wife's and two sons. I believe he was one of three brothers on a farm in Carrigaholt, but they tell me the records of that parish were burned. Interestingly, we came across, quite by accident, a cemetery in Virginia where many Magners are buried. The tombstone on the patriarch's grave said "Born in Carrigaholt" and the dates match, so they must be related, but I haven't been able to find out how. I will check the Canadian Magners. One of Edmond's daughters married a Collins who stayed in Toronto, I know. As soon as I can, I will put all the info I have about Edmond's descendants on the searchers page (is that the same as the Magner information pages?). Where's the best place to post it?


Mary Jane is my email address. The one you used is my husband's which is fine because he's just as interested as I am and has been a big help to me in searching.

Subj: Charles Magner

Date: 8/22/99



Mary Jane,

Thanks for the reply. I am glad Bob contacted you I was hoping he would when I sent him a copy of your original letter. Bob has been tracking that branch for a while.

I have been trying to dig out the list of Magners at that Virginia Cemetery. I have it and had it on the Clan Page some time back. Trouble is I have so many files I am having a bit of a problem retrieving it. The original information I had received not from a Magner family member but from a gentleman living in Virginia that was a professional Genealogist searching for a Magner family in the Pacific Northwest. That may be a clue to either where the family went or perhaps where they came from prior to Virginia.

As far as placing the information on the page depending on what you find. I can place it in the Magner Information, Family Tree or an structure report or article, for the information I can deal with it in that context. It would be very interesting for all to see the path of the original Magner to North America. At least the oldest we are aware of at this time. The same goes for you family information the purpose of the pages is to share our ancestor information with the Clan as a whole to find additional connections as well as learn of the old culture and history of where we came from. I will add you name to the Searchers list at my next up date, happy to have you with us cousin. Hopefully the two of you can but it together

Thank you and keep in touch, Jim Magner



>>Dear Sir,


>>Late last night I for the first time came across "The Magner Family Clan"on the web-pages. It was very interesting reading. I myself is a Magner from Denmark. As far as I know there are only 7 persons with this surname in Denmark, of which I am in regular contact with 2.

>>I know very little of my history since 2 generations back. However, during the next 6 months I will try to uncover what I can about the families in Denmark. I will come back to you or Jim Magner as son as I have come closer or have questions for you. I have, too, been living in Norway for 20 years, but have never com across any Magners there. But I will follow up as one of my daughters is living in Norway.

Please, contact my if you have any questions or information that might be relevant for me.

Finn Magner

>>Soeborg Hovedgade 39B

>>2860 Soeborg (Copenhagen)


Subj: Fwd: Re: Re. Magners in Europe

Date: 8/26/99 8:34:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Thomas Magner)


>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 11:17:07 -0400

>To: "Finn Magner" <>

>From: Thomas Magner <>

>Dear Finn Magner,

> It was a pleasant surprise to receive your e-mail message with its information about your family in Denmark and Norway. I know that you will share knowledge of the web site with the other two Magner families in Denmark with whom you are in contact and perhaps later the other five families might become interested.

> Is Finn a common first name in Denmark and does it have any connection with the Finnish people?I am looking forward to hearing from you again. With best wishes, Tom Magner at <>.

Subj: Fw: Query Form

Sent: Friday, August 27, 1999 7:54 AM

> name = Eilis Magner

> submit_by =

> how_found = Ballylanders, Co. Limerick

> birth = YES

I wish to find out about the Magner family in Ballylanders, Co. Limerick. I don't know too much about them, but what I do know is that my grandmothers' maiden name was Condon.

Can anybody help me?

Eilis Magner


Subj: Connecticut Magners/O'Briens

Date: 8/28/99 8:13:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time


To: JimMagner

My sister Mary and I have been writing and your suggestions have been most helpful. I just sent off an inquiry to the Tipperary Heritage site to see if they can assist with my search for information on James Magner and will go to the LDS center here in Ann Arbor MI, when they open again in the fall, very difficult to find a paper trail on this man. There is someone a cousin who may have what they are calling immigration papers and I have someone searching that out to see if there is more information.

His wife Mary "Minnie" O'Brien we knew information on thanks to who has done a great deal of work, she indeed had sex siblings. Five brothers were here in the states. Two Deb found out were hospitalized at the CT State Hospital who knows for what reasons could be mental health or at that time could also have been TB. One brother William O"Brien married a Helen Burke and they lived in Waterbury, CT for awhile. So we have at least some indication that they were connected to the Irish group up there. Mary had a sister Ellen who was in Australia and never came over, they must have looked for her because she was declared missing after seven years. I do not know if any of this information would be useful to anyone else but it might you can advise.

My search is going to focus on James because he is clearly the elusive one. As active as he was in Irish-American activities here in the states I know there must be information on him, I also know he was active in Sinn Fein activities, and my mother told me he used to send money back to them in Ireland. So he was a busy man.

Thanks for your suggestions and I will let you know as soon as I make any progress

Have a good weekend



Subj: Wellsville Magners

Date: 8/8/99 9:35:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (robert lee)


Dear Jim,

My family of Magners is back a few generations. My grandfather's grandmother was Mary Magner McCarthy. Mary was the eldest child of John and Ellen Harrington Magner. Mary was born in Herkimer county N.Y. in 1840. I was told that they settled on south hill in the Wellsville area shortly after that. John and David were founding members of the catholic churches in and over and Scio during the 1840's. I have a lot more info like census records etc I could send to you if you think you might like this. My great aunt Catherine Moran told me the John Magner sr. was originally named John Moore, after the fight with the Englishmen he went home and told his boys to leave Ireland. They changed the name.

Ellen Harrington family was from Fermoy Co Cork. her parents were Thomas and Bridget O'Brien Harrington. Bridget's brother William or Patrick was a member of the gang of Irishman who discovered the Comstock load in Nevada around 1870's. He died in America trying to make it back to Ireland to make out a will. I could go on with all of this but its late. Respectfully, Bob Lee

Subj: Boston

Date: 8/8/99 9:12:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Joe shea)

To: (JimMagner)

I have a Hanora Magner 1813-1864 buried at St Mary's and a John H Magner d.1879. This is in Boston.

The following are buried together at Old Calvary Cemetery, Boston.

Hanora's son David d.1904, 68 years

Hanora's grandchildren Eleanor d. 1912, 72 years

Anna G. d. 1929,55 years

Robert d.1933, 64 years

Madeline d. 1949,70 years

All of these are in my family line but I am still sorting them out. If it would help I should share that this line was in the stone work/cemetery memorial business from at least 1860 to the early 1900s Thus we got great stones but shabby paper trails.

Boston Catholic Cemetery Association is 366

Cummins Highway, Roslindale, MA 02131. or use (617) 325 - 6830 Good hunting!

There are a lot of Magners in the Boston area, I know they were here in the late 1700s, My line arrived en masse in 1841. I guess they got out at the first sign of famine. They were from Buttevant, County Cork and apparently came as a family.


Subj: Magner correction

Date: 8/8/99 8:30:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Joe shea)


In my searching I have discovered that the "rem" remark was often associated with changing the location of a burial. I have a Mary Catherine Magner in my line that had the "rem" comment. I was able to determine she was moved about 30 years after her first burial to another across town.


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