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Subj: Search for Magner

Date: 5/25/99 7:18:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Congrats on your most impressive website. My husband (William Magner) and I too are looking into our Magner roots.

My husband's mother was Mary Magner, born on 1 July 1919 in Boston, MA. She died on 11 Aug 1982 in San Antonio, TX.

She had a brother named John Magner, who was born on 30 June 1918, also in Boston. We don't know anything about him; when and where he died etc.

Their father was John J. Magner, born 1874 or 1876 (conflicting information) in Mallow, Cork County, Ireland. He arrived in Boston in 1890.

His father was John Magner. He was baptised on January 1846 in Dromtardiff, Cork, Ireland

His father was Jhn (John?) Magner from Cork, Ireland, and that's all we know about him.

Much to our excitement, we were able to find a John J. Magner on one of your passenger lists, who we believe, is Mary Magner's father. Other than that no positive matches with anything on your web page. If you have any information that might help us, we would appreciate it greatly.

Bill and Marianne Magner, Key West, FL


Subj: My Family Genealogy

Date: 5/28/99 3:08:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Kevin Magner)


I'm trying to find my roots back to Ireland. My grandfather was Frank (Francis) Magner of New Jersey. I know that he resided in Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City. He was married to Mary, but I don't know her maiden name.

I believe that he was related to the O'Briens. My father was John Francis Magner. He enlisted in the Marine Corp during WW II and was present at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He toured around the Pacific with the Dick Jergens band entertaining troops under the stage name of Gabby Magner. He had a sister, Jeannette, who later married and became an Engemann or Ingemann. My mother is Velma Magner, however she is of Swiss/Italian descent. That's as much as I know except that I know my grandfather played banjo, promoted fights, and worked as a plumber.

--Kevin Lee Magner, Language Artist, Grade 8, Sequim Middle School


Subj: MIke Magner Civil War Records

Date: 6/1/99 1:47:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Martin P. Aubel)


Mike Magner in the Magner's in the civil war was my Great Great Great Uncle. He had a brother James Magner who was my great great grandfather.

The Magner farm was located on Magner Road in Cool Spring Township, Mercer County. Mike lived on the Magner Farm he also had a brother Edward Magner who like wise farmed in that vicinity. My great grandfather James Magner had a farm he called the Sutherland Place which he farmed and early on he did not live there but later relocated there.

Mike Magner of this note is buried in All Saint's Cemetery, Mercer County. His daughter Clara Magner and my great grandmother (who was also called Clara Magner) were the best of friends. Clara Magner married Paul Stewart and when he passed away she re-married a man by the name of Hodge. Vince Magner another son never married and is buried next to my father Samuel Aubel in St. Michael's Cemetery, Greenville, Mercer County. James Magner my great great grandfather is buried in All Saint's Cemetery Mercer County Pennsylvania and is the first Magner stone as you enter the cemetery, he was killed during a wedding reception at Pardoe Mercer County in an automobile. I have a letter in which my Great Grandmother mentions her Uncle Mike and his children namely Jerome, Clara, Vince and


Subj: The Ellen Magner Connection

Date: 6/1/99 11:41:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Michael Shawn Feany)


CC: (Moseley, Kathy & Pope)

I am interested in exploring a possible connection between my family (Feany) and yours. I have been told that my Great Great Grandfather, Andrew Feany left Ireland (possibly Cork County) in the wake of the Great Potato Famine. It is also my understanding that he was married to an Ellen Magner and they had a son Patrick Feany (reportedly born in Rochester, Minnesota in 1865). I have also seen a record of an Ellen Magner marrying a Kinny Louth in Waseca, Minnesota in 1872. That is the area of Patrick's family. I understand that Ellen Magner Feany Louth (?) Died in December of 1921 and is buried in the Feany plot in a Waterville, Minnesota graveyard. I am interested in tracing back the Feany lineage through Minnesota and back to Ireland. I am hoping that you might be able to assist me with the Ellen Magner connection. Any insight or assistance that you might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mike Feany Santa Barbara, CA



Cork County

Barony of Orrery and Kilmore

Parish of Shandron

Townland of Cloneliegh

Tituladoes: John Novis Robert Magner

Townland of Curraclonboro

Titulado: Edwd Magner

Corke County

Barrony of Orrery and Kilmore

Parish of Ballintample

Townland of Craganicourty

Titulado: Edmd Magner

Magner, 19;

Barrony of Kilmore and Orrery

Parish of Castlemagner

Place of Castlemagner

# of people: 63; English: 12, Irish: 51

God Bless, John Paul

Subj: Magner Barrett

Date: 5/29/99


File: A:\BARRET~1.RTF (14569 bytes)

DL Time (50666 bps): < 1 minute

Bill and Marianne Magner

Thank you for your information, Interesting names and locations you are coming up with. I have many Mary Magner's hard to track the mother in laws (wonder why) and John was the "IN" name for the Irish Magner's

I am expecting some Magner MA. area information coming in shortly that may help. In the mean time I will post your information and lets see what comes up.

Out of curiosity, did you have a member of your family married in Key West say 8-12 years ago and have a Jim Magner from Ballyhooly, Cork visit Key West for the wedding? Here are some attached records that apply to your family. Jim Magner


Subj: Magner

Date: 5/28/99

To: (Kevin Magner)


Thank you also for the fast reply.

From your reply it appears that Jeannette, may be well be included in that family also. I mistakenly said 1880 census but meant 1900 for NY. Looking back at 1880 NY census I see another William Magner that appears to be the father of John from 1900. I will be looking forward to you mother's information on Jersey City.

To date I have gathered information on at least six and perhaps seven Magner /Magnier/ Magnor families that located in Jersey City pre 1900s. One of these days I will get luck and find the connections I am looking for. Best, Jim Magner

Subj: Magner Clan Page

Date: 5/28/99

To: (Kevin Magner)

Kevin, Hi and welcome to the Magner Clan Page

<My grandfather was Frank (Francis) Magner of New Jersey. I know that he resided in Trenton, Newark, and Jersey City. He was married to Mary, but I don't know her maiden name. >

<I believe that he was related to the O'Briens. My father was John Francis Magner. >

This information is from the New Jersey 1920 census found on the Magner Clan Pages at

Frank Magner Head of household Age 33 Born NY 176 Parker Newark

Mary Magner Wife 28 Born NJ 176 Parker Newark

John J O'Brien 33 Brother Age Born 23 NY 176 Parker Newark

Patrick O'Brien Brother Age 21 Born NY 176 Parker Newark

Thomas F. O'Brien Brother Age 19 Born NY 176 Parker Newark

Joseph O'Brien Brother Age 11 Born NY 176 Parker Newark

It would appear that this might be your family

If you than look at the 1880 census for New York at

You will find a family that had a son John Magner Born in NY age 13 in 1880. That is a good bet to be the John Magner listed above (age matches) you are looking for and also it gives you his Parents along with his siblings. I see no Jeanette listed but it appears from the ages that all children may not have been born yet.

Magnor Frank Son Feb 1888 Age 13 Born NY Living at 7th. Ave. Brooklyn, Kings County, NY Don't pay too much attention to the spelling of Magnor, I have found the Magner/Magnier/Magnor used quite often in the Magner clans. And the Purser also has confused it when the ships were off loaded

Of course do not take what I tell you as absolute, it is up to you to follow up on this information and confirm it is the family you are searching. Hopefully it is and it will give you a good jump-start. I would appreciate if you would let me know if any of this fits your Magner family, as my ancestors were also from New York City & Jersey City and we are searching for lost family members.

Please keep in touch

Jim Magner

1834 Tithe Applotment for the Parish of Kilshannig #2, Diocese of Cloyne


Upper Dromore

12 - William Maginer Esq. 30


Subj: Re: Magner Coat of Arms

Date: 6/6/99 11:25:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To: MagnerJ


Thanks for the information! As I have said previously, a relative of mine paid a genealogical service in Ireland that turned up a coat of arms for the name Magner which has a red, standing lion under three shamrocks against a yellow background. There was however no way to determine its authenticity. I will try to send you a picture.

In the meantime, I have traced back our branch of the Magners to the original immigrant:

Thomas Magner m. Elizabeth Fruin- emigrated from Ireland circa 1860

They established a farm in Illinois His son, Robert Magner, was a police officer in Chicago, IL

When Robert Magner died, it is reported that some cousins, also named Magner came from Connecticut to attend the funeral, and supposedly, several stayed in IL

Another Son was James Magner, one of who's sons was Msgr. Magner

Robert Magner's children were:

Thomas Magner

Elizabeth Magner

Margaret Magner

Ann Magner

James K. Magner

Sister Mary Robertine Magner

Edward Magner

Of all of the descendants of Thomas Magner and Elizabeth Fruin, only James K. Magner had any sons who did not either die without children or enter the clergy

James K. Magner m. Margaret Slattery

James K. Magner's Children were:

Margaret Magner (Peggy)

James J. Magner (My father)

James J. Magner m. Laura Parris

Mary Magner - Dale

James P. Magner (me)

Michael Magner

Terrance Magner

Brian Magner

James P. Magner m. Jennifer Easterday

James Keegan Magner

Jeffery Braedon Magner

I am still trying to get copies of photographs of Thomas Magner, his wife Elizabeth Fruin, and their son, Robert Magner (in police uniform).

Thanks for the information on the coat of arms. I'll pass it around to my clan.

Subj: Magner family

Date: 6/7/99 8:51:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (ash.mb)



Can you give me a little of your history to see if we cross paths somewhere along the way? It’s great to have all the information about the Magnier/Magner family.


Subject: Magnay / Magnah / Magna etc

From: John Magnay

Sent: Monday, June 07, 1999 12:03 PM

I noted your list of Births of thew family name. There is an interesting entry for 1710 in Northumberland. I am descended from William Magnay born 1710. We noted that the Christening certificate said "Magnah". Do you have any Magnays in your family tree? We are aware of over 200 in UK and Australia - all descended from William Magnay.

Please get in touch


Subj: Fw: John Magner

Date: 6/9/99 2:27:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time



Subject: John Magner

John Magner married Ann Spitzbarth around 1898 in New York City. They had 2 children Marion Magner and Ann Magner. Marion was my mother


Subj: Magners in Cork

Date: 6/9/99 6:31:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Liabotis)


Hi Michael,

My name is Siobhan Liabotis and I am part of the Magner family that comes from Cork. I think that you have been in contact with my cousin Peter Walsh. I am hoping to find out more information on our families, since I believe that we are somehow connected.

My mother is Anne Walsh daughter of James Walsh and Una Magner. Peter is the son of John Walsh, also the son of James and Una. Anne and John have no other brothers or sisters. My grandmother was born around 1891and became a doctor probably around 1915. She married James Walsh around 1923. Una belonged to the family of Magners that owned an estate called "Lakelands", and I believe that there were seven other children in her family. My mother thinks that her grandfather's name was William Magner born around 1850. She also believes that you and I are cousins, but I will have more information on that when I have some time to do more research. If you have any information on my part of this wonderful family, please let me know at

Thanks and bye for now




Magner Clan,

Hi I just wanted to up-date you on my screen name change form to Mail sent to the old screen name will not reach me, sorry for the inconvenience.


I am trying to establish where and when the early Magner’s arrived in North America. If you have any information at all on passenger lists, or naturalizations for any Magner's prior to 1910 please make them available.

It appears that New York, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, and Connecticut appear to have had a fair amount of immigration of Magner's during the 1800’s. They were not the first to arrive in this land as we have information on an arrival’s during the 1600’s.

Many immigrants were placed on waiting trains for locations West, South and east within days of arriving. Generally the families stayed somewhat together but this was also a time of separation for many.

The loss of Castle Gardens in NY to Ellis Island about 1890 and the fires that destroyed many records make searching difficult at best. If anyone has access and time to lookup these records at a local library it would be appreciated. Most of my information was obtained in Florida and most Northern States records are not available down here.

Two date I have information of seven [so far] different Magner family groups in Massachusetts and that same amount for Hudson County, NJ. I would like to expand on this information as I think many of the Magner’s that eventually settle else where in the America’s have roots with the eastern arrivals. This information could be the key for many searchers, to make connections.

Thank you, Jim Magner

Subj: Magners in Cork

Date: 6/11/99 5:36:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Liabotis)

Hi Jim

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I have only just begun to research my family, and everyone has been so helpful. In response to your question, Peter Walsh is my first cousin. My mother Anne and his father John are brother and sister. Thanks so much for the info on Tom in California I will contact him directly. I hope to hear from you if you have any more information on our families

Bye for now, Siobhan

Subj: Ellen Magner Louth Feany

Date: 6/15/99 11:44:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (pope.moseley)

I am still trying to find how my great-great grandmother, Ellen Magner Feany came to Minnesota. I have had success in locating a death certificate. She evidently remarried a Louth and died his widow Dec. 20th 1921 in the Rochester State Hospital in Rochester Minnesota. Her age at the time was approximated at 78. She was reported to have been born in Ireland and buried in Waterville. She is buried in the Calvary Cemetery with my Feany relatives, which is curious. Does this help attach her to any Magners that you know of?


Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 6/16/99 9:36:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Fredrick Magner)


Thanks for the update.

In searching for my Magner ancestry, please update my info on the searcher web page:

I am currently located in Winston-Salem, NC, 27127 and my Magner relatives are from Morrice, Michigan. My Grandfather, Edward John Magner was born in Onterio, Canada. That's as far as my search has reach ON Canada.


Fred Magner

Subj: Info. from CT

Date: 6/16/99 9:57:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time



While searching this site I came across some Magner connections maybe someone can use them

CTGenExchange - Marriage Registry 1


Subj: Magner Tree

Date: 6/17/99 3:25:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Blake A. Magner)


Sorry I have been so tardy in getting back to you about my line of the Magner family tree. Attached is the information that I have about my line.

Richard Andrew Magner Born June 20, 1929, Keene, New Hampshire

Died, March 6, 1973, Sutton, Massachusetts, buried Howard Cemetery, Sutton

Married Bonnie Ann Knudtson

Son: Blake Alan Magner, Born: 1950, Brookline, Massachusetts.

Married: Johanna Marie Jennetta 1974 Camden, New Jersey.

Son: Bradley Benedict Magner, Born 1982, Medford, New Jersey.

Richard Andrew Magner remarried Elizabeth C. Blondin.

Children: Robert A. Magner

Raymond A. Magner

R. A. Magner Jr.

As to your note of May 11, I am the only Magner on the Civil War speaker circuit--its what I do for a living. I live in Haddon Township, New Jersey. I am the staff photographer for the Civil War Library and Museum, I chaired a committee that put up a monument to General John Gibbon at Gettysburg, I have written five books on the Civil War and published four others. I am one of half-dozen cartographers who draw maps for Civil War books, and I am the book review editor for the Civil War News.

I will send a bunch of stuff later for your Magners in the Civil War section. There is a ton of neat stuff.

Best regards, Blake A. Magner

Subj: RE: Magner

Date: 6/16/99 1:34:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Russ Davis)

Can you please change my e-mail address to from A move from Holland, Michigan to Cincinnati, Ohio has caused a change in ISP's. Thanks very much.

The efforts on behalf of Magner genealogists have been very helpful and I appreciate them a great deal.

Russell D. Davis

Subj: Re: info from Ct

Date: 6/17/99 1:23:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: Xoa

My Magner Descendants of Mary Magner Generation No. 1

1. Mary1 Magner was born in Boston, MA. died in Allston, MA. She married James Mckenna 1920 in Boston, MA


Aunt Elizabeth Murray lived in South Boston

Children of Mary Magner and James Mckenna are:

+ 2 i. Anne Elizabeth2 McKenna, born 1922 in Roslindale, MA

3 ii. Mary McKenna, born 1923.

4 iii. James McKenna, born 1924.

5 iv. Edward McKenna, born 1930.

6 v. Philip McKenna, born 1942.

Mary Magner was to be from Joseph Magner of Charlestown MA Joseph is their Grandfather so that would be 1800's lonnie Wick Xoa

Subj: Fw: A great website...

Date: 6/17/99 2:32:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time



My name is Peter Magner, I live in Essen, Germany. I was born in 1964 in Silesia (a part of Germany before 1945). In 1977 my parents, my sister and me went to Germany. My father Raimund Magner was born in 1937 in Hindenburg (today the Polish Zabrze) in Silesia and his father Maximilian Magner about 1910 (don't know it exactly) in the same region too.

My father has two sisters and one brother. The sisters are married and now have other names. My father’s brother, Siegfried Magner, died in the 80’s He was married with Luzie Magner, now living in Essen, Germany an one daughter, Gabi

My profession is advertising and graphic-design. I own an advertising agency called PMP design and a sign-making agency called LOGO. My E-mail is:

Greetings from Germany, Peter Magner

Westborough, Massachusetts

William Magner and L. W. Greene were appointed to patrol the Town. They received $8 per week. Magner was appointed Chief of Police as well as Sheriff and served until 1912 when he was accidentally struck and killed by a trolley at Chestnut Hill.

Chief Magner was preceded by a succession of men who served in other Town positions while the Town struggled to find the right man for the job.

Fire Chief James McDonald replaced Magner after his death but he also died in office in 1913. Succeeding McDonald in 1914 was the lifelong friend and neighbor of Magner, Fire Engineer John P. Crowe. Crowe became Fire Chief in 1916. In 1915 Henry J. Mooney took over as Chief along with his other duties as dog officer. Charlie Banks, a night watch constable, was appointed Chief in 1916. For two years, 1917 & 18, Thomas Humphrey was Chief. For additional information go to



Subj: Re: Magner

Date: 6/20/99 12:51:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Hi Jim,

Here some answers to your questions:

><Their father was John J. Magner, born 1874 or 1876 (conflicting information) in Mallow, Cork County, Ireland. He arrived in Boston in 1890. He arrived in Boston on that date but was that from Ireland or another state?

He arrived directly from Liverpool into Boston. We have naturalization documents that show that he immigrated into Boston on 28 April 1890. The SS Cephelonia passenger list shows him arriving in the company of a Mary Magner and a Margt Magner. He was naturalized 23 Sep 1896. At this time he lived on 85 Baxter Street, Boston, and his occupation was printer.

I have a record from the LDS church that shows his mother's maiden name as Ellen Danaghy. Her name has also been spelled Deneghy, Danehy, Donohue, and Denaghy. His siblings were Mary Magnor (1834) Boherbue, Cork; Barth Magner (1841) Dromtardiff, Cork; Ellen Magnor (1836) Boherbue, Cork; Joanna Magner (1839) Dromtardiff, Cork. I have the sibling info from your birth web page and LDS info that Bill's dad gathered.

I have nothing on Jhn Magner, except that he married this Ellen Danaghy and produced 5 children, all of them christened in Dromtardiff and Boherbue, Cork, see above. I could deduct that he and Ellen married somewhere between 1830 and 1834.

Thanks for the info you e-mailed a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting I have now entered all the info Bill's dad gathered into FamilyTreeMaker. I will print what I have and mail it to you this week.

I hope this helps! Take care, Marianne Magner

Subj: Itasca Snow Magner

Date: 6/29/99 8:31:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Brinson, Taryn)

To: JimMagner@AOL.COM ('')

Hi Jim,

My mother is Megan Magner Brinson - we are from Spokane, WA. I am interested to see if you have any information on an Itasca Snow Magner, born in Poplar Bluff, Missouri in 1883. She married a "League". Just curious if this rings any bells or if you can point me to where I can research who Itasca was descended from. I have browsed the Magner Web site, but not many Missouri connections.

Thank you, Taryn M. Brinson


Dear Jim

Magner Coat of Arms is officially documented in BURKE'S GENERAL ARMORY.

"The original description is as follows: AR. on a mount vert. a swepe (or balista) AZ., charged with a stone ppr. a chief per fesse embattled OR. and GU.

This is the coat of arms of Magnall of Manchester and London, granted 1765.

Armorial Bearings so confirmed to the Fitzgibbon family include a quartering for Magner. This quartering or Coat of Arms may be blazoned as:Argent (ie. White) a swepe. Azure (ie. Blue) charged with a stone gold

This would certainly suggest that the Magnall and Magner families were related.

>2: Deer or (Roe) standing behind a tree, green foreground white background, this is Magny or Magnier that I found

Best wishes, Eddie


Hingham, Massachusetts Families


This is a list of surnames found in the book "History of Hingham, Mass" by George Lincoln Vols. II-III Genealogical printed by the town in 1893.

MAGNOR. John, from Cork County, Ireland born: 1826 came and settled in Hingham. 1851. He married at Quincy, Mass., Nov. 4, 1855 Bridget Hanley. She was born in County Tipperary, Ireland 1834. "Farm laborer." Resides on Green St.

Children., all born in Hingham

  1. Ellen Maria, Nov. 29, 1858. Married Oct. 14, 1886, Dennis Long
  2. Children: of Ellen Maria & Dennis Long

    Agnes, b. in Hingham. July 28, 1887

    ii. Thomas Andrew, Apr. 29, 1860 married. Nov. 4, 1883, Maria Tyner of Smoerville, Mass.

  3. Bridget Agnes, Nov. 22, 1862 married. Nov. 11, 1885, Michael J. Daley

Children of Bridget Agnes and Michael J. Daley

Daniel Bernard, b. in Hingham. Nov. 3, 1887.

iv. John James, Nov. 20, 1863

v. Daniel Fancis, June 22, __66

NOTE. -- William, married May 3, 1759, Jemima Mulford.

Vol. III page 48

MAGNOR. John J. (llI. p. 48: iv.), m. Jan. 18, 1887, Mary E. Ryan. Ch. b. in Hingham.,-- i. Nellie, Oct. 30, 1887. ii. Mary Gertrude, Dec. 27, 1888

Subj: Information on Margret and Mary MAGNER

Date: 6/23/99 2:01:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time From: (Geraldine Bodeman)

Looking for parents of Margaret ( Maggie ) DOLAN b. April 29 1862 / Manchester, NH / d. 7/26/1925 / Married 3/25/1883 her mother was Mary Magner b Ireland and her father was William or John both died of influence shortly after the birth of Margaret 4/29/1862 ( Manchester, NH ) Margaret ( After her parents death , Maggie Dolan went to live with a William Toohey and Margaret Magner in North Andover, Ma. She married Michael Toohey in Lawrence Mass 3/25/1883 any information please contact Michael Tierney at

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 16:52:10 -0700 (PDT)

From: Charles Fillinger

Subject: Magners in Doneraile

Dear Tom,

I was just browsing the net and came across your webpage. In April, I visited Doneraile (and a place called "Castlepook" where my grandmother, Hannah (Johanna) Magner (DOB: Dec. 18, 1881) grew up and spent a great deal of her adult live. Her parents were Ellen and Edmond Magner (I visited Ellen's grave in Old Court Cemetery). The village is still beautiful, as is the church where Canon Sheehan once served as a priest (he is buried outside) -- also one of my favorite authors. Grandma had 7 siblings. She moved to New York (left from the Cobh in about 1920 or 1921), and married my grandfather, Michael Colreavy from Lietrum, in New York.

I enjoyed walking the streets of the village in April, and had a great pint. I still keep in contact with the Power family in Dublin and Cork, children of one of Grandma's siblings (the relatives include Sister Kathleen Power and Jim Power in Dublin, and Eileen Power in Cork City). I was wondering if you think my grandmother might be related to your Magners. Charlie


Forward from website. Ronn

From: noretta caldwell

Sent: Sunday, June 27, 1999 8:25 PM

Subject: Lanville Magner

We are looking for information on Lanville Magner who was born in Ireland, when--we don't know. I am related to Albert Lanville Magner, who's father was Sam Brown Magner.

If you have any information that would help us trace our roots, please e-mail me at this site. Thanks for your help. Karen Bryan


This week In Brooklyn History, 101 years ago this week , July 2, 1897

Mr Obed Magner, from Michigan, is here on a visit to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Magner. Mrs. Magner, now in her 82nd year, is in very poor health, and her recovery is not looked for.

One-Room Schools of West Salem Twp. One-room Schools of Mercer County

Big Run, Bortz, Good Hope, Hunter, Loutzenhiser, Magner, Maysville, McLaughlin, Melvin, Mizner – Woods, Porter, Shenango, and Simpkins



New Orleans Death Index, Daily Picayune, 1837-1857




6/6/1856 P4 C5




Dupage County, IL. Downers Grove, and Lisle Township Cemetery Records,

MAGER John Francis 1895 1932

MAGER Elizabeth 1978

MAGNER Pauline 1948


Families arriving on the ship Resolution
Family Name Township where settled

MAGNER, David Otanabee Twp.

Magner, David, 32, Otanabee Twp.
- Mary, 32,
- John, 15,
- Catherine, 11,
- David, 9,
- Mary, 4,


New Orleans Newspaper Marriage Index, Daily Picayune, 1837-1857




QUERIES FOR LIVINGSTON COUNTY 1999|ss=magner|id=32103217;


1890 Wichita Co. Texas Reconstructed Census|ss=magner|id=17430658;

Register of Prisoners in the City Jail, Magner, John F - Vol 1 Page 3



Hassette M. Magner 08 Feb 1917 79 Years 17 6367


Monroeville Democrat, Monroeville Weekly Breeze

Weekly Newspaper at Monroeville, Allen Co., Indiana

Magner, ___ 10/30/1879 3 2 Death son of Joseph Magner

Magner, Rebecca Jane 06/21/1877 3 2 Marriage married to John C. Hunsicker by Rev. Brown at the M. E. Church


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