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Subj: Magner

Date: 11/5/98 8:52:01 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Phyllis Higgins)



Dear Jim, Thank you for writing. I have recently received a letter from Ellen Tatara, and I think she has found my grandfather, Grover William Magner. The information concerning his sister and his birth date is what I have from his funeral book. It was very exciting to receive this information after all this time. I will work on the family tree and get sent off as soon as possible. I have not received any -Mail concerning the Magner name for quite some time. The last one I received had my Uncle Virgil Magner's death on it. Hope to receive some information soon. Thanks!

Subj: Magners in Ireland

Date: 10/25/98 8:14:06 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Mark Magner)


My name is Mark Magner. I have the vast experience of about 6 hours in attempting to trace my family tree using the Internet. Almost everywhere I look, I end up bumping into the James Magner that emigrated from Cork to New Jersey in the early 1800's, and who you apparently posted to the Roots Surname List.

I'm so far unable to connect this James to my own family, which also originates in Cork. My great-grandfather was Dr. Edward Magner, of 9 South Mall in Cork and with a country estate "Lakelands". He died in approximately 1920. His wife was Mary Sullivan, who died in 1937. They had a total of seven children, one of whom was my grandfather, Dr. William Owen Magner, born in 1886, who emigrated to Toronto, Canada in May of 1921, and died here in 1952.

In your research, have you bumped into these people? Any information, or suggestions about how to find Edward's ancestors, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Subj: Attached File

Date: 10/29/98 1:39:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

From: (Ellen Tatara)

To:, (Barbara L. Goodbar), (Joanne M. Hudson), (Donna Sautbine),,

Jim -

I noticed that several people visiting our website are working on a Magner family living in Mercer County, Pennsylvania in the very early 1800s.

I have two pension records which I selectively photocopied while doing research into Magner Civil War military service and pension files at the National Archives in Washington, DC. I think they may help sort out some things, although they don't take the family back any farther than the progenitor I've seen them talk about (Michael Magner, Senr).

I abstracted one record this morning and am attaching it as a separate file. It is a summary of the civil war pension file of Michael Magner Jr. of Mercer Co., husband of Rebecca Craig and Mary Cobb, father of surviving children: Jerome, William, Clara, James, Bessie, Grant and Mabel.

I have another, a pension file for his brother, William Magner. I'll summarize that one and forward it to you to circulate to Mercer County, Pa Magner searchers, also, hopefully within the next 24 hours. (As my Magner cousin -researchers will tell you, if I don't do it immediately, it can take years for me to get something done <g>).

I'm uncertain how to e-mail Barbara Magner

( ) since it looks like her address is too long and the Daemon Mailer might kick it back to me if I mailed her a copy. I'm not sure how this material relates to her group, either. Maybe someday she'll know if it's relevant to her search. Could you forward a copy to her, for her information, anyway? And ditto to Tom Magner at Penn State, if he's interested in receiving mail on this family group. Since they seem unrelated to his lines, I wasn't sure whether he would want a "personal" copy or not.

Naturally, everyone should be advised that although I try to be thorough and accurate, as always, people should check the original record themselves, if at all possible, to make sure I haven't committed errors of judgment or transcription, overlooked something important, or otherwise confused us all with some dumb mistake. Best -Ellen


Date: 11/26/98



Thank you for your reply, we are looking for three women:

Elizabeth Magner widow of John arrived in New York May 1884 traveling with 10 year old Katie Sheehan. Elizabeth initially lived with her sons Thomas and Michael Magner in Jersey City, NJ Elizabeth than disappeared only to resurface in Bridgeport living in various rooming houses from 1890 through 1896, [Bridgeport directory's] she is reported to have died in 1897 but to date we can not confirm where she is buried. [We have a hand written note in her sons Thomas Journal "Mother died Jan 7, 1897] and we suspect in or near Paterson, NJ

We have no concrete idea whom this 10-year-old Katie Sheehan is or how she fits into our family. We do know that when John Magner died that same year March 7, 1884, a Kate Sheehan is listed as witness and occupier at his home in Rockmills, Kildorrery, Cork, Ireland. We suspect this Katie Sheehan as the daughter of this Kate Sheehan, witness and occupier.

We have oral family history that states John Magner was married prior to his marriage to Elizabeth (Sweeney) Magner in 1859 Doneraile, Cork, IR. It is very possible that Kate (witness & occupier) is a married daughter of John’s first marriage. If that is the case Elizabeth was traveling with 10 year old Katie as a step-grandmother.

Courtney Magner: again from oral family history (tape recorded) was a sister [that lived in Bridgeport, CT] of my g-grandfather Thomas Magner she was a widow and the owner of a Pet [bird] Store circa 1900-1910 in Bridgeport.

We have no information as to Courtney's married name but we have located a Bird Store in Bridgeport circa 1900-1912 that was owned by a family with the surname Courtney and lists a Catherine Courtney. Ironically this Bird Store was located two blocks from the address we have for Eliza. Magner widow of John during the same years Elizabeth was alive

Thanks Jim Magner


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