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Tips on genealogy searches.  How to Start Your Research 

     James Magner passed away Thursday October 16, 2003.  Published in the Florida Sun-Sentinel on 10/18/2003.

     One of the primary reasons for the extent of this website was the constant efforts and genealogy research of Jim Magner. 
Jim was always willing to help us in our searches.  He will be missed, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.


Click here to visit the Magners of Tipperary and Limerick.


      WARNING!!!!!  Be VERY careful sending money or credit card information to "supposed" genealogy search sites in Ireland.  Information provided has been worthless according to many emails from family searchers.  Some family members have spent over $500 and obtained NO information.  

We receive many complaints each week.  Most of these sites provide no new information  and want more money from YOU.  The sites have no secure credit card site and require ten to sixteen weeks to provide nothing.  No currency exchange information is provided, and their prices are confusing.  Our suggestion is
NOT to pay any money to these websites or centers.    

Click here to find an excellent article on the problems with the Irish Heritage Centres  Results of Irish Heritage Centres Survey

If you find an honest, documented search site, email webmaster.


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