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Connaught Journal
published Galway, Ireland
Thursday, July 24, 1823

[Extract of a Letter from Cork]
"Cork, Friday, Half-Past Four o'Clock, P.M.- I have just witnessed a most affecting sight- nine persons sentenced to execution in the Co. Court, for burning the Mills at Castletownroche. The men are of better description, and heard their fate without a murmur. One of them, a most respectable looking man (named SULLIVAN, I am informed) addressed the Court, and requested, inasmuch as their characters had been heretofore good, it would grant them a long day in order that they might prepare themselves for their dreadful fate.

"Judge BURTON, evidently overpowered, said as he should consider on it, and grant such time as the law would allow under the circumstances.
"The prisoner said, thank you, my Lord, and bowed.
"The sentence was most impressively delivered, and while the Judge addressed the prisoners, some of them wept in the dock.
"Quarter past five o'clock.- A troop of the mounted police have now arrived to take them in charge to the county gaol.
"No hopes of mercy have been held out to them.
"The convicted prisoners are- the two HENNESSYs, SULLIVAN, LEAHY, MURPHY, SHEEHAN, MAGNER, FLYN and FINN. The approver was DUNDEN, who swore to eleven of them, FOULOO and BRIEN in addition to the others. Charles HENNESSY was the prosecutor who swore to five of them. It was at Ballygoggin, in this county, they burned two mills, a house, and a stable.

Cathy Joynt Labath
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