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Philippa Garnsey

Descendants of William Magner and Mary Fouly

Generation 1

William Magner married Mary Fouly

Occupation: Labourer. Lived in the Townland of Tooreen, Parish of Ballybricken. (Eight miles from City of Limerick), Co, Limerick, Ireland.

Children Baptized at Ballybricken to William and Mary:

James 14 April 1812

Edmund 17 April 1814

Mary 28 July 1817

William 30 January 1819

Tom 18 February 1821

Generation 2

James Magner: Baptized: 14 April 1812. Married Sarah Casey 5 September 1839. (St Mary’s records) James Magner arrived in New South Wales, Australia in 1832 as a convict. He had been convicted to transportation for 7 years for steeling two sheep. Occupation on arrival in Australia was a tailor. He purchased land at Hartley and then later at Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

Children born to James and Sarah:

Mary Ann Magner born: 1840 Hartley, NSW married: William K. Garnsey Died: 29 December 1890 at Dubbo, NSW

James Magner* born: 1841 died: pre. 1853

Sarah Mary Magner** born: 18 February 1845 Hartley, NSW married: William H. Delaney Died: 1906 at Redfern, NSW

Esther Magner born: 2 April 1847 Hartley, NSW

William John Magner born: 15 March 1849 Hartley, NSW

Patrick Joseph Magner born 14 March 1849 married: Jane J. McMahon

Honora Magner born: 25 April 1852 Hartley, NSW Died: 13 May 1852 at Hartley, NSW

James Archibald Magner Born: 12 march 1855 Hartley died; 23 September 1900 at Narrabri, NSW

John Magner born: 4 June 1855 Hartley, NSW Died: 3 October 1918 at Moree, NSW

Honora Magner born: 26 may 1857 Hartley, NSW married; James Collumb Died; 1917 at Newtown, NSW

Edward Casey Magner born: 29 August 1859 Hartley, NSW Died: 1922 at Sydney, NSW

Margaret Mary Magner: 14 October 1861 Hartley, NSW married: William Fanning Died: 7 December 1944 at Sydney, NSW

Francis Rose Magner born: 26 August 1863 Hartley, NSW married: Thomas Doyle* Died: 1913 at Sydney, NSW

Sophia J. Magner born: 21 February 1866 Hartley, NSW Died: 1886 at Dubbo, NSW

Generation 3

Mary Ann Magner married William Kinglake Garnsey on 17 August 1864 at Hartley, NSW, Australia

Children born to Mary and William:

James Joseph born: 21 June 1865 at Wellington, NSW married; Maria J. Connor died: 27 April 1911 Sydney, NSW

Elizabeth born October 1866 at Dubbo, NSW Died: 4 April 1867 at Dubbo, NSW

Eveline born: 1867 at Dubbo, NSW

William Henry born: 1869 at Dubbo, NSW married: Ellen Edith West

Walter Edward born: 1870 at Dubbo, NSW married: Elsie Melrose Tout

Sarah Mary born: 1871 Dubbo, NSW married: Thomas Doyle*

Thomas Albert born: 1872 at Dubbo, NSW married; Josephine Danvers Died: 1940 Chatswood, NSW

Mary Jane born: 1874 at Dubbo, NSW Died: 1943 Sydney, NSW

Philip George born: 1875 at Dubbo, NSW Died: 1888 Forbes, NSW

Herbert Arthur born: 1877 at Dubbo, NSW married: Edith L. Coffee Died: 1945 at Nyngan, NSW

Sydney born: 1880 at Dubbo Died: 1881


Josiah Bridge born: 1881 married: Helen S. Dunn Died: 1926 Hornsby, NSW

Hilda Agnes born 1884 Orange, NSW married: Norman S. Dunn

James Magner died as a child before 1853 when a second James was born.

Sarah Mary Magner married William Henry Delaney in 1869 at Hartley, NSW, Australia, Williams occupation: Hotelkeeper.

Children born to Sarah and William:

Eva E. born 1871 Hartley married: Alfred S. Heffernan

William H. born: 1872 Hartley Died: 1918 Forbes, NSW

Emily Alice born: 1873 Hartley married: James V. Haydon

John Andrew born: 1875 Dubbo, NSW

Austin Charles born: 1876 Dubbo, NSW

James P. born 1878 Dubbo married: Mary A. Dwyer Died: 1910 Orange, NSW

Ida A. born:

Francis Hartley born: 1881 Dubbo, NSW Died: 1916 Bathurst, NSW

Ernest J. born: 1883 Dubbo, NSW married: Agnes B. Delves

Ethel S. M. born: 1885 Dubbo, NSW

Edith H. M. born 1890 Dubbo, NSW

Easter Magner: Nothing is known about her except that she was still alive in 1892 when her mother died. She was supposed to have married a Blaxland but there is not tracer of a marriage.

William John Magner: Alive in 1878 when his father died but dead by 1892 when his mother died. No trace of his death in NSW.

Patrick Joseph Magner: married Jane Josephine Magner in 1873 at Dubbo, NSW. No trace of any issue or his death in NSW. Still alive in 1892 when his mother died.

Honora Magner: Died as a baby of three weeks.

James Archibald Magner: Died 23 September 1900 at Narrabra, NSW. No trace of marriage. Nothing Known.

John Magner: Died 3 October 1918 at Moree, NSW. Not married. Occupation: General labourer.

Honora Magner: Married James Collumb in 1883 at Dubbo, NSW, Australia. No surviving issue.

Edward Casey Magner: Died at Rookwood Lunatic Asylum in Sydney in 1922. No trace of marriage.

Margaret Mary Magner: Married William John Fanning in 1822 at Dubbo, NSW, Australia.

Children of Margaret and William:

Mary E. born: 1883 Waterloo, NSW. Married: Henry J. Halloran

Edith S. born: 1885 Ashfield, NSW. Married: Alfred E. Hendy

Clara born: 188- Ashfield, NSW

Bertha V. born: 1892 Ashfield, NSW

Maud F. born: 1897 Ashfield, NSW. Married: Reginald A. Wilson

Francis Rose Magner: married Thomas Doyle in 1892, no issue. Died 1913, Sydney.

Sophia J. Magner: Died as a baby.



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