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                            MAGNER / HARRINGTON Family Tree’s

 Submitted by Robert Lee

 John Magner and Ellen (Harrington) Magner were married in the fall of 1839 in the town of Fermoy County, Cork, Ireland. They left Ireland on the 17th of March 1840 and landed in New York the first day of May 1840.

 Children of John & Ellen Magner:

1.       Mary Ann Magner was born the 6th of October 1840 at Little Falls, NY. Mary Ann Magner married Eugene McCarthy April 5, 1863 in Wellsville, NY and they were blessed with 10 children: six boys and four girls

 2.       Margaret Magner was born April 25, 1842, Wellsville, NY. Margaret Magner and J. McCarthy married May 3, 1862 in Wellsville, NY and were blessed with 11 children: five boys and six girls

 3.       Thomas John Magner was born August 12, 1843, Wellsville, NY

 4.       Ellen John Magner was born February 12, 1845, Wellsville, NY. Ellen Magner and James Doyle married August 28, 1868 and had 8 children: six girls and two boys.

 5.       John Magner was born August 20, 1846, Wellsville, NY

 6.       Bridget Magner was born December 19, 1848, Wellsville, NY

 7.       Elizabeth Magner was born June 11, 1851, Wellsville, NY. Elizabeth Magner and J. F. Donnelly married August 14, 1870 and had 8 children: five girls and three girls

 8.       Catherine Magner was born February 22, 1853, Wellsville, NY. Catherine Magner and W. H. Murray married in Hornell, NY May 1875 and had 5 children: three girls and two boys.

 9.       Francis John Magner was born November 13, 1854, Wellsville, NY. Frances Magner and Jerry Hartigan married August 21, 1873 and had 6 children, four boys and two girls

 10.   Joanna Magner was born July 7, 1856, Wellsville, NY. Joanna Magner and James Shannon married in Almond, NY December 25, 1874 and had 4 children: two girls and two boys.

 11.   David Magner was born September 11, 1861, Wellsville, NY. David Magner and Delia Hogan married June 30, 1896 and had two children, Mary Magner Donnelly and Robert Magner 

My Mother and Father (John & Ellen) Magner were the first settlers on South Hill, (Between Wellsville and Andover, Allegheny County, NY. In February 1842 they built a log home in the wilderness where they raised a family of 12 children: including Mrs. Donnelly, Binghamton, NY; Mrs., Buchanan, Jamestown, NY and Mrs. A. Shannon, Hornell, NY.

 Patrick Harrington came to America in the early 1850’s he was married in 1840

 John Magner and Ellen (Harrington) Magner were born, raised and married in Ireland. Ellen’s parents were Thomas Harrington and Bridget O’Brien. John Magner's parents are John & Margaret Magner

 Florence (Laurence) McCarthy and Julia Reidy McCarthy were born, raised married and died in Ireland

The McCarthy’s had 12 children

 1.       Marty Ann (Magner) McCarthy was born 1840 at Little Falls, NY and died of the Flu in Wellsville, NY 1918

 2.       Eugene McCarthy was born in 1831 in CastleGregory, County Kerry, Ireland and died in Wellsville, NY 1927

 3.       Florence McCarthy

 4.       Ellen McCarthy

 5.       Dennis McCarthy

 6.       Eugene McCarthy

 7.       Frank McCarthy

 8.       Mary (McCarthy) Regan

 9.       Julia (McCarthy) Padden

 10.   Catherine (McCarthy) Sullivan

 11.   Josephine (McCarthy) Lee


David Magner  (1815-1899) married Bridget Harrington (1820-1888) they had 9 children:

 1.       Bridget Magner born: 1843 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 2.       Ellen Magner born: 1843 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 3.       John D. Magner born: 1845 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 4.       David Magner born: 1846 Andover, Allegheny County NY

5.       Francis Magner born: 1849 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 6.       Thomas Magner born: 1850 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 7.       Robert E. Magner born: 1853 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 8.       Edmond Magner born: 1854 Andover, Allegheny County NY

 9.       Margaret D. Magner born: 1860 Andover, Allegheny County NY

Family notes:

Two families (Harrington’s and Magner’s) intermarried (In Ireland) four times

3 Harrington women married 3 Magner men 

1 Harrington man married 1 Magner lady

John Magner married Nellie (Ellen) Harrington

 David Magner married Bridget Harrington

 Robert Magner married Bess Harrington, Robert died and Elizabeth re-married Patrick Fenton

 Jerry Harrington married Mary Magner

All lived in County Cork, Ireland

As recorded by Eleanor J. Witter June 1987                                     

Information provided by Joanna M. Shannon about 1934

Submitted by Robert Lee  


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