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Michael Magner Jr. of Mercer County., PA. Civil War Pension File abstract

Certificate: # 168 co 157 Regt. PA Vols. Civil War service

Michael Magner, (Jr.)

Co. I, 57th Regiment, Penn Vols Selected Pension File Papers

Abstracted by Ellen Magner Tatara (no known relationship) October 29th, 1998

Michael Magner, (Jr.)

Pension Application # 42.150

Invalid Certificate # 168.431

Enrolled 28th February 1862 in West Greenville, Mercer Co., Pa. as a Pvt.

Discharged 18th February 1864 at Convalescent Camp, Va

Near Acquia Creek (near Station, Potomac Creek)

Sworn affidavit of 26 February 1864 of Michael Magner, Jr. (claiming age as 17),

Michael Magner Senr., and William Magner, all residents of Mercer Co., PA;

In which Michael Magner Senr and William Magner attest to Michael Magner Jr’s

Signature and character Michael Magner Senr made his mark. William Magner

Signed his name.

Sworn affidavit of August 1878: Michael Magner (soldier applying for pension) claims his age as 31. Physical description: 5 ft. 11 in.; light complexion; hazel eyes, brown Hair.

Pensioner stated in his application papers that he fell ill with chest/lung illness near Fredericksburg, VA, that he was a resident of Cool Spring, Mercer County, PA since his discharge; that his occupation was farming. He was literate, signing his name. His disability allowing the military pension was incipient tuberculosis and functional disease of the heart.

According to papers in this file, Michael Magner was married twice.

His first wife was Rebecca Craig. Michael Magner and Rebecca Craig were married on December 15th 1874 at Fairview, PA. by Rev. Dennison Kenny. Rebecca Craig Magner died May 1, 1885 in Cool Spring Twp., Mercer Co., PA (per statement of Michael Magner Jr. in which he also summarizes his second marriage and names his children and their birth dates, which appear below).

His second wife was Mary E. Cobb. Michael Magner and Mary E. Cobb were married in Port Austin, Huron Co., Michigan by Rev. La Zelle (a Catholic Priest) In his affidavit of March 11, 1915, Michael Magner states that his second wife, Mary E. Cobb Magner, died on May 5, 1899. (He states that his wife had no other husbands and was never married to anyone but him. He writes "No" twice, which could be interpreted as saying that neither of his late wives had other husbands.)

In the March 11, 1915 affidavit, Michael Magner (Jr.) gives his own birth date as Aug 23, 1845 and his place of birth as Mercer Co., PA.

In the March 11, 1915 affidavit, Michael Magner (Jr.) was asked to state the names and dates of birth of all his children, living or dead. He listed them, as follows:

Jerome Magner b. Sept 29, 1875 *

Montrose Magner b. April 1877 (dead)

William Magner b, May 10, 1879

Clara Magner b. May 13, 1881

James Magner b. Feb 12, 1883

Bessie Magner b. July 21, 1884

Grant Magner b. June 14, 1892

Mabel Magner b. Nov 15, 1894
bulletIt should be noted that in an earlier affidavit made July 4, 1898 by the pensioner, Michael Magner (Jr.) he was asked to list his LIVING children and when he did so, the birth dates appear to be different. The transcription of that passage appears below:
bullet"Jerome, William and Clara, James
bulletVincent, and Bessie Magner
bulletSept 1874, May 1876, May 1878, Feb 1883
bulletJuly 21, 1884, Grant Magner June 14, 1892, Mabel Magner May 1894"

(Note: This is the way his handwritten reply appears on the page.)

Pensioner Michael Magner (Jr.) was dropped from the pension rolls by the Bureau of Pensions because of his death on July 19, 1916.

His last known address was a RR postal route in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, where his last pension check of $24 was paid on July 4th, 1916


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