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        Philippa Garnsey




1834 Thomas Magner Jane Hopwood Sydney
1837 Michael Magner Margaret Aylward Sydney
1839 James M. Magner Sarah Casey Sydney
1841 Mary Magner Richard White Sydney
1842 Margaret Magner Josephine Backler Sydney
1846 Catherine Magner James G. Savage Sydney
1847 Hannah Magner Thomas Gilroy Sydney
1849 Margaret Magner Alexander Morlan Althorpe etc
1856 Mary Magner George Wilmot Sydney
1861 Catherine Magner Alfred Jones Armidale
1862 Phillip Magner Sarah Bligh Penrith
1864 Jane Magner Henry Hunt Tamworth
1864 Mary A. Magner William K Garnsey Hartley
1864 Thomas Magner Catherine McNamara Eden
1864 William E. Magner Annie McGill Goulburn
1866 Michael Magner Margaret O'Connor Newtown
1869 Annie Magner David Starr Armidale
1869 Sarah Magner William H. Delaney Hartley
1871 Anne Magner George Everitt Sydney
1871 Thomas Joseph Magner Elizabeth Dee Port Stephens
1872 Patrick Joseph Magner Jane Josephine McMahon Dubbo
1875 Ann Magner William Palin Deniliquin
1880 James M. Magner Mary Henery Waterloo
1881 Edward Magner Bridget Sullivan Lismore
1881 Kate Magner Martin Mattson Sydney
1882 John E. Magner Eliza Bridger Sydney
1882 Margaret Mary Magner William John Fanning Dubbo
1883 Honora Magner James Collumb Dubbo
1885 Margaret Magner Frank J. Dunker Sydney
1886 William E. Magner Elizabeth Drake Sydney
1887 John William Magner Johanna English Newtown
1887 Maggie M. Magner John A. Johnson Sydney
1887 Michael Magner Annie A. Dinan Sydney
1918 Catherine M. Magner Prince F. Huckel Wellington
1918 Edith R. Magner John J. Magner Chatswood
1918 John J. Magner Edith R. Magner Chatswood



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