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Surname Given Date / Birth Birth State of Issue State of Claim 

Magner Eula 6-Mar 1910 AL AL
Magner Wallace 7-Jul 1893 AZ CA
Magner Ruth 8-Dec 1920 AZ CA
Magner William 28-Apr 1882 CA CA
Magner Jennie 24-Jun 1887 CA CA
Magner David 20-Aug 1888 CA CA
Magner Russell 21-Apr 1889 CA CA
Magner Elsie 26-Feb 1890 CA CA
Magner Loretta 15-Jul 1891 CA CA
Magner Miriam 12-Jun 1891 CA CA
Magner Etta 15-May 1892 CA CA
Magner Francis 22-Jun 1893 CA CA
Magner Edward 31-Jan 1894 CA CA
Magner J  19-Sep 1895 CA CA
Magner Richard 19-Jan 1895 CA CA
Magner William 24-Apr 1896 CA CA
Magner Anna 26-Oct 1898 CA CA
Magner Frances 7-Nov 1898 CA CA
Magner Hazel 16-Jun 1899 CA CA
Magner James 21-Feb 1899 CA CA
Magner George 3-Oct 1900 CA CA
Magner Toby 16-Jun 1900 CA CA
Magner Clayton 29-Mar 1902 CA CA
Magner John  9-Sep 1902 CA CA
Magner Nessa 25-Nov 1902 CA CA
Magner Marie 29-Jul 1903 CA CA
Magner Tom 30-Jan 1903 CA CA
Magner Byron 26-Jul 1904 CA CA
Magner William 5-Oct 1904 CA CA
Magner Georgette 3-Jun 1905 CA CA
Magner Maximina 29-May 1906 CA FL
Magner Julia 3-Oct 1907 CA NV
Magner Albertine 24-Nov 1909 CA CA
Magner Laura 7-Mar 1909 CA WA
Magner Olive 13-Dec 1909 CA CA
Magner Margaret 23-Feb 1913 CA CA
Magner Robert 11-Jan 1915 CA CA
Magner Leo 11-May 1916 CA CA
Magner Wallace 24-Feb 1916 CA CA
Magner Bettie 29-Apr 1917 CA CA
Magner William 10-Mar 1919 CA CA
Magner Helen 23-Aug 1921 CA CA
Magner Jerry 30-Apr 1921 CA CA
Magner Denyse 16-Mar 1927 CA CA
Magner Nancy 22-Dec 1947 CA CA
Magner Cheryl 13-Apr 1951 CA CA
Magner Donald 8-Aug 1951 CA CA
Magner H 18-Mar 1952 CA CA
Magner Elaine 26-Jul 1905 CO CO
Magner Leona 5-Sep 1906 CO CO
Magner Leonard 13-Aug 1908 CO AZ
Magner Sam 15-Feb 1918 CO CO
Magner Michael 27-Sep 1876 CT FL
Magner John  23-Feb 1881 CT CT
Magner Frank 26-Mar 1886 CT CT
Magner Maude 18-Feb 1889 CT CT
Magner Richard 14-Oct 1890 CT CT
Magner Thomas 7-Dec 1890 CT CT
Magner John  15-Aug 1894 CT CT
Magner William 20-Dec 1894 CT CT
Magner Elizabeth 21-Feb 1895 CT NY
Magner Lena 14-Oct 1895 CT CT
Magner Nellie 5-Apr 1897 CT CT
Magner Gertrude 18-Jun 1898 CT CT
Magner Paul 25-Jan 1903 CT FL
Magner Thomas 25-Dec 1903 CT CT
Magner Maurice 12-Feb 1905 CT CT
Magner Maron 19-Mar 1913 CT CT
Magner Gloria 22-Feb 1925 CT CT
Magner Eugene 4-Oct 1930 CT CT
Magner James 20-Apr 1934 CT CT
Magner P 8-Feb 1945 CT CT
Magner Kevin 1-Dec 1954 CT CT
Magner Alice 10-Apr 1886 DC DC
Magner Ben 17-Aug 1897 DC MD
Magner Marian 15-Jul 1899 DC DC
Magner James 23-Oct 1901 DC FL
Magner James 20-Nov 1912 DC LA
Magner Caryl 15-Aug 1914 DC FL
Magner Mary 25-Sep 1900 DE DE
Magner Ursula 21-Oct 1912 DE NJ
Magner Emily 28-Jan 1893 FL FL
Magner Lila 7-Mar 1899 FL FL
Magner Lois 14-Dec 1900 FL FL
Magner Robert 21-Mar 1901 FL AR
Magner Gertie 5-Aug 1902 FL AL
Magner Mildred 3-May 1922 FL CA
Magner Rosaleen 22-Aug 1932 GA GA
Magner William 7-Nov 1884 IA IA
Magner Katherine 1-Mar 1889 IA IA
Magner Mattie 6-Nov 1891 IA IA
Magner Robert 21-May 1895 IA IA
Magner Emily 4-May 1896 IA IA
Magner Leo 2-Apr 1898 IA IA
Magner John  16-Jun 1899 IA IA
Magner Elizabeth 14-Feb 1900 IA IA
Magner Lilian 17-Aug 1910 IA IA
Magner Hugh 14-Dec 1925 IA IA
Magner Alice 26-Jan 1952 IA IA
Magner John  1-Jul 1879 IL IL
Magner James 26-Jan 1882 IL IL
Magner Ross 3-Aug 1885 IL IL
Magner Paul 18-Mar 1886 IL IL
Magner Thomas 27-Nov 1886 IL IL
Magner Mary 18-Mar 1888 IL IL
Magner Hilda 21-Jun 1889 IL IL
Magner Thomas 8-Jul 1890 IL WI
Magner John  10-Oct 1891 IL IL
Magner Maurice 22-Apr 1891 IL IL
Magner Marie 6-Aug 1893 IL IL
Magner Rose 11-Oct 1893 IL IL
Magner Adelaide 14-May 1894 IL NY
Magner James 24-May 1894 IL IL
Magner Rose 8-Feb 1894 IL IL
Magner Gladys 26-May 1895 IL IL
Magner Isabell 4-Jun 1896 IL IL
Magner James 2-Aug 1897 IL IL
Magner Edward 20-Feb 1899 IL IL
Magner John  21-Aug 1899 IL IL
Magner Ester 13-Jun 1900 IL IL
Magner Gertrude 7-Apr 1900 IL IL
Magner Martha 17-Jul 1900 IL IL
Magner T 10-Nov 1900 IL IL
Magner Dorothy 22-Feb 1901 IL IL
Magner Margaret 8-Jun 1901 IL IL
Magner Elizabeth 15-Feb 1903 IL IL
Magner Leonard 15-Mar 1904 IL IL
Magner Ann 7-Jun 1905 IL IL
Magner Juliet 28-Sep 1905 IL IL
Magner Robert 25-Jun 1906 IL IL
Magner Esthle 4-Oct 1907 IL CA
Magner Frances 19-Oct 1908 IL IL
Magner Leonard 27-Dec 1908 IL AR
Magner Ida 22-Jun 1909 IL WI
Magner Josephine 26-May 1909 IL IL
Magner James 9-Dec 1910 IL IL
Magner Velda 7-Aug 1910 IL IL
Magner William 19-Mar 1911 IL IL
Magner John  19-Jul 1912 IL FL
Magner Thomas 27-Sep 1912 IL IL
Magner Virgina 26-Jul 1913 IL IL
Magner Pearl 21-Sep 1916 IL IL
Magner John  4-Sep 1918 IL MO
Magner Betty 20-Mar 1922 IL IL
Magner June 3-May 1924 IL IL
Magner Robert 28-Apr 1925 IL IL
Magner Marjorie 26-Oct 1926 IL FL
Magner James 16-Aug 1927 IL IL
Magner T 12-Apr 1948 IL IL
Magner Deidre 4-Jul 1950 IL IL
Magner J    IL IL
Magner Sarah 12-Sep 1879 IN IN
Magner Eva 23-Jun 1883 IN IN
Magner John  5-Oct 1887 IN IN
Magner Helen 9-Mar 1888 IN IN
Magner Lilian 1-Apr 1888 IN IN
Magner Jasper 11-Aug 1891 IN IN
Magner Lavern 16-Aug 1891 IN IN
Magner Blanche 3-Aug 1892 IN IN
Magner Philip 14-Aug 1894 IN IN
Magner Raymond 15-Feb 1895 IN IN
Magner Clara 23-Oct 1896 IN IN
Magner Lowell 9-Dec 1899 IN IN
Magner Oakla 7-Nov 1899 IN IN
Magner Harrison 19-Jan 1902 IN IN
Magner Mae 5-Aug 1902 IN IN
Magner Joseph 10-May 1903 IN IL
Magner Mildred 1-Nov 1903 IN IN
Magner Arley 12-Oct 1904 IN IN
Magner Edward 7-Jan 1905 IN CA
Magner Hazel 13-Nov 1905 IN IN
Magner Morris 27-Jun 1905 IN IN
Magner Albert 10-May 1907 IN MI
Magner Henry 17-Feb 1907 IN IL
Magner Charles 17-Aug 1908 IN IN
Magner Wilma 15-Aug 1910 IN IN
Magner Arthur 29-Apr 1911 IN IN
Magner Glenn 12-Feb 1911 IN IN
Magner Charles 3-Feb 1912 IN GA
Magner John  24-Sep 1913 IN IN
Magner Wilber 22-May 1913 IN IN
Magner Clement 16-Jun 1914 IN IN
Magner Marguerite 18-Jul 1914 IN IN
Magner Elmer 4-Aug 1915 IN IL
Magner Margaret 8-Jan 1916 IN IN
Magner Byron 29-Jun 1917 IN IN
Magner Mary 21-Oct 1917 IN IN
Magner James 19-Jul 1919 IN IN
Magner Leland 13-Jul 1919 IN IN
Magner Bernadine 31-Aug 1921 IN IN
Magner Lowell 17-Apr 1921 IN DE
Magner Wayne 16-Nov 1922 IN IN
Magner Irene 18-Feb 1923 IN IN
Magner Robert 10-Dec 1925 IN IN
Magner Rose 5-Jan 1925 IN FL
Magner Melvin 6-Apr 1926 IN IN
Magner Jean 13-Nov 1927 IN IN
Magner Stanley 17-Feb 1927 IN IN
Magner David 22-Jul 1928 IN NJ
Magner Donald 3-Sep 1929 IN KS
Magner Maron 19-May 1929 IN NE
Magner Mabel 30-May 1880 KS KS
Magner Ralph 22-Dec 1892 KS KS
Magner Dica 15-Dec 1899 KS KS
Magner Minta 10-Apr 1900 KS KS
Magner Albert 20-Jul 1901 KS KS
Magner Charles 13-Dec 1901 KS KS
Magner Lucille 9-Sep 1903 KS KS
Magner Ruby 20-Apr 1911 KS TX
Magner William 12-Mar 1914 KS TX
Magner Henry 23-Apr 1916 KS KS
Magner Cleita 12-Jul 1957 KS KS
Magner Lawrence 19-Jul 1924 KY FL
Magner Noemie 21-Nov 1883 LA LA
Magner James 4-Mar 1904 LA LA
Magner R 12-Jun 1910 LA LA
Magner Eleanor 12-Oct 1912 LA LA
Magner Minnie 21-Oct 1878 MA MA
Magner Johanna 19-Jul 1879 MA MI
Magner George 18-Jan 1882 MA MA
Magner Thomas 26-Mar 1883 MA MA
Magner George 1-Jul 1885 MA CA
Magner Katherine 19-Sep 1886 MA MA
Magner Mirinda 5-Sep 1886 MA MA
Magner R 6-Nov 1887 MA MA
Magner William 16-Jan 1888 MA MA
Magner James 5-Apr 1889 MA MA
Magner Emily 17-Dec 1890 MA MA
Magner Helen 22-Mar 1890 MA FL
Magner Edward 4-Mar 1891 MA MA
Magner William 16-Apr 1891 MA MA
Magner Mary 2-Jan 1892 MA FL
Magner Anna 4-Sep 1893 MA MA
Magner C 26-Jan 1893 MA MA
Magner Ella 30-Aug 1893 MA MA
Magner Susan 3-Sep 1893 MA MA
Magner William 26-Jun 1893 MA MA
Magner Mary 4-May 1894 MA MA
Magner Mary 18-Aug 1894 MA MA
Magner Helen 12-Jun 1895 MA MA
Magner John  5-Oct 1895 MA MA
Magner Leo 1-Oct 1895 MA MA
Magner Norma 18-Mar 1895 MA MA
Magner Vivian 23-Jul 1895 MA NJ
Magner David 4-Dec 1896 MA MA
Magner Joseph 27-Nov 1896 MA MA
Magner Marie 31-Aug 1897 MA MA
Magner Lilian 16-May 1898 MA MA
Magner Mary 5-Jan 1898 MA MA
Magner Thomas 29-Jan 1898 MA FL
Magner Charles 16-Mar 1899 MA MA
Magner Irene 20-Nov 1899 MA MA
Magner Mary 20-Apr 1900 MA MA
Magner Mary 29-Apr 1900 MA FL
Magner Millicent 8-Nov 1900 MA MA
Magner Walter 30-Sep 1900 MA MA
Magner Dorothy 20-Feb 1901 MA MA
Magner Edward 1-Nov 1901 MA GA
Magner William 7-Jun 1901 MA MA
Magner Alice 11-Dec 1902 MA MA
Magner BJ 10-Mar 1904 MA NC
Magner James 10-Mar 1904 MA MA
Magner Ester 25-Mar 1906 MA MA
Magner Leroy 9-Oct 1906 MA CA
Magner Margaret 18-Apr 1906 MA MA
Magner Mabel 27-Dec 1907 MA ME
Magner Mary 5-May 1907 MA MA
Magner Mary 10-Jan 1907 MA MA
Magner John  24-Jan 1909 MA MA
Magner Joseph 12-Nov 1909 MA MA
Magner Jane 25-Apr 1910 MA MA
Magner John  18-Jun 1910 MA MA
Magner Maron 10-Jul 1910 MA MA
Magner Rose 12-Jul 1910 MA MA
Magner Louise 23-Mar 1911 MA MA
Magner Mary 16-Jan 1911 MA MA
Magner Edward 17-Apr 1912 MA FL
Magner Mary 5-Apr 1912 MA MA
Magner Rose 18-Oct 1912 MA MA
Magner Walter 16-Feb 1912 MA MA
Magner Frank 31-Aug 1913 MA CA
Magner Charles 5-Jun 1914 MA MA
Magner John  28-Feb 1915 MA MA
Magner Daniel 10-Oct 1917 MA MA
Magner James 6-Jun 1918 MA MA
Magner Mildred 8-Mar 1918 MA MA
Magner George 6-Aug 1919 MA MA
Magner Robert 9-Jan 1919 MA MA
Magner Thomas 9-Aug 1919 MA MA
Magner John  20-Apr 1921 MA MA
Magner Gerard 3-Oct 1928 MA FL
Magner Richard 16-Jun 1928 MA MA
Magner Edward 10-Feb 1929 MA MA
Magner Richard 11-Oct 1930 MA MA
Magner Elizabeth 15-Feb 1933 MA MA
Magner David 5-Sep 1938 MA MA
Magner William 23-Jun 1941 MA MA
Magner Mary 27-Sep 1943 MA MA
Magner D 14-Oct 1944 MA MA
Magner Edward 28-Jun 1945 MA MA
Magner Leo 29-Jun 1954 MA MA
Magner George 23-Mar 1894 MD MD
Magner Helen 8-Dec 1905 MD PA
Magner Mildred 25-Jun 1916 MD OH
Magner Paul 24-Mar 1918 MD NJ
Magner Lilian 2-Sep 1895 ME VA
Magner Edmund 4-Jul 1901 ME ME
Magner Alberta 24-Jul 1902 ME CT
Magner Mary 27-Mar 1884 MI MI
Magner Clovey 22-Aug 1885 MI MI
Magner Solomon 12-Jul 1885 MI MI
Magner David 3-Jul 1894 MI OH
Magner Lois 10-Feb 1898 MI MI
Magner Olive 31-Mar 1899 MI CA
Magner Gladys 21-Feb 1900 MI MI
Magner Helen 18-Aug 1900 MI MI
Magner Lawrence 22-Nov 1900 MI MI
Magner Ralph 28-Nov 1900 MI IN
Magner Charles 4-Apr 1901 MI IN
Magner Harriet 19-Nov 1903 MI MI
Magner Helen 10-Sep 1910 MI MI
Magner Beryl 4-Feb 1912 MI MI
Magner J  29-Jul 1922 MI MI
Magner Leonard 6-Mar 1922 MI MI
Magner Samuel 1-Oct 1927 MI MI
Magner Rose 23-Nov 1928 MI MI
Magner James 9-Jan 1932 MI MI
Magner Bertha 12-Jun 1877 MN MN
Magner Janet 9-Dec 1890 MN MN
Magner Michael 13-Mar 1894 MN MN
Magner Carol 29-Mar 1896 MN TX
Magner Ester 3-Jan 1897 MN MN
Magner Edward 7-May 1898 MN MN
Magner John  6-Dec 1898 MN TX
Magner Glen 8-Dec 1901 MN MN
Magner Celeste 2-Sep 1903 MN MN
Magner Bernice 3-Jan 1904 MN MN
Magner Lester 23-Dec 1905 MN MN
Magner Leroy 8-Jun 1907 MN MN
Magner James 27-Jun 1909 MN MN
Magner Thomas 27-Jun 1909 MN MN
Magner Rodney 7-Sep 1913 MN CA
Magner John  25-Apr 1918 MN MN
Magner William 30-Nov 1920 MN MN
Magner Joyce 12-Aug 1924 MN MN
Magner Daniel 30-Aug 1943 MN MN
Magner maybelle 22-Mar 1884 MO MO
Magner John  27-Feb 1887 MO MO
Magner Nettie 17-Jul 1896 MO MO
Magner Mildred 25-Jun 1913 MO MO
Magner Elizabeth 22-Sep 1914 MO MA
Magner Thomas 27-Feb 1926 MO TX
Magner Joseph 17-Feb 1931 MO MO
Magner Cecil 2-Jun 1912 MT CA
Magner James 21-Aug 1905 NC CA
Magner Silace 18-Aug 1908 NC WV
Magner Agnes 31-Mar 1909 ND MN
Magner Rosa 11-Jul 1882 NE NE
Magner John  25-Jul 1885 NE NE
Magner Mary 27-Nov 1892 NE MA
Magner Leroy 24-Feb 1893 NE CA
Magner Clara 6-Jan 1902 NE NE
Magner Raymond 15-Apr 1904 NE MO
Magner James 18-Mar 1906 NE NE
Magner Verl 18-Nov 1907 NE CA
Magner James 25-Sep 1917 NE NE
Magner Oliver 18-Feb 1918 NE NE
Magner Alta 10-Sep 1928 NE AZ
Magner Robert 25-Aug 1949 NE NE
Magner Michael 24-Jun 1965 NE NE
Magner Clarence 24-May 1900 NH RI
Magner Francis 15-Apr 1905 NH RI
Magner Anna 13-Sep 1879 NJ NJ
Magner Matilda 28-Aug 1880 NJ NJ
Magner John  18-Dec 1883 NJ NJ
Magner William 30-Nov 1885 NJ NJ
Magnier John 5-Nov 1887 NJ NJ
Magner Alan 14-Aug 1891 NJ NJ
Magner Thomas 24-Sep 1891 NJ NJ
Magnier Fred 7-Sep 1891 NJ NJ
Magner Margaret 3-Oct 1892 NJ NJ
Magnier Michael 11-Aug 1893 NJ NJ
Magner Dorothy 20-Feb 1896 NJ NJ
Magner Florence 6-Nov 1897 NJ NJ
Magner Mary 2-Feb 1898 NJ NJ
Magnier Margery 28-Jul 1898 NJ NJ
Magner Monica 23-Jul 1901 NJ NY
Magner James 8-Jul 1904 NJ NJ
Magner James 16-Apr 1905 NJ NJ
Magner Mary 22-Sep 1905 NJ NJ
Magner Robert 8-Sep 1905 NJ FL
Magner Emily 14-Jan 1906 NJ NJ
Magner Ruth 19-May 1907 NJ NJ
Magner Thomas 14-Jan 1907 NJ DE
Magner Frank 5-Jul 1908 NJ NJ
Magner Frank 4-Oct 1908 NJ NJ
Magner Marie 13-Aug 1908 NJ NJ
Magner Edward 30-Aug 1909 NJ NJ
Magner Irving 12-Sep 1911 NJ NJ
Magner Rose 21-May 1913 NJ NJ
Magner Margaret 7-Apr 1914 NJ NJ
Magner Edward 18-Jun 1916 NJ NJ
Magner William 28-Dec 1916 NJ NJ
Magner Helen 1-Jan 1917 NJ NJ
Magnier John 30-Mar 1918 NJ NJ
Magner John  22-Feb 1920 NJ NJ
Magner Edith 9-Sep 1921 NJ NJ
Magner Robert 22-Mar 1921 NJ NJ
Magner Thomas 28-May 1926 NJ CO
Magner Myron 29-Dec 1928 NJ NJ
Magner John  6-Feb 1945 NJ NJ
Magner Douglas 15-Apr 1958 NJ SC
Magner William 30-Jan 1880 NY NY
Magner Ida 16-Oct 1884 NY NY
Magner James 3-Feb 1884 NY NY
Magner John  2-Nov 1886 NY TX
Magner Abraham 10-May 1888 NY NY
Magner Max  6-May 1888 NY NY
Magner Michael 26-Aug 1888 NY NY
Magner Georgeanna 28-Feb 1889 NY NY
Magner Harold 3-Oct 1889 NY NY
Magner Anna 31-Jan 1890 NY NY
Magner Loretta 17-May 1890 NY NY
Magner Minnie 15-Aug 1890 NY NY
Magner Hannah 21-Nov 1891 NY NY
Magner Isidor 26-Feb 1891 NY NY
Magner William 18-Oct 1891 NY NY
Magner Thomas 13-Nov 1892 NY NY
Magnier Catherine 30-Jul 1892 NY NJ
Magner Ellen 3-Oct 1893 NY RI
Magner James 26-Aug 1893 NY NY
Magner Margaret 17-Jan 1893 NY NY
Magner William 13-Mar 1893 NY NY
Magnier Daniel 7-Feb 1893 NY NY
Magner Thomas 25-Dec 1894 NY NY
Magner Edmond 10-Jun 1895 NY NY
Magner Mollie 1-Mar 1895 NY NY
Magnier Nora 23-Mar 1895 NY NY
Magner Edward 10-Oct 1897 NY IL
Magner Evelyn 22-Aug 1897 NY NY
Magner William 16-Jan 1897 NY NY
Magner Bessie 28-Jan 1898 NY NY
Magner Helen 28-Nov 1898 NY NY
Magner James 24-Feb 1898 NY NY
Magner Martha 3-Oct 1898 NY NY
Magner Rose 23-Dec 1898 NY NY
Magner Alexander 12-May 1899 NY NY
Magner Dorothea 1-Dec 1899 NY PA
Magner George 1-Nov 1899 NY MA
Magner Edward 22-May 1900 NY MA
Magner Jack 23-May 1900 NY VA
Magner Jack 15-Feb 1900 NY NY
Magner Anna 13-Jul 1901 NY NY
Magner Herman 1-Jan 1902 NY NY
Magner James 19-Nov 1902 NY NY
Magner Thomas 8-Oct 1902 NY NJ
Magner Susan 17-May 1903 NY NY
Magner Lilian 23-Mar 1904 NY NY
Magner John  16-May 1905 NY NJ
Magner Mary 12-Sep 1905 NY CT
Magner Mary 5-Jan 1905 NY WV
Magner Philip 13-Aug 1905 NY NY
Magner Annie 31-Mar 1906 NY NY
Magner Francis 3-Nov 1906 NY NY
Magner Mae 19-May 1906 NY FL
Magner David 9-Jan 1907 NY NJ
Magner Harold 25-Aug 1907 NY NY
Magner Lucy 18-Jul 1907 NY NJ
Magner Maron 21-Oct 1907 NY CA
Magner Mary 9-Oct 1908 NY CT
Magner Gertrude 13-Nov 1909 NY FL
Magner James 31-Oct 1910 NY NJ
Magner Mary 15-Feb 1910 NY WV
Magner Anne 17-May 1911 NY NY
Magner Edward 12-Jul 1911 NY FL
Magner Francis 8-Apr 1912 NY NJ
Magner John  3-Jul 1913 NY NY
Magner Laurence 6-May 1913 NY VI
Magner Louise 1-Aug 1913 NY NY
Magner Thomas 19-Feb 1913 NY NY
Magner Helen 11-Nov 1914 NY FL
Magner James 31-Oct 1914 NY NY
Magner Johanna 29-Oct 1914 NY NY
Magner John  20-Oct 1914 NY NY
Magner William 15-Jan 1914 NY NY
Magner Caroline 18-Dec 1915 NY NY
Magner Maron 19-Dec 1915 NY NY
Magner Richard 30-Jan 1915 NY SC
Magner E 2-Jun 1916 NY NY
Magner Grace 31-May 1916 NY FL
Magner Martin 6-Jan 1916 NY CT
Magner Gerard 5-Mar 1917 NY NY
Magner James 24-Nov 1917 NY NY
Magner Mary 28-Jun 1917 NY PA
Magner Ethel 2-Mar 1918 NY NY
Magner Maryrose 22-Jul 1918 NY NJ
Magner John  23-May 1919 NY NY
Magner Joseph 6-Jun 1919 NY NY
Magner William 23-Nov 1921 NY NY
Magner Charles 30-Apr 1922 NY NY
Magner Charles 2-May 1922 NY NY
Magner Lucille 12-Jan 1922 NY NY
Magner Muriel 17-Oct 1922 NY NJ
Magner Raymond 16-Aug 1924 NY NY
Magner Elizabeth 7-Jun 1926 NY NY
Magner Harold 9-Sep 1926 NY NY
Magner James 21-May 1926 NY GA
Magner William 6-Nov 1926 NY NY
Magner Eugene 25-May 1927 NY NY
Magner Marvin 25-May 1928 NY NY
Magner Patrick 14-Mar 1933 NY NY
Magner Michael 15-Jan 1876 OH OH
Magner Ellen 26-Mar 1879 OH OH
Magner Edith 21-Jun 1883 OH OH
Magner Grace 17-Jan 1884 OH OH
Magner Vernon 9-Jan 1891 OH OH
Magner Lloyd 26-Mar 1894 OH OH
Magner Isabel 19-Dec 1895 OH OH
Magner William 30-Apr 1897 OH OH
Magner Adelaide 18-Mar 1901 OH OH
Magner Hilda 17-Oct 1904 OH OH
Magner Selma 9-May 1904 OH TX
Magner Raymond 14-Jan 1906 OH KY
Magner William 16-Jul 1909 OH TX
Magner Richard 21-Jul 1910 OH VA
Magner Chester 21-Apr 1913 OH KY
Magner Helen 31-Jul 1922 OH OH
Magner Helen 31-Jul 1922 OH OH
Magner Jerome 8-Jul 1924 OH MS
Magner Mary 21-Dec 1936 OH OH
Magner Carlton 3-Sep 1907 OK OK
Magner Frances 26-Mar 1908 OK OK
Magner Olethia 21-May 1935 OK TX
Magner Goldia 9-Jun 1892 OR OR
Magner Emmet 19-Apr 1898 OR OR
Magner Harold 30-Jun 1900 OR WA
Magner William 10-May 1879 PA PA
Magnier Mary 4-Aug 1881 PA PA
Magnier Samuel 6-Mar 1882 PA PA
Magner James 12-Feb 1883 PA PA
Magner Edward 18-Feb 1884 PA PA
Magner Mary 26-Aug 1891 PA FL
Magner John  12-May 1892 PA NJ
Magner Byron 29-Apr 1899 PA PA
Magnier Morris 22-Feb 1899 PA PA
Magner Rose 27-Nov 1902 PA PA
Magner James 22-Jul 1903 PA PA
Magnier Madeline 11-Jan 1904 PA NJ
Magner Fay 28-Nov 1909 PA PA
Magner Francis 4-Jul 1909 PA NJ
Magner Viola 22-Jun 1909 PA PA
Magner Francis 14-Jun 1913 PA PA
Magner Joseph 11-Feb 1913 PA NJ
Magner Mary 7-Apr 1914 PA PA
Magner Agnes 19-May 1919 PA PA
Magner Sarah 10-Jul 1920 PA NJ
Magnier Samuel 8-Oct 1920 PA PA
Magnier Geraldine 1-Feb 1926 PA PA
Magner Mary 21-Nov 1927 PA PA
Magner Patrick 13-Sep 1953 PA PA
Magner Eugene 30-Jun 1889 RI RI
Magner John  19-Jan 1891 RI RI
Magner Dennis 6-Mar 1894 RI RI
Magner William 4-Mar 1894 RI RI
Magner Maron 23-Oct 1895 RI RI
Magner Nora 21-Sep 1897 RI RI
Magner John  29-May 1903 RI RI
Magner Mildred 6-Feb 1908 RI RI
Magner Vera 5-Apr 1909 RI IL
Magner Thomas 17-May 1923 RI RI
Magner John  5-Dec 1925 RI RI
Magner Richard 20-Jun 1929 RI RI
Magner Jermiah 29-Sep 1875 RR RR
Magner Harold 19-Jan 1895 RR TX
Magner James 6-Nov 1897 RR NJ
Magner David 12-Jan 1908 RR MA
Magner Phillip 3-Sep 1916 RR VA
Magner Margaret 16-Mar 1886 SD SD
Magner Tom 31-May 1887 SD SD
Magner Jim 1-Mar 1890 SD SD
Magner Edd 15-Mar 1893 SD SD
Magner Stella 1-Apr 1892 TX KS
Magner Laurence 10-Mar 1900 TX IN
Magner John  10-Nov 1921 TX TX
Magner Eligah 27-Aug 1899 VA VA
Magner James 22-Jul 1928 VA SC
Magner John  21-Nov 1929 VA VA
Magner Julia 30-Aug 1889 VT VT
Magner Thomas 10-Nov 1890 VT VT
Magner Lilian 19-Jun 1893 VT VT
Magner John  23-Jan 1917 VT VT
Magner Thomas 13-May 1923 VT VT
Magner Patrick 30-Jan 1927 VT NH
Magner Lilian 5-Feb 1884 WA OR
Magner John  16-Jan 1889 WA WA
Magner Stella 19-May 1889 WA WA
Magner Ada 25-Aug 1894 WA PA
Magner Atha 24-Apr 1896 WA FL
Magner Clyde 29-Jan 1899 WA WA
Magner Earl 31-Aug 1902 WA WA
Magner William 22-Sep 1904 WA WA
Magner Florence 24-Dec 1905 WA WA
Magner John  3-Aug 1905 WA WA
Magner Ann 12-Jan 1907 WA WA
Magner Oliver 5-Jun 1907 WA WA
Magner Kathleen 6-Jul 1908 WA WA
Magner John  16-Nov 1925 WA PA
Magner Verona 19-Apr 1929 WA WA
Magner D   WA WA
Magner Louis 17-Feb 1886 WI WI
Magner Viola 7-Jul 1896 WI WI
Magner Nina 17-Jan 1900 WI WA
Magner Hubert 17-Jun 1918 WI WI
Magner Martha 26-Dec 1919 WI WI
Magner Robert 17-Apr 1921 WI WI
Magner Eugene 28-Feb 1923 WI WI
Magner John  7-Jul 1923 WI WI
Magner Shirley 24-May 1924 WI WI
Magner Srmtst 27-Apr 1894 WV WV
Magner Norman 23-Dec 1934 WV WV

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