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Descendants of Annie Magner

Submitted by Patricia Everitt

Printed by Legacy on 1 Feb 2004

1-Annie Magner b. April 1st 1847, Stroud district in the Hunter valley, d. 8th oct 1924, late of 101 Simmons St  Newtown
+George John Everitt b. 1844, Sydney NSW, d. 25th May 1929, Marrickville late of Liberty St Belmore

2-George Joseph Everitt b. 1874, Bathurst District NSW, d. 24th Feb 1942, Marrackville

+Maria Maude Everingham b. 1880, Redfern NSW, d. 1952

3-Gladys Maud Everitt b. 14th Feb 1903, St Leonards NSW, d. 23 Dec 1983

+Herbert McKay b. 6th July 1902, Bradford England

3-Veronica Everitt b. 3 Feb 1905, Chatswood NSW

+Edward Victor Shore d. 24th Dec 1972

3-Ida (Enid) Everitt b. 16th April 1907, Chatswood NSW

+James Lees

3-Norman Everitt b. 31st Dec 1909, Newtown NSW, d. 11th sept 1999, late of Woy Woy NSW

+Dorothy Sheperd

3-Horace James (Jim) Everitt b. 7 Sep 1912, Newtown

+Alice Josephine (Doll) Antone b. 9 Dec 1920, Tumbarumba, d. 2 Apr 1995, Wagga Wagga

3-Walter Everitt b. 6th May 1917, Petersham NSW, d. 1983

+Mary Ann (see George Joseph Everitt on page 1)

2-John Everitt b. 1872, Bathurst District NSW

+Annie Moserop

2-James B Everitt b. 1876+Sarah Taylor b. 1875, Glebe


3-Irene M Everitt b. 1897

3-James B Everitt b. 1900

3-Cecilia M Everitt b. 1904

3-Raymond Everitt b. 1902

2-Kate M Everitt b. 1876, Sydney

+Edward C Anderson b. 1876, St George

3-Dorethea A Anderson b. 1902, St Peters

3-Rita M Anderson b. 1905, St Peters

2-Walter S Everitt b. 1880, Sydney

+Annie Dugmore

2-Ida A Everitt b. 26th oct 1881, Simmons St Enmore Sydney

+Leopold Ross Osbourn b. 1882, Maldon Victoria

2-Alice S Everitt b. 1884

+Albert E Morgan b. 1875

3-Albert E Morgan b. 1902, Balmain Sth

2-Emily Everitt b. 1878, d. 1878

2-Edward Everitt b. 1878, d. 1878

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