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Sent: Friday, December 28, 2001 12:19 PM

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> Your Name: John Magna

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> Surname:         Magner

> Area Searching: Canterbury

> Date:            28 Dec 2001

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> Has anyone found any family history, which ties in to an ancestor working as a Station Master at Canterbury in Kent England, probably around 1870. I think that his name was John George Magner.  He was my Great Grandfather, my Grandfather was Arthur Ernest Magner educated as a choirboy at Canterbury Cathedral, and apprenticed as a Photographer in London.  He changed his surname to Magna when he became a professional Photographer.  My Great Great Grandfather was as far as I know also named John and was a Lancer in the British army.  Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.



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Date:                11/05/2001 12:47:43 PM Eastern Standard Time      

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> Your Name: John Spikes

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> Surname:         Magner/ Hamrick/Deg/Dea

> Area Searching: Ireland

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> PATRICK AINMINER. He arrived from Ireland to VA. in late 1699, with his brother Henry Hambrok and cousin Roger Deg. Later he is Patrick Hamrick, with thousands of descendants. Can Ainminer be Magner: (Mac) An Maighneir,

descendants of Magner, on the distaff side, obviously. A DNA profile has revealed no connection with present day Hamrock families living in Ireland. I am seeking extinct branches in Munster. The name is recorded in Limerick area1750-1820. Thank you. John Spikes.



Subj:      Magner website question 

Date:                11/16/2001 11:09:40 PM Eastern Standard Time      

From:      BM361  

To:                JimMagner         

Hello Jim,

     My name is Bob Magner.  I live in Boston, MA and I am really enjoying your website.  It was extremely helpful on a recent trip to Ireland and of course, Castlemagner.  I am currently doing a family research project for school (I'm a senior at UMass-Boston), and I was wondering if I could use some of the information and artwork (crests, etc.) from your site.  I was also wondering if you had any further information on the John J. Magner listed on the Naturalizations page as N-80, naturalized in 1896 in South Boston.  I know that my great grandfather was a John J. and he lived in Charlestown (next neighborhood over from South Boston).  He was married to a Cecilia, maiden name Donahue, and she gave birth to William in 1909.  Any further information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Date:                11/20/2001 3:53:03 PM Eastern Standard Time      

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> Your Name: Br. Daniel Brenner

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> Surname:         Brenner

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> I noticed that Mother de Chantal Magner, a former mother superior at Lauralton Hall in Milford, is the daughter of James Magner, I believe the son of the original James.  Further down in the Genealogy, there is mention of a James H. Magner, who was married to Elizabeth Claven Magner.  The Foundress of Lauralton Hall was a Mother M. Augustine Claven, nee (I believe) Mary Ellen Claven of Norwalk.  I was wondering if there was any relation, then, between Mother de Chantal and Mother Augustine.

> P.S.  A very enjoyable site that I happened to surf upon!



Subj:      Father Patrick Magnier

Date:                11/27/2001 8:34:50 PM Eastern Standard Time      


To:                JimMagner         

Father Patrick Magnier died on the evening of November 26th at 6 PM at St. Agnes Hospital.  He was 90 years old.  Father was the son of John Magnier and Elizabeth Magnier.  He was born in Ireland on July 23rd. 1911. He left home to become a priest at age 11. He was professed in 1930 and ordained a Catholic priest in 1935.  He was a redemtuious priest.  He will be buried on Thursday, November 29th at Sacred Heart in Annapolis Maryland.  Father was a beautiful, honorable man who touched many lives.

I would like to make this a guest book, so family from Ireland and other countries can leave a note.  Thank you



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Date:                12/03/2001 3:15:38 PM Eastern Standard Time

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> Your Name: Patrick Magner

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> Surname:         Magner

> Area Searching: Florida

> Comments:

>I was just wondering if I was related to John Magner. my mother just passed away Eileen Ann Magner and he sent us a card and I just wanted to thank him

> Thanks, Patrick Magner



Subj:      Family Tree      

Date:                12/09/2001 10:02:43 AM Eastern Standard Time      

From: (MARY O Donoghue)

Hi Jim,

My name is Mary O Donoghue and I started recently working on my family tree, my Mother's name is Mary Linehan and her Father's  (Denis Linehan) Mother was Mary Magner.


Mary Magner was the daughter of James Magner, Grange, Cork and Ellen Magner, they were married in the Roman Catholic Church of Castletownroche Parish, 15th June, 1850

Mary Magner dob 1852.08.19

Patrick Magner dob 1855.02.13

John Magner dob 1858.03.11

David Magner dob 1859.05.05

Michael Magner dob. 1859.05 05 (twins)

Honora Magner dob 1861.10.01

Denis Magner dob 1865 .09.28

Daniel Magner dob 1868.09.01


Next Generation

Mary Magner Grange married Michael Lenihan from Coome, Glenville 1st March, 1874. in the Roman Catholic Church, of Castletownroche Parish 1st March, 1874  witnesses were John Magner and Sarah Clancy.

Michael Linehan 1875.04.06   DOB

Mary Ann Linehan 1877.02.04 DOB

Simon Linehan 1879.02.04 DOB

James Linehan 1881.04.12  DOB

Denis Linehan 1883.01.25  (my GrandFather)

Ellen Linehan 1885.03.01

Patrick Linehan 1887.07.29


Michael, MaryAnn, James and Patrick all went to America and we have no contact with their descendants, Michael, MaryAnn and James married. Any help you can give me to help fill in the missing pieces, I would gratefully appreciate.

Thanking you. Mary O Donoghue



Subj:       Magner families. 

Date:                12/10/2001 7:39:15 AM Eastern Standard Time      

From:  (MARY O Donoghue)

Hi Jim,

Many thanks for all the information you gave me. I refer to the children of John Magner and Mary O Donoghue.  These names sound very familiar.  In fact when I looked up the witnesses for the family of James and Ellen Magner some of them had the same names:


  CASTLETOWNROCHE PARISH.                   PARENTS                     WITNESSES








   1859.05.05   MAGNER, DAVID                 JAMES & ELLEN        WILLIAM HAYES AND MARGARET BARRY






  1865.09.28  MAGNER DENIS                        JAMES & ELLEN            WILLIAM BARRY & ELLEN GRIFFIN


  1868.09.01 MAGNIER, DANIEL                       JAMES & ELLEN          DENIS MAGNIER & BRIDGET O BRIEN


My Grandfather Denis Linehan used to say they came from Grange, Ballyhooley, before moving to Kilworth, Co. Cork. There is a connection somewhere only to put the pieces together. Thanks again.

Mary O Donoghue



William James Magner, World War II veteran

Published in the Courier News on December 21, 2001

BRIDGEWATER -- William James Magner, 78, died Thursday (Dec. 20, 2001) at Somerset Medical Center. Born in New York, N.Y., he grew up in Queens Village, Long Island, N.Y. and then Raritan for five years, before moving to Bridgewater in 1977.

Mr. Magner was employed as an auto detailer for Somerville Dodge for 19 years, retiring in 1990.

He was an Army veteran of World War II and served with the 20th Armored Division in the European Theater.

Surviving are his wife, Helen; two stepsons, William Johnson of Bridgewater and Kent Johnson of Columbus, Miss.; two sisters, Loretta Eileen Schmitt of Basking Ridge and Mary Patricia Cowdell of Palm Coast, Fla.; and 12 nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be 9:30 a.m. Saturday at Immaculate Conception Church in Somerville. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Clinton. Visitation will be from 7 to 9 p.m. today at Cusick Funeral Home, Somerville.

from the Courier News

Published on December 21, 2001


Date:                10/28/2001 4:13:58 AM Eastern Standard Time      

From:  (Jane Lyons)


These extracts come from the JCHAS: William Magner is only mentioned as a juror - I've included some of the extras for what was found but not all.

"The English Settlement at Mallow under the Jephson Family."

By Henry F. Berry, I.S.O., M.R.I.A.

JCHAS second series, Vol. XII, No. 69, Jan-March 1906

"By a Chancery Inquisition (No. 12), taken at Mallow 30th  October, 1611, before the following jurors: - Edmonde Barrye of Ballyspillane, Cormock O' Callighane of Carrignemocke, William McRichard of Kiltoyg, Gerrat Arrundell of Aghidillane, William Magner of Castlemagner , Phylipp Coggane, of Cowlemore, Gerrote Barry of Leamlarye, David Nagle of Moneanymne, Donyll McCartie of Clandonyll, Garrett Barry of Downe, it was found that Sir John Jephson, Knt., was seised, in fee, in right of Dame Elizabeth, his wife, of the manor, &c. , of Moalloe, with all the cantred of Moalloe, the lands lying in Ballynferrykerrey als. the olde Towne, Ballingerrald als. Gerraldstowne, Ballyhough als. Loaghneston, the olde towne within the Earle's Wodd, Farrenkoraghensoudry als. the Shoemaker's towne, Corniqueer als. Sheep's Butter, the lands of Carraghbagh, and Cloghlaces  als. Cloghlucas, Gortnigragy, Crossclement, Glantannoratclehy, Killetregh, Killincnoperson, Killancnockane, Drumbegg, Gortaghivore, Moennyhpadyne, Cisenusgy, Ballyynnymyntery Gortegowne, Ahtyaynilaghin, Cowlerwoe, Ballylicke, Cnockanepattyne, Leackynolwohy, Ballyhankyne, Thenarloyne, Lisnegilly,

Killelittle, together with all the lands, of late named and called the North feilde, the Wheat feilde, the Gallows Hill, the East feilde, the Upper and Lower Quarters, Carlessehill, the lowe medowe, all held of the King by fealty, &c. Rent, £33 6s. 8d.


The jurors also found that David Lord Roche had a claim to Crossclement as a parcel of Ballydah, and also to Cowle Roe as parcel of Carriggowne.


Said Sir John Jephson was also found seised in fee by custom and prescription, in one weire for fishing on the river of Awmore als. Broadwater, the clerkship of the market of the town of Mallow, a weekly market on Friday, 2 fairs in the year, one on St. Philip's Day and the other on St. Luke's Day; licensing of wine and aqua-vitae, ale sellers, butchers, mercers, bakers; a ferry on the Awmore, two water mills, and freedom of serving writs for the bailiff of the manor." and then William Magner as a Juror again:

An Inquisition (Chancery No. 7) taken in 1611 affords much information as to those who held lands within the manor, principally lessees of Sir John Jephson. The enquiry was directed to the point whether the Undertakers in Munster had performed their obligations, and carried out the condtions of settlement laid down for them, and the document in question included Spenser's, Hyde's, Cuffe's, and Audleys lands, being endorsed "Co. of Corke, viz., that parte near Malloe." The Inquisition was taken at Mallow on 7th August, 1611, before Sir Richard Morison, Vice-President of Munster ; Edward Harris, Chief Justice of said Province; Sir Pierce Lane, Knt.; Henry Goswell, Second Justice; and Edward Becher, Escheator of Munster, with the following as jurors :-Myles Roche, of Killehe, gent.; Artt O'Quyeffe (?Keefe) of Dromeagh, gent. ; John Barry, of Ballyclohie, gent.; William Magner, of Castellmagner, gent. ; Richard Condon, of Dongellane, gent. ; James fitz Nicholas Barry, of Walsheston, gent. ; Donill O'donyvane, (?Donovan) of Castell O'donyvane, gent.; David Tyrrie, of Downegeorge, gent.; David Roche, of Ballywilliam, gent. ; Philip fitz John Barry, of Kilmichell, gent.; John fitz Garret Barry, of Bally???, gent.; Fynyne McCarty, of Banduff, gent. ; Philip fitzWilliam Barry, of ?????, gent.; and Owen McTeig McCarty, of Drishane, gent. These jurors found that the manor, castle, & c., of Moalloe, containing 6,000 acres, were granted by Queen Elizabeth to Sir Thomas Norreys, Knt., after whose death same descended to

Elizabeth, his daughter and heir, then wife of Sir John Jephson, who was seised thereof in right of his wife. Sir John Jephson was found to be seised of the demesne lands of the seignory, being 1,000 acres, and the following held in fee-farm-Richard Aldworth, Esq., Short Castle and 300 acres; Robert Williamson, gent., the Starch house and 316 acres; Roger Wallen, gent., one house and 300 acres of Ballyfintery."


Submitted by Jane Lyons, see Jane’s Website “From Ireland” at


William Magner hung for Treason?

From:  (Jane Lyons)

I came across a bit of a reference for a Magner who was Mayor in Youghal in Cookes Memoirs of Youghal. - He was hung on the 29th of October 1618. He was a "Mayor of Youghal, Cork County in 1588 and 1589 - William. Magner

The note beside his name said that he was Deputy to Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, a person of rare endowments, take him as stateman, seaman, soldier or learned writer, being attainted of high treason, and the sentence lay dormant 16 years; and he was sent to Guinea 13 years after his conviction. yet, he was beheaded in the Great Court at Westminster; the 29th of October 1618. His motto: 'Tam Marti; quam Mercurio'"

Take care,



Any Molineaux or Magner family out there from MA?

I'm looking for info and/or living relatives from this family line. Surnames obtained so far: Molineaux, Magner, McKenzie, Sanborn, Bolson, possibly Fitzgerald, (Annie Fitzgerald).

Robert & Johanna (Kehiher) Molineaux from Ireland, lived in Boston area in late 1800's. Robert died 1902, Johanna died 1895. They had at least one child, Michael R. Molineaux. Haven't found any others yet. Bridget possibly. Micheal R. married Ellen Rourke 1870 in Lynn, Mass. They were both born in Ireland around the years 1844-1848.

Michael d. 1924 in Boston, and Ellen died 1901 in Somerville
Robert, Johanna, Michael, Ellen (and a Bridget) Molineaux are all buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Malden, Mass.
Michael R. and Ellen aka Mellie (Rourke) Molineaux had 10 children in Boston.

1) Robert C. b. 5-29-71, m. 12-31-1909, d. 8-4-1911
2) Ellie b. 6-24-1872, d. 3-30-1878
3) Ann Marie (Anna) b. 12-5-1873, m. ?, d. 1945?
4) Margaret b. 1-4-1876, m. 6-26-1900, d. 1953?
5) John G. b 7-5-1878, m. ?, d. 1962?
6) Mary (May) b. 3-29-1881, m. ? d. 1958?
7) Ella -no information on yet, still searching
8) Oliver Joseph b. 5-29-1888, m. ? d. 1945?
9) Walter M. b. 12-20-1890, m. ?, d. 1957?
10) A child that died young. Don't know the name yet.
Robert C. married Cora Higgins in RI, 1 child Robert E. 1910
Ann Marie married a Sanborn
Margaret married William Henry Magner in Cambridge. William was a Boston Fireman from 1900 until he died sometime before 1915. They had at least 6 children.
1) William b. 1901
2) John O'Rourke b. 1903
3) Francis b. 1905
4) Henry b. 1907?
5) Joseph b. 1910?
6) James b. 1913?
Mary married a McKenzie
Ella married a Bolson. I'm the granddaughter of Robert E. Molineaux of RI. His parents were Robert & Cora (listed above). Grandpa's father Robert C. died when he was 11 months old and I guess the family lost touch after a while. I would like to fill every branch of the family tree and hopefully find some relatives.
Anyone out there? Donna Jacobson


Subject: Data posted to form 1 of
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 5:29 PM
> Post: Yes
> Your Name: Bob Magner
> Email:
> Surname: Magner
> Area Searching: Colorado Springs, CO, El Paso
> Comments:
> Hello:
> I thought I would let you know that my mother, Sheila Mary Magner passed away 30 Nov 01 in England. She was the wife of Robert G. Magner who did a lot of work with genealogy.
> Sincerely,
> Bob Magner




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