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YourName:        Christianne Hanson Magner
Surname:         Magner
AreaSearching:   any
Date:            04 Aug 2004
Time:            20:53:35
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My husband was a Magner and I was hoping to find a Magner tartan. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.   Thank You

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YourName:        Barbara M. Russell
Surname:         Mills
Date:            13 Jul 2004
Time:            21:56:37
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Compiling information on Patrick Magner, born Nov 1884 in Ballyadeen,
Castletownroche, County Cork Ireland.  Died in Hartford, CT USA August 1926.


Would be grateful for a lead towards acquiring a newspaper photo or such like of Dr. Edward Magner.
He resided at 'Lakelands', Blackrock, Cork, Ireland and had a medical practise at 19, South Mall,Cork.
In his Public life he was a Cork Harbour Commissioner from May 1906 to Feb. 1911; a County Councillor for 21 years (May 1902 to June 1920 and June 1925 to June 1928) and a City Councillor. 
In Politics, he was a Nationalist and a supporter of William O'Brien M.P.
He was married to a daughter of T.D.Sullivan (Editor of the 'Nation' newspaper and Author of the anthem 'God save Ireland'); her sister Irena was married to Mr. Timothy Healy, first Irish Governor-General and both sisters were first cousins of Mr. Healy.
I don't know when he was born nor when he died. I would estimate years 1853 to 1938.
Sent :  Saturday, June 5, 2004 1:27 AM


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YourName:        Kevin Dee
Surname:         Dee
AreaSearching:   Swansea NSW
Date:            01 Jun 2004
Time:            22:52:13
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A descendant of mine, Elizabeth DEE married Michael's grandson
Joseph Thomas Magner in 1871 at Stroud. There are several pages in a book
written by an uncle of mine covering Thomas and his brother Michael. You may
already have this info, if not details below.

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YourName:        Helen Stewart
Surname:         Magnor
AreaSearching:   County Cork, Ireland
Date:            01 Apr 2004


Updating my email address.

I am trying to locate some information on my G-G-grandmother Ellen Magnor. She
was born 26 June 1811 in the parish of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, where she
spent her childhood and girlhood, She married John Leahy there about 1833. A son
Dennis was born in 7 Aug 1834. They left about 1836 for Canada, New York, Mass.
and finally settling in Wisconsin. I know nothing of her family in Ireland which
is the reason for this inquiry.

Helen Stewart

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YourName:        robert magner
Surname:         MAGNER
AreaSearching:   Cork ireland
Date:            07 Mar 2004


I will be making my first trip to Ireland and would like to visit Castle Magner
and learn where Magners currently are living in the Cork area.  Is it possible
to get directions to what remains of the Castle and to get information on local
genealogical records etc in the Cork area.  Thanks.  Bob Magner

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YourName:        Therese Magner
Surname:         Tomlinson
AreaSearching:   California and beyond
Date:            02 Mar 2004


I am trying to find some Magner family tree information. All I have is my
husband's grandfather's name which is David Aloysuis Magner who married Frances
Irene Gould who settled in California. They had 5 children one of which Robert,
is my husband Mark's father and they all grew up in Southern California. I know
that there is some connection to Illinois and that originally they were from
County Cork in Ireland as your site mentions. I'm missing the pieces beyond
David. Any help is greatly appreciated, as we have two boys age 10 and 7 and I
would like to document their family history for them as my mother did for our
Tomlinson family dating all the way back to 1500.

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YourName:        Lawrence Barrett
Surname:         Barrett
AreaSearching:   Cork, Limerick, Ireland
Date:            19 Feb 2004


Re: Doneraile Conspiracy of 1829
I am intrigued by the Barrett connection in these trials.The transcript simply
denotes Barrett being acquitted. i assume Timothy Barrett. James and Michael
Barrett were also rounded up as conspirators. Is this a full account of the
trial and what happened to James and Michael? Is there a Teskey involved in
testifying? These dates correspond to my ancestors departure to Canada. By the
way its a great read! Lawrence

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YourName:        Mary Kennedy
Surname:         Flaherty
AreaSearching:   Croom, Limerick
Date:            14 Feb 2004


Seeking any information on the lineage ofMary Flaherty who gave birth to two
Magner children in Croom, Limerick in 1841 and 1844.  I'm researching the lines
of two Thomas Flahertys, both of Croom, who married and had children during the
same period. 

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YourName:        Linda dailey
Surname:         Magner
AreaSearching:   Illinois , North dakota and California
Date:            03 Feb 2004


Magner and Egge family search. Lived in North dakota and in California in 1900
to 1970. Referencing  wallace B. Magner, May Signe Egge Magner.

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YourName:        Greg Sadowski
Surname:         Magner
AreaSearching:   Pa,Mercer
Date:            22 Jan 2004



I am a direct descendant of Michael Magner born 1808 in Askeaton, County
Limerick, Ireland. He was my great great grandfather.My great grandfather was
Edward R. Magner and my grandfather was Frederick Magner. My mother is Carolyn
Joyce Magner. My mother and I never knew my grandfather and our lineage until
lately was unknown. Three more generations can now be added to this line. Until
recently we have been a lost link. Please feel free to contact me with

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YourName:        Niall Magner
Surname:         Magner
AreaSearching:   County Limerick, Ireland
Date:            08 Jan 2004


My Father's family come from Rathreigh, Ardagh, County Limerick. My Grandfather
is daniel magner who died in 1967. I am looking for details on Magner's who
emigrated abroad from the Ardagh and Rathkeale areas of County Limerick.



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