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Magner Queries 2003   edited by Ronn Magner Knowles

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YourName:        Cheryl Hudson
Surname:         Mearas of Dunmanway
AreaSearching:   Dunmanway, County Cork
Date:            24 Dec 2003


Re: Family search for Mearas connected with Esther "Hessie" Meara, Jack Meara,
Robert Meara, William Meara of Dunmanway,
Co. Cork 

Magner Clan members,

The recent death of my aunt (Joy)of San Clemente, CA/USA and got me thinking
about family members my grandmother left behind when she came to America in the
late 1920's.

I visited Dunmanway in 1982 and stayed with Muriel and Bob Meara (my
grandmother's brother). Muriel and Bob have since passed.
I believe their son, West Meara, lives in England.

When viewing a Dunmanway web site I noticed there are a few Mearas who either
live or work in Dunmanway.
They have old family names such as Richard, Robert,( my great uncle and father's
name), John and William, (my grandmother's uncle "Willie" who did ministry work
for the church in South Africa in the early 1900's).   

Where am I going with this?? I thought it would be interesting to connect with
those of my grandmother's family line. I have many pictures of people of
Dunmanway from the 1920's with no names. I have a picture of my grandmother in
front of the Ballyhalwick House when she was a young girl.

I understand that my great-grandfather was the butcher in Dunmanway from 1910 to
? and the family at one time lived above the shop in the square.
I could be wrong but some information tells me that there is a Robert Meara who
has an egg farm and also works in a place of lodging. (??)

This is a shot in the dark, I suppose, asking some stranger for a favor to
respond to this inquiry, but my grandmother is no longer living and I now regret
not asking her more questions when she was with us. 

Another American looking for her "roots",

Cheryl Hudson
Ventura, California

I can be reached at

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>YourName: Michel Rod


>Surname: Rod


>Date: 15 Apr 2003 >

>Comments: >

>I'm married to Susan Magner, whose father Dr. Raymond Magner was born in Cork around 1919...he had two brothers (also physicians)Jack and Declan Magner...all three of whom did their medical training in Dublin and then travelled the world establishing father-in-law ended up in Calgary, Canada. He also had a sister, Sybil who moved to Vancouver. >

>I'm just curious...having happened upon the Magner.Org website. Any of you familar with this branch of the Cork Magners?

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>YourName: AnnPatricia


>Surname: Conroy

>AreaSearching: Fermoy

>Date: 22 Apr 2003

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>Tracing Julia and Nina Magner. Also the marriage of Magner to Mc Donald Cork 

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>YourName: Nathan Fristed


>Surname: Magner Fristed


>Date: 28 Jun 2003 >

>Comments: >

> MAGNER Information August, 2000 edited by:

>Subj: Magner's in Ca./Or./Wa.

>I came upon this site and I found it very informative. It was nice to read all the information that has been researched about the Magner surname. I went through the various family searches and did not find any currently connected to our branch of the tree. My Magner family is very proud of who we are and I know that many of our family would be more than happy to help in your search for additional information. I especially know that many of my uncles would love to search your site. Please feel free to contact me I would love to help in any way I can for anybody to get more information,

>Nathan Magner Fristed >

>Grandson of James David Magner >

>Moved to Solana Beach, Ca.

>new e-mail address -

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>YourName: Paul Graham


>Surname: Magner

>AreaSearching: UK. or United States of America

>Date: 04 Jul 2003 >

>Comments: >

>Does anyone have any information on the Magner family from North London. In the 1930's or 1940's some of my father's cousins and other family emmigrated to the USA, so I've have been told. My father's name was Cyril. He had two brother's, Maurice (Bill) and Robert (Bob). His fathers name was Cornelius. I would love to know if I have any distant relatives out there. Paul Magner.

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>YourName: Pat Philbin


>Surname: Magner/Malone

>AreaSearching: Pittsfield, Massachusetts

>Date: 07 Sep 2003

>Time: 18:40:10 >

>Comments: >

>My name is Patricia Philbin, now living in Cranston, Rhode Island. My mother, Dorothy Philbin, was born in Springfield, Mass; her maiden name was Malone. This week she and I drove out to Stockbridge for lunch at the Red Lion; she mentioned that she used to go out that way as a youngster to visit her cousins, the Magners, in Pittsfield. That would have been in the 1920's-30's.

> >While visiting my Uncle today in Tiverton, Rhode Island, he mentioned the Magners of Pittsfield when he heard a radio advertisement for a Magner brand. >

>My grandfather was James Joseph Malone (my mother's and uncle's father) - the James Magner that they visited in Pittsfield was his cousin. According to my uncle, this James Magner was a detective in the Pittsfield police department, born probably 1900-1905, his wife was named Genevieve; he had a brother Arthur who worked at the post office.

> >I've been pretty unsuccessful in tracing this Malone line so am interested in any information available to relations there. I'm not sure how James Malone and James Magner were realted, whether through my grandfather's mother or father's side.

> >Might you be able to steer me to some information?

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>YourName: Anne catherine


>Surname: Pope

>AreaSearching: Kilworth Cork

>Date: 25 Oct 2003 >

>Comments: >

>I am researching the family of John Magner father of Bridget Magner who came to Australia in June of 1855 on the Sea Park, also Daniel and John Magner they may be brothers of Bridget and they arrived in Australia in 1857 on the 'Burlington' settled in South Australia. Bridget married Thomas Brennan in 1858. Would like any connection with the family if possible.

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YourName:        pete and cyndi
Surname:         magner
AreaSearching:   new england
Date:            03 Nov 2003


Looking for relatives of one Henry Magner 1907-1996, from the Boston MA area.

He was married to Gertrude Molineaux. They had two kids Henry and Robert.

Henry had a brother who was a Boston Fire fighter.  

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YourName:        Erin (Magner) Dugas
Surname:         Magner
AreaSearching:   Ireland, New England area
Date:            04 Nov 2003
Time:            14:13:39
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Looking for information about my family. This is what I have so far.
John Magner, born in Ireland, 1861 according to a 1920 census. Married to Mary
Magner (don't have maiden name) also born in Ireland. Lived (in 1920) at 318
Avenue A in Bayonne, NJ and were members of the Saint Mary's Parish in Bayonne.

They had 2 children Edward James Magner (don't know birth date) and Margaret
Magner (also no birth date).

Edward married Pearl (Weiss) Magner
and had one son (my grandfather) Myron Magner born 12/29/1928 died 8/1975

Margaret also married but I do not know her married name. I do know that she had
a daughter named Natalie and she lived in the Staten Island area. Any
information you could give me would be appreciated.


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YourName:        Gregory Scott Sadowski
Surname:         Magner/Campbell/English
AreaSearching:   Pennsylvania
Date:            17 Nov 2003
Time:            19:18:39
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I am the great grandson of Edward Magner 1860-1936 and Alice "Conrad" Magner
1868-1937.  Edwards Parents were Michael Magner (1832?) and Elizabeth.Alice's
parents were Joeseph Henry Conrad and Mary "Thornton" Anyone with history or
additonal lineage please feel free to contact me

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YourName:         MARK MAGNER
Email:           HALOFAN67@AOL.COM
Surname:         MAGNER
AreaSearching:   ARTHUR, ILLNOIS
Date:            22 Nov 2003
Time:            18:14:42
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YourName:        Anne Pope
Email:           cruden_2001
Surname:         Pope
AreaSearching:   kilworth Cork
Date:            06 Dec 2003


Researching the family of John Magner Kilworth Cork daughter Bridget Magner came
to Adelaide Australia on ss Sea Park in June 1855 could have brothers by name of
John and Daniel who came to Adelaide on ss Burlington in 1857. They became
farmers in South Australia.


Subject:         msgn john magner liely
YourName:        margaret  elizabeth
Surname1:        smith
Email:           maggie.smith35@btinternet

AreaSearching:   ireland, boston, newyork
Date:            12/21/2003


In doing my family tree I have learnt of the above person who was my mothers
cousin.  My mother was born in Waterford Ireland. In the graveyard there is a
family statue that was sent over from America by the above person.  It states on
it that he was in a Boston Church at the time.  I believe that his Mothers name
was Mary and his Fathers name was Maurice.  Is there any connection to what I
have learnt, and what you know.  I look forward to you reply.  maggie smith.


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